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TNT Chatter w/RED   12/15/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Chatter w/RED 12/15/17

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TNT Chatter w/RED   12/15/17 Empty TNT Chatter w/RED 12/15/17

Post by Ssmith Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:09 am


SexyChocolate:  Good morning TNT family...i have a crazy question... How can Iraqi banks receive an international award if we're not exchanging internationally yet?......

Yada:  We are not in the seats to see that answer Sexychocolate,,we are in the seats up in the blimp looking down on the progress,,,

Red:  There are never guarantees when it comes to the currency markets one thing is for certain we can count on is fluctuation of the currency once it has become tradable on the 4X The problem with the currency once it goes live is the fluctuation, the Dinar will not make a straight-line march to the top and then a straight line marked back to four dollars it may fluctuate wildly and it’s easy to get caught on the wrong side of those big swings, wisdom must prevail and caution at all times.

Red:  the best wat to catch the market top in a IQD move upward is to sell the dinar you hold in about 7 to 10 segments, as the market moves in your favor sell 10 % and repeat that untill your dinar is gone, you will cost average in reverse for the best overall gain jmvho

REI:  We are a consumer nation, not industrial. All the wealth being created in the markets is a reset. Together with the wealth from the RV, our country should be good for a few more decades of spending. Jmho

Jade: Do you guys want to hear of my dream I had last Saturday night...early Sunday?

Ok, here goes... before I tell you I must say I have never had a dream like this til that night..I was at my bank and told the lady I want to exchange my currency and she led me to a table. Did some things on her computer and then gave me a receit. I looked at it and it had lots of numbers on it and she said ..this is what's now in your account and thank you for doing business with us. I walked out of the bank and thought to myself, wow it's just that simple...and left



I miss Red.  Wonder how things are going at Walmart & if she ever figured out how to use a calculator.  From September, 2015:

Red from TNT (https://www.dinardaily.net/t46164-banking-bentleys)  is being offered a pretty sweet deal from Walmart.  Apparently they have offered to pay for her to get a Business Degree and even gave her a $.05 an hour raise....in return for just a four year commitment. 

Red wrote

27m ago
I want to become a wealth manager
4 yr free ride
I be the oldest in my classes
Thank you Wal mart

graciella wrote
24m ago

Red, Does Walmart require you to continue working in the future if they give you a scholarship now? Maybe that's something to consider, since you will be able to afford your education very soon???

Red wrote
10m ago

I recently talked to them about my retirement in the near future, they came back to me with a $0.05 raise and now they want a four year commitment and they're willing to pay for my university it is very tempting but I don't know if I can work and attend to school at the same time at my age I'm not a young chick anymore

I have a feeling if I get a degree in business they will want me to work in the financial department of the store after that

I just wanted the education for my own benefit I never intended on training for a new position within the store, I can't hardly spell calculator let alone use one

If there was only away to get the education without spending four years in a classroom we could educate all of the American people and we wouldn't have any more people looking for jobs or training because they would be well educated, I think we need to invent some smart pills and make them available to everyone who desires a higher education lol

angelo wrote
6m ago
Red if people know what they want, they can attend a specialty school. it usually takes two years
Red wrote
5m ago

Bangalow, how do I find out about that two years sounds very acceptable to me but four years is a mountain

big john ii wrote
37s ago

red dont let them lock you in for 4 yrs unless you discuss more pay raises for each year as you go!!! 05 cents is not a lot to start with


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