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Steffen Rowe/Tank -  "Press Towards the Mark" - GCR/RV Message   12/4/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Steffen Rowe/Tank - "Press Towards the Mark" - GCR/RV Message 12/4/17

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Steffen Rowe/Tank -  "Press Towards the Mark" - GCR/RV Message   12/4/17 Empty Steffen Rowe/Tank - "Press Towards the Mark" - GCR/RV Message 12/4/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:23 am

Steffen Rowe/Tank -  "Press Towards the Mark" - GCR/RV Message   12/4/17 PastedGraphic


What you're feeling right now is the anxiety leading up to the resolution. You're connected to the overwhelming urge to take action and bursting at the seams to express yourself. That's the right energy to be in right now to support the transition. The Apostle Paul said, "Press towards the mark of the high calling." That's what we're doing. We hear and feel something higher that we are meant to do. And so we press.

Go with it. I know it's uncomfortable. We've let go of so many illusions that have held us hostage, and accepted so many impossible truths. We've been damaged and kept moving. We've lost so much that it doesn't even matter anymore. We've learned so much we can hardly discern what's real and any former version of ourselves has been left far behind us.

Right now, we are driven by purpose. We have a vision of what's on the other side of this transition and we're holding it. We are uniting the creators of Earth and willing in a new reality. We belong there and everything in us is screaming, "I'M READY. I'M READY! I'M READY!!"

Go with it.

I know we've had to hide in our private places to find peace throughout this process. I know we've avoided big highs and big lows after crashing so hard with disappointment. But we are rising and we can push through this right now together.

We have created this world and we have agreed that it would be what it is. We can agree now together that we want to change it into something more. We are creating a world in line with who WE want to be, who we truly are and who we were always meant to be.

That is the place where we are united. We are uncomfortably looking for resolution, anxiously and carefully pressing the bounds of where we're at. Add to that energy and hold it. Hold it, because if we do that we will ALL break though.


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