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Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage!  12/4/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage! 12/4/17

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Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage!  12/4/17 Empty Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage! 12/4/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:40 am

December 4, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So once again I have to take out the garbage – I mean garbage intel of course. Why can’t these gurus just do the research themselves and not pass on these ridiculous rumors. So, what it the latest rumor?

This was the latest rumor and I quote from these gurus:

“Budget submitted to Parliament for approval at a rate of $3.63. Then will go to the CBI. For all intents and purposes that is the rate it will RV at - be the International rate. They are basing everything on that rate.”

Folks do you realize just how ridiculous this above statement is? The CBI has repeatedly told the international community that they will not allow any speculation on the Iraqi dinar. No- Our tangible ownership of the dinar as citizens is not considered the kind of speculation they are talking about. I am talking about large hedge funds, portfolio managers, 401k funds, etc.. So, what the hell makes you think they are going to tell the world that they are basing the 2018 budget on a $3.63 rate? Oh – you calculated the dinar rate from the budget numbers…? Really?

I do not believe the CBI is hiding their INTENT to reform the currency, as investors need to see this favorable sign of progress in the country. But this is much different that outright broadcasting a rate and a time. Get it?

Here is a statement from an idiot who actually believed this rumor that the RV would happen last week. I quote:

“Disappointed IQD didn't happen, at least publicly, today in Baghdad by 6PM December 2, 2017. Maybe Monday?”

Do you see now how people actually believe this crap and then anticipate an RV? Then this guru strings you along into the new week. See how they just keep pumping the RV one day at a time, even when it passed their ridiculous timeframe. Oh -they don’t give up. They got you hooked line and sinker and are going to pull you in. So then they just mover right on to another lie, another date. How many times must we go down this path without learning our lesson?

The information simply is not going to come out this way and we will not EVER know these kind of details ahead of time. Sorry everyone I do not buy into this nonsense.

It does not take a “rocket scientist” to see these gurus are flat out lying to you. Yes – flat out liars. I know this is not what you want to hear but don’t get mad at me for clarifying it. I did not start these rumors. I am only hear to take out the stinking garbage.

The gurus need to have their heads examined by a good shrink. I am really wondering about the morals and ethics of these gurus. This is an all time low.

But it does not end here. So here is the real crazy part - These same gurus are also telling their listeners that they in fact have no FACTUAL evidence or any proof of anything to back up their statements or these claims. Really? They precede their claims with “in my opinion” to cover their asses later. These are the only FACTUAL statements that are not lies …lol… …. lol .. lol …

I have a very good idea – WHY DON’T THESE GURUS ALL JUST SHUT UP!

They are more hurtful than helpful to the dinar community.

More news….


Okay so I see I have to once again clarify these so called 800#s that are expected to come out. First let me say there are no call centers, no exchange centers. Never will be, never had them planned. This is nothing but a scam once again.

Here is how the scam is to work:

Banks have legitimate 800#s already on their internet sites. You can call these number right now. They are legitimate banking exchange centers. You don’t have to wait for anyone to publish anything.

So these charlatan gurus can’t have you calling these legitimate 800#s so they invent their own 800#s and set up walk-in phony exchange centers (always a small bit of truth to a scam). It’s easy for them to do this. They have been pumping this idea now for years. You are all so brainwashed in thinking this is really going to happen.

The scammers simply rent out an office, set it up with desks, computers, etc. When you call their version of the phony 800# they will give you the address. They will schedule hundreds of people within a 24 hour period and this is why they are telling you will only have 20 minutes to exchange. They need to rush as many people thru that day. Next during the exchange they will entice you to give up you dinar with these phony very high rates, take you dinar and tell you the US dollars will be in your account within 24 hours.

Then 24 hours later you find out that this was a scam, as your account in the real bank, was never credited with the money. Meanwhile they also have all your account information too.

You go back to the phony exchange center within the 24 hour window and guess what? The office is vacant! Yes – they are gone and took your dinar with them. You have no idea who they really are or where they come from. Certainly not from a legitimate bank.

Yes – they have to close up each office and run away. They can only run the scam for 24 hours from one location because hundreds they know hundreds of suckers will be returning when they find out they have been scammed. This is why they need to rush as many people thru in 24 hours. Get it?

Now here is the interesting part. You all should know by now just how ignorant most of the so called intel “gurus” are. So if the 800#s were real, why in hell would the government give them the 800#s or rely on these idiots to disseminate them to you? Don’t you think they see the hazard of a scam?

Oh – you ask why not since they have contact with the dinar community? Folks lets all get this straight right now. Banks are not dealing with these gurus nor does the government want to deal with them. The government will simply deal with the banks via the US Treasury. When any significant rate is posted on FOREX, you simply go to the bank or call the legitimate 800#s as found on the internet sites of the banks and make an appointment to see a money exchanger. Based on the amount of dinar you have this may be a good idea. But be careful and do not call one of these phony call centers. These scammers are going to try this scam on you with these numbers. These liars and charlatans will try anything to sell you dinar and then to take if from you once it RVs.

More news….

Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi said on Friday that mismanagement and corruption have led to "huge complications" in Iraq and that there is a need to adopt "clear foundations for a road map for reform."

(Mnt Goat – so now you have this very important statement from one of the honest statesmen in Iraq. Do you see now that the original plan for Iraq is off track? They need to put it back on track now that ISIS fighting is completed. This is something that will not be done overnight and will take time. Can they at least get a plan in motion by EARLY 2018? )

He pointed out in an interview with "Free Iraq" that his country is facing "significant economic problems and high levels of unemployment and high rates of poverty," which casts shadow on "the political process, which must guide all efforts to stabilize Iraq," STRESSING THAT "THE ECONOMY IS THE CORNERSTONE OF STABILITY”.

The Iraqi official spoke of "the need to address corruption systematically in accordance with the road map correct to ensure the economic conditions" in the country. He pointed out that there should be a methodology by legal and judicial accountants to start legal and judicial studies since 2003, as he put it.

(Mnt Goat – well…well…well I quote from the article – “THAT THE ECONOMY IS THE CORNERSTONE OF STABILITY.” So now we have part of our quest to find out what Iraq means by STABILITY when the CBI says they need security and stability. Based on this do you see a level of stability now in Iraq that might be acceptable to RV? Just asking…..)

More news….


Iraqi forces will announce the end of military operations against the organization "Daash" during a military parade, next Saturday, according to a senior security source told the agency "Sputnik."

Baghdad - Sputnik. The source revealed that "a review of the Iraqi forces represented by the federal police, the army, and" popular crowd "on Saturday, will be during the review announced the end of military operations against" Daash "and the victory over the terrorist organization.

In November, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, but the final victory would be announced after the desert of the island between the provinces of Anbar, Ninewa and Salahuddin was cleared of the remnants of the organization.

More News….

The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate organizes under the banner of Baghdad hosts the journalists of the world with the victories of Iraq and its unity events of the Iraqi Victory Day for the period from 7 -11 of December 2017.

The union said in a statement today, seen by "Trend Press" that the events will be attended by Arab and foreign delegations to more than (100) countries representing political figures, media and international organizations invited to visit Iraq "He said.

The celebration will include the arrival of Arab and foreign delegations and guests on Thursday and will be received at Baghdad International Airport. On Friday, delegates will visit Mutanabi Street. At 4 pm, Journalists and journalists in Baghdad and all governorates"He said.

The official ceremony will be held on Saturday at 11:00 am at the Al Rasheed Hotel in an official and political presence in addition to Arab and foreign delegations and guests. On 9/12 at 4 pm, the meetings of the General Secretariat and the Permanent Office of the Arab Journalists Union will begin at the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel, And the Arab federations of the Union of Arab Journalists "He said.


PARIS/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday called on Iraq to dismantle all militias, including the government sanctioned Iran-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), a rare public request to do so by a major Western leader.

(Mnt Goat – So this is the third such request. Now we have France, Saudi Arabia and the USA all publically calling for the dismantling of all militias in Iraq, specifically the Iranian-backed PMF. Do you think this is important to get stability and security?)



Special - Mawazine News

The economic expert Salam Smisem, Sunday, the resettlement of salaries of State Ministries employees of the positive step as it promotes confidence between citizens and banks, noting that 85% of individuals do not have experience dealing with banks.

"The settlement of the salaries of the employees of the ministries IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP:


2. TO STRENGTHENING CONFIDENCE BETWEEN HIM AND THE BANKS," Smisem said in an interview with the NewsNews.

"MORE THAN 85 PERCENT OF THE IRAQI PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE IN DEALING WITH BANKS, and this is a positive step and will enhance confidence among the citizen banks," she said.

"The economic custom of society is measured through the development of banking habits, pointing out that" there is some rejection of this decision and to fear the citizen from dealing with banks, and because it is a new step was absent from the Iraqi society. "


(Mnt Goat – so only the electric and oil ministries were paid (or added to the ministry list of ministries now being paid).

Why else is this article important?

1. It shows confidence in the banks. As Salem said. They need this for Economic STABILITY;

2. It is telling us Iraq can pay its bills on time as mandated by the IMF in their last SBA;

3. Two more ministries “bite the dust” and are now electronically paid thus not by cash (3 zero notes). How do I know this? Cause they are telling us there is more confidence in the banks and at the same article they are talking about the citizens TRUSTING the banks. That’s how I know. THINK,, THINK, THINK…This is wonderful news, as we know they need to get all the ministries on the electronic banking in order to collect the amount of dinars needed out of circulation and keep them out of circulation forever. This reduces the money supply and we are told they need to reduce it by 2/3 prior to any RV (part of the “project of delete the zeros” …get it? )



Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Baghdad / SNG - A member of the House of Representatives for a coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, on Friday the existence of about 800 files submitted to Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the Integrity Commission reveals a lot of corruption operations against the country.


The MP for a coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, that the accused of corruption issues large, which intended to Abadi beyond the fingers, indicating that the announcement of their names are through the judiciary.



Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The House of Representatives is due to start the first reading of the draft budget bill for the year 2018 after its arrival in parliament last Wednesday.

According to committee member Mahasen Hamdoon al-Dali for morning, the Finance Committee will begin on Saturday the first reading.

While Hamdoun predicted that "the percentage of employee deductions will remain 3.8, as was the case in the budget last year," Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the committee, said in a statement quoted by Al-Iraqiya news channel, "seeking to cancel the financial deductions from salaries of employees and retirees." "Jubouri said that the budget of 108 trillion dinars imports 86 trillion and a deficit of 22 trillion dinars . It is noteworthy that today's session is extraordinary to vote on the election law.

The government spokesman Dr. Saad al-Hadithi has recently announced that the draft budget law for the next year will change the share of the Kurdistan region, commensurate with the population and to ensure a fair distribution of the wealth of the country», while the financial adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh "The budget of 2018 is based on the activation of non-oil resources such as electricity and customs duties," he said, referring to "the government's intention to apply electricity tariffs in all governorates early next year to reduce financial waste in the electricity sector and support the poor class in society."

(Mnt Goat – If this article is correct than how does some so-called intel “guru” know what is in the 2018 Iraqi budget when the budget is not even public (opened) yet as it has not even had a first reading in parliament as they are now telling us the first reading did not begin until Saturday morning on 12/2 yet the rumor began Wednesday on 11/29 (three days prior) ?

Yes Mr. Guru, once again you are caught in your own lies. So how do these gurus know the 2018 budget is based on a rate of $6.63? They would have to read the budget …right? You tell me because I don’t know…lol…lol… Do you get my point now? Another rumor debunked….Will they come forward and apologize for lying to you?)



Gamal Shaker Al - Rubaie

The economy is the engine of the joints of the state and the recovery of the various sectors, whether government or private sector so all countries of the world seek to develop plans either short or long-term; in order to improve their economic reality.

It is obvious that the positive economic return is a factor in the well-being of the people and the rise in income, not to mention moving the sectors in a way that serves the wheel of construction and development, especially as the market world today forces countries to enter the competition in order to increase their imports and seek to acquire the market.

Iraq is part of today's world, which has needs and requirements that must be provided to sustain life and meet the needs and wishes of citizens and the state alike. But the economic equation says that the trade balance should be moderated to realize whether we are in a good economic situation or that the balance of payments exceeds the balance of imports.

And here begins the factor of stirring the political leaders who lead the country with the economists concerned with drawing the economy of the country, and HOW TO MAKE IRAQ A COUNTRY EXPORTING more than imported so as to maintain a level of economic control, and this does not create effective economic plans and able to be a help for oil, which we still count on it by 95 percent in the country's policy-making; and the fall in prices and volatility, and the volatile situation and the war on "dashing" and corruption put Iraq in a position needs review.

Perhaps the many wars and tens of years prevented the trend to develop sectors that support the Iraqi economy and entered the country in large debt and then followed by a decline in the reality of the infrastructure of the country and weaken the economy in some sectors.

And we are able to overcome the difficulties with the will and decision and scientifically and thoughtful able to rise, the country embraces the wealth and raw materials not much exploited, and there are treasures that have not been exploited and we have land and rivers capable of making us a basket of Arab food, If we are better dealing with the land and the peasantry, we also have religious and tourist tourism, as well as activating the industries, especially the heavy ones, and the electricity in cooperation with the companies and making Iraq an arena for large industrial companies, activating the role of the Ministry of Communications, Airports and Border Ports, To the private sector, according to the controls to achieve a positive return to the economy, and encourage investment and the establishment of strategic projects through a package of legislation that provides safety and security for them.

We say that investing in IRAQ IS STILL SHY BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF AN ATTRACTIVE ENVIRONMENT. We must know where we are from the world and where our economy is headed. We say, without jumping on the reality, we linked the fate of Iraq with oil and this economic risk must be left and away from them and go to the multiplicity of our resources and to find alternatives and develop plans that would enhance the development reality, and to put in our calculations that any financial abundance comes after the rise in oil prices Should be directed towards activating the sectors that contribute to a real multiplicity of resources.

After the end of the "call" and the disappearance of factors pressing on the economy, we await the beginning of steps to save the Iraqi economy and move it through a clear plan and the involvement of private capital and the establishment of incentives and encouragement to attract investment.

(Mnt Goat – So after reading this article do you think Iraq still needs new laws passed and implemented to kick off the new economy? Do you understand now a “good” economy means STABILITY. Am I finally getting through to you? )


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage!  12/4/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat Takes Out the Garbage! 12/4/17

Post by Chaz on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:02 pm

Goat the gurus are not ignorant,just the people who believe, that what it's all about, sucking in ignorant people to believe the RV SCAM ! 
      Somewhere along the line there making money, con artists just don't scam this long unless they are making money, your ignorant for thinking anything else about what is going on here.but your not , your part of it.
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