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Mountain Goat   11/29/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat 11/29/17

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Mountain Goat   11/29/17 Empty Mountain Goat 11/29/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:35 am

November 29, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Okay so November ends and still no RV. So just who told you it would RV before now? Not me. I know better and have more self-esteem and common sense than that. No there is no secret agency trying to keep this RV from us or secret from us. Did you enjoy the roll coaster ride last weekend?

So what happened to this “speech” Abadi was supposed to give, that would kick off a series of events to begin the RV? Since Saturday Abadi has actually given four speeches to the news media. Oh – but now all the “gurus” are back-paddling upstream without an oar trying to justify why the RV did not happen. Its all very foolish and stupid. You can go along with their crap if you want but I know better.

Oh – wrong again Mr Guru!. More rabbit holes once again to go down. Holes that lead you nowhere. That’s what rabbits do. They build their dens in the ground by burrowing a one-way hole. The hole goes nowhere.

Folks I keep telling you there is no single event that is going to trigger the RV. The RV is not managed by the Government of Iraq (GOI) meaning the prime minister Abadi has little control over it other than for the Finance Ministry to give it final approval, when ready. The GOI also has the responsibility to initiate the reforms, fund them and implement them. That is it. The GOI does not set monetary policy for Iraq.

Shame, shame, shame on all of you for not knowing that it is the Central Bank of Iraq (an independent organization) that manages the monetary policy of Iraq. This bank is called the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq). Here is a link to the organizations responsibilities if you don’t believe me. Again FACTS and not RUMORS.


So why are these so-called idiotic intel “gurus” telling you then that the prime minister Abadi is going to make some speech that will kick off the RV? I don’t understand. This is not his responsibility and he simply will not do it.

Yes – I mean you Frank26 (and others like you) and your constant bullshit and rumors!

So today is all about taking a look at what is on the horizon for Iraq in 2018.

More news….


BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the terrorist organization’s “state” had ended in Iraq.

Iraq launched a campaign to purge the country of the “state” in October 2016, which began by liberating the city of Mosul.
The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said earlier Tuesday that the organization of the “State” is still a force in Iraq, calling on everyone to “be cautious of the coming period even after victory.”

More news….

BAGHDAD / The deputy of the coalition of state law Jassem al-Bayati, Tuesday, the delay in the vote on the law of the general budget to the month of February next year, as revealed a plan to increase the production of Kirkuk oil to half a million barrels per day.


He al-Bayati, "delayed adoption of the law of the general budget to 10 or 15 of the month of February next," noting that "the budget will be disbursed to conduct the affairs of the state according to (Dec 1st 2017)."

In a related context revealed al-Bayati, "the existence of a plan to increase oil production from Kirkuk fields to half a million barrels per day," noting that "this will contribute to change the budget and the possibility of increasing some of the discharges."

(Mnt Goat – so I hope everyone makes the connection to the delay in getting the budget out and the Sept 25th referendum of Kurdistan? We also know that 36 oil wells were under the direct control of Barzani and he and Maliki (at one point) were stealing oil wealth from Iraq out of these wells. These wells had to be taken back. Why do you think Barzani did not want coalition forces fighting ISIS in Kirkuk region? He had these wells secured by the Pershmerga forces, which in a way were his private security forces.

This oil is now under the control of the GOI as this area is now secured by the GOI. This is all an Article 140 issue and as I said many times will all come out and a law has to be passed in parliament to end this dispute. But my point is you have to see the connection as to why the budget is delayed when you read these articles. You must remember the news from the past. I also want to remind everyone that this is the reason for the delay in the budget and not some phony, stupid, fake GCR or New Republic crap! This all has nothing to do with it, I can assure you of this as FACT. Get it?)

More news….


The Legal Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives has revealed efforts to pass a law (from where do you have this?) To apply to officials from the directors of the two years and above, while indicated that the proposed law will also include officials in the Kurdistan region.

"After Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the war on corruption, we need a law that will be applied to prosecute the corrupt and verify the sources of their wealth," committee member Zana Said told the Sabah newspaper.

"The proposal includes the prosecution of all general managers and the highest in all provinces, as well as in the region because officials there acted with imported federal revenues Of oil and customs and the federal budget, which was the disposal of the region, "noting that" there is likely to be enrichment without cause and misappropriation. "

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also I separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin



Saturday, 25 November 2017

Iraq is to resume paying war reparations to Kuwait at the start of 2018, in UN-endorsed compensation for Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of the emirate, the president's office announced Friday.

It said the two countries had agreed during a visit to Kuwait City by President Fuad Masum on Monday for Iraq "to resume payment of the five-percent tax on oil sales and to try to settle border disputes".

Iraq in October 2014 suspended payment of the tax imposed on its oil exports as war reparations by the UN Security Council at the height of an offensive by the Islamic State jihadist group that has now been rolled back.
The outstanding amount of $4.6 billion from a total reparations bill of $52.4 billion is to be paid by the end of 2021, the president's office said.

A US-led international coalition evicted Iraqi troops from Kuwait in February 1991 after a seven-month occupation.



27/11/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad / morning

The Secretary – General of the Council of Ministers , Dr. Mahdi Keywords, announced that next year will open wide in the field of investment and the absorption of unemployment in Iraq, while the face of an inventory of the damage caused by earthquakes and aftershocks series, focusing on the immediate needs of those affected by them.

A statement by the council, received by Al-Sabah, that “the relations presided over an expanded meeting of the national team to prepare for the Kuwait Conference on Development and Reconstruction of Iraq, to discuss investment opportunities in all governorates and ministries, according to the National Investment Plan to be presented during the Kuwait conference scheduled for early 2018. “He said.

The statement added that “the meeting confirmed the unification of visions between the relevant parties to name the investment projects that Iraq wants to implement and develop,” noting that “the number of projects to be presented during the conference 40 projects that are of interest to international companies.”

On the other hand, he directed the relationship, to limit the damage caused by the series of earthquakes and aftershocks, according to sectoral needs, and focus on the needs of the elderly affected.

“The Secretary-General presided over a meeting of the Civil Crisis Management Cell, in the presence of the Minister of Displacement and Migration, to review estimates of the cost and damage caused by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks that hit northern Iraq,” the statement said. The statement pointed out that “the relationship was limited to limit the damage according to sectoral needs, and to refine the report of the needs of perfection and future, and focus on the immediate needs of those affected by the earthquake.” “The cell discussed the possibility of providing shelter to a number of citizens whose homes have collapsed and become uninhabitable due to the earthquake, until compensation and reconstruction of their homes,” the statement said.



27/11/2017 12:00 am
Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi

The transition towards a free economy must pass through the sterile stages of the difficulty of the reality of change and the cultures acquired for a long time established in the mind of certain types of patterns can not be changed Easily . The work on changing the reality of the situation is gradually leading to convince the interviewer that the next better, and this of course needs to be coupled with something concrete is the starting point TO DEMOLISH THE PYRAMID OF TRADITIONAL IDEAS THAT DO NOT BENEFIT FROM THEM. When we talk about work and develop its joints in all productive and service sectors, We are totally in need of funding for our work, which we have to implement at the conversion stage we live in.

The responsibilities of the financial sector, especially the banking sector, which represents the most important axes of project implementation, are rife, because it finances all economic operations without exception, which increases the responsibilities of all departments and makes them obliged to achieve development goals and change the form of work for the best.

The current stage requires standing up to the REALITY OF BANKING, WHICH MUST HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO SUPPORT THE PROCESS OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that it seeks in the presence of a banking system composed of nearly 70 banks and branches of foreign banks with a large capacity to support development. The incentives for work require banks to own the banking systems are implemented on the ground and help to support the development process, in addition to supporting banks that have effective activities in the domestic market despite the challenges facing them. Iraqi banks in front of a large task, and this needs to have departments with a high level of responsibility and experience in the field An entity that enables it to complete its activities according to the objectives set for it in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq and the head of the pyramid and the father of the banking system in the country, which awaits a promising economic future.

An evaluation is now a necessity to create competition within the banking system and diagnose the most prominent and make it in the forefront to be a catalyst for other banks, and in all cases competition IS THE BASIS OF THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE BANKING SECTOR AND MAKE IT CLOSE TO THE INTERNATIONAL BANKS AND THE PRODUCTS that support the development reality through what it provides.



Called Rafidain Bank, ministries and departments of the state to settle their salaries electronically and take advantage of the banking services provided to them.

The bank’s information office said in a statement that “the MasterCard card was issued to international employees of the state departments, which ensure the withdrawal of the employee’s salary electronically.”

The statement pointed out that “the MasterCard card issued by the bank has several advantages, including the granting of advances and loans to employees whose salaries are settled electronically.”



Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Renewed the Association of Iraqi private banks demanding media to be cautious in the dissemination of economic news that reflects THE IMAGE IS NOT REAL IN FRONT OF THE WORLD.

The Executive Director of the Association Ali Tariq for "morning" that the global effort is following the reality of the situation in the Iraqi market is waiting for a promising future, especially with the presence of major international companies have a great desire to work in Iraq, "
He pointed out that" inaccurate news goes to global investment companies Away from the market that is in dire need of them, "noting that" we need the concerted efforts to serve the national economy. "

The Association of Iraqi private banks has denied reports that the issuance of arrest warrants against some managers of private banks, confirming that this news is aimed at distorting public opinion on what it has achieved Iraqi banking sector progress during the current stage.

She said in a press statement today that "there is no truth to the news that some media organizations on the issuance of arrest warrants against some managers of private banks," indicating that "these parties aim to distort public opinion and the disruption of procedures initiated by the advancement of the banking sector."

The statement pointed out that "THERE IS AN ORGANIZED CAMPAIGN LED BY SOME PARTIES AIM TO UNDERMINE THE IRAQI ECONOMY BY TARGETING THE BANKING SECTOR REPEATEDLY," calling for "not to listen to the voices tendentious and take information from their sources."

(Mnt Goat – so it looks like Iraq has its version of FAKE news too…lol..lol..)

Baghdad News –

An Arab report said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was facing two-dimensional tests; the first had a personal dimension in proving his strong presence, his ability to translate his visions into state building and reform, and the second to fight the BIG SYMBOLS OF CORRUPTION BEFORE GOING TO SMALL- BARZANI (ON CHARGES OF STEALING OIL FROM KIRKUK), AND FORMER PRIME MINISTER NURI AL-MALIKI.

“The corruption of the corruption of the body of the Iraqi state, after 14 years of looting the treasury of one of the most important oil countries in the world, and after a long delay in fighting corruption and corruption, and it seems that Prime Minister Haider Abadi seriously the second time that his speeches should be transferred from the theoretical framework to the implementation procedures, as his team sees in the following days the most appropriate time to launch this campaign ‘.

The report added that ‘Abadi, who has been keen over the past period to emphasize that HIS NEXT WAR AFTER THE ELIMINATION OF A SUPPORTER WILL BE A WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION, sees in the next stage a test two dimensions; the first, carries a personal dimension in proving his strong presence, and his ability to translate his visions in the building State and reform, which is a compass to build a national leadership for a man who has not emerged from traditional political houses. In the second, he tested his loyalty and ability to distinguish between his affiliation with the Dawa party on the one hand, and his position as prime minister on the other.

These two reasons, according to the newspaper, are opening the door to great questions about the other motives, and a positive declaration of such a challenge. Abadi adheres to his commitment to his “ministerial statement” and to the constant emphasis on the separation between government performance and political “rivalries”.

The newspaper quotes some of those familiar with the policies of Washington in Mesopotamia, saying that the American and Iranian administrations have so far gathered to keep Abadi in office for a second term to confuse the interests of both parties by maintaining a “moderate” character with “Washington and Tehran lacking a clear vision on how to manage the Iraqi file. Post-urging.

The sources added that American delegations had been given a “package of advice” on how to manage the “war on corruption” with a strategy that would ensure “victory over the corrupt” on the one hand, and “empties his adversaries of those around them in the first stage, On the other hand.
The sources say that the “money in the hands of the corrupt, from the opponents of Abbadi, a threat to the latter, it must be recovered in the context of draining the sources of their strength,” asserting that “The past era, with its tragedies and woes, must be carried to a specific point (in reference to al-Maliki),” with the escalating talk about “the fall of Maliki’s paper” in the American community to open a new page of the history of Iraq, while avoiding the Iranian administration concerned with the Iraqi file This view of the “most prominent” of its allies in Iraq.

As for the second approach, Abadi calls for fighting the “big symbols of corruption” before going to the “small-scale”, from the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, to those responsible for vital state facilities such as ports and airports.

In the second opinion, a question addressed to those close to al-Maliki about the “readiness” for such a confrontation, they assert in their role, “readiness to comply with the judiciary, if found guilty,” according to the newspaper pointed out in its report.

The newspaper speaks of a very important point denied by the Iraqi government sources according to the existence of lists of names targeted by the campaign «fight corruption», the political aspects of prominent, noting that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi is not within the target of a specific destination, and does not mean someone in isolation from affiliation or location, however, the campaign will aim at “proving their guilt and evidence” by the competent judicial authorities, in cooperation with international advisers who provide “advice on how to track the financial movement of the accused.



To reveal the details of the negotiations that took place in the Jordanian capital Amman between the World Bank and the Iraqi delegation regarding the MAIN REASON FOR THE DEPLETION OF FOREIGN CURRENCY RESERVES IN THE CENTRAL BANK. The parliamentary sources close to Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that the International Monetary Fund demanded the disclosure of corruption files in currency auction.

The sources pointed out that the International Monetary Fund has asked the Iraqi delegation negotiator in Amman to start uncovering the money laundering and corruption at the auction of currency, indicating that the investigation began with the Islamic World Bank to his friend Saif Badir and Bank Huda and his owner Hamad al-Musawi and banks 'Middle East and Ansari and Holding' Their owner Ali Ghulam and the Union Bank to his owner Aqeel Muften.

According to sources, the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND CONSIDERS THAT THE CURRENCY AUCTION IS THE REASON FOR THE DEPLETION OF RESERVES OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF FOREIGN CURRENCY after the total Iraqi reserves of hard currency at the auction of currency 82 billion in 2014 is now not exceeding 43 billion.

The IMF also warned during the negotiations with the Iraqi delegation of the arrival of the Iraqi dinar to the stage of floating in the event of the reserve currency in the Central Bank to 36 billion, which will lead to lose the dinar even half of its value against the dollar to reach the price of one dollar 2,200 Iraqi dinars and this will collapse The Iraqi economy and the loss of confidence by international financiers.

(Mnt Goat – Wow! What an article. It telling us so much. So we learn that the main reason for the draw down of the CBI reserves is corruption in the currency auctions. But didn’t we already know that? Yes -we learned this over and over again and were told by the CBI this was corrected. Appears it is not corrected. Does everyone understand the problem? Let me explain it to you.

So we know that under sanctions Chapter VII, Iraq must convert dinar to US dollars to use to buy imports of goods and services from outside world. Being that the dinar is under sanctions who the hell wants the dinar. But the US dollar is desirable and can be freely used throughout the world. So it widely acceptable. All oil sales are paid in US dollars to the government of Iraq and goes into the CBI reserves. Based on the budget the CBI then allocates money to the government, as projected using funding documents. This is one form of corruption. The other is when venders and merchants go to the currency window at the bank and bring their dinar. Upon proving that they have legitimate bills to pay, they can exchange the dinar for dollars and them pay their bills with importers in US dollars. There is much forging of documents to get the US dollars and many times they present forged documents without any real bills to pay. They then take these dollars and sell them to terrorists, private militias or just trade them on the streets with a mark up. For instance, if the official rate from the CBI is 1180 dinars they then sell the US dollar for 2000 dinars. This is called the MCP problem. This is also drawing down the CBI reserves at a faster pace then needed to support the economy. Can you see it now? Do you understand the problem?

In this article the IMF is telling Iraq that if they get the CBI reserves down to 36 billion they are in trouble.

I quote from the article above – “IMF also warned during the negotiations with the Iraqi delegation of the arrival of the Iraqi dinar to the stage of floating in the event of the reserve currency in the Central Bank to 36 billion, which will lead to lose the dinar even half of its value against the dollar to reach the price of one dollar 2,200 Iraqi dinars and this WILL COLLAPSE THE IRAQI ECONOMY AND THE LOSS OF CONFIDENCE BY INTERNATIONAL FINANCIERS.”

Does this impact the RV?
Not yet, but I can tell you this is a danger sign to watch for. How do I know this? Wasn’t that the purpose of the meeting with the WTO and IMF? So am I that far off? So we know that the only way these currency auctions can end is to get out of financial sanctions and complete the currency reform. But the auctions are a double-edged sword. On one hand they are necessary to keep the economy afloat, but on the other hand they are keeping the rate of the US dollar high to the Iraqi dinar and are depleting the reserves. I have explained to you how this is done – by corruption. So what is the solution then? We know the solution. It is to revalue the dinar and use the dinar as a globally tradable currency. But the problem right now is – WHO THE HELL WANTS IT? It is worthless even if they RV’s it. We are speculators and this is different than manufacturers or distributors of goods and services who need the value NOW if they accepted the dinar in payment. So there is no value in speculation only hope and desires for future value and this does not pay the bills right NOW. Get it? Remember my beir stein importer example ….. lol… lol…

So this meeting with the IMF a couple Friday’s ago WAS NOT good news and was certainly not for a “full” ascension to the WTO and WAS NOT a time for celebrations. I now hear many of these gurus being challenged by their listeners on this and so I say GOOD! They deserve to be bashed. It is about time people wake up to their nonsense. They are now all back-paddling up the stream without an oar trying to cover their tracks in their lie. So all you so called idiotic “gurus’ who told everyone this was going to lead to an RV and for full ascension? Go jump in a lake! You are all idiots!



Information / Baghdad ..
The newspaper "Asharq Al-Awsat" Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, an "undisclosed" meeting yesterday evening with the Integrity Commission and the Bureau of Financial Control, indicating that Abadi asked to check the file son of a prominent political leader, the son of a businessman hovering suspicions of corruption around them.

The newspaper quoted in a report seen by (information), sources close to the prime minister said, "Abadi held yesterday evening, an undisclosed meeting, with the members of the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and a number of public inspectors, and asked them" not to tolerate files Senior corrupt. "

The sources added that "the Prime Minister, addressed the meeting, saying:" Everyone knows the corrupt, and we must stop leaving the accounting of the corrupt and the only young people only, "indicating that" Abadi asked the Integrity Commission to check the file son of a prominent political leader, the son of a businessman hovering suspicions Corruption around them. "
The sources pointed out that "ABADI DEMANDED TO PROVIDE THE PRIME MINISTER FILES CORRUPTION RELATED TO BUSINESSMEN AND MINISTERS AND HOLDERS OF SPECIAL GRADES," asserting that "Abbadi gave his full support to the Integrity Commission and promised to file files related to state properties that have been manipulated in favor of some personalities and parties earlier."


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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Post by Terbo56 on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:41 pm

Please inform Ken Seagal that his lies and bullshit are getting old and moldy, it's time to find another hobby, OR line of work, how about HONESTLY this time? Mountain Goat   11/29/17 1656125192
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Post by Kevind53 on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:53 pm

How about prosecuting frauds ... you newer folks might want to take a look at the archives before you take anything the goat says seriously ... https://www.dinardaily.net/f32-mountain-goat OH, he/she/it is also a proven plagiarist https://www.dinardaily.net/t29242-the-mountain-goat-guru-is-proved-to-be-a-fraud

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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