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What is intel?

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What is intel? Empty What is intel?

Post by ClermontThinker Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:36 pm

Saw a post earlier attributed to Freeway Bill. I really appreciate his candor regarding the various elements that many have stated are "done"!! So much of what has been reported is just out and out incorrect. Before the boo-birds come out let me assure you all that I do not expect this site (or any other) to provide access to state secrets. If anyone here expects that... sorry... You are going to continue to be disappointed. Along with the various, well documented internal infighting going on Iraq they are also in the process of working to rebuild the country. No small task and certainly one that will play out over time. However, do not be so naive to expect highly sensitive governmental information to be passed on to the members and moderators of this or any other board... It is just silly to expect that. Not looking to throw anyone under the bus but when a trusted "guru" states that those in power in Iraq picked him to share sensitive information... Come on, do you laugh or cry at that point?

As we all know... There is no shortage of naysayers. All too often users of the various sites get overly excited when exciting, optimistic "news" or "intel" (I really hate that word) is posted. Seldom is the information based on verifiable facts or even supporting news articles. If this is to be a responsible community we must expect more from those providing information... Self anointed "guru" and non-guru alike. Do not be so eager to jump on every bit of information as reliable. History of this site and others like it show with painful consistency how incorrect those supposedly in the know have been. That, by all appearances, will not change. Take charge of the information you are willing to process. This and other sites are great to gather and share info. BUT... Venture beyond the Dinar sites. Search for news. Make sure you are reading a news site not just another Dinar site. You could be surprised how much information you can gather. Some good, some not so good.

Look, I believe the IQD will RV. I have invested in the speculation because my research indicates a fairly high probability. But... My opinions are based on the news and information that I can find, not on the speculation and inside contacts of others.

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