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Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17

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Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17 Empty Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17

Post by RamblerNash Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:41 pm

Hi Everyone,

SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes.

Subject: Expired Zimbabwe Currency

Do you hold any of these older, expired Zimbabwe notes (or ZIM) ?

What do we know as FACTUAL about these older notes.

Well there was a earlier civil war that caused the currency to plummet into hyperinflation. Through many trials and re-issuances of versions of the currency to save it but it simply plummeted back into hyper-inflation on each attempt.

This is because there was no real VALUE to the currency to back it up. This is what Iraq is trying to avoid when it goes live with the new Iraqi dinar.

Then just a few years ago, the Central Bank of Zimbabwe under the direction of the IMF, wanted to issue new lower denominations notes and replace the older hyper inflated currency. One more attempt at fixing the problem.

Dates were given for the replacement process to take place and so as of Sept 2016 the replacement officially took place and they issued the newer notes at a value 1:1 with the US dollar.

Again it did not work due to shortages of the new notes. It was thought that if they limit the volume, it would keep the value high. Still the mismanagement and misunderstanding by the Central Bank as to how money works. Due to the shortage of currency in circulation citizens simply started to use other outside currencies such as the Euro and British Pound. Other restrictions and laws were not put in place to coincide with the issuance of the new currency. This only made the vale of the new ZIM sink even lower. Can you see why? Less and less demand for the ZIM and more for the other currencies because they were easier to obtain and more widely known and accepted.

So a short lesson in monetary policy. Don't you think Iraq is watching all this play out. Aren't they worried about their new currency about to be issued too? Will it be successful or fail like Zimbabwe's did? They do not want this to happen to the Iraqi dinar when it goes live. They need every law in place and every "T" crossed and "I" dotted.....

Do you see the problem Zimbabwe is now in?

It is a much bigger problem to clean up afterwards than to prevent.

The reality is they are loaded with natural resources that are much needed by today's industries. So why don't they harvest them and bring them to market and increase the GDP?

There was no way an investor could have made any money in this replacement. To make any money you would have had to have tones of the older notes. But even this was a “replacement” and so you had to turn in the old notes in exchange for any USD cash.

To give you some idea on the value offered for a 100 trillion ZIM note, the CBI offered $25 USD for each note.

So we also know the WTO and the BIS are waiting in the wings to get into Zimbabwe. The only thing standing in their way is the isolationism and stagnant economic policies of their current president, Robert Mugabe and his goonies.

We also know they offered him various retirement packages but he persists in staying in power. He is now 93 years old. Does this sound familiar. This is another case just like in Syria with president Assad. This is how it all started with the Syrian president too. Do you remember? First they offer them a golden retirement. This smells dirty rotten and has the USA CIA all over it.

We also know they tried to get his wife to talk some sense into him to retire. She of course would the next president since Zimbabwe is really a monarchy and not a true democracy. But even now they want to change this concept and so away altogether this reigning monarch family ties and hold a true election.

The next step in Zimbabwe then, as in Syria, was to incite a coup. We recently witnessed this event and I have news clippings from it below.

So we know it was just going to be a matter of time before the CIA either assassinates president Mugabe or he dies of some “natural” heart attack (as they spice up his water or food).

So there must be a changeover of leadership peacefully of with a conflict. Either way they will force the changeover. It MUST happen.

There are just too many natural resources at stake and needed by the industrial society within Zimbabwe. I can not say for sure, but if the CIA is involved, there must be some very special resources they want like uranium or other stuff we haven’t even heard of yet.

Recent New Articles:

President Robert Mugabe, center, appeared on Friday, under tight security, at a graduation ceremony at a university in Harare.

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s governing party moved on Friday to expel President Robert Mugabe from its ranks, taking the first step in legally ousting the 93-year-old leader following a military intervention two days earlier.

A majority of the leaders of the party, ZANU-PF, recommended Mr. Mugabe’s expulsion from the very organization that he had controlled with an iron grip since independence in 1980, according to ZBC, the state broadcaster.

In a euphoric gathering that just days ago would have drawn a police crackdown, crowds marched through Zimbabwe's capital on Saturday to demand the departure of President Robert Mugabe, one of Africa's last remaining liberation leaders, after nearly four decades in power.

End of Recent New Articles

So here is the million dollar question everyone want to know.

Is it true that US citizens will someday be able to “redeem” or even “exchange” these older ZIM notes?

Let me try to answer this question the best way I can. But I have to apologize upfront if I swear or use foul language. This entire GCR scam is a very touchy subject matter to me and I would even be addressing it, if it were not for thousands of suckers being scammed everyday over this.

So when I first heard that US citizens would be able to exchange these older, expired ZIM notes I did some research. If you know me you know then that I do not take anything this BIG on face value and will thoroughly investigate it. I will then come to you and tell you what I have found.

So here is my findings:

The only way I see that this exchange could be true is that enough of gullible US citizens purchased these ZIM prior to the expiration of the notes before in Sept 2016 and then flew to Zimbabwe and met with the CBI and exchanged in one of their currency windows prior to the deadline. This is the ONLY way you could have (and I use past tense) redeemed these notes.

Knowing this I am still hearing that the US govt treasury dept is making arrangements to still allow a fair exchange of these older notes under certain restrictions. So I investigated this notion too.

I talked to the US Treasury department on this matter and found that no such policy is underway or will EVER be undertaken with these older notes.

So let’s address the scuttlebutt (lies and rumors) that are going around about these older notes.

So once I fully debunked this first rumor their justification of these charlatans then changed as they now say that these older notes are actually securities or security notes, as some say. Really?

So the question now becomes are they “securities” or “currency notes”?

Just so you know, either way the US Treasury has already told us these older notes are not going to be “redeemed” or “exchanged” in any way, not now or in the future.

But for the sake of argument lets explore whether these older notes are in fact currency notes or security bonds.

First let me say that right out in the open, public news media we have been told that the ZIM currency has been re-denominated in 2016 and the time period to turn in the old “notes” has expired in Sept 2016. The CBI of Zimbabwe did not say anything about the securities or bonds. In fact never mentioned it to anyone when they referred to these notes, instead they specifically called the ZIM as a “currency”. Their words not mine….lol…lol…

Secondly all of a sudden (especially after the turn-in date of Sept 2016) that we get news from these same charlatans that the ZIM is a financial instrument or “bond” and not a “currency” note. Really?

Why did they change their story all of a sudden. I will tell you why they had to tell you this. It is because once again these charlatans are scamming you into buying these older notes. They know they are now worthless currency notes and so how else can they convince you that they have some value? They are really good at playing this game with your head.

They are not financial bonds and can NEVER be “redeemed” or “exchanged”. Get it folks? I have personally talked to a representative at the Central Bank of Zimbabwe and I was told this is a FACT. In fact the guy even questioned why I was asking such a ridiculous question.

How much louder must I yell this out to get through your very thick skulls?

Thirdly, the other part of the phony intel is that there will be no lop upon redemption. Really?

So even if the exchange or redemption was real they are telling you there will be no lop? Really? Do you realize just how phony this is?

I find this really hard to believe that anyone is going to walk into the bank with a 100 trillion ZIM note and walk out with close to 100 trillion or even a billion for that matter in their bank account. Some people bought up 100’s of these 100 trillion notes. Does this mean they will walk out with 100’s of trillions in their bank account?

Folks let’s get reasonable here. The total annual budget for the US government (if you have been paying attention) is only about $4+ trillion dollars. So you mean to tell me that you are going to walk out of the bank with trillions in your bank account after exchanging? What drug are you taking? Who has you brainwashed?

This phony intel was exposed. So what happens next?

Forth, then these charlatan scammers come up with yet more phony intel to cover their tracks now that you are wiser to their prior ZIM scams. Now they tell you that the ZIM will be exchanged and paid out in an annuity over 25 years, and then can be redeemed again for another 25 years if want. You will be given only 5% of the funds each month with no pay down on the principle. Yes – just keep the bullshit coming…..lol…lol….

TNT Rayren is the biggest culprit of this rumor. Ray’s motto “I tell, you decide”. Really? This is what you are going to tell everyone without even researching? His motto is really “I lie, you decide”. Come’on folks – what kind of intel conference calls are these anyway. What is happening to all the donations?

Now who does this make sense to folks? Wasn’t this Tony Redfrow’s famous saying? Hey Ray- are you listening?

I have to tell you I listen to these conference calls from many of these so called intel “gurus” and people are actually falling for this crap.

Unbelievable that people can actually be that STUPID!

Okay so this annuity too did not hold water and many questioned the sanity of it. Many could smell the scam. So what happens next?

Fifth, these same charlatans then come out with a story that one of two options may apply to the ZIM “redemption”. Either the cabal will apply the annuity (as I mentioned above) or they will use a rate of .0002. Really?

So once again right off the bat you have to question the sanity of the .0002 rate. In reality that is actually dropping off 4 zeros then multiple by 2.

Haven’t we been told all along they would probably drop off 6 or 9 zeros then multiply by the FOREX rate?

Sixth, Why in hell would the banks want this worthless currency, even if it is a “security bond”. The banks can not take this to Zimbabwe since they already expired these notes or bonds. If you owned a bank would you want to buy these bonds from someone. What the hell would you do with them even if your bank had trillions upon trillions to pay for them…lol…lol….

Do you see now that no matter how you look at redeeming or exchanging these older ZIM currency it does not hold up to a rigorous investigation and research. I have found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give me any hope that this expired currency could be worth anything more or less than what you idiots are buying them for.

So we see constant contradictions of rumors for the ZIM. They can’t even get their own story straight for their own scam.

Unbelievable that people can actually be that STUPID!

So I hope I have at least clarified some of this phony intel on the ZIM (older notes).

Now lets look at this “security bond” term they are using to describe the older ZIM notes that actually nothing but a hype-inflated ZIM “currency”.

Define Currency: (Best definition I can now find. It has been watered down)

A more general definition is that a currency is a system of money (monetary units) in common use, especially in a nation. Under this definition, US dollars, British pounds, Australian dollars, and European

Define Currency: (old finance school definition)

A placeholder note (a piece of paper) that specifies an amount that is payable on-demand in exchange for gold, trade items or services and is acceptable to both parties. In other words, I give you a paper note stating I.O.U. and you give me something of the value stated in return like gold, goods or services. Someday in the future I can redeem the I.O.U for something of value to me.

Define BOND:

In finance, a bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders. It is a debt security, under which the issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay them interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the principal at a later date, termed the maturity date.

Notice that if the company or country falls below a certain credit rating, its grade changes from investment quality to junk status. Junk bonds, or high yield bonds are below investment grade, and are aptly named: they are often the debt issued in some sort of financial difficulty or instability.

Because they are so risky, they have to offer much higher yields than any other debt. This brings up an important point: Is the ZIM note a bond or a currency? If it is a bond surely it is a “junk” bond. So when Zimbabwe’s economy was failing did it in fact issue more ZIM as bonds during the period of 2008 thru 2009? But where are all the characteristics we normally find on a financial instrument as a bond?

So are the older ZIMs a currency or a financial instrument (Bond)?

Totally different pieces of paper by definition. One is a financial instrument and the other is an I.O.U.

Since we can not find any of the typical markings that are characteristic on a financial bond such as a maturity date, debtor, etc,,,? We must now assume these are currency notes and not bonds and that we have all been told a lie.

Why were citizens then using these notes to buy goods and services at the marketplace, if in fact they were bonds? I don’t get it. You tell me because I am at a loss. Was the country of Zimbabwe that desperate to issue bonds as currency to be used by the general public?

If the ZIM currency was in fact a bond, the why didn’t the citizens of Zimbabwe then just go to the bank and redeem the damned bonds for themselves and make trillions, like they say you are I will do in the future? Of course they can’t – BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTHLESS paper and not bonds anyway….get it?

Oh – but these same charlatans have all the answers to my questions even before I ask them.

They claim only after the GCR these notes will be used to disperse some “funds” for humanitarian efforts to improve the world and society as we now know it. They claim these notes are being used as way to disperse the funds. Really?

They even go so far as to tell you this money is coming from some “lost” gold from WWII and before that has been horded and is secured by this group of people working to “restore” the Republic. Really?

They claim (especially Big “bullshit” Bruce Call) that you must have a “humanitarian project” and you are going to SAVE the world with all your money. The banks will give you a great rate if you can show how you are going to help the needy. Really?

Folks – it is all a bunch of lies. These charlatans and their bullshit NESARA or GESARA (now to include the restoration via the GCR….get it?) are so phony and fake I can not express just how bad it is.

I can only come to you today to express my deepest concerns, sorrow and regrets for everyone who bought into this ZIM bullshit story and purchased these expired, novelty, almost worthless notes.

Of course you can always try to “redeem” them from the novelty shop you bought them from. Maybe they are more valuable to tourist than to bankers.

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17 Empty Re: Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17

Post by roxy22222222 Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:48 pm

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Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17 Empty Re: Mnt. Goat: SPECIAL EDITION about the ZIM notes 11/19/17

Post by Kevind53 Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:46 pm

That goat does like to talk ... most of her ramblings are not far off ... I have to laugh that this self appointed expert keeps referring to the Central Bank of Iraq when she is talking about exchanging Zimbabwe notes. Hard to take her seriously given her history and stuff like that.

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