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Post by power123 Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:50 pm

What stamina these Gurus have and so misguided to continue believing that they can keep trotting out the same old ‘any second now’ prophecy and expect us to believe them.

To be fair though there are those who have projected forward the event, but we don’t want to believe them even though, so far, they have been shown to be right.

In the meantime we look to our own affairs and those transactions in which some Shareholders have been joined by some of the Directors and officers of the company and the more exotic transactions that the Directors have chosen to take on board alone.

Depending on how you look at these, we are talking about 8 or 9 transactions so we are in great shape, once one or more of these come to fruition, to have available the ‘bridging finance’ to move forward with the mechanism set out in ‘How it Works’ on the website.

Apart from combing the internet for information to enable us to get a march on those transactions that are taking place - we hope, we are constantly refreshing our documentation having regard for the latest information concerning the venues of the payouts, currently anticipated to be in three continents.

One bit of advice that bears passing on is that we should all keep a close eye on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for the foreseeable future and the MSM starts to cover events that we have only been able to learn of via Internet sources. This applies particularly to our American and Canadian Shareholders. Have case will travel!!

We seem to be scurrying through the Autumn at a pace to the extent that Winter rapidly approaches. Not wishing to upset you, but statistically more deaths are registered in Winter than during the other seasons of the year, so if you have not completed the template in your account in your back office on the website to tell us of your favoured beneficiary in the event of your untimely passing, then please do so as a precaution to ensure a smooth transfer of your LiberatorOne proceeds.

We continue to monitor the particular exchange we referred to confidentially last week and we can tell you that it has not yet exchanged but is still moving forward. We will keep you posted.

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Post by Jayzze Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:51 pm

no rv now or ever sorry sheep just plain fact
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