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 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff 11/12/17

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 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 Empty "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff 11/12/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:33 am

 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 House111

 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 Unnamed

Can you hear the symphony playing? Feel the horns? The scratch of the strings? The drum beat of change? The woodwinds? The triangle and xylophone tings?

Trump appears as the conductor, but in truth, he's the emotional sponge absorbing global attention and bad press around GESARA changes until the timing was right to release the biggest event in human financial history since the time of Christ.

And yet… there's nothing special about this day versus any other on the surface. No announcements. No arrests. No breaking news. Interesting how that happened, instead of chaos we get calm for the RV. We're so worn out from all the breaking news reports that we appreciate the serenity of a nothing news day. It's our chance to exhale.

And yet 250,000 banking staff and armed troops are on high alert and in position right now to process 5-7 million redeemers up to the Thanksgiving day holiday. 10 days give or take.

Like a comet flashing in the sky, the RV will activate, release, occur, and conclude… and if if you weren't diligently watching, didn't have a friend alert you to what was going on, weren't following on line, forgot to check your text or email… did the comet ever really happen? Or is it just a rumor of something magnificent?

No one will know unless you tell them. Will you tell them?

Should someone that didn't follow along till the end be allowed to RV? I wrestle with that one.

Perhaps in the elongated runway the strong have been separated from the weak, from a humanitarian perspective. The righteous from the return on investors.

Then again, I'll send everyone the 800#s, not because they've earned it, but because it's the right thing to do… let them rise or fall by their own actions and decisions. That's sovereignty right? Free universal choice?

Chances are few would step out of the matrix to see a once in a twelve plus millennia comet. Almost none. Only 17,000 people are following the RV, globally. That's it. And not everyday. Out of 7.8 Billion, that's 0.00000218% of the human population who are mentally prepared to RV.

And maybe 1% of those prepared to handle the ZIM values.

But you want intel… ok, lets intel...

Saudi Arabia: Has been completely isolated and diplomatically abandoned by the entire Arab world, and now forced into fighting for scraps at the very end, mostly with Iran for dominance in the region, specially over Lebanon, which gives Saudi Arabia some shot at a port into the Mediterranean Sea… and of course Yemen, which gives them canal access through the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea straight, as well as oil access out to the Indian Ocean.

Israel: Flying bombing missions along their boarders against Syrian/Iranian targets in an attempt to show territorial aggression with regard to their sovereign boarders. Netanyahu is a lame duck who has resigned, and the new administration is concerned that Iran will seep into the boarder areas of Syria and encroach on their sovereignty over time… same way the European Zionists encroached on Palestine through immigration over decades. But the Middle Peace settlement has long been reached, which will come out magically now as Trump begins his exit.

Trump: This Asia trip was a giant victory lap for Trump, Inc., to hype his brand across Asia for the purpose of selling condos with his name on it, 25% branding fee for every dollar earned. Trump did what he was asked to do, and the Elders are rewarding him with properties. Simple as that. Now he gets tossed out by Mueller, Pence pardons him and his family, and Donald walk away with major hotel properties all across Asia and in Moscow. The Art of the Deal I suppose. Still amazes me 66 million people voted for him. And 69 million voted for Hillary… under any circumstance. The vast, vast majority of Americans are sleepwalkers who have cross some apathy threshold into unconscious living hibernation. So instead of shaking everyone's consciousness awake, they decided to keep everyone asleep, and make the transition as "normal" as possible as not to wake the dead. You may not like that assessment of your friends, family and community… but that's a cold hard fact.

Dinarland: Many false flag artists were on the Internet, many were not of the light and have been dealt with, some have been discovered and flipped, or their pen names keep being written to cloud suspicion when necessary… Benjamin Fulford is one. TNT is another. Lost leaders reformed and uninformed for the purpose of keeping everything "normal" even in Dinarland. Change is not good in psy-ops world.

Timing: There is no more intel, as the entire new financial system went active last night in a seamless transition when the banks reconciled worldwide over to the new Hercules Quantum Satellite/Computing System, backed of course in gold bullion out of Shanghai. All currencies were floating and freely trading at full capacity, including the TRN/USN combo. All restrictions were lifted, everywhere in the world. They just waited until the Singles Day rush to complete before squeezing in the RV before black Friday rolls out in the US. This was the optimal time frame all along, as it was the first full holiday after the US election in 2016, and inauguration in January of 2017. There technically were no delays ever. Just a lot of pump fakes making it appear they were starting to catch more bad actors implanted in the existing system. 177 pump fakes to be exact in a two year span.

800#s: Will just appear on websites, and be sent via email links, that will find their way onto websites in this community. Those who know about this comet will call and make appointments, those who don't care or don't know, will notice absolutely nothing. Word will spread quickly, but the threshold for belief in the RV is so slim, few will believe what they are being told. It won't be until they actually get a first hand account of a redemption that they will set their own appointments at bank branches in the weeks that follow.

We've reached the apex together, and now headed down the other side of this mountain. Go slow as not to insult gravity. Sobeit.

God is with us

-- Submitted by Jeff

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 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 Empty Re: "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff 11/12/17

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:22 pm

Yosepf, Yoseph, Yoseph, how many times do we have to tell you to stay away from the magic mushrooms? Oh well, I suppose you're brain is permanently rotted by now.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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 "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff   11/12/17 Empty Re: "Comet" - Alexander Gagin/Yosef Intel Update via Jeff 11/12/17

Post by Terbo56 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:33 pm

Kevin, just think of a 'model 'A' pickup way back in the deep woods, with a big, rotted tree growing up through the middle of it, protruding through the roof.......
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