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Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~  11/10/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~ 11/10/17

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Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~  11/10/17 Empty Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~ 11/10/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:33 am

November 10, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Sorry folks no re-instatement or revaluation yet! But how close are we?

Read on and you may find out….

Many of you don’t like what I am saying and the pointing of fingers at these idiots who pretend to be some intel “gurus”. They are brainwashing all of you gullible people. Wake Up!

More news….

In today’s news we get heavily into why there are disputes between the GOI and the KRG in allocating the budget funds to the KRG. Is it corruption or merely unintentional mishandling and mismanagement of the funds given to the KRG from the GOI in the past? So now the GOI has decided to go ahead with a long planned, long-term plan to absorb the Kurdistan “region” into the rest of Iraq breaking the region up into smaller provinces.

In an article from Iraq-business news, dated November 9, 2017, Tamimi said, “In the 2018 budget, the Kurdistan Region’s name was replaced for the first time in budget charts with the name ‘northern provinces,’ indicating that the parliament and government are politically willing to take away as many privileges as possible from the Kurdistan Region, including oil exportation.”

(Mnt Goat – more evidence Kurdistan as a separated “region” is over- once again this part of the article is telling us the GOI is replacing the “Kurdistan Region” as a whole with smaller provinces and each province will be self governing reporting to Baghdad, as the rest of the country does now. Its now even in the budget. The reason why the GOI wants to take over the entire oil industry is that the Kurds are stealing from the people. Just too much $$$ unaccounted for.

Folks – this is not temporary sanctions or punishment for the referendum. It is simply something that has been planned all along and is now being executed.)

What part does this play on the reinstatement of the currency? Read on and you will find out….

More news….


(Mnt Goat – I asked if there they could tell us the end to this fighting with ISIS since it seemed they would tell us the end and then the end over and over again. So, then what pops out on Thursday? This article….go figure…. Coincidence? This is not the first time Iraq has seemingly responded to my newsletter questions literally the next day. WOW ! )

Baghdad Mawazine News

The Iraqi war against the last stages of the war entered the liberation of Qaim and military operations in the remaining areas under the control of the organization in the district of Rawa and Rummaneh. According to spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, according to his "free" transport, "THE BATTLES WILL NOT BE PROLONGED TO LIBERATE THOSE AREAS MILITARILY AND COMPLETELY."

Brigadier General Rasul reviewed the recent military operations of the Iraqi forces, where "the liberation of the Qaim district, control of the port towards al-Bu Kamal on the Syrian border, and the securing of the Iraqi-Syrian border were completed."

Rasul pointed out that "the Iraqi forces isolated both the district of Rawa and the area of the Romaneh and were cordoned off."

"WE HAVE ONLY A LITTLE LEFT," he said. "Only the districts of Rawa, Rummaneh and the surrounding areas north of the Euphrates River will be left. Soon we will control all these areas and announce their liberation."

(Mnt Goat – So this looks like the end then?)

The air strikes coordinator in the international coalition against "Daash" Andrew Croft has announced in a statement Tuesday that the number of air strikes to the coalition in Syria and Iraq fell by 60 to 70 percent in October compared to the last eight or nine months, "adding that the organization" No longer controls only four to five percent of the regions. "

Brigadier Rasool confirmed the information provided by the US military official, saying that "the air strikes decreased significantly because of the defeat of the terrorist organization and the losses suffered after the control of Iraqi forces in many areas.

Just in Abadi tweet:

“Abadi: I will call for a military end soon, but the security challenge will remain”

(Mnt Goat – So what security threat do you think he means still remains? Can he mean the Iranian backed militias? Can he mean the Peshmerga itself if not put in check? Yes – they must now implement the reconciliation and this means finally addressing the National Guard issue and how they will create and run these local security forces without letting them go back to corrupted private security forces or political sectarian hit squads again. Can you see how Abadi is telling us the SECURITY issue is not yet over… His words not mine. Didn’t the CBI tells us they need STABILITY and SECURITY to continue with the project to delete the zeros? Can you see they are not yet ready to RV by this one simple statement by Abadi?)

More news….


Yara Bayoumy

November 8, 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq’s top Sunni Muslim politician said on Wednesday he would back Shi‘ite Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi for a new term as long as conditions such as bringing Shi‘ite militias under state control and balancing relations with other countries are fulfilled.

(Mnt Goat – so now we know the private Shiite militias are NOT under control and still are a SECURITY threat. I believe they are talking about the Iranian militias here. Like I keep saying these militias must get out of Iraq or somehow be under the strict control by the GOI. The USA and UK have said already they want them out!)

More news….

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Central Bank of Iraq, all banks not to sell the dollar to its branches in the Kurdistan region.

A document issued by the Central Bank and obtained by "Al-Ghad Press" a copy of it, that "based on the decision of the House of Representatives No. 58 in 2017/10/12 on the non-sale of foreign currency to banks operating in the region or have branches in it, the Central Bank Confirms commitment to this resolution. "

The document stressed that "the failure of any bank to comply with this decision and within one week of its implementation, the bank will be prevented from entering the window selling foreign currency with the Central Bank of Iraq."

(Mnt Goat – I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt this action has nothing to do with the RV. Get it? Why is everything always about the RV. Without any proof from these so called intel “gurus” they make these ridiculous statements.

So today let me clarify this nonsense. This action is all about Kurdistan and their corruption. They were pumping billions of dollars out of Iraq into private accounts by their political leaders. They were also selling dollars thru private venders, charging enormous spreads. This was causing the rate of the USD vs IQD to be high. This lowers the rate of the IQD. These auctions are the only way you can get US dollars in Iraq, legally and so an opportunity to re-sell them in the black market. This was one of the reasons for the downturn in the CBI reserves too and MCP problems. Once this was discovered they stopped them from participating in the currency auctions windows until this is resolved.

If these so called intel “gurus” had any real contacts, they would get off their asses and do some investigating journalism instead of making their ridiculous assumptions and presumptions. Aren’t you tired of their laziness yet? Of course their REAL purpose of having their forums and conference calls is not to service you but to sell you something or get $$$ for clickity clicks on their site advertisers/ sponsors. Get it?)

More news….

Okay so many of you asked me in responses to my FACEBOOK page, who can we count on and trust for any information on this dinar RV saga?

Honestly I don’t think there is hardly anyone out there you can trust. No one really knows everything and I can see how people can make mistakes and get confused. But his is my point. If you get confused and can’t properly know how to analyze the information then get the hell off the sites and go away. We don’t need you! I am not bashing you, but instead just telling you that you are doing more harm than good to all your listeners. You are not helping anyone. Oh – but you don’t intend to help anyone anyhow? You just want to make money off the hype and rumors and clickity clicks and donations?

But let me tell you who the real charlatans are since they have long standing reputations of fraud and scamming all of us. Yes- I too have fallen into their traps in the distant past but I learned and I no longer get involved in their nonsense. This is why I started my newsletter in the first place – because I listened to all of you hurting for REAL and HONEST news.

There are people like Dr Clark who comes out of nowhere and all of sudden is an expert on Iraq. Really? Yes- another idiot who makes predictions and then can’t walk the talk. He/she has nothing to back it up.

Then there is Frank26 and his guru buddies Walkingstick and Delta. Delta, Delta, Delta…You simply have to be out of your mind not to see thru these guys by now. Are you as crazy as them? It is all garbage intel based on some small facts that are blow up to try to connect them to the RV. Oh Franky what happened to the September RV? Stopped by a little hiccup with the KRG referendum – you say? Then we should “see it in October you said? Hey Frank its now almost mid November what happened? Oh – now it’s the end of November for the RV. They will keep stringing you along. No intel of any real value. They brag about “secret” postings from the CBI because they can translate Arabic and can find them on the CBI site. Another gimmic to get you hooked. Of course their intel is always “secret’ – Why? BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST! Get it? They then tell you these juicy articles are posted on their KTFA site, but if you want to read them you have to subscribe and pay to see the articles. Bait and switch. Really? Yes, this Frank26 speaks all holly and has to enter God’s thrown room each night to pray. But in the long run he is just another jerk. Better block your ears the shofar horn is about to blow….lol…lol…Yes- it wakes me up from a sound sleep at the end of his call..lol..lol…Did I mention all these venders he schedules prior to his hour of intel bullshit. He does this just to make sure you have to painfully listen to them all. Hey Frank- can you remember these two things:

1) there is a replay

2) this is all just all in my “opinion”!

Now let’s move on to this idiot Judy Byington and her brainless idiot partner Yosef. Yes, all of a sudden now it’s a restored Republic via the GCR. Really? How in hell can you tie this GCR (which is a lie in the first place) to the cleaning up the corruption in the USA? Now all of a sudden, the GCR is no longer about solving the financial crisis of the world (which was another lie to begin with) but rather cleaning out the cabal and restoring the Republic. Really? How in hell do you connect the two, even if it was all true? Well first of all it’s a “Democratic Republic” that needs restoring, so lets get that straight. Then the only constitution we need restored is the one we already have. All these crocked politicians need to do is follow it and we will all be fine. There also needs stiff penalties and prosecution for those who don’t. Yes- there is a dark, shadowy, underlying govt and they have infiltrated the govt of the US. Congress is now in bed with all of them and each other and so it is hard to get any real reforms accomplished. No – the people no longer have any real representation and a true voice in their destiny. Yes – Trump is trying hard to “drain the swamp” but there is much resistance and the swamp monsters keep looming their heads. But I have to tell you even with him I wonder at times what he is really up to. Yes – the people of the US are mixed up and confused. Who can they turn to now for REAL change? The cabal likes chaos, disunity and fear. They are good at creating it. Unity is their biggest fear and I am talking about unity in the masses of millions of people. FDR said it in 1930’s and I quote “all you have to fear is fear itself”. They know that if the TRUTH really comes out they are toast. Their biggest FEAR is when the millions and millions of people unite towards one common goal. That goal will be to expose their plan to destroy the USA. So let’s give them all something to FEAR about for our change….lol….lol….

Let’s move on to this entire crowd of idiots on TNT. Yes – now its Rayren’s turn as the reigns of idiocy and blowing smoke up your ass. Hey – where is Pam? Does she have a prison cell next to Tony? Or did she bail for fear of going down with the sinking ship? I will admit Ray is much, much better than Tony and is really trying to clean up the calls. I almost feel sorry for him. Where is Tony anyhow? Guess he got spanked by the cabal…lol..lol… Did you ever notice how it is the same callers on Q & A each time? Does Ray intentionally select these guys or are these the only people dumb enough to call in and rely on Ray for actual information about the RV? This donation thing really, really bothers me too. I wish the FBI and IRS would investigate. I can assure you there is TAX INVASION going on here. When I heard Ray’s response on a call from someone who just wanted something simply – a full transparency of the donated money, I was amazed at his response. He was very quiet for long time and then came back and clammed up and got down right indignant towards her. Something very fishy going on here …. You idiots actually give them money to get this crap?

An then there is Vic on Gatekeepers call. Hey Vic! – what happened to your call? Didn’t you say last June and promise us you would continue? Where is all this integrity you bragged so much about? It’s November already and not a peep from you. So where in hell is all your good and honest intel? Another one bites the dust. Hey Vic, I guess your entire scenario about Syria and Iraq has been all wrong? Did you ever even research the crap you put out on your calls? Guess you’re too ashamed to continue the calls now and admit to face the TRUTH. The TRUTH does set you free…..lol…lol….Or is it that you no longer have Joey to read all those long articles for you. Yes – you needed her to do all the dirty work for you on the calls while you kicked back, smoked your cigs and drank your cup of nightly java to stay awake.

Who else? Oh yes then there is Cindy K. Courier. Hey Cindy, can you get your face any closer to the camera? Yes - the smiling, gentle, honest talker. Oh she sounds and seems so nice. She makes me sick! She makes it known she is part of a “freedom operation that is lying the foundation to free humanity from the bonds that are placed upon us .. laugh … laugh…”. I am only quoting from her presentation. Oh boy…more about the humanitarian funds and how billions in gold from the cold war is held up in some cave and it is going to be released…. I thought it was WWII? Maybe there is gold from both wars? Or maybe its all just a lie anyhow? How can you believe this crap? Where does it call come from I wonder. Do they stay up at night thinking up this crap? Is this yet another CIA script. How much are they paying her. But are you listening to her talk? Another GCR and “restorer of the New Republic” supporter. I even heard her talk about the Galactic forces fighting the GCR one time. Really? Sometimes even two and even three presentations a day. The CIA must pay her per presentation. Guess when you like listening to yourself talk you have to come up with some bullshit to talk about…..lol….lol…. On her November 8th YouTube presentation she talks about the use of the todays media channels and comments that “anybody can become world renown on a subject while knowing absolutely nothing”. Okay Cindy we get your point. We now know where you’re going with this….is this an autobiography?

More news….

MP in the Kurdistan region 's parliament for the MDC Ali Hama Saleh, on Thursday, for the escape of the Minister of Natural Resources in the Government of the Territory drastically to London.

"The minister of natural resources in the Kurdistan government Ashti Hawrami fled to London one day before the closure of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah," said Saleh in a statement translated by "Al-Ghad Press" from the Kurdish: "The great majority of the calamities and suffering that occurred in Kurdistan because of the wrong information And the wrong minister of natural wealth and corruption. "

(Mnt Goat – Oh! Did they say “corruption”? TRUTH be told…corruption in Kuridstan? Well, well…)

More news….

The CBI Board of Members reported this week an announcement that they have completed a simulation of the dinar exchange rate linked to a basket of currencies”. They have been running this simulation now for nearly 6 months. Earlier they have told us they would run this simulation. WE have been waiting to hear the results. This event is not linked in any way to an imminent RV of the IQD but does tell us they completed this task and so we are getting much closer.

We have heard many times from the IMF their recommendation that Iraq peg their new currency to a basket of 5 currencies, when they reinstate it to the global markets. I have included this article in my past news letters. Did you read it? I also listed the 5 currencies in the basket. They also told us they recommend at this time that the IQD can withstand an initial reinstatement rate of around 1 IQD to $1.15 USD.

The CBI also recently talked again about a float once they reinstate the currency, however this could not be simulated for obvious reasons.

“Dr. Ahmed Abrehi Ali…:” Quote: “It is proposed that the dinar be pegged to a basket of major currencies, international reserve currencies, dominant in foreign trade and capital markets, United States Dollars.” Dr. Ahmed Ibraihi Ali…Member of the Board!!!

(Mnt Goat – I want everyone of you so called intel “gurus” to take a flying leap off a very high cliff. I am tired of all you bullshit of rate like $10, $16 and I even heard from Bruce on the Big “bullshit” call rates over $20. Really? So now we all know you are nothing but a liar as here in this article is the TRUTH. This backs up entirely what Mnt Goat has been saying all along. Are you now listening Mr Guru? If I were you I would not expect much more that in the range of around $1.00+ for an initial rate.)

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also I separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


Euphrates News


Al-Furat news that the secret meeting held by the security leaders at the headquarters of the anti-terrorist in Kirkuk sent a telegram to the Ministry of Peshmerga Tkhirhm either to be part of the Iraqi army or become an internal force like the federal police and deal with them as police forces.

(Mnt Goat – this article is yet more evidence of what I have been telling you that the GOI is breaking up the “Kurdistan Region” autonomy and moving them to a provincial kind of separate states, much like the rest of Iraq. They have to do this because they no longer want to continue with this threat of them becoming a separated state from Iraq, as the vote for independence (referendum) showed could happen. They are a liability to the Republic of Iraq if this riff continued and could cause civil war if not handled correctly. So now we see the handling of their Peshmerga and what they are going to do with them as part of this effort to break them apart. What I need to see is how they will dismantle the KRG.)



November 19, 2017

BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State militants withdrew Thursday from their last stronghold in Syria, a strategic town near the border with Iraq, following a government offensive that has effectively left the extremist group's fighters dispersed in villages and small towns in the desert.

The Syrian military declared the town liberated after intense battles that killed a large number of militants, including leaders. The military said they are still chasing other IS militants in different directions in the desert.

"The liberation of Boukamal is of great importance because it is a declaration of the fall of this group's project in the region generally and the collapse of its supporters' illusions to divide it, control large parts of the Syria-Iraq borders and secure supply routes between the two countries," said Army spokesman Gen. Ali Mayhoub in a televised statement.

Syrian pro-government media said Syrian troops had clashed with remnants of IS militants in the town after they entered it late Wednesday. On Thursday, they reported the town clear of IS fighters.

Pro-Syrian media reported the town was liberated. Al-Ikhbariya TV's journalist reported from the road to the town, joyfully breaking out on camera: "Daesh is finished. Live."

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces and allied troops, including Iraqi forces who linked from across the border, are combing through Boukamal after IS militants withdrew.

With the collapse of IS in Boukamal, Islamic State militants have no major territorial control in Syria and Iraq and are believed to have dispersed in the desert west and east of the Euphrates River. U.S. officials estimated that there were between 2,500 and 3,500 IS militants around Boukamal and that leading members of the group were also believed to have taken refuge in the town. The group has a small presence near the capital Damascus.

IS has suffered consecutive defeats at the hands of separate but simultaneous offensives in Iraq and Syria by the Russian-backed Syrian forces and allied militias as well as U.S.-backed Iraqi and Syrian fighters.

Despite its fall, the group's media apparatus has remained active and its fighters are likely to keep up their insurgency from desert areas.

The swift fall of Boukamal in eastern Deir el-Zour province was accelerated after Iraqi forces seized Qaim, the town across the border last weekend, also controlling a strategic crossing between the two countries.

A senior Iraqi official said there was an agreement Tuesday to send Iraqi paramilitaries to Syria to take part in the Boukamal operation, adding that the Syrians were to supply them with weapons and gear. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.

An Iraqi spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Forces has told The Associated Press last week that his forces, part of the Iraqi security forces, will participate in the operation and will head north to protect the borders and secure the road from Iran to Lebanon.

Boukamal is the last urban center for the militants in both Iraq and Syria where Syrian troops —backed by Russia and Iranian-supported militias — and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are vying for control of the strategic border town.

Washington is wary of increasing Iran influence in the area and has backed the SDF in their bid to uproot IS from the borders with Iraq. The proximity of forces in the area has raised concerns about potential clashes between them as they approach Boukamal from opposite sides of the Euphrates River, and now from across the border with Iraq.


(Mnt Goat - Why do they need to clear ISIS from the boarder?)

So far the Kurdish-led SDF have focused on the area east of the Euphrates, seizing a number of oil and gas fields and securing large swathes of areas along the border with Iraq, as well as the newly liberated Raqqa city.



The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said on Wednesday that Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said during his weekly press conference a number of issues related to the region, saying that despite the desire to solve the problems on the negotiating table and away from the actions and reactions of media actions, it is necessity to respond to some aspects of Abadi's proposals.

In a statement to the presidency of the provincial government, according to the twilight news, that with regard to securing the salaries of staff of the region, the government renewed its welcome initiative Abadi to secure the budget by the federal government.

(Mnt Goat – Okay so here is the first problem as to why the full salaries are not yet been paid to Kurdistan. No – the GOI is not the bad guy here. We know from past news that the GOI had paid out the salary allocations to the KRG but the KRG paid only a portion of them to the people.. Why? ,,, more corruption on the part of ex-president Barzani? This is why Barzani had to go.)

The statement pointed out that Abadi SPOKE SUSPICIOUSLY ABOUT THE NUMBER OF THOSE WHO RECEIVE SALARIES IN THE REGION, noting that the provincial government is ready to submit all data and information based on the registration of the biometric system of those who receive salaries in the region and presented to a committee specialized in the federal government for auditing.

The statement called Abadi within the framework of the powers granted by the Federal Council of Ministers to make an appropriate review of the schedule of special allocations for staff of the region, which allocated only the amount of 334 billion dinars per month for all payers, pointing out that the amount needed by the regional government to distribute salaries to its litigants monthly amount to 897 billion And 500 million dinars, or a difference of 563 billion and 500 million dinars.

(Mnt Goat – okay so here is the next problem when it comes to the GOI allocating funds to the KRG. Remember that it was not until 2014, when ISIS attacked that the GOI began paying these salaries to the Pershmerga forces. Remember also the USA volunteered to pay them if the GOI could not. Remember that article. But the GOI came thru. In doing so they discovered massive amounts of ghost soldiers that were on the payrolls but did not exist. Now Abadi is calling for complete transparency as to where the money is going. If its allocated to the Peshmerga, then he wants it to go towards the Peshmerga. So why are some of these so called intel “gurus’ acting like the GOI is the bad guy here? – it because they don’t know shit!)

On the Peshmerga forces, the statement pointed out that the draft Iraqi budget did not include the allocation of any amount in the table attached to it, and even received an unspecified text allocated a proportion of allocations for land forces in the Ministry of Defense, pointing out that the provincial government was waiting for the federal government to praise the sacrifices of the Peshmerga forces, who fought side by side with Iraqi forces in the face of terrorism, were recognized by the prime minister himself and the international coalition forces, who emphasized the influential role of the Peshmerga in defeating the terrorists.

The statement pointed out that ABADI QUESTIONED SUSPICIOUSLY ABOUT THE FATE OF REVENUES FROM THE SALE OF 550 THOUSAND BARRELS OF OIL SINCE OCTOBER 2017, stressing that in this regard, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Kurdistan today issued a statement on the INCORRECT FIGURES and that the revenues of that month were allocated for salaries in August 2017 .

On the decision of Abadi to provide crude oil to the refineries of the region, the statement welcomed the initiative, but added that so far no amount of crude oil to the refineries of the region.

On the defense of Abadi on the reduction of the share of the province of the Iraqi budget General 12.6 The statement said that except that it is disturbing for the Kurdistan region, it is not a constitutional basis for it has not been any census of the population, noting that the determination of the proportion of the region by 17 percent was an agreement between the federal and federal governments, that the region did not actually receive that percentage because:

1) the annual increase of the sovereign expenses that deprived the province thereof,

2) as well as the increase in the population of the region by about 30 percent because of the embrace of more than 1.5 million displaced and refugees from the Iraqi provinces and Syria, who receive all health services and education, security, drinking water and housing despite the limited and poor economic conditions in the Kurdistan Region.



The Gulf Today

November 10, 2017

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s central bank has ordered private banks to close their branches in the Kurdistan region within a week to avoid a ban on dollar sales, Iraqi banking sources said on Thursday.

The central bank’s deadline expires on Nov.14 and all banks must report back with confirmation they have closed their branches to avoid penalties, the sources said.

The new measures are part of financial restrictions imposed by Baghdad in retaliation for a Kurdish referendum held on Sept. 25, in which the region voted overwhelmingly for independence.

On Oct. 16, a lightening advance by Iraqi government forces captured the Kurdish-held city of Kirkuk and many disputed territories in response to the Kurdish referendum.

Iraqi banking sources said the new measures are intended to control the flow of hard currency into the Kurdish region.

“Central bank seeks to re-organize relations with Kurdistan regional banking industry,” said a government financial advisor who is close to central bank policy.

Central bank sources said a decision in October to stop selling dollars to four leading Kurdish banks was still effective. The Baghdad government has also imposed a ban on direct international flights to and from the Kurdish region.

The Shi’ite, Arab-led Iraqi central government has rejected an offer by the Kurdish government to discuss independence. Backed by Iran and Turkey, Baghdad has demanded that the Kurdish authorities cancel the referendum result or face continued sanctions and international isolation.


(Mnt Goat – Okay so let’s look at WHY the GOI is doing this to Kurdistan. Do you think its just sanctions due to the referendum? Let’’s not be naive. This is all about dirty money laundering thru the currency auctions. I do not know why they don’t want the TRUTH out in the open. Maybe they simply don’t want to air dirty laundry? No pun intented….lol…lol…)



Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraq said Wednesday that the reduction of the share of Kurdistan Region in Iraq’s proposed 2018 budget IS STILL A MATTER OF SPECULATION.

Mazhar Mohamed Saleh, an Iraqi cabinet adviser, said in press statements that media reports about the reduction of Kurdistan Region’s share in the 2018 budget bill from 17% to 12% was still a talk about “drafts that have not been adopted by the government yet”, adding that talks in that respect remain “mere speculations”.

SALEH CONDITIONED THAT THE REGION HANDS OVER ITS REVENUES TO THE STATE TREASURY IN RETURN FOR ENSURING ITS SHARE IN THE BUDGET. “The Iraqi government will handle the region’s share as any other province,” he stated.

“The government sets the budget based on the size of provinces’ populations, and applying that criterion, its (Kurdistan’s) share could drop to nearly 13% of the total budget,” Saleh added.

In a press conference on Monday, Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, said his government was ready to give up control over oil revenues from the region to Baghdad should the latter allocate 17% of the budget to the region.

A political crisis, a later a military standoff, erupted after Erbil ran a popular referendum in September where it said 92 voted for independence from Iraq. The government in Baghdad has rejected the vote as unconstitutional, and replied with retaking territories where sovereignty is disputed with Erbil, including oil facilities.

Abadi has regularly accused Kurdish officials of seizing oil revenues illicitly, and both governments have for long disputed over a fair mechanism of sharing the profit.

(Mnt Goat – okay so once again we see the tone from Saleh in the breaking up of the KRG into provinces much like the rest of Iraq. Looks like the GOI is just asking for a full accountability of funds given to the region much like any other providence. The KRG is going to follow the same rules from now on like any other providence.)

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~  11/10/17 23333948_541264072875656_7903194023664450474_o
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Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~  11/10/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat Update ~Which Guru Can You Trust?~ 11/10/17

Post by Terbo56 on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:12 am

The fact is, Mt Ram, we don't trust none of you buttwads, because you've lied to all of us so many times, that anything you say or tell us now is irrelevant, and means nothing- How about sharing the paycheck you are making with all of us? Put up, or STFU- Pick one- We're all tired of the lies and deceit, and it is time it ended- I am in hopes you 'blow' a ski coming down the Alps at 80 m.p.h.-
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Post by gregestimator on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:20 pm

Terbo56, why are you reading it then?

Thank you for your perspective Goat, it is appreciated by some of us!

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Post by Terbo56 on Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:09 pm

It makes no difference WHY I read it, only to let this clown know he isn't fooling anyone but himself- This shit has gone on long enough, and we're all very tired of it, and if the info hasn't worked out in 7 years, what makes anyone think it's going to be any different? Enjoy, then, maybe you'll figure it out sooner or later, like I said, just how much bullshit has been shoved down our throats for too long, and we're all aware of what their directive and agenda is- When you are STILL here 5 years from now wondering where your payoff is, maybe you'll see what I was trying to say-All the gurus have done this, some are still doing it, MT Goat isn't the only one, if that makes you feel better-More over, most peeps here can back up what I'm saying, because they know it to be true-  Later-
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