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Mountain Goat  11/1/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat 11/1/17

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Mountain Goat  11/1/17 Empty Mountain Goat 11/1/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:36 am

November 1, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Welcome to the month of November. Yes – November already and Iraq is still fighting ISIS and still struggling with some important issues involved in the process to delete the zeros. But they will overcome all these issues and will move forward.

I am told the CBI is ready now to move to the next phase of the project to delete the zeros and needs the “green light” from the GOI. So let’s look for this sign. I am also hearing this re-education process of the new currency must take place first in the privately owned banks and then to the civilian population.

More news….

In my special report on crypto-currencies sent out on Sunday I highly recommended everyone stay away from these ponzi-schemes. Be very careful especially of this Bitcoin mania. So don’t come running to me when you lose all you money overnight. It is not a matter of whether it is going to happen but when. There is no regulations and nor checks on this stuff. One more time – stay away and this stuff is very dangerous no matter what they pump out at you. It is all just propaganda and don’t believe it. Yes – there is some half truths to it, as there always is. I have researched this stuff fully. The people pumping out this news are the ones heavily invested in this stuff and they will be the winners not you. You are just the ginny pigs they are using to raise the value. When you invest they make money, get it? They will know when to sell and get out, you won’t.

More news….

Still no reinstatement or revaluation in-country or out of county. Still no global exchanges taking place. Sorry! I do not see any progress in this direction to at least EARLY 2018. We cannot predict when the RV will happen by we can sense very close and accurately as to when it cannot happen. We are in the funky window right now where we see some promising signs but we know there is still much work to be done by the CBI. I can write my newsletter today and lie to you and give you a phony projection but you would only find out later I lied and so why do it?

Remember when Abadi told us in 2014 that ISIS would be defeated by the end of that year. They the target moved to the end of 2015 and then to end of 2016. Now we know the target is the end of this month but we all know realistically it will probably be more like end of the year. So an announcement that this SECURITY problem is taken care of would be our first concrete sign and the RV clock RV will begin to tick at that time. But we are not yet there.

Some banks are still not compliant with the implementation of the ability to receive electronic payrolls from the federal government. They still have to load and test out software tools to get this up and running. Then there are the connections between the global banks that also are still not secure and in some case not yet hooked up. Many global banks still have a reluctant attitude to even do business with Iraqi banks. So this too is still an obstacle.

We know the CBI came out last week and told all the banks they wanted the SWIFT safe money transfer system implemented by the end of the year. Kurdistan region was also one of the culprits and resisted much of the effort to get electronic systems and delayed many of these banking reforms. As part of the leverage over this referendum stuff, the federal government now has over Kurdistan, they are moving forward now with this effort and will comply.

We know that the CBI must remove from the general public at least two thirds of the large 3 zero notes and get them out of circulation prior to launching the newer notes.

We also know there are other reasons too as they do not want to see a massive amount of millionaires in Iraq as this could cause hyper-inflation too.

We know also of a precaution that as the value increases, these older 3 zero notes could be exported to terrorist groups to fund their operations.

So it is important to get as much of these large 3 zero notes out of circulation. Every note collected by the CBI is scanned and accounted for. They know exactly how much money is still in circulation.

More news….

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said his government will pay the salaries of staff of the region soon.

“We will soon be able to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga and all the regional staff,” Abbadi said at his weekly conference after the cabinet meeting.

Abadi also stressed that the federal forces have spread in all disputed areas.

“Today, there are those who are trying to return the hate speech that led to the emergence of a preacher years ago,” he said.

“The media in the region has clearly incited the killing of the federal forces and this is a war crime, inciting Kurdish channels is unacceptable

Articles are below. Within the articles I provided my comments. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also prefaced my comments with “mnt goat” and separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin

Direction Press / Special


Al-Shara said during a press statement, "the trend of Press" on Monday, "that the passage of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to pass" the law of oil and gas "will contribute to resolving the crisis of Kurdistan and resolve the political and economic problems around him," stressing that this law regulates the relationship between local governments and the government of the Center, who invests in the Ministry of Oil and establishes a clear oil policy. "

Al-Shara attributed the causes of the recurrent problems and crises between Baghdad and Erbil to the non-adoption of the oil and gas law during the previous two sessions.


It is noteworthy that the law of oil and gas books technically and legal guidance in the second month of 2007 to 2012 and was not initiated and voted by the previous parliament, which in the middle of the first reading did not succeed members of the House of Representatives in full reading of the problems and irregularities and political districts.

(mnt goat - I don’t want to be bragging much, but oh well here I go….didn’t “ I tell you so?” Oh – but many argued and argued with me over their own fantasy that Article 140 and HCL were “all done”. How could it be done I used to say. Where in hell is the law then? Oh – but again they found excuses around getting the needed law too and said it was not needed. I said …really? Does the constitution not say they need it? Did you read the constitution? No – but you are arguing with me, when I did? Does everyone see the madness of all these ignorant so called intel “gurus”? I hope you do and stop listening to them now.

Now I hope every can see the light and finally know that this HCL issue was the very reason for the entire Kurdistan referendum. Will they now get it done or just talk about it again?)



BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The owner of a money exchange company in Baghdad on Monday identified the security services of all companies and banking offices with a higher ceiling for remittances out of Iraq, he said, pointing out that these measures are aimed at preventing the financing of terrorist groups or attempts to launder money.

The owner of the company for “Iraq News”, that “the security services have identified all companies and banking offices ceiling higher remittances out of Iraq after it was like absolute without limits in the past,” noting that “the ceiling of the highest remittances is the amount of 10 million Iraqi dinars or only limit of only 10,000 US dollars. “

The owner of the company, who asked not to be named, said that “these measures come in order to prevent the financing of terrorist groups or attempts to launder money,” pointing out that “many of the offices have been closed, especially in the area of Shorja because of the violation of these instructions.”

(mnt goat - folks – you have no idea of how good this news really is. So let me explain it to you. When they refer to exchanges and remittances they mean converting of dinars to US dollars for payment for goods and services outside of Iraq. So now they limited the exchange of dinar to 10k of debt in the currency auctions. They are doing this because they have an issue that will NEVER go away. This issue is money laundering the US dollar. So how can they stop this? They can’t for now since this will only stop when the demand for the dollar stops and this will occur only when sanctions are lifted and merchants no longer have to go to the currency auctions and are forced to convert dinars to dollars.)



The IMF today advised energy-rich Gulf economies to speed up their diversification away from oil after projecting the worst growth for the region since the global financial crisis.

The IMF today advised energy-rich Gulf economies to speed up their diversification away from oil after projecting the worst growth for the region since the global financial crisis.

Oil exporters in the Middle East, especially those in the Gulf Cooperation Council, have been hit hard by the collapse in crude prices which provided a major part of their finances. Following the slump, GCC members Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates undertook fiscal measures and reforms to cut public spending and boost non-oil revenues. As a result, economic growth has slowed considerably as the GCC six and other regional oil exporters posted huge budget deficits. In its Regional Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund today projected GCC economic growth at just 0.5 per cent this year, the worst since the 0.3 per cent growth in 2009 following the global financial crisis. “It is the right time for GCC economies to accelerate their diversification outside oil and to promote a greater role for the private sector to lead growth and create additional jobs,” said Jihad Azour, director of the Middle East and Central Asia at IMF. “Preparing their economies to the post-oil era is something that is becoming a priority for authorities all over the GCC,” Azour told AFP. “We are seeing governments developing diversification strategies and introducing a certain number of reforms to allow the economy to be prepared for the post-oil era. And those are important reforms,” he said.

(mnt goat - OK – so what really is the message here? Can you see it? Read the second paragraph. It tells all. The cabal can not hold back the changeover any longer. It is to wide and spreading. They can’t hide this new technology any longer. The world is slowly moving away from oil as the main means of energy source. With all these alternative energy sources and new perpetual, fuel free motors, they know the world is changing. The middle east must change with it. The day of oil are about to end. While these new technologies will cause an industrial revolution and boom in the western countries it will spell doom and gloom for the middle eastern countries. Can the IMF prevent these economies from crashing in the future? Remember the main goal of the IMF with these countries – “long term sustainability”. So what will happen to Iraq if it does not pay attention? We can see the writing on the wall. Of course this will not happen tomorrow but it is coming in the next 20-30 years. Get ready!)



(mnt goat - The article is very long, too long for me to print today. So here is the link to read the entire article. Link but let us look at the main points in this article.)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is triumphant as he describes his country’s security forces driving out ISIS from its last strongholds in western Iraq. “Our advances have been fantastic,” he said in an interview with The Independent in Baghdad. “We are clearing the deserts of them right up to the border with Syria.” ISIS is being eradicated in Iraq three years after its columns were threatening to capture Baghdad.

Once criticized as vacillating and weak, Mr Abadi – who became Prime Minister in August 2014 – is now lauded in Baghdad for leading the Iraqi state to two great successes in the past four months: one was the recapture of Mosul from Isis in July after a nine-month siege; the other was the retaking of Kirkuk in the space of a few hours on 16 October without any resistance from Kurdish Peshmerga.

(mnt goat - So who is the prime minister Abadi? This paragraph gives us some very good background info)

The son of a neurosurgeon in Baghdad, Mr Abadi, 65, spent more than 20 years of his life in exile in Britain before the fall of Saddam Hussein. Trained as an electrical engineer, he gained a PhD from the University of Manchester, before working in different branches of industry. A member of the Shia opposition Dawa party from a young age, two of his brothers were killed by Saddam Hussein’s regime and a third imprisoned. He returned to Iraq in 2003 where he became an MP and a leading figure in the ruling Dawa party.

As the man with the strongest claim to be the architect of the two biggest victories ever won by the Iraqi state, MR ABADI’S REPUTATION HAS SOARED AT HOME AND ABROAD. He is particularly pleased that there were so few casualties when Iraqi forces retook the great swath of territory disputed with the Kurds, which stretches from Syria in the west to Iran in the east. “I gave orders to our security forces that there should be no bloodshed,” he says, explaining that fighting the Peshmerga would make reconciliation difficult between the Kurds and the government.

Soft-spoken and conciliatory, Mr Abadi is determined to end the quasi-independence of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that dates back to Saddam Hussein’s defeat after his invasion of Kuwait in 1991. He says: “All border crossings in and out of Iraq must be under the exclusive control of the federal state.” This includes the Kurdish oil pipeline to Turkey at Faysh Khabour, by which they once hoped would assure their economic independence, as well as the main Turkish-Iraqi land route at Ibrahim Khalil in the north west KRG. This crossing has been Iraqi Kurdistan’s lifeline to the rest of the world for a quarter of a century. Iraqi officials will likewise take over the international side of the airports in the Kurdish cities of Irbil and Sulaimaniyah.

These administrative changes do not sound dramatic, BUT THEY EFFECTIVELY END THE SEMI-INDEPENDENCE OF THE IRAQI KURDS WHICH THEY HAD BUILT UP OVER THE PAST 26 YEARS. Kurdish president Masoud Barzani, who is to give up his post on 1 November, put these gains at risk when he held a referendum on Kurdish independence on 25 September.

(mnt goat - One has to think that Barzani knew this would happen, as he is a very smart man too. So was Barzani’s referendum intentional to bring about this much overdue change? Are they pulling the rug over on everyone? Is this entire referendum saga really not what it appeared on the surface?)

Mr Abadi is in a strong position because the KRG’s two biggest neighbours, Turkey and Iran, agree with him on re-establishing federal control of the border and Kurdish oil exports. Mr Abadi says the Turks admit that “they made a mistake” in the past in dealing directly with the KRG and not with the central government in Baghdad. He emphasises that he will not be satisfied with Iraq government officials having a symbolic “spot” at different crossing points on the border, but they must have exclusive control of borders and international flights. Asked if this would include visas, Mr Abadi says: “This is a must.”

He wants the Peshmerga either to become part of the Iraqi government security forces or a small local force. He is curious to know how many Peshmerga there really are, expressing skepticism that there are really 300,000 men under arms as claimed by the Kurdish authorities. He says: “I have been told by many leaders in Kurdistan that there is a small fighting force and the rest stay at home.”

(mnt goat – did I not tell everyone a couple newsletters ago that this is the plan under the National Guard concept. I also now want to remind everyone again they will break up Kurdistan into similar provinces as the rest of the country now is. Each providence will have its oven provincial government, much like in the USA. This is spelled out in the new Iraq constitution and is mandatory. Remember the ‘decentralization effort”. This is nothing more than implementing this part of the new constitution.

So let’s look at this decentralization effort when it comes to Kurdistan. They can not have this divide as a “Kurdistan region” and then there is Baghdad region”. It simply will not work for the national UNITY as pm Abadi is trying to create for all of Iraq.

Can you also remember way back almost a year ago when I talked about the challenges facing Iraq. I talked about patriotism and national UNITY and how this was going to be an obstacle in the future post ISIS. I also said they must come up with some kind of plan to unite more fully Kurdistan with the rest of Iraq. They don’t need two parliaments and this is part of the issue in getting these needed laws passed. Could this entire Kurdistan referendum be nothing more than an intentional event to get them on the final road to make all this happen? Do you see it now?)

He recalls that when he became Prime Minister in 2014 after Isis unexpectedly captured Mosul, HE MADE INQUIRIES AS TO WHY FIVE IRAQ DIVISIONS HAD COLLAPSED.

He found that the main reason was corruption and in many units half the soldiers were drawing their salaries but were not there. He suspects the Peshmerga operate the same corrupt system, which he says would explain “why they failed to defend the borders of KRG [against Isis] in 2014 and had to seek the help of the US and Iran”.

(mnt goat – WOW! Say it like it is Abadi! No holding back…

Can you see also how maybe paying ghost soldiers in Peshmerga is also not so good for Iraq. Remember the GOI pays their salaries now. Abadi will have to investigate this army too. I am sure we will hear about more corruption in this area. This is a huge debt for the GOI each period. It will be addressed.)

The number of the Peshmerga may be in dispute, but Mr Abadi is adamant that “I am prepared to pay those Peshmerga under the control of the federal state. If they want to have their local small force – it must not be that large – then they must pay for it.”

He says that the KRG must not become “A BOTTOMLESS WELL” FOR FEDERAL PAYMENTS. He would also expect Kurdish government expenditure to be audited in the same way as spending in Baghdad.

If all these changes are implemented then Kurdish autonomy will be much diminished. It is easy to see why Mr Barzani is stepping down to avoid the humiliation of giving up so much of his authority.

Resistance by the Kurdish leadership will be difficult since they are divided and discredited by the Kirkuk debacle. But Mr Abadi’s strength is that for the first time since 1980, the Kurds do not have any backers in neighboring states and the US has done little during the crisis except wring its hands at the sight of its Kurdish and Iraqi government allies falling out. When Mr Barzani unwisely forced Washington to choose between Baghdad and Erbil, the AMERICANS WERE ALWAYS GOING TO CHOOSE THE IRAQI STATE.

Queried about Iranian influence on the Iraqi government. Mr Abadi is exasperated and derisive by turns, particularly about Qasem Soleimani, the director of foreign operations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) whose negotiations with the Kurdish leadership have been reported as playing a decisive role in the retreat of the Peshmerga from Kirkuk.

“He definitely didn’t have any military role on the ground in the crisis [over Kirkuk],” says Mr Abadi. “I can assure you that he had zero impact on what happened in Kirkuk.” Mr Abadi says that it was he himself who called the Kurdish leadership and persuaded them not to fight and to withdraw the Peshmerga from the disputed territories.

A more substantive allegation is that the Hashd al-Shaabi, the powerful Shia paramilitary units which have fought alongside the Iraqi regular forces, are sectarian and under Iranian influence or control. Asked about his recent meeting with Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, who said the Hashd should “go home” or be dismantled, Mr Abadi said that there was either “a misquotation or misinformation” and Mr Tillerson seemed to be under the impression that the IRGC was fighting in Iraq and did not know that the Hashd were all Iraqis.

He said that Iraq had plenty of foreign advisers from the US, UK, France and elsewhere, including Iran, but the number of Iranian advisers was only 30, well down from 110 a few years ago. As for the Hashd, he said they had to be under government control, well-disciplined and to have no political role, particularly not in the Iraqi general election on 12 May 2018 which he pledged not to postpone.

MR ABADI IS IN A STRONG POSITION BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THE FIRST IRAQI LEADERS WHOSE GOVERNMENT HAS GOOD RELATIONS WITH ALL IRAQ’S NEIGHBORS: Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. Iraq, a country deeply divided between different sects and ethnic groups, has traditionally been destabilized by domestic opponents of the central government combining with state sponsors abroad who supply money, weapons and a sanctuary. This is not happening for the moment, which is why the Kurdish leadership is so isolated.

Part of Mr Abadi’s success during the Kirkuk crisis stemmed from disastrous miscalculations made by Mr Barzani about the reaction of Baghdad and the rest of the world to the independence referendum. BUR MR ABADI SHOWED AN ACUTE SENSE OF HOW TO EXPLOIT HIS OPPORTUNITIES. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who once supported or tolerated al-Qaeda type organizations operating in Iraq, now fear them and are frightened of their dispersal as the self-declared Caliphate is destroyed.

“We got the international community on our side,” says Mr Abadi, reflecting on the course of the Kirkuk crisis. “We made it very simple: we said the unity of Iraq is very important for combating terrorism.” The division of Iraq, through the prospect of Kurdish independence, would open up cracks which Isis would exploit. Mr Abadi certainly knew what buttons to press when it came to getting neighboring states on his side. He is patient and strong-minded and the tides that once tore Iraq apart may now be running in his favor.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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