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Oootah Call Notes  10/30/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Oootah Call Notes 10/30/17

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Oootah Call Notes  10/30/17 Empty Oootah Call Notes 10/30/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:40 pm

In today's post I'd like to discuss review notes from the Oootah Intel Call.

So let's review the Intel-information being shared with the Dinar community.

1. On Thurs. Oct. 26 the Iraqi Dinar hit a 1 Dinar to $7.71 USD mark on the world financial market, which activated the Global Currency Reset
(GCR) and thus changed currency rates in 209 countries.
(We dinarian's must treat this information as rumor because we have NO WAY to verify and/or prove any of this, it sounds great, but . . . . errrr!)

2. There was a set protocol and schedule in place assuring that our exchanges would take place in the immediate future.
(Same as above)

3. Prosperity Packages (funds for the exchanges) have gone out.
(How many times throughout our journey have we heard the prosperity packages have gone out, way too many . . . . .)

4. This weekend Paymasters were going in and getting exchanged.
(Intel/information like this should NEVER get posted until there is 100% proof, this type of Intel does nothing but jack-up the masses for what will probably end up being "fake-phony & false" info. Very frustrating . . . .)

5. Right now on Oct. 28 there were exchanges taking place, plus exchanges would continue to happen over the next 4-6 weeks.
(How many times have we heard exchanges were taking place? Has anyone seen proof that any exchanges have truly taking place?)

6. The Chinese Elders, Sovereign Gold and individual Treasury Direct Accounts (TDAs) were real and there was unlimited wealth available for the exchanges.
(Rumor until proven)

7. Privately negotiated rates would be available for those who have followed the GCR release in the Internet group.
(We've heard this a lot, IMO its 100% rumor until we are sitting in our exchange trying to negotiate rates. IMO I would refrain from trying to negotiate a high-rate, when I originally (7+ years ago) entered this investment (in the IQD) I was hoping for a $1,00 exchange rate, at this point I'd be grateful receiving anything from .10+, JUST HAPPEN)

8. All denominations of Zim in the AA and AB series would be accepted for exchange.
(Anything ZIM related IMO needs to be treated as rumor. Once the RV/GCR occurs we will all see if our ZIM can be exchanged for USD or USN, until then, treat as rumor)

9. As of Oct. 28 the Zim rate was @ $6.70.
(Rumor until all those zeros have been entered into your bank accounts)

10. It was advised that you determine what amount you need for yourself and your Humanitarian Projects, then let the banker adjust your rates and interest you would receive. That way you could be assured that a set amount would be paid to you, your posterity and your humanitarian projects on a long term basis.
(IMO this also needs to treated as rumor until you are sitting in your exchange appointment negotiating a high-rate for your personal Humanitarian Projects)

11. Iraqi Qi cards have been paid out at the new Dinar rate.
(We must treat as rumor, we have no way to prove)

12. When you exchange you will have immediate access to some portion of your funds through your receipt of cash, a black card and a follow up appointment with your wealth manager to distribute money from your accounts and make money transfers.
(Rumor until you are sitting in your exchange appointment)

13. If you were in a foreign country you could exchange your currency at HSBC where you were. Bankers were under strong mandates to be honest and help you set up your trust accounts.
(Rumor until proven)

14. Your Wealth Manager can help you pay off debts, diversify your accounts, set up trust accounts, set up your humanitarian non-profit.
(This is possible, but without the RV/GCR occuring, it means nothing)

15. Under the present tax laws you can gift an individual $14,000 per year and $5,400,000 per lifetime without being taxed on the gift. Give them a gifting statement saying how much your gift is and that it is a tax free gift per IRS regulations. You can also give the money by sending it from trust to trust and not pay taxes on it. Under the new tax laws the amount of your gifts may not be a problem.
(IMO one of the best ways around this is to pay some of your friends and families bills. Instead of gifting crazy amounts and being taxed, pay off their mortgage or put them completely out of debt. IMO a great way to give it forward)

16. The Restored Republic is made up of Constitutional Advocates, military personnel, politicians, Freedom Fighters and others who wish to reinstate Constitutional Law and give the people their freedom back. The Constitution guarantees its existence.
(Rumor until we can toast its implementation)

So it is now Monday morning and it appears nothing has changed, at least nothing that we Dinarian's can see and/or prove. As I’ve been saying for years; we must take a deep breath and use common sense when reading the various information that’s being posted. Truthfully, none of the Intel and/or information means anything to any of us until the RV/GCR occurs and we're sitting in our exchange appointment!

So take a deep breath and be thankful that we seem to be allowed to participate in the RV/GCR.

Let's try to pray the RV/GCR into existence!


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