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Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT  10/27/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT  10/27/17 Empty Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT 10/27/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:42 am

Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT  10/27/17 12717510_214561418895673_9099239794999516411_n

Philip Tilton
9 hrs ·


So now the media is now telling us that US tax reform and budget cuts won’t be complete

—at the earliest—until December 23, 2017?

Really? Feels like extend and delay to me, what say you? Does it even matter at this



If the old government, USA, Inc., has indeed defaulted (which it HAS in 2012), then all

USA, Inc. Senators and Congressmen would then all be unconstitutional representatives,

making their votes toothless.

But the Chinese wouldn’t want to scare the public and bring that truth to the foreground.

So their allowing the image of the USA, Inc. to naturally dissolve back into the

constitutional Republic of the United States of America that is already running smoothly

behind the scenes.

And because the existing Congress is not technically official anymore, they still appear

official and thus what they do or say matters as it relates to the smooth transition of

governments, less a public military coups d’etat.

So we must continue to watch what is being said in Congress, more importantly study

what they are doing and why?

Clearly the goal from the NPTB is to usher in the monetary reforms and thus create global

change instantly.

However, we don’t yet know if there is still a cabal resistance to push back and delay our


That’s the bigger question.

Are the NPTB intentionally waiting until we get closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas to

release the blessing as to heighten the good feeling caused organically by the season?

Doubtful, but maybe.

We don’t believe there’s a serious or credible nuclear or sustained military threat. They’ve

all been neutralized. So the whole North Korea war scare tactic is 100% bogus—just like

the US Congress.

We know the banks are ready. Worldwide. And while RV currency rates continue to

climb, it’s a bit irrelevant given the scope and magnitude of the ZIM.

Which makes geopolitics the rub here.

And if there is a delay, it lies with Israel refusing the two state solution with Palestine, and

the surrender of land (including the old city of Jerusalem) back to the Palestinians circa

the UN Security Council’s 1967 boarder resolution.

Perhaps the US Budget is being delayed so Israel cannot financially rehydrate via that

massive $38 Billion, 10 year military aid package ready to be dished out by Uncle Sam.

But not if there’s not a 2018 budget passed. And therein lies the rub. But there’s good

news, the 2018 US Budget passed on Thursday morning!


Are Chinese & Republic leaders may be done politically choking out Israel to usher in

permanent peace across the Middle East region once and for all.

At least it feels that way IMHO.

Is was the moral rational for delaying humanity’s ascension and RV blessing.

Now will the Chinese wait until they have rendered the enemy resourceless yet still give

them an honorable exit via the RV and a gold backed Israeli Shekel currency?

Definitely yes. It is their nature.

Will Israel / cabal finally surrender to the Will of God and stop wrestling with God (which is

what the name Israel literally means in Hebrew)?

They have no choice. The question is when, not if. Seriously, who arm wrestles with

God? Israel. That’s who.

We know Israeli’s oil revenue / supply HAS been cut off in both Kurdistan (Iran) and

Western Syria (Russia).

So HAS the Trump psy-ops Presidency baited Israel into publicly trusting the bogus Trump

Administration both in their local press and international media?


Is Israeli’s President BiBi Netanyahu now stuck with supporting Trump even though he’s

financially suffocating his own administration in order to preserve the cabal’s Zionistic

dream of ruling the world from the third rebuilt Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem?

Almost certainly. So when does this all resolve Yosef? Ask Netanyahu.

Because until he surrenders / resigns, Trump will be held in place to prevent Israeli from

violating their UN resolution with Palestine.

But the second BiBi’s gone, not only will Trump also be brought down by the Mueller

investigation, but the bogus USA, Inc. Congress will quickly pass the looming US budget,

taxes and healthcare bills. And yes, the RV will then be brought forward.

A new Republic President will get sworn in, and the global monetary transition—which

began on August 8, 2007–will be complete.

Know the GCR/RV has been ten plus years in the making, and 16 years since planning

began going back to 9/12/01.

Folks, the GCR/RV is a massive planetary transition with a quick monetary transaction, as

we’ve long examined together, and it’s implementation means global peace and


All go or none go, remember? Well, that includes Israel as a good standing nation state.

That’s why you’re seeing all these “snap elections” and “sudden referendums” pop up

around the world.

Because by rule of international law, new elections must be held in order for a nation

become GESARA compliant, which is a secrete 2015 treaty signed by 209 sovereign


So if world peace is the end result of why we are being made to wait, wait we must. As it’s

just too important not to get this right structurally. Sobeit.

God is with us

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Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT  10/27/17 Empty Re: Yosef/Alex Gagin - THE BUDGET PASSED SO RV IS IMMINENT 10/27/17

Post by aksafeone on Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:47 pm

Correct me if I am wrong, the budget has no bearing on the value of a countries currency.  If it did then the Dollar would be useless many years ago.  Well, we won't debate that here, but the theory is there. 
The value of the currency has other determining factors.  Mostly there is a per-requisite:  the currency has to be international to trade with it.  IQD is not at this time international, nor is it worth much.  It will not increase in value until the Central Bank of Iraq determines that it is to be done and activates the processes to do the job.  So far nothing had happened to activate the process (at leas nothing out in full view.)  As to the budget and it's part in this - it has no part.  They have had budgets for years and still no trade-able currency.  Move on.
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