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Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor!   10/25/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor! 10/25/17

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Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor!   10/25/17 Empty Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor! 10/25/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:28 pm

October 25, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Here we go again. Once more these idiots start a rumor and every other idiot listens to it and decides to piggyback off it. The current rumor is we are in the moment of the RV and it is imminent. Really? How many times must we hear this garbage intel? How many weeks are going to be imminent?

Oh – they say many sources confirmed it. Really? What they forgot to tell you is their sources are just other idiotic so called intel “gurus”. Get it now?

So let me put all this current hype to bed and let it rest. There is NO imminent RV. We are still looking at a very good window between now and early January 2018. Currently there is no indication this is imminent and I can say with assurance - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to indicate it. Yes, there has been some very good news that the process to delete the zeros is moving forward and the financial ministry is working with the CBI to prepare to go international. However, I do not yet get all hyped up and I do not see an immediate need to get all hyped up over this news. Again let me say we are still waiting for the re-educational process to begin. By this process I mean to roll out the education of the newer notes and the transition process and how it will all play out.

Don’t you think this would be a good idea since they have not formally educated the people (the average citizen) on this entire process since the fall of 2015, when at that time they postponed the RV until early 2017 (and then indefinitely postponed it again once 2017 arrived)? Am I missing something here? Does this sound logical to you? Oh – but remember these idiotic intel “gurus” can’t think for themselves they must rely on some hype from idiots in Iraq who don’t know any more than you and I. Just because they are in Iraq means nothing and they make up these stories and hype it up constantly. This too is part of the problem in getting the honest TRUTH.

More news….

So, I noticed on the Oct 23rd TNT conference call someone asked Ray to give a full disclosure and accountability of all the money received from the member donations. Folks this is not an unreasonable request to ask for and should be done anyhow without even being asked to do it, of course you would have to be HONEST to do so….lol…lol….

There is nothing wrong with it. The person making this request was made to feel like an idiot on the call for asking and was disrespected. So go back and replay the call from Monday. Listen to how indignant and nasty Ray became when she asked him for this simple bit of information. Yes, this is information that should be make public if this is an honest effort on TNT part to use the money only for the benefit of the members of the forum and the conference call listeners.

I certainly hope this person goes to the authorities and requests a full and thorough investigation of these funds. Seems the cigar smoking guy and his brother have not yet learned their lesson on how to be honest. Maybe a couple more years in the clinker will help them see the light…lol…lol….?

How many times have we heard them say that the site is “the members site”? Is this just rhetoric to serve another purpose to insight the members to donate or are they really sincere and serious? If they are serious then they should have no problem providing this information. . right? Again….just like I told you before, our only conclusion is that these donations are being sifted off the top and pocked and not just going to the effort to keep the site running but for someone’s personal use. Ever wonder why this guy comes on the Q & A every call now and asks for more donations?

So let me explain some simple rules about receiving and managing donations:

Even the Catholic Church under a “religious” not for profit 501 (3) (c) organizational legal structure does not have any legal obligation to tell their parishioners anything about the collections. That’s right, you heard me!

But they do it anyhow. Why? Yes – why do they do it? They do a full disclosure to dispel any suspicion of irregularities and as to where all the money is going. They have NOTHING TO HIDE. They also know that if they don’t do it, they simply will not get anymore donations in the collection box. So the parishioners do have lots of indirect control over the organization …. and it should be this way. Don’t you think? The parish church is there to serve the people not the other way around.

So lets get back to the situation with TNT:

With all the corruption going around these days and scams with this intel on this investment, this transparency is almost a necessity and I personally would not TRUST anyone, never mind someone who already has a record of proven dishonesty with a very close relative- like a brother.

So let’s ask some very BASIC, basic questions:

Legally in the first place - Does TNT have a legitimate 501 (3)(c) none-profit organization that allows them to receive these donations in the first place?

How much money is actually being collected?

What are the bills?

What happens to any money that is donated but not used to pay the bills?

Do excess donations overflow into paying the next month’s bills?

Are they paying taxes on this money?

Do they report it to the IRS?

Folks these are all questions you should be asking. You are about to be millionaires and this is how you should get used to thinking and behaving. These are the same idiots who keep telling you they are “training” you for the future and to think like millionaires. Really? So are you? Or are they brainwashing you to be saps and to keep filling their pockets with yet more of your money. Yes a very sneeky way of getting from you too - via donations. But are the really legal?

So with Rays nasty response to a simple request for a full transparency only shows us there is some hanky-panky going on. A red flag should be going up in your mind about now.

He threatened to shut down the TNT site if you don’t donate? I say go ahead, so what? Is the intel really worth it anyhow? Are there better sources of information for you? This is all a very arrogant attitude and you should not have to stand for it! But why? Did this person hit a sensitive area?

Lots of questions and I think everyone should be asking them before making any donations to any site, including TNT. I have been saying this all along about TNT and I feel something is just not right about how they collect the donations and why.

Business vs Charity:

It is one thing to pay to subscribe to a forum, this then legally becomes a business and should be registered under statute. They have an obligation then to provide a full disclosure to the government, part of which you be privy to.

It is then another situation to make a “free will” donation. This then becomes a charitable contribution and a legal charity structure should be established for this purpose. You can’t legally just take donations from people without declaring it as INCOME to the IRS without having a legal structure that allows you to do so. If you do then it is considered a GIFT and should be stated that you are gifting and not donating.

But there are many types of charitable organizations. The religious structure is the most legally flexible and secretive. Both types of giving, however I feel to provide the utmost of honesty to the donators should be a goal of any of these organizations.

So the question with TNT is this - Is there a legal obligation to give full transparency in their situation? To find this our the very first question I would be asking is what I listed above – Does TNT have a legitimate 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization that allows them to receive these donations in the first place? If they do not then you are GIFTING your money to them. Gifts then under the IRS rules have lifetime and annual limits.

So these so called TNT donations are probably gifts and not really donations. A reasonable conclusion is Ray (and others) do not want to divulge the amount of money “gifted” because they will soon or have already reached their legal gifting limits and do not want to get exposed and caught by the IRS for tax invasion.

Why is full transparency important?

This transparency will dispel any form of doubt in anyone’s mind. Ray likes to talk down to someone when he thinks that person knows very little about the situation. This is why I am including this information today for you. So you get the FACTS and don’t let these so called intel “gurus” bully you around and full your mind with their crap.

So again another intel guru playing big shot and acting like a know-it-all. Apparently even Ray does not know much about the subject matter and probably does not even know what mess he got himself into when he volunteered to substitute for Tony on the calls. Maybe he will be visiting his brother in the clinker?

So I recommend everyone to challenge these so called intel “gurus” and get to the bottom of all these money making scams off this RV intel, such as all this gifting and donation stuff I am hearing about.

Folks it is not as simple as Ray outlined it. His answer was a cop out and well rehearsed, should someone ask for this clarity. You should not be satisfied with his answer or any guru who refuses to expose the finances of the site, forum or conference calls, especially when they hide the money under the donation category. This does not get them off the hook…sorry Ray!

The IRS should be alerted of this fraud!

More news….

"The United States must remain in Iraq, because its lack of presence will mean the arrival of Iran," Panetta said during a seminar at the Hudson Institute on counterterrorism. Full article is below.

More news….

Rafidain Bank announced the reopening of its branch in Fallujah after a three-year hiatus.

More news….

Abadi made a speech on Tuesday oct 24th saying that Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world. Folks- this does not mean they are about to RV. This is not some speech we have been waiting for to trigger the RV. Let’s all stop this nonsense. Can we? Why must we keep going down these rabbit holes that turn out to be nothing over and over again. Let’s not make more out of some of these events than the reality of the situation, please! You must not take an event and just look at the event. Instead you must consider everything going on around the event and what leads up to it. This will give you the entire picture. I know these idiotic so called intel “gurus” can’t do this. But this is not my fault. Instead just stop listening to the hype and start asking more questions when they give you their gobbley- goop for intel.

So once again let me now tell you the truth of what just happened this last week. First of all, we are not waiting for the prime minister Abadi to make some speech to trigger the RV. So let me make this very clear to everyone.

He is the prime minister. When the RV does happens it will be a re-instatement of the currency to the international community and it will coincide nicely with all the international efforts they CBI and Finance ministery has been doing over these last years. Like I keep telling you – look at the re-instatement of the dinar as the “END RESULT” and not the goal in itself. It is not all about some RV. This event is not the highlight, not the goal here. The goal is to get the country to be self-sustaining, productive and prosperous once again. To create an economy and get it going again. Abadi said it to us too. Can you remember what he told the people? He said the goal was to bring the war torn nation “back to its former glory”.

So what happens when the economy is moving once again? They need their currency back online with the rest of the world,….right? So can you see that this re-instatement is the end result not the goal. It is a necessity not a goal.

So this Abadi speech yesterday was nothing more than a summary of his middle eastern tour he just returned from. Get it? Can you see that he just returned from this trip. Why would he not want to tell the people what happened? It was a motivational speech to the other politicians too and to set a direction for the Republic of Iraq. He is a good statesman. He wants to run for reelection in 2018.

Remember also that Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and the Saudi’s want to trade using their own currencies and not have to convert to the US dollar each time they want to do business with Iraq. There have been many discussions time they want to trade with Iraq. We have read all the articles in the news about it. In fact the last article told us these other countries are already trading in this manner and hoped that Iraq would soon join them as trading partners “in this manner”. This is all very good news and puts lots of pressure for Iraq to use this own dinar. But how does Iraq do this? It is much more than just “pushing a button” or as some say “triggering the RV”. It is a very complicated process to change over a hyper-inflationary purposed currency without either stagnating the economy or causing hyper- inflationary situation. Remember they are not lopping the 3 zeros and so it makes it even more tender of a situation to manage. So they move cautiously and slowly. Even Dr. Shabibi told us this process “would take years to implement” and it has taken years. We are about to see the end result.

So here is the full context of what Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did said in his Tuesday speech, that Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world, while Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan welcomed the Iraqi vision of the future of the region.

Sorry Frank26, TNT, Beny Wilson and the “Big and Stupid” call you are all washed up and once again full of it.

So here is more of Abadi’s speech-

"Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world," Abadi said in his weekly press conference, which was followed by al-Marbad, noting that "Iraq has a significant regional impact."

Abadi stressed the need to "witness the people of Iraq and Saudi Arabia gains of rapprochement between the two countries," noting that "Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan welcomed the Iraqi vision on the future of the region."

Abadi announced last Saturday an Iraqi project and vision for the future of the region, explaining that the project is based on development and security rather than differences and wars.

No rumors, No Hype, No Opinions…..just the FACTS!

More news….


So we see that ISIS is still in Iraq and not yet all gone. We know this has been laid down as a requirement to go forward with the currency reform t the final stage of the project. So is it important that ISIS be defeated?

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi forces are about to launch an offensive to recapture the last patch of Iraqi territory still in the hands of Islamic State, the military said on Wednesday.

“Your security forces are now coming to liberate you,” said leaflets dropped by the Iraqi air force on the western border region of al-Qaim and Rawa, according to a statement from the Joint Operations Command in Baghdad.

The militant group also holds parts of the Syrian side of the border, but the area under their control is shrinking as they retreat in the face of two sets of hostile forces - a U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led coalition and Syrian government troops with foreign Shi‘ite militias backed by Iran and Russia.

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin



Former US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Monday that the United States must stay in Iraq, adding that a coalition should be formed and developed in the Middle East, including countries in the region, including Iraq and Israel to counter extremist ideology.

"THE UNITED STATES MUST REMAIN IN IRAQ, BECAUSE ITS LACK OF PRESENCE WILL MEAN THE ARRIVAL OF IRAN," Panetta said during a seminar at the Hudson Institute on counterterrorism.

"When I visited Iraq, all the leaders supported a united Iraq, and they believe that Iraq will only work as one country," Panetta said.

The former US defense secretary said that "the formation and development of a coalition in the Middle East, including countries including Iraq and Israel to contain the preacher and Iran and support for stability," he said.


(more pressure to get this done at the heels of the agreement with Kurdistan to finally this resolved after the referendum vote saga. We also wait for this to get done and this will add credibility that we are on the way closer to the RV. But we must see this first and then check this off our list)



(oh – could this be another reason why Abadi went to visit Jordan on his recent middle eastern tour? They plan to pump some serious oil out of Iraq in the near future through Jordan. They also need alternative means to bring the oil to market should the other pipelines get blocked due to regional turmoil such as the Iranian and Turkish pipelines. You always need a plan B…lol…lol….)

Jordanian Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi discussed with his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi the extension of the oil pipeline from Basra to Aqaba and lists of goods that will be exempted from customs, official sources said.

"Jordanian Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi discussed with his Iraqi counterpart Haidar al-Abadi the steps of a pipeline project for oil from the southernmost city of Basra to the southernmost port of Aqaba," the source said, adding that " This strategic project of the two countries. "

On January 9, 2013, Jordan and Iraq signed a framework agreement for the construction of a 1700 km pipeline to transport Iraqi crude oil from Basra to the export ports of Aqaba, at a cost of about $ 18 billion and one million barrels per day.

The pipeline is supposed to transport crude oil from the giant Rumaila field in Basra (545 km south of Baghdad) to export ports in the port of Aqaba (325 km south of Amman).

Iraq, which has the world's third largest oil reserves of 143 billion barrels after Saudi Arabia and Iran, hopes the construction of the pipeline will boost its oil exports and diversify its competitors.

Jordan, which imports 98 percent of its energy needs, hopes the pipeline will meet its crude oil needs of around 100,000 bpd and get 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

The source added that "Al-Mulqi and Abadi also discussed lists of goods that will be exempted from customs duties imposed by Iraq on imports by 30 percent, which the Jordanian side completed preparation for the discussion with the Iraqi technical committees and adoption and start work on the resolution soon."


Baghdad Mawazine News

The Iraqi newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is on his way to winning a second term for his chances, pointing out that the project and vision of Iraq for the future of the region, which he promoted his political project by a period of four years following the holding of the next elections in May 2018.

The newspaper said in a report that "three Arab capitals visited Haidar Abadi over the past two days, after the launch of Baghdad (the project and vision of Iraq for the future of the region), began to promote his political project, which will be the approach of work in the second mandate, with the high chances of winning.

She added that Abadi's step confirms that he is trying to stick to the option of moderation and openness to his Arab neighbors while interacting with Iran, which recognizes that the Saudi welcome to Baghdad is only an attempt to undermine its role in Mesopotamia,

"In the past two days, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has landed in three Arab capitals in visits described as" the flash, "his vision of" With the aim of being the next destination in the few days of Turkey and Iran, described by the adviser of the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, as "fateful."

The newspaper said that "Abadi, before his trip, announced in a televised speech about the" project and vision of Iraq for the future of the region, "which is based on" the basis of development and the extension of security rather than differences and wars.

"The vision is based on five items:

First: extinguishing destructive conflicts and bloodshed, and stopping interventionist policies to fuel conflicts, in parallel with working together to build our interests and economies in an integrative manner, without being isolated from one another.

Second: To establish lasting, deep and stable relations among our peoples, and not to restrict them to the relationship between governments, since the relationship between peoples ensures the stability of relations in the face of political transformations.

Third: Giving young people great hope, through programs that provide job opportunities ...

Fourth: Agreement on a comprehensive development program, in addition to development projects at the national level.

Fifthly, the countries of the region should invest their resources in an optimal manner so that the countries of the region have a voice and influence in decision-making at all levels.

The Iraqi political forces (Abadi's vision) interpret it as a draft of his political project for the next stage, after the military elimination of the preacher, and begin preparations for the upcoming electoral process in May, which is expected to re-assign Abbadi as prime minister for a second term.

According to some of Abadi's close associates, his project is only "the beginning of a new Iraq that will give its development, economic and political vision to a stable region that attracts investment and human development", relying on "real alternatives to conflicts and exporting crises,

Sources point out that "Abadi will rely on his vision to establish common interests and common vision among friends."

The government sources hope that Abadi will be able to present his project based on "justice and equality of opportunity in the same country before it is in the region."

"This project may move Iraq and the region to a new stage of co-existence based on common interests, Benefiting from nearly a decade of terrorist attack on it. " (now if the CIA and the USA can just stop meddling in their affairs and stop trying to manipulate the middle east for their benefit and let the people have some of this prosperity too. I like Abadi ! )

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor!   10/25/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor! 10/25/17

Post by Mission1st on Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:26 pm

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Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor!   10/25/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat - Another Idiot Starts a Rumor! 10/25/17

Post by Chaz on Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:33 pm

Not much mentioning about the war with the kurds, that has done a lot of the fighting against Isis, now there getting stab in the front & the back by Iraq, the Iraqi army is killing Kurdish women & children for oil, yep the goat isn't saying anything about that, it wouldn't fit his narrative.
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