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 "The Limitations of Details" by Victor  10/21/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Limitations of Details" by Victor 10/21/17

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 "The Limitations of Details" by Victor  10/21/17 Empty "The Limitations of Details" by Victor 10/21/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:07 am

 "The Limitations of Details" by Victor  10/21/17 Richar11

Everyone get upset over the details of the failed INTEL reports, in that nothing ever happens as it is predicted. To focus on details is a way to limit your manifestations.

IMO........getting everyone addicted to facts and details, is an old Cabal Trick. It is how we have been programmed to believe....." Reality works"..... when it does not work that way. Details don't create or lead a Reality. YOU do by your OVERALL INTENT.

If you study the Law of Attraction and what OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee talked about and what others talk about on this topic. You want to focus on the positive larger picture of what you want to experience in your life. Pat yesterday replied to a post I made and explained it all very clearly and very beautifully, much better than I could have. So did Daughter of Terra today write on the power of the ..."Intent"........The larger INTENT of OWK/Swervy McGee while he was here and how that relates to what we intend for ourselves.

Focus on our ....."INTENT".....that is the key here to success. NOT just focusing on why the ...."Details of INTEL"..... fail or whether even the RV is real. That questioning, those doubts are what can be called the ........."Second day process"........The second day process is where your ego, your old negative nature, your old programing, the Cabal nature in you. The anti-matter in you ..."HAS TO COME UP".....Lack thinking and doubt have to come up and ask you once again......"Are you certain you want to proceed down this path of manifestation???.........Well do you want this new creation for sure?

These delays and failures are like a check valve in Realities, to make sure you get your ....."Prayers"...... answered the way you want and that......." YOU ARE CERTAIN"........

It is all about your commitment and what you really want. The Universe, Source, prime Creator, Awareness......what ever........is trying to get your Free Will desires just right .That is what the "second day process" is all about and it is to be expected. When it shows up, you just keep on walking. You understand that ALL of that noise is just a delayed reflection of what you used to want in your life and it is showing up to make sure you......"ignore it".......and you no longer empower it. That is all. So ignore it.

Limitations of details, that is partly what failed Intel is all about, along with all the other ........"Delays"........but the delays is our own Higher Self only making certain we want to proceed down the new path of change. That is All. The facts that we think WE are IN only a single....."Objective Reality"........and fixed in stone as the only one Reality in existence is a false understating of the many time lines in existence.

Basely we are deceived into thinking that how we experience Life is only IN......." ONE REALITY".........WHEN IT IS NOT. Any change in our life is a change to another Reality or another time line. The old time line where nothing is happening in it is still there is existence. All that has happened is that......."YOU have left it".....

What has happened is that your ...."awareness " ....is now experiencing another time line according to your own powers of manifestation or desires. Another Holographic universe that seems like the continuations of the One Objective Realty, where you are now at. It appears to be a continuous progression, when it is not. You JUMPED ELSEWHERE.

So if you want the RV experience......"leave it loose of detail".........The details or the Intel do not make it happen at all. Proof of that being true, is what we are experiencing still here, because of our own misunderstand. If we focus on details like Trump has to go.......etc......then we ourselves are putting limitations on how the RV can manifest. When in fact there are many, many other options of how the RV can manifest. Many of those options or timeliness are much more exciting and expansive than the limiting ones we have been......"waiting for".......to happen.

When we ...."Wait".......on details. We are not manifesting properly, because we are empowering limitations and lack or a few options only. When we hold only the larger grander RV picture in mind. We can let the Universe unfold in a more expansive and Creative way. When we say that the RV has to "only" happen in this particular way because we have heard some crazy rumors that those rumors are the ........"only Reality".......of how one can experience the RV.

When we limit ourselves that way we are the problem and don't know it. Just let the RV happen in any way it wants to happen. We don't need to care or look for the details of how our desires manifest. WE are better served by concentrating on the feeling and the positive energy of the larger picture. Then the RV will just happen as it happens and we are not ....."focused" .....on lack and failure when certain details don't manifest.

Asking for particular details or events to unfold for something to happen in our life is a very limiting way of existing and it is how the Cabal wants you to believe reality operates. If you catch on to this trick that has been played on you.....you are free to go. To go experience the RV.........all the rest of the slow pokes who still want Lack can play in negativity all they want and they can say nothing is true. And so ........."SOBEIT".........

Where have you heard that line?.........Yeah...... many can stay in not getting the RV because they themselves are saying through Free Will that it is not real and that it is a .....lie. So when you say it is all a lie and that it is not real..........Then YOU manifest exactly what you have asked for. You are praying for just that. What you have prayed for will then manifest for you. Managing your thoughts is a prayer, is it not?

And your prayers are always answered as you have asked for them. The problem is that you don't know that your prayers are always answered 100% all the time. The Universe never fails. You don't even fail. YOU just have to learn how the Universe operates.........that is all. Learn how to manifest or learn how to Pray correctly.

So everything is perfect now. The universe is operating perfectly. You just have to learn to manifest what you really want and not listen to......"lack thinking"......

Side note: I did have a dream in which OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee showed up last night. I went to visit him with someone else and he seems to be OK. A little fat and older. .......for what it is worth. I really don't remember much more, since there where other things going on and others where there also. I really got no explanation or clarity beyond that he is still apparently here, or where ever dreams happen.

Much Love Victor

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