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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Marathon Tape" via Philip Tilton   10/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Marathon Tape" via Philip Tilton 10/19/17

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Marathon Tape" via Philip Tilton   10/19/17 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Marathon Tape" via Philip Tilton 10/19/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:32 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Marathon Tape" via Philip Tilton   10/19/17 12717510_214561418895673_9099239794999516411_n

Philip Tilton

3 hrs ·

"Marathon Tape"

Issue #25 October 19, 2017

Intel as of Wednesday AM:

China is operating on levels far beyond the rest of the world. And in complete control.

All military, diplomatic, government and financial structural reforms are now complete, waiting on the United States to accept all benevolent GESARA mandates—which their legal form of Constitutional government has already agreed to.

Phase two of the financial reforms are now being implemented.

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping announced yesterday that Yuan exchanges rates would be a allowed to “float”or adjust internationally.

That subtly spoke to China’s national currency being internationally tradable at rates pegged to gold.

Very wisely made these gold backed announcements in two parts as. It to upset the global FOREX markets, one half on September 1, 2017 and the other half yesterday October 18, 2017.

Meanwhile the RV continues to prepare for release here in America.

The Mueller investigation is being used as media flash bang. And it’s simply a way of explaining away all the chaos of the cabal’s exodus.

This is why Trump calls it all “fake news.” Because it is.

Everything appearing before the world in mass media format has long been settled in private and being “acted out” by political and media puppets.

We know this because redemption centers and call centers, private banks and in branch exchange locations are right now ramped up for performance without even a press release.

And they total upwards of 12,500 just in the United States alone.

Global paymasters are all hydrated with wiring instructions het no system release as of Wednesday morning.

So they wait like we wait.

Release timing is still a mystery to everyone—but how much is no longer a mystery to anyone inside the Comintern screen loop:

Private Rates

ZIM 5.45

VND 28.87

IQD 35.64

Public Rates

ZIM 0.16

IQD 3.93

VND 4.83

Feels like all the rates are now being allowed to float and be traded freely at their new rates, even though there’s clearly a lock down on FOREX type information.

It’s as if all the RV runners are all secretly

gathered at the start of a very thin marathon tape, moving their legs to stay warm in the cold autumn air, just waiting for that starter’s air horn to begin the race and thrust humanity into a breakthrough golden age.

Some have trained for decades, others only a few months, but all are running in the same race regardless of preparation time, intensity or consciousness.

If your mind, body and soul are ready, great. If not, we’ll you’re screwed until you become ready.

Meanwhile, the Trump saga continues to linger on as it begins its predictable decent conclusion leading. Ultimately to removal of Trump and Paul Ryan insertion as new Republic President.

Hard to decipher what the cabal’s final exit timeline given the ever heightening absurdity here at the bitter end of this burner presidency.

Hey notonly is there no more USD, there is literally no more old government (USA, Inc.).

Meaning all this Congressional jockeying for bill votes on healthcare, tax reform, etc.. is but an illusion because these matters have long been reformed behind the scenes by new Republic leadership

Hand licked by China utilizing TRN/USN to pay for everything moving forward.

There’s literally no real drama about what’s going to happen. Yet their appears to be perpetual drama about the future.

Bizarre reality. Yet true.

Know that everything in the public eye we are being made to witness is literally a scripted pageant being put on by the remaining cabal puppets, including in Israel, where BiBi Netanyahu’s old administration has already been replaced in the Knesset and new leadership is aggressively working with the new unified Palestinian Authority to transition into a new Israel/Palestine relationship of peace and gold backed shekel (ILS).

What a remarkable state of affairs as this once hyper controlled mechanism of global power is mercifully being replaced, all be it slowly, and allowed to peacefully exit in order to keep the public peace (reducing anti-Semitism).

Remarkable times in which we live, where utter chaos is actually a benevolent harbinger for the restored peace and prosperity of humanity.

So regardless of how you’re interpreting current events, it’s astounding just to watch these long time hidden cabal operatives flail away intentionally with no intelligent design plan.

Rewarding yet humbling in the same crisp morning breath I suppose. As it’s our time to lead, our future to build, and our race to run until our tires legs stop moving.

This while watching the old guard fight each other via Twitter like children trying to be the last gun fighter shooting toy pistols without ammunition.

One thing is for certain, however, they are leaving as we enter the scene. And very, very soon... which is now blatantly obvious to anyone “in the know” as it is no longer theirs to write. Sobeit.

God is with u

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