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 "Find Me" by Jeff W.  10/15/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Find Me" by Jeff W. 10/15/17

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 "Find Me" by Jeff W.  10/15/17 Empty "Find Me" by Jeff W. 10/15/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:09 am

Well the RV/GCR could not come too soon. I am currently sitting in my sister's sitting room after an hour of lectures on how my actions in letting the family in on what's been going on and distributing the ZIM bonds to them via male.

My ex had run me out of the home we shared for 10 years for following the "cult" of currencies. They will never come through with anything. This is a total scam and you don't need to listen to that crap. IYou have to find another place yo live he told me.

I figured my family would be more understanding about the changes that are about to completely slap the shit out of them. I tried to warn them and all they can do is ask me what drugs I am on and that they will give me to days and I am to go somewhere else. " Everyone in the entire family has called and asked if i have lost my mind."

This is the thanks I get for trying to wake them up a little and prepare a little. Rejection, accusations and dis-association. Not a good place to be,

I myself am not prepared to be rejected and thrown to the streets by my own loving and understanding family.

This Zim on the internet is worthless and the internet says they will never amount to anything. You need to get a life and not put anymore energy into this bullshit. Time to grow up.

This happened today. I wish them well and I love them but I can not tell them anything.

This needs to be blatantly announced and thrown right up in everyone's faces. The louder the better. Because as much as I will let this pass and strip them all of the gifts that they have rejected. As bad as it is I want them all to come to me asking for a handout after this. But you know.. I have a priority to the needed and not the skeptical.

As far as I am concerned I must dispensary from them all. Find me in New York for this f%&cking quarter. So sorry i love you all but you treat me like a lepper and you get nothing from me at all. .

Please release the emails as soon as possible. I will be on the streets in less than 48 hours. I pray this is not another punk fake, or another delay.

By the way my real family I appreciate you far more than i can my own flesh and blood. This disturbes me to my soul.


"Please Hear My Prayer" by Jeff W.

GOD you know my life has not been terrible and i am just a small piece of the bigger plan. But I am hurting and I no longer can see what you have planned for me,\. I have lost everyone and everything that I love. I have scared everyone that I love into pushing me away. My family and my Friends don't want me anymore. What have I done to deserve this?

I know I have done some things I'm not proud of and out of desperation and to survive. If I ever anyone I never meant to/ I apologize. Please forgive any wrong words of any ill feelings.

I do not see anymore and I'm loosing myself and the light that you guide me with. I can not see anything but regret ans anger and darkness. This is taken too much from my soul.

I will give anything to see the light again.. I will give everything to see your light again. I am drowning please help me and pull me out of this abyss. It has taken too long and it has taken everything I hold dear to continue in this task you ask. Please do something or I feel like I will be lost. Please hear my prayer Please.

I thank you for choosing me and i am sorry if I've failed you and my family.

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 "Find Me" by Jeff W.  10/15/17 Empty Loss of Family Understanding

Post by VeggieGirl on Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:07 pm

Hello "Find Me" with a family like many of us have had.

There was a person that wrote some time ago to this affect...
If you have lost your family, If you have lost your home,
If you have had even your friends forsake you, in all of these difficult waiting years, PLEASE KNOW, You are not alone!!
Again I say, "You are NOT alone!!"  

You are the champion! You will be the ultimate victor and yes when, not IF this happens and they discover what you have, you can be assured they will find their way to where you are with their hands out wanting some of what you faithfully, put away for the future. 

It will depend on a lot of circumstances as to what all of us
will do to and for those that have ridiculed and been disloyal
to us. 

To be certain these many years of waiting have tested our metal. Some of us have actually lost our homes and been homeless. I am one of them. Now, I have survived, and have seen God's provisions given to me several times. For a very short time I even dwelt with the homeless. I saw first hand the sad and destroyed lives from drugs etc. but I also met some of the most precious people I could ever want to meet.  I know a couple of those places that I will put some of my funds to make their operations a bit more effective. 

As you come to the end of this journey, yes a very long journey, you will hear the master say to you, "My child, well done, now go a feed my lambs"!  There are so many hurting lambs we won't have a problem finding the ones we are supposed to bless. 

And you BE BLESSED knowing that you are about to reach the finish line. Stay strong, and do not give up! God will provide a table for you in the wilderness. You may even find your way to a homeless shelter, and discover what their needs are all about. Be prepared to mind the rules! 

I have never written nor contributed to a blog post before.
This is my first time. I hope it is meaningful to many of those
with similar circumstances.


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 "Find Me" by Jeff W.  10/15/17 Empty Re: "Find Me" by Jeff W. 10/15/17

Post by Sam I Am on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:29 am

The ZIM is a demonetized FORMER currency.  That's a simple economic fact.  There has never in history been a currency that was demonetized by its government only to later be monetized in any fashion.  That's another fact.  People who believe that the ZIM will have value someday are gambling on an unprecedented event occurring.  Can you see why some people think it sounds so crazy?  Because it kinda is. 

As for the RV of the dinar, it has already revalued.  From 2006 to 2009 it went up about 1% a month for 26 months as they brought down the inflation rate.  Since then the CBI has been following a policy of exchange rate stability and hasn't indicated any intention to veer from that policy.

As for the GCR, this is just another lie used to lure in gullible currency speculators.  There has never been any movement toward a return to the gold standard or any other asset backed currency system.  Nor has there been any movement toward any kind of global reset of currency valuations.  The only thing you can find is a quote from Lagarde where she used the word "reset" in reference to returning to the policies that were in place prior to the emergency policies implemented after the 2008 financial meltdown.  That has zero to do with currency valuations.

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