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RayRat Call Notes 10/11/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 10/11/17

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RayRat Call Notes 10/11/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 10/11/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:04 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 11-October-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


[Sound of clock ticking, fireworks going off, then music about ‘keeping it cool’]

RayRat: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday October 11 2017, with yours truly RayRen98 at the controls. [Pomp and Circumstance]

What was in the message that went out to you all? “Controversial news is abounding” or something like that. What is the controversial news?

First, let me share something from a member; often the best news comes from you, the members. Now I can’t find it! Anyway, they went to their bank yesterday to purchase dinar at $850 per million, and the transaction didn’t go through, although dinar was on the screen and they had the money to pay for it.

Controversial news: reports of Kurds fighting against the Iraqi government, and all the Da’esh issues. Iraq says “we need more time because of the Da’esh issues”, and everyone said, “Okay, we’ll give you until 2018”. However, Abadi is also saying that citizens willb e happy by the ened of the year, plus there have apparently record surrenders from Da’esh and that all provinces have been liberated, and the military is standing down. Which is true?

Rafi Bank has announced international payment systems with the MasterCard; I have heard that everyone has been paid as of today. Now would be a great time to do a rate change, because everyone who expects to get paid has been paid at the rate they were anticipating. Turn on the green light; afterwards we can easily adjust the purchasing power. It makes sense to get everyone caught up and then switch the track. WE have announcements coming from the CBI, and the main one is that the current proxy Governor is now the official Governor of the CBI.

The US banking community is gearing up for this weekend. The few call centers that I’m aware of are cranking up to possibly be on alert or on call at the weekend, with activity indicated from both ends, in the US and in Iraq. Flip the switch!

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Can you tell us if all banks will be represented at Redemption centers? Or will there be a choice of WF, BOA, SunTrust, Chase, whatever at those centers?
[RR: I only know of one bank who has a redemption location that is really a branch of that bank. Other members have said that the redemption centers will direct us to whatever back we desire. So I just don’t know if there will be choices of which bank to use when you go to a redemption center. When that information comes out, I will share it.]
We need to go directly to a bank to get that bank?
[RR: I believe that is so, but am not sure yet.]
I did hear that HSBC would take Zim – would that be through the redemption centers?
A: yes, I’ve heard some information about HSBC being involved in part of this, and they have affiliate locations/banks that will deal with this. So if there are no banks on the list in your area, don’t worry – there will be some bank that will.

Q: Do you know if each of the 39 exchange banks that you will post on the TNT site be able to authenticate our currencies prior to exchange?
A: Some of them probably will; I’ll have to cross-reference that list with the banks that verify on the spot. Also, you can easily call them before running to your local bank.

Q: 1) Any update news you can share coming out of the CBI, WTO or IMF…
A: Done.

2) Any news you can share on contractors in Iraq receiving the new dinar rate this month…
A: Haven’t head any.

3) Any news in the mosques or Iraq TV that you can share?
A: That information I shared is from the television.

4) Before Iraq revalues the dinar, do you know what new Iraqi denomination note(s) we are looking for release and use, in the ATMs, retail business, etc.
A: The lower denominations are ones, fives, tens, twenties, maybe a new 50 dinar now, I’m not sure.

Q: Ray, have you heard anything more on whether or not the elusive out of country opportunity is still at .0025 for the buy rate and .0035-ish for the sell rate on IQD?
A: When I last checked, they told me the buy rate dropped to 0.0022, so they are still pretty much in effect if we can get to that country. However, if what I’m being told is true, you won’t have the time or need to go overseas to do a transaction.

Questions from live callers

470/404 caller: So you are hearing the call centers are gearing up?

RayRen: What my contact told me is that call/exchange centers are possibly going to open this Friday the 13th.

Caller: What are your sources saying about the IMF meeting this week?

RayRen: I don’t think that they are concerned; it’s not an issue, it’s an after-thought.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

631 caller: I’m not going to pin you down on rates, but we’re getting there on dates, right?

RayRen: I think the rates are going to be between $3.50and $3.80 for the dinar. For Zim, I would look for 10-16 cents. The wonderfully quiet dong is being reported at 47 cents, or $0.47. That’s the most consistent rate we’ve seen, but if it went as high as two dollars, I would not be surprised.

Caller: And how long will the exchange phase last before the public swamps the banks? I’m hearing ten days; is that about right.

RayRen: I really don’t know, but that sounds reasonable.

773 caller: Last week, the French PM Macron met with PM Abadi. Is that significant?

RayRen: No, there was no mention from that of the RV happening soon. I don’t see that as having anything to do with the revalue at all.

Caller: When it’s time to exchange, my sister has expressed concern about exchanging my dinar for US dollars. Her fear is that this would trigger some government interest, given that it would bring more than I usually have on hand. Would it be smarter to invest or exchange dinar for another currency like euros or pounds?

RayRen: Where did she think you would go and do such a thing?

Caller: She’s retired military, so she imagines I can go somewhere else; she didn’t tell me anywhere in specific. She was just asking.

RayRen: It sounds like she is giving you half a suggestion and hoping I’ll support that. If you exchange into euros or pounds, that doesn’t help you if you want to spend it here. No one over here accepts the euro in a store, so you’ll still have to convert it to US dollars. That defeats the purpose based on your sister’s reasoning.

Caller: But it might be better to convert the dinar into electronic currency.

RayRen: That’s a great idea, but there is nowhere in the US that is set up to do that. In the US, you have to convert any foreign currency into US dollars before you use it or bank it or invest it.

Caller: Will this trigger interest from IRS?

RayRen: I don’t know. Why don’t you research that, and let the rest of us know. As the person prepares your taxes. If they don’t know, they will probably call and ask.

321 caller: [can’t hear this caller]

RayRen: When you said “redemption centers are the only place we’ve heard of to deal with Zim”, that means YOU haven’t heard otherwise. I don’t know of any specific redemption centers specifically for Zim. If there is a bank that has affiliate locations for Zim exchanges, I would not call that a redemption center. What I have heard is that a particular bank will be handling Zim, and they have numerous affiliates all over the country. There hasn’t been any discussion about verifying the Zim; I imagine that they have ways to detect counterfeit paper. And yes, when we have more information such as 800 numbers, we will post those in the public part of the forum.

618 caller: What if we still haven’t exchanged ten days after the RV is announced?

RayRen: Let’s imagine I say on Monday, “Okay, you can go exchange if you want”; some of us may wait until, say, Friday. Then Friday will be the kick-off for the ten days, counting off the days until our Pay It Forward Day. You may do some great humanitarian things before then, but that will be the one day of acknowledgement or notification for us. We’re not doing it for anyone else, we’re doing it for us.

Closing Statement

Music: Pomp and Circumstance

I’m sure we’re getting enough practice for our final walk. Things look good in terms of information, so put the pieces together with the political issues that has subsided. Don’t be shocked if the bottom were to fall out the minute I hang up, or if we see it next week. There are some very good signs for this weekend. Be ever ready to receive the information and to act on your training. I don’t foresee any long periods of silence, but if there are, you already know what to do. Don’t take anything for granted; make sure any instruction is explained so that you won’t make the wrong move too fast. Just make sure you are equipped and ready for anything, for the various scenarios. Have a plan of action for whatever reality emerges. No matter what happens, TNT family was prepared so that we can excel whatever the dollar amount. So be ready!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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