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Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/9/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Monday Drama 10/9/17

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Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/9/17 Empty Dreamer's Monday Drama 10/9/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:51 am

A question for the Dreams board: Earlier today I was slanders by a few of our newest members who accused me of being something more than what I am and criticized my early morning prayer sessions as being more self serving and hypocritical than I certainly mean them to be. It bothered me more than I guess it should so in light of that

I believe it will be best if I refrain from posting my thoughts and prayers for this room. I will still lurk and answer direct questions and continue to post my early session on WSOMN.

Ted - don't let them get to you, everyone reads your prayers

Oh no TED, please - I so look forward to your prayers every morning, your prayers help me get through the times of doubt knowing that you are praying for all of us all.

Ted, I rarely post but I never miss reading your prayers. Please continue posting them. The people that you mentioned who were so nasty probably need them the most. Thank you for all that you do here and at wsomn.

TED....your posted prayers are a real comfort and you seem to know just the right words to use....amazing to me...and I know they are divinely guided.. Those who choose another path are more adept at being critical...so sad for them...their own worst enemy. Hard to ignore just judgment...maybe they are trolls if new here

just ignore....transposed...sorry

It is truly uncalled for....do what is best....as it is very hurtful when one is sincere in their words and then criticized....I am lucky to be in both rooms...so I can read them @ Wsomn if that is only place you can post...blessings

Ted, I must have missed that one. I say were someone attacked Sand and Halo for their news posts and that ticked me off. I hope you continue to post your prayers here. The majority are for you.

I don't think there is an issue here at all with Ted's prayers.




Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/9/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754
Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, It appears I have allowed myself to fall victim to those who are resorting to intimidate me for doing my post on the message boards in the early morning. They bated me by first insinuating then that I had connections with the Dinar Daily group and then attack my prayers to You Father as being hypocritical in nature. I responded to the DD matter but after reviewing some of my previous postings I could see how some might have considered some of my rantings as being hypocritical in nature so I had decided for the good of the message board to stop my post in the Dreamers chat. I now realize that I may have over reacted so those who do look forward to my sessions so after personal reconsideration and in response from members, I have reconsidered my options.

Dear Lord God Almighty, as You know I am not nor have I ever proposed myself to be anything more than a Christian man. You also know that it was an inspiration that came to me in the dead of night when I realized that I am a person going through rough times in my life and that I needed to do something to help others even worse off to be inspired enough to not give up and take it one day at a time.

My dear friends, I want to take this time to thank you all for restoring my faith and my dedication to this board as well as those who are still on the WSOMN board as well. I have great faith in both of the board Admins along with Monitors and Guides on this board as well. Time is late so I will close with saying beware of those who are out there waiting to steal your dreams. Take each day one at a time.

Rest well this morning as we start into the new week and know that when the time is right our rewards will come but be aware that even after that all of the folks on Dreams and WSOMN will still be on my prayer list and if it is meant to be we will meet again. May the Lord God bless each and every one of you. Remember. “Our Destiny Awaits”

Halo and Sand wish to thank you gals for continuing to bring all you do to the room and ignoring the individuals petitioning for you to stop, many more appreciate your efforts than agree with the sole complainer

The idea of this site from 006 was a place for friends to connect and express their views with Respect

It appears that things are out of control. In the true sense of the situation the light is unraveling the third dimension and transfiguring the darkness under which you have lived for too long. The dark is trying their best to worsen the chaos, fear, and horrific conditions which they have created and perpetuated. please do your best to rise above these energies.

Limiting negative mainstream media,is one of the best ways to rise above what is going on. What happens depends a lot on your thoughts .You are living in the time of the light and profound miracles.Everything is coming out into the open. It is time for all to come together in love and peace.

Good morning Dreamers. Any news specific to RV/GCR or just the usual WAIT?

It's pretty much black out wait but we r very close !!!

Donald to announce USN today. All corporate states disolved over weekend. New Treasury funded in Philadelphia. THIS IS IT.

Haloheal, I appreciate youpositivity but there has NEVER been a reliable or verifiable source for claims concerning the issuance of USNs, a new Treasury, the abolishment of the IRS or the re establishment of the Republic via the disolution of the reputed U.S. CORPORATION. so how are things different now? No sarcasm intended...

Just keep positive something good is happening …
Just as some of the bombing posts may not be real so maybe this I would rather concentrate with the hope this is real !!!

Halo: That FB link is a link to troll Nick ...it is false information, trying to have ppl join/subscribe to DD. Leading them on to believe You set has been arrested, for false information. I am not a fan of Y but bringing ppl to that FB link, and DD is not good. Fake News is promoted here.
True- I wasn't going to say anything as its old news and DD likes to capture people. Then they troll you

And here at dreams, promoting this action....not good, should be looked at more closely, censored, before posting.

Unfortunately, DD has taken advantage of our open access to members to start inserting Trolls into our group with the single most important goal of creating friction among our members. Until we can get a handle on that I believe that members need to be careful of what links they follow. Just my thoughts on the matter..

SAND how do they troll you please

What exactly is a "troll"? Hackers?

TED: I think DD "Nick" caught one unsuspecting person that was lurking, to bring his agenda/garbage into this room.

I got that link on FB wasn't aware it was DD thanks for the warning

They are sneaky

What is a troll? Is a person who grabs your attention, then feeds you full of garbage, negativity & profanity.

Hi everyone.... good answer KLS

KLS , what I dont understand is , we are friends with all in here. How can one or more call themselves friends and then go back to being a Troll back to their site posting everyone they took. It's crazy,

I believe this site has now been INFECTED!!!!!!!!

Gone are the days of common sense and vital info for all of us, now it seems like to me it has been infected with Radical Agenda's, maybe I am wrong but that is how I see it , as of this moment.

hmm. has there been more moles?

There has been trolls in here since day one

unless I missed it , I dont see Racial stuff..... I just can't understand why people feel it necessary to take things.

Howdy all, I just am amazed at the info now coming out on this site, I may be wrong but I took this as a Site of people who were looking for clean, accurate info that would help us during this trying times, am I wrong on this???

I have banned a couple but we still have a couple more

I Appreciate all of the things Halo brings in and one stupid link to DD is not going to make it or break it. I appreciate her attempt at bringing us information. Thank you Halo.. Keep it coming.

that sucks. why must people be disrespectful of others

Orioles, I trust you enough to identify those that are bringing "misinfo" into this forum, I have no control of that but hope you do.

That is the goal of this site

Billy: Only way is to call them out! Best disinfectant!

Avon Lady, yes I agree there was a lot of info coming that was helpful, and I found myself looking forward with a cup of Java & spending time with my "friends", but somehow it appears that has changed, maybe I need another Cup of JO!!!

Sometime we don't know what is real so we bring it and its for u to discern otherwise we would have to vote on posts and that crazy we do what we can and it's a lot of work ...

Ignore the trolls and live your life - what are we talking about here, how to transmute base metal in gold?

Remember this is not an intel room if that's what your are looking for you may want to go to the other room

Dear Troll ( s ) big news alert, major Intel -- I had a dental implant today!!
Orioles not looking for Intel, but looking for a comfortable and informative environment. Not a problem though, I know I can just turn it off, but I am now "Addicted" to this site, so sorry if I upset anyone, I am an Ancient Senior Citizen........

Who is bringing misinformation into the room?

Billy, you didnt bring no upset to anyone.. you voiced your opinon....

Yes I did, so hope I don't get kicked off....

Is it true Yosef got arrested for putting out false info? or is that just a rumor?

That was an old report- ignore

He is prolly sitting around and playing monopoly with all the donation money. Talking about YOYO

I see all the rumors are stating this is our week, of course none of the intel is ever creditable...lol. but sure hope its true this time...lol

Correct, we will be caught off guard

Well, I'm only waiting until 2030 and I'm done

Did you read the Goats post this morning?

Garmst: Fake News...he has been actively doing what he does, for well over a month, when first reported "arrested"...I would think FBI has their hands full, with what is going on in US.

I just read the part where she slams all the gurus

Kls- If that is the case then there should be alot of intel providers being arrested, you think?

Garmst: So true, agree....it was a fishing hook, to draw peeps into site that site.

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