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Dreamers Sunday Drama   10/9/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamers Sunday Drama 10/9/17

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Dreamers Sunday Drama   10/9/17 Empty Dreamers Sunday Drama 10/9/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:11 am


Dreamers Sunday Drama   10/9/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754
Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, Thank You for being with us during this day and the days leading up to today. At this time we are asking for protection for the family members of all those 58 people who were slain in Los Vegas and we also ask for protection for all those whose lives have been and will be affected by Hurricane Nate as it travels through our country. Many are still recovering from the last Hurricane.

Dear Lord God Almighty, The information received today was plentiful but difficult to understand at times. We still (or at least for the most of us) wait for documentable evidence about what information we have received. Lord we ask that lives of those who are feeling that they have reached to end of their rope to have their spirts refreshed and know that the blessings are still on track and heading our way. Amen and Amen.

So rest well my friends and know that our Lord is in control and working with many towards getting us through this rough period of our lives. As you head off to the church of your choice in the mooning keep the memory in your heart that our God is ultimately in control of everything no matter what those who would rob us from our dreams may believe. Our Lord is an awesome God! Remember, “Our Destiny Awaits”

I will try not to post fear and negative news unless it's vitally important. Enjoy the day God is doing his work . Get out in Nature it raises the vibration and is very healing. Find some joy today !

Sand enough is enough, please post positive things, people have enough negative in their lives.

Dang Lindar you only seem to post here to complain. Then in WSOMN you say how negative this room is, why do you even log in here. Sand brings in lots of info. Most folks want to read the news she brings almost daily people thank her n Halo both for their hard work. Just log off if it bugs you.

Hun, im one of those folks just getting by. Have lost almost everything this past year. But these ladies bring us stuff I learn from as well. No disrespect to you, just skip over that stuff if you dont want to see it.

Most folks thrive on negativity, makes their problems seem smaller. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, not intended. Enjoy

Everyone is going through a tough time and we all feel the collective consciousness which is chao right now so we need to do whatever it takes to keep calm and peaceful .I . will post the news that serves us to know

Man, I wish Blondie was here!!! Heh heh

i do not create the news I just post what is happening in the world 2x's a day. I do not choose to live with my head in the sand. If it offends you, don't read the articles I am a positive person but I do realize every coin has two sides. Get over yourselves. I try to post early as not to interrupt any conversations. I wish to hear your views and will not post if the majority wishes it. But I will tell you the few who don't like it, are far outnumbered by those who wish to read the headlines.

Who the hell is complaining about the news posted by Sand and Halo? Rhetorical. If you don't like it, don't read it. Choose another menu. I love it here and I loved it on the other site. Please keep it up Beautiful Ladies. I appreciate your hard work!

Self serving. The nerve!

1camman it's just a tough tamultrous time out there . Lots of fear and anger . The remedy love and understanding.

I agree Halo. Just ticks me off when people who don't contribute anything want to complain about how particulars of the board is running. I'm very protective of you and Sand. I'll go chill out in the lounge and get ready for my 2 hour massage.


006 doesn't allow posting of Admin Bill in this room since he deleted himself and 006 from his room ...

That is hopium no big answer there anyway .

Oh!! I'm so sorry Halo - I didn't know that. You can delete that then. My apologies

And his intel is as good as Yosef's. We like real intel in here lol

Beny gonna have religion this week. Beny sure does come out with some stuff

I think he got carried away with his alerts that were not substantiated like Korea declared War on US not something u just post!

OK folks, How about we stop bashing Intel providers? It is much like being a bully and I think we are better than that. Striking back at information that does not turn out to be of your liking can be carried out to other boards and before long out Dreamers Board will be placed in the same category as Dinar Daily. If you don't like what you here just don't listen to them anymore. Just a thought :0)

Ted have you listened to some of your comets and post do not throw rocks ....

Ted aren't you a member at Dinar Daily?

I never bash any person by name sure I have said that some information was false but never targeted at an individual. You know references to me being associated with DD has had me wrongly banned from boards in the past. I am merely attempting to offer a suggestion here for the betterment of our board.

Sorry Ted we do no harm if trolls want to post who cares . 006 makes the rules .

read your post you slam the info and then preach...something wrong with that thinking and then spread Gods words

If you have a problem with me, by all means address them with me via a PM. I have never been one to hide my identity from the members of this board or the WSOMN board as well. If you want my personal information I suggest you look up my file on WSOMN I have a full bio there that I choose not to bring here. I am hiding from nobody.

Ted if u think that sure is negative and accusing then why are U a part of it ?
That site

Ok then I found this out in the open over at DD. Just curious why you would want to be a part of that site or anyone in here for that matter. RamblerNash: Welcome Tweety. TED has 2 accounts here at DinarDaily and is very welcome here. There was another member here on DD that also did morning prayers, but that was awhile back.

It a negative site , talk about bashing ... that's the pot calling the kettle black .

I am not making any rules, I am making as ingestion to members that I feel very strongly about. So now we see who os visiting and giving credence to what is posted on the DD site. TROLL ALERT !

funny you bring that up looks you have many accounts and mutiple too??? JMO

My information is carried to many places that I have no associations if you choose to believe what you read on the DD site then just stay over there.

Howdy peeps what's shaken besides you all starting to bash each other

Im not the one with an account(s) there

The energy out there today is very volitale everyone is trying to work it off . Wow

no one needs to leave just do not throw rocks........

We all need to step back and relax for awhile

I was reading down and watz goin on In my absence? Do I do to get out my ruler

Ted, don't feel too badly, it was mt turn earlier to be slammed. You just have to consider the source.

I see the storm as people attacking each others and continuing back biting. Yes, I believe we are on the verge if not totally in the storm and some will allow themselves to be taken up into it lost. I feel it will get far worse than before it gets better...In my Opinion I speak for no others.

Everyone needs to lay low and be quiet- IMO Except our Turtle

I've been officially banned from WSOMN. I think I need to go to therapy!

I don't even post there. There's plenty I could do or say, but I didn't do anything.

1Cam are you sure you were banned. I had to verify I am not a robot this morning.

1cam it was said awhile ago if you haven't been in to the site with in 30 days. Membership would be terminated. ???? Just sayn

I lol Owl's comment about AB's post this morning and I'm sure my lol was conveyed.

I log in daily. That's not it. I think it's funny.

I'd better go check >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I love it Tig! That forum is dead, killed by the owner, so no love lost.

well cam, we are all here for you as you go through the grieving stages. Denial is ok for now.

Let me go out with a bang. That was such a dud.

I can't get past Step 1 Splash. I'm not the problem dammit! Lol

I maybe banned but I have not been back since we all went to show whatever we showed

So how are you morons and idiots doing

We getting banned

I got banned to ! lol I never go there actually hit that apt by mistake . I was done there when he banned 006 for nothing .

Halo banned from here?

I remember long ago begging to be deleted from there when the room was closed and I could still type, ha ha

Halo, He's gone crazy and I'm very happy here! This is my home. We can speak freely and have fun!

Banned from wsomn feet

He did good for us for a long time it gets tough after a while .

Big, I got banned from AB site for noting. I don't post there anymore.

Interesting... Haven't been on the old site recently

I hear it's cold/dead.

So someone is taking wat we say here to the old forum?

It seems like I am because it's saying I can't log in

Mom's not banned though

Yup it's saying I'm no longer registered there

No doubt some fly picking and choosing who goes . Spy not fly lol

Halo someone was snitching. I saw someone PM AB after Owl expressed his opinion here. AB immediately responded no more sharing his info here.

Why can't people get along without hate and spying and deception

it's very simple guys, if weren't posting you were going to be gone! so don't worry about it. he gave everyone a chance to post. Just be happy where your at.

Mangelo more then that:)

Not true. It was based on logging in, not posting.

1000+ people have not posted there.

it really doesn't matter..... does it...... be happy this is almost over guys...

Interesting I just logged in as mom... I did that before I was a member lol

It's going to shrink that room ...

He wolf has only 100 member and it's great!

The Wolf Den is also a great chatroom

It's so childish when u think about it really .

BigFeet...well crapola!!!!!!!! Just went through 39 pages looking for you over there Dreamers Sunday Drama   10/9/17 Rofl you owe me Big!!!! hahaha

Haha lol Tig. ? You've been looking for me?.. well I'm here!... Did ya need something?

No, was checking for you...but while I was there you found out...that's ok hon!!! Just messin

BF...that you're not in there anymore? Or, are you still?

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