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RayRat Update    10/4/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Update 10/4/17

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RayRat Update    10/4/17 Empty RayRat Update 10/4/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:56 pm


(Notes by Adept1) TNT Call notes 4-October-2017 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=102052029

[Sound of clock ticking, fireworks going off, then Pomp and Circumstance]

RayRen: I think we can safely say that the majority of you are now ready to graduate. Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday October 4 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 at the controls. That music means it’s graduation time, and time to move on. Most of you have reached that higher level of understanding and are ready to move on. Some will move higher than others based on training and information. We’ve had some wonderful training opportunities these last few days, and some have partaken.

You can replay segments; they are all archived at your will and pleasure, at least for the time being. If you are following the politics of Iraq, you’re probably saying, “This isn’t going to happen, it’s going to take forever…” Even PM Abadi said yesterday that the full economic reform will be completed at the end of November along with national reconciliation. Don’t believe everything you hear! All that glitters is not gold; the flip side is that not all news is bad news.

There are leveraging opportunities in other countries, and you could be getting .0025 for dinar at the exchange. That’s nowhere near the rates we expect, but $2,500 per million dinar is a leveraging opportunity.

Rate changes are in effect and moving ever upwards. In at least two states there are visible rates on the screen, or so it has been reported to me. Other reports say that call centers were put on call, with special locations. The banking industry is no leaning towards Tuesday or Wednesday for things to happen, so if it’s not today, then possibly next Tuesday/Wednesday.

They are on standby – on call – to be available at a moment’s notice. That means they have to be within a certain perimeter to get there on time. If you are on call, you have to be able to get to work in 20-30 minutes. That’s what the call centers are telling us. I also have other information from other sources, not part of my intel team, and they say that exchange centers are on call. That remains to be seen, but it might be accurate (or not).

IF the call centers are ‘on call’ or on standby, then we’ve always been told that once you’ve called in to make your appointment, that appointment might be within two hours. So if the call centers are on call, the exchange centers should be likewise. I can see those two connecting, only lagging an hour or so, one to the other. It all sounds good.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Have you heard if they are using lower denominations yet in Iraq?

[RR: No, haven’t heard that yet.]

Are there any updates on those that had appointments; were they info-only, or actual exchanges?

A: I haven’t even heard yet if they have taken place. We heard rumors of appointments on Sunday/Monday, but no confirmation.

Q: When we do our exchange and meet with our wealth manager, will s/he be aware of a possible contact for us on the complex trust?

A: Not from me. The banker may be able to refer you to someone. We will be watchful for any such opportunity and share that with you. There seem to be very few live callers. I don’t know what’s happening with the board. I can tell you, the first thing I will buy post-RV is a new computer!

[Technical problems with the board and the call; waiting for the board to reload/refresh.]

Questions from live callers

470/404 caller: I want to get a new computer, too! You alluded to informational programs for folks to access – how long will they stay in the archives?

RayRen: As long as the site is up. We know the site won’t stay up more than, say, six months; even Tony recommended that people download the information they need.

Caller: I see that Talabani has died, and PM Abadi has listed three days of mourning starting today. Will there be a delay because of that?

RayRen: I don’t think that will have an impact on it, according to scuttlebutt.

Caller: When your folks have said “Tuesday/Wednesday”, did they give a time-frame?

RayRen: No, that was a loose conversation, and it was more “Tuesday or Wednesday” rather than Monday or Friday, for example. That upcoming meeting with IMF and Iraq, in NY, that’s October 12-15; some expect that all this will be done by that time, or during that time. So we have a combination of banks having their call center staff on call, and exchange locations on call, tied in to rate changes, rates being seen on the screen – live although we cannot do transactions yet, at $3.40 to $3.70, as expected – then the leveraging opportunities outside the US… taken all together, I think the wheels of progress are turning BEFORE that IMF meeting in New York.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

951 caller: Can you say anymore about this happening on Tuesday or Wednesday?

RayRen: That is what the banking contacts are suggesting. And I do think this should be over by the IMF meeting, which is next week!

870 caller: Where can we check the rates after the RV? Forex sites?

RayRen: Well, you know the ultimate place is the bank itself, because if they don’t’ have it on their screen, they don’t care what you’re looking at. At least one of the banks relies on this site: www. coinmill.com. Once the green light comes on and we can actually transact business with the rates on the screen, then we will still have calls that will update you and give you the current rates so that you can decide when to go to the bank. We’ll put that information out, because by then it will be public.

380 caller: When you mentioned all the trainings on the TNT site, is that TNT calls or Open Mic calls as well?

RayRen: That would be the TNT calls; anything we have recorded here is still available including special training calls. Some of those night trainings were not recorded, but the information is still circulating on the website.

609 caller: Anything new on taxes?

RayRen: Officially? I haven’t heard anything officially. Unofficially, I’ve had more than one person say that it’s not going to be taxable, and more than one person saying that it IS taxable. We plan on it being taxable, just in case.

Caller: What would you do about setting up a trust for a minor? I want to set one up for my seventeen-year-old.

RayRen: What’s the objective? For the 17-year-old to have their own money? I would establish a trust, have them on the board as a trustee with myself to learn how to deal with money, and give them a salary – not as an owner, but as a controller. When they establish they can run that trust responsibly, I would then resign and leave them to manage their future estate.

Caller: How much cash can we take away from the bank at the time of exchange?

RayRen: Some banks want to give you $10,000. However, the bigger question is WHY do you want to walk away with cash? I don’t want to walk away from the bank with any more cash than I walked in with. I’m already excited – I don’t need a wad of money in my pocket, because you know that money is going to go, needlessly.

The bank will give you debit cards and credit cards to deal with your immediate expenditures.

A pocket full of cash is not a good idea, especially on exchange day. Many of you told everyone about this currency, and then it didn’t happen, and now you’re exchanging and you’re all excited. They will hear about it, and now you are rich, and they will probably tell someone else, and that becomes a security risk.

We don’t need that extra pressure. It’s much better to go home, wake up the next day with a fresh mind, and look at your plans. If you then require a couple of thousand in cash, then you’ll go back to the bank with a clear mind. If, in the past, I told people to get some leverage money, I was talking about a few thousand, not millions… and already their hearts were racing, just for a couple of thousand!

Exchange on exchange and go home; look at each other, chill, go to sleep, look at your plans the next day, talk to your wealth manager, go to one of the post-RV meetings, all with a fresh mind. Or let the front line go, and report back, and adjust your plans accordingly. If the green light goes today, and if you want contract rates, then run to the bank. If you’re not after the contract rate, then what are you running to the bank for? If you wait, sit back, and assess the situation, that three dollar rate might double or more.

Your three million might become six million dollars just because you waited a week. Is that worth waiting for? I think so.

Caller: You’re right, prosperity is a mental condition. Have you heard of any exchanges worldwide, like in China? Or are we just waiting in North America?

RayRen: I haven’t heard of any exchanges in most countries, although this rate of .0025 seems to be live in this other country – which we won’t tell you yet lest we set off a stampede.

415 caller: If someone needs a new computer like I did, I bought a refurbished Apple computer, from 2014, and found out that if you want to buy a used Apple computer on craigslist. You can take it to the Apple store and make sure it’s running okay before buying it. They do that for free, and then they charge $99 to transfer your data. I will always buy used computers because that way the glitches have been worked out.

Also, with my money I want to help create a healthcare system that works. We have been all been stressed waiting for this money, with financial anxiety as well. I recently read a great book: The End of Alzheimers by Dale Bredesen, MD. I imagine that I will call the banks to find out if I can get the contract rate; if not, I will attempt to exchange a small amount to cover some immediate things that are on a deadline.

Then I can wait a bit to see what happens, once I was in a safe space. If the public starts exchanging, then it could be busy. So I would use the 800 numbers, and see if I could set up an appointment (or two) and exchange a certain amount first, enough to cover what I need to cover. Then I could hold the rest of it. Does that seem a reasonable way of approaching this?

RayRen: Sure, if that’s the way you want to do it.

210 caller: Can you talk more about the rate spread, between buy and sell rates?

RayRen: The SELL rate is $3.71 – the bank is selling it to you, and that is the true value of the currency. The BUY rate is the rate at which the bank buys it from you. It’s the same thing with a car: your car might be worth 10K, but the dealer might only offer 7K, because he’ll clean it up and sell it, and that’s how he makes his money.

If you want to buy dinar from the bank, they might charge you $3.71, which is the true value of that dinar. However, if you are selling your dinar to the bank, maybe they offer $2.70. That’s where your negotiating skills come in, that gray area between the buy and sell rates. Right now, today, .00315 is the sell rate, and .00250 is the buy rate. That’s a 65 cent difference, and that is a real spread based on these rates (just not in the US).

Sixty-five cents with a million dinars means a difference of $6,500, so you want to move that .0025 as close to .00315 as you can. Next caller: I have a Money Market account, and I want to know if I should take my money out before the RV or just wait.

RayRen: I don’t know. I would call the bank and ask them.

Caller: I asked the bank the other day, and they said that they don’t know anything about a revaluation or asset-backed currencies.

RayRen: I would think they would know, so if they are saying they know nothing about it, then I would believe them – they are in the industry.

Caller: I tried to listen to the replay of Monday’s call, and they asked for a reference number – dialing in, not of the computer.

RayRen: Yes, there is a six-digit pin number. Go to the website and click on Call Info; that will have all our numbers with the pin.

801 caller: In response to the caller who wants to just exchange a few notes, doesn’t that lock her into a particular rate?

RayRen: I don’t see anything that will lock you in at a public rate. If I take currency down to the bank on Monday, and get a certain (public) rate, I can still go back on Friday and exchange at whatever the current rate is on Friday. If you are exchanging at a privately negotiated rates, there might be conditions and you get to choose if those conditions or requirements are okay for you. If it’s the public rate, no problem.

MD caller: How long does it take for an attorney to set up a non-statutory trust?

RayRen: It depends on how busy the attorney is – it can be done in a day. They need to draw up the papers and get an EIN number. Once you give it res or corpus, which means substance/assets, then it exists.

210 caller: So do you see the rates as changing, including the spread?

RayRen: Sure, market forces will probably force up the rates, at least temporarily. Stand back and watch what happens. Send someone else down the dark hallway, and if it is safe, then you go down yourself, and if it isn’t, at least you know what to expect and plan for. This is not about stocks; this is a country’s currency. It’s not going to go back to the pre-RV rate. Watch what the first responders do, and adjust your plans accordingly.

We don’t have to rush. The international rate is very unlikely to drop and it might well go up, so it’s worth waiting for the rate to appreciate. When that happens, assess the situation to see whether it will go higher (or not). We can sit back and wait it out. If that rate comes out at three dollars and eventually climbs to six, and you have a million of that currency, that’s three million dollars difference.

The market drove up the Kuwaiti currency in about two weeks, then dropped back to the international rate. It all depends on what the hedge fund people and market sellers do: it may go up quickly and come down again quickly. Watch it day by day, and assess when to go to the bank to exchange.

931 caller: Remind us of that currency site, please? Was that CORNMEAL.com?

RayRen: It’s https://coinmill.com/.

Cashpaper: What is the status on the rupiah? I’m asking for Marilyn, who is shy.

RayRen: Text me Marilyn’s number and I will call her. The last rates we heard were $1.05 to $1.15 per rupiah, so that’s what I expect.

360 caller: What’s the difference between statutory and non-statutory trusts?

RayRen: Non-statutory trusts are not registered with the state or federal government, so you’re not asking anyone’s permission to set up the trust.

Closing Statement Music: Pomp and Circumstance I think you’re ready; I know I’m ready. Let’s do this! I don’t know what else we have to train or teach on – it’s all been done. All we are waiting for the green light, for the banks to say “come on down”. Let’s then wait, assess the situation, and move on methodically, because we’re in it to win it.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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RayRat Update    10/4/17 Empty Re: RayRat Update 10/4/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:00 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=102052029

The call began with fireworks and the Commencement March music RayRat: Yes, Pomp and Circumstance was playing. Time to move on. We’ve had wonderful training opportunities these last few days. All hour of the days and nights some of you could be part of. Some are recorded. . . and archived for your will and pleasure. Politics of Iraq –if following probably saying “woe is me” . . . “this isn’t going to happen.”

Even Abadi putting out information that the full liberation won’t happen until the end of Nov. when the national reconciliation will kick in. DO NOT be dismayed at everything you read and hear. Every bit of news you see and read is not bad news. Look at the flip side of that: there are leveraging opportunities in other countries reported to me today. NOT here! In other countries you could be getting. 0025 for dinar . That point .0025 is $2,500 per million. One heck of a leveraging tool. Wow! If I could just get over there! Rate changes apparently are in effect moving ever upward.

Banks over here, at least two states have reported pitiful rates on the screen. Can’t do anything with them. Pitiful rates. Other reports coming in – yesterday shared call centers were put on “call” at special locations. Banking industry now leaning towards Tuesday or Wed. for things to happen. If not this (week) then we look to next Tuesday or Wednesday. But they are on “standby to be ready and available at a moment’s notice.”

They have to be at a certain mileage perimeter to get to a certain place on time. . . tell you, you don’t have to come in but not to go out so far that you can’t be here in 20 minutes if we call you, so you can get here . . . be “johnny on the spot.” (sound dropped for about 90 seconds +/- on phones. I will check the recording for this section after the call ends) . . . First appointments should be within two hours of the first calls.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: Looking at a combination of: call centers on call, exchange locations on call . . . tie that into rates being seen . . .$3.40 -$3.70. . . and the .0025 rate in affect today. . . I would think before Oct 12. Members can monitor currency rates at the website: www.coinmill.com

IRAQ: PM Abadi announced the full liberation won’t happen until the end of Nov. and thats when the National Reconciliation will kick in.

Ray: DO NOT be dismayed at everything you read and hear. Foreign countries are reporting the dinar can be exchanged at a rate of .0025 or $2,500 per million.

INTERNATIONAL: IMF Meetings with Iraq is Oct 13-15. Ray: Some are looking at those as window dates. Looking at a combination of dates, call centers on call, exchange locations on call and tie that into rates being seen on the screens by banks, $3.40 -$3.70. Was a stage when rates could not be seen. Tie that all in and the .0025 rate being in affect today. Now real progress and I would think before Oct 12. Currencies: Rates once again being seen on back bank screens for Dinar, $3.40 – $3.70. Dinar exchangeable in some foreign countries at a rate equal to $2,500 per million. Last rate Ray heard on the Rupiah, $1.05-$1.15.

UNITED STATES: Banks: Ray was unable to confirm if appointments he mentioned on Monday’s call took place. Ray: (banks on) “standby to be ready and available at a moment’s notice.” Banks now leaning towards Tues or Wed. for a change to happen. Taxes: Ray: Officially I have not heard anything. Unofficially I have had one person convey to me it is not taxable and unofficially one person convey to me it is taxable. We are planning on it being 100% taxable just in case.

Exchanges: Ray said there were members that could have exchanged months ago but they did not like the conditions. Conditions being they could not exchange any more.

ZIM: EXCHANGING: Ray: If the contract rate is not priority one, then just sit on your can! The price is not going to be $3.70 on one day and then Monday drop down to $3.10. This is the country’s currency. . . Means we can literally sit and wait it out. We don’t have to rush . . .it might increase but very unlikely it is going to drop significantly. Never worry about depreciating. . . . If that rate comes out at $3.00 and goes to $6 that’s a three million increase just because you waited. . . .The market drove the Kuwaiti price up in a matter of a few days then dropped back down. We are looking for the same thing to happen with the Dinar as it’s the new kid on the block. . . in 24 hours it could open at $3 and jump to $4-5 easily. All depends on what the hedge funds do. Could go up rather quickly and come down quickly. That’s why we will watch it.

Q & A:

TNT Forum Q & A: Callers -Lower denom’s in use?

Ray: – Looking for any delay because they are in mourning?

Ray: I don’t think that has an impact on it. Just based on scuttlebutt. I think if that was clearly obvious there would be a stand down for those folks on call. . .Tishwash already said it would hot happen on a Friday so they probably have been listening to that. (chuckle)

-Trust for teenager.

Ray: I would establish a trust and have them on board as a Trustee along with myself so they can learn how to manage the trust, give them a salary, etc.

-How much cash will the banks let you take on the day of exchange?

Ray: Heard some banks $10,000. But for what purpose? I’ll have millions in an account. Give me a debit card. A pocketful of cash is not a good idea on exchange day. We have security risks to be aware of. (What about your friends?) You think they are going to just forget about something that could make them rich you told them about a few years ago and now it’s exchange day? . . . people don’t forget and they talk. . . . On exchange day you should do nothing but exchange and go home and let that swollen head go down to it’s regular shape.

– At no charge, the Apple store will review a used computer to ascertain it is in good operating condition. “The End of Alzheimers” prevents cognizance decline.

 – The spread can be wide or narrow. What might we really get if the rate is $3.70?

Ray: That is the sell rate, what they would sell it to you at. The buy rate is what they would pay to get it from you. It’s much like a car dealer. Your vehicle might be worth $10,000 but the dealer will only give you $7,000 so he can clean it up and sell it for $10K. The sell rate might be $3.70 and the buy rate is $2.70.

Caller: Do you think that example is realistic?

Ray: I don’t know. Right now today, .00315 is the sell rate and .00250 is the buy rate.

– I have a money market account. When would I take the money out in the event of a value change?

Ray: Call whoever you got the MM account from and ask.

-Ray: RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENT: . . . (played “Pomp and Circumstance”)

Ray:” I think your ready. I know I’m ready. Let’s do this. Let’s do this. Call centers being on call at a moment’s notice. I don’t know anything else to train on. All we do now is wait for the notice . . . the green light to come on . . ..the banks to say come on down. What do we say? “Wait or I might come on down.” (played “I Believe.”)


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