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Mountain Goat   10/4/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat 10/4/17

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Mountain Goat   10/4/17 Empty Mountain Goat 10/4/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:40 pm

Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.

So today once again I have to clarify some more rubbish intel that is being put out to the dinar community. As some of you may know this guy Beny Wilson is sending out unverified, unproven, and simply not true information.

So recently he is saying that “China will force the gold reset”. Really? They he connects this to the RV. I can assure you China has nothing to do with impacting or forcing the Iraqi dinar to RV. This is like pulling ideas as what is taking so long simply out of the air. Again more lies and this guy is good at it. Another one I'd stay away from if I were you.

More news….
Baghdad Mawazine News
The Supreme Council for the referendum announced on Sunday the launch of talks with the central government in Baghdad and resolved himself to form a political leadership to deal with its results.

A member of the Supreme Council Khalil Ibrahim, in a press statement followed by / Mawazin News /, the functions of the Council “ended” where the formation of “the political leadership of the Kurdish / Iraq,” a political leadership will be the highest in Kurdistan, Islamic Group and the Movement for Change.

He noted that this was “after the completion of a meeting in which the members of the Council changed its name to the Supreme Council for Independence, after completing its tasks related to the referendum of the Kurdistan region.” The Council appreciated the position of the religious authority represented by the initiative of the supreme authority Ali al-Sistani, revealed by Friday sermon in Karbala, pointing out that “the new political leadership will start talks with Baghdad.”

More news….
The Supreme Council for the Referendum in Kurdistan decided to change its name after welcoming the reference of Ali al-Sistani to the dialogue, while launched in Sulaymaniyah on Sunday opposed to the President of the region Massoud Barzani, and is expected to establish a new party, led by former Prime Minister Barham Salih on Monday.

The Council, which oversaw the referendum and headed by Barzani, called itself the “Leadership Council of the Iraqi Kurds”, after it was expected to be named “Supreme Council for Independence”. The change of name is aimed at easing the signs of secession to begin dialogue with Baghdad, but at the same time confirmed the non-retreat from the results of the referendum.

The central government continues to press the region and refuses to engage in dialogue with its leaders until they announce the cancellation of the results. (This is not true as we have seen news come out already that Baghdad is putting together legislation that effects the Kirkuk region and we can expect more on Article 140 in the near future, once ISIS liberation is completed of that region)

The Kurdistan government welcomed the first of Saturday, an initiative for dialogue with Baghdad launched by Vice President Iyad Allawi, but Prime Minister Haider Abadi rejected. He said close to him that he is still in the implementation of procedures for the recovery of land and air ports, in addition to Kirkuk oil in agreement with Ankara and Tehran.He reassured the Kurds that the decision to control revenues was to secure their salaries. “You are first class citizens, we will not allow you any harm and we will share the bread together,” he said. “We defend you and all Iraqis. He stressed that the decision to control revenues is to secure the salaries of employees in all regions of the region, so as not to go to the corrupt funds, and the decision to control the border crossings is not intended to starve the Kurdish people and impose a blockade on it.

In response to Abadi’s statements, the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan government announced that Baghdad says that the total salaries of the employees of the region 460 billion Iraqi dinars, and is ready to be disbursed, but the monthly budget of 915 billion dinars, and paid 650 billion dinars per month to employees.

Percent of the amount that Baghdad intends to pay, which basically does not recognize the Peshmerga forces, retirees, Asayish (security) and police, whose salaries reach 400 billion dinars a month. It seems that Abadi does not want to collect revenue managed by the Kurdistan government from the outlets and sell oil directly, and will prepare lists of imports and payments, to be presented to parliament.

With the easing of Arbil and its tone and challenges, and the continuation of the reactions of Baghdad described by the Kurdish political circles as violent and unexpected, announced in the city of Sulaymaniyah yesterday, the formation of a political trend, “new generation” to oppose the President of the territory. The leader of the current Chaswar Abdul Wahid said that Barzani and his party seized power from other parties, and the result was to go to the option of the referendum is not studied, and added: The region was an undeclared state before that, but today is threatened with the loss of all earnings, including border crossings and oil, The character of Barzani and his party.

Barham Salih, who recently resigned from the National Union party, is expected to announce a new party called the Alliance of Justice and Democracy to compete with traditional parties that have harmed the interests of the people of Kurdistan.

(So again we find out yet more information as to why Kurdistan is so pissed off at Bghdad. I quote from the article – “Percent of the amount that Baghdad intends to pay, which basically does not recognize the Peshmerga forces, retirees, Asayish (security) and police, whose salaries reach 400 billion dinars a month.”

Then more and I quote again – “It seems that Abadi does not want to collect revenue managed by the Kurdistan government from the outlets and sell oil directly, and will prepare lists of imports and payments, to be presented to parliament.”

More news….
Monday - The Iraqi government welcomed the position of Al-Azhar calling for maintaining the unity of Iraq and rejected the calls for partition.

A statement from the office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi welcomed the statement of Azhar, who confirmed his rejection of “the calls for division in the northern regions of the Republic of Iraq, and the increasing calls for the separation of these areas from Iraq brother, and stressing the rejection of these calls, and his keenness on the unity of Iraqi territory, The referendum on secession was a subject of international and Arab rejection in particular. ”

“We renew our clear and firm position to reject the unconstitutional and illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region and to take constitutional and legal measures to preserve the unity of the country and the interests of citizens, Arabs, Kurds and other nationalities,” the statement said

More news….
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The United States defied the dreams of the outgoing president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, of secession from Iraq after criticizing a unilateral referendum, which made Barzani thinking of backing back from the referendum.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed last Friday that Washington does not recognize the referendum on independence of Kurdistan, which was held last Monday.

More news….
The former president of Iraq, General Jalal Talabani, died on Tuesday after a long struggle with the disease at the age of 83 years. This is the first president of Iraq of Kurdish nationalism after 2003, leaving life.

(So what did I tell everyone when president Talabani had his stroke? Did I not tell everyone he was still alive and recovering? Did I not show you evidence that he came to Kurdistan back in 2014 for the elections in support of the president Masum as candidate? OH- but many of these so called intel “gurus” claimed he was already dead. Really? If he was already dead now for many years then why would they publish an article just now? You tell me cause I don’t know….Oh – you say another conspiracy? Seems whenever you can’t handle the truth you revert to the conspiracy garbage again…

They bashed me for telling you the truth in that he did not die when poisoned as I even showed you positive proof of his recovery. How many of you deny the truth even when it is right in front of your noses. I really don’t know about the intel community out there. I think perhaps many of you “gurus” are either stark raving mad or delusional people. Maybe both.)

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin
(As you know Iraq security forces launched an offensive on Sept. 21 to dislodge Islamic State from Hawija and surrounding areas where up to 78,000 people could be trapped, according to the United Nations. So here is an update on the progress. This is as of today, Wednesday.)

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi forces launched a final assault on Wednesday 10/4 to capture the town of Hawija, one of two pockets of territory in Iraq still under Islamic State control, the country’s military said in a statement.

Iraqi state TV broadcast live footage showing the area covered by thick black smoke, rising from oil wells torched by the militants as a tactic to prevent air detection. Hawija is located near the oil city of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq.

The offensive on Hawija is being carried out by U.S.-backed Iraqi government troops and Iranian-trained and armed Shi‘ite paramilitary groups known as Popular Mobilisation. They began moving on the town of Hawija two days after capturing the Rashad air base, 30 km (20 miles) to the south and used by the militants as a training and logistics site.

Note - The other area of the country still under the control of the militant group is a stretch of land along the Syrian border, in western Iraq, including the border town of al-Qaim. This is the last sector to liberate. If they continue their efforts with the same magnitude this could all be completed by the end of the week.


A senior leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said on Friday that the Kurdistan region of Iraq is ready to postpone independence to two years provided that the central government in Baghdad and the presence of major powers accept the declaration of independence after two years and not to create problems.

A member of the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Dari Hussain, said that “Barzani and before the referendum confirmed to all that the region is ready to negotiate with Baghdad and the rest of the parties in respect of the referendum and the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan,” stressing “the readiness of the region to postpone and freeze the issue of independence at the present time to another two years, There will be guarantees and the presence of major powers such as America, France and Britain that Baghdad recognizes the Kurdish state and not create problems.

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, “The freeze of independence for two more years much better than creating crises at the present time because the current mindset can not be easily changed,” he said.


Baghdad - Riyadh Ahmed

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, warned that the Iraqi situation is very worrying, noting that he had already warned during the dialogues with officials in Baghdad to the seriousness of what we are, and that the next is more serious, especially in the context of what is going on In Syria and the repercussions of the situation there.

Saleh said in an interview published Saturday, "The Iraqi and Syrian fronts have overlapped, and perhaps if we do not address it may become a battlefield, because the lack of consensus between the Iraqi political parties, and political performance dispersed, led to a major failure in the absence of services, corruption Rampant, and failing security. He considered that "Iraq is going from danger to danger, and from bad to worse.

Adding that "Iraq is in a state of crisis is sustainable, each crisis gives birth to another more serious and deeper, this catastrophic cycle is taking the lives of innocent Iraqis, and without high oil prices to collapse the Iraqi state. He expressed his hope that "we are on the threshold of the Iraqi parliamentary elections to wait for the opinion of the Iraqi voter, who I have no doubt that he is looking forward to a more stable and secure life, and in light of that to be the next government formation in Baghdad reflects what the Iraqi citizen deserves from security and security and prosperity.

The disaster in Iraq today is that the sectarian polarization deepens, and this corresponds to the fact that the political leadership is dispersed and there are different agendas that control the Iraqi political scene and I know that the internal equation is very difficult, there is a great legacy of destruction and polarization Since the era of Saddam Hussein, but there is a miserable political performance of the ruling elite in Iraq, the confiscation of public funds, and failure due to failure in the file of security and political and service, in addition to the dangerous situation inflamed in the region, and external interference in Iraqi affairs, and the consequences of the war in Syria.

I hope that the next legislative elections in Iraq will be an opportunity for the voter to be the master of the situation and capable of determining the fate of his country and ENDING THIS CYCLE OF CRISES," he said.

(For those of you listening to Frank26 or others that are telling you the referendum of Kurdistan is not important- you better think again. There is a huge difference in saying in the long run it may not matter much in the process to delete the zero and thus the reinstatement of the dinar, but saying it simply is not important and does not impact Iraq. Really? All you have to do is read the news and any idiot can see otherwise. Frank25 are an idiot? Frank25 himself then goes on to say the referendum caused a delay in the RV, as he told you prior it would happen in September. Seems like he’s paddling upstream to CYA again. So again more contradictory statements as he really does not know what is going on in Iraq but luvs to pretend he does. He gets que cards to read off during his calls from some “secret” source. Opps! – there’s that “secret” sources again….lol…lol…..)


(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Speaker of parliament Salim al-Jubouri that the current crisis in the country is the biggest crisis in the history of Iraq, while stressed that the Kurdish parliamentarians welcome in parliament.

“The parliament is keen on national partnership, respect for the constitution and the position of the unified state, and the parliament is keen to support the government in everything that would preserve the unity of the state and its security and stability,” he said at a news conference held at parliament.

“We have important meetings and dialogues with the Iraqi leaders to discuss the national partnership and the disputed areas and the interest of the people and not to discuss the referendum,” adding that “all members of parliament, including the Kurdish deputies concerned with the decisions taken by parliament.”

“We are keen not to touch on the decisions of our people in Kurdistan, and that the Kurdish parliamentarians welcome them in parliament has been addressed to the Federal Court on the MPs who participate in any practice that may threaten the unity of the country, and we await the decision of the Court in this regard.”

(Didn’t we just hear that the Kurdistan MPs were not being allowed into the parliament and were banded from the sessions? Who is pushing out this propaganda? Could this be Nori al-Maliki once again trying to create chaos, hatred and sectarianism?

Lesson Learned : So when we read news articles we must believe them until proven otherwise. Now we know this other article was a lie. We can not just dismiss articles because we feel they are false or we think there is something fishy. We must prove them wrong first. Get it? Let time pass and it always shakes out. )


(Folks this is not new news for everyone following Mnt Goat newsletters. But it is still wonderful and WOW news. This is the project to delete the zeros in the making and ya gotta luv it. It is exactly what we want to hear.)

Project to reform the payroll payment mechanism employees of institutions and State departments

The project aims to pay salaries to state employees through cards issued by banks operating in Iraq and aims to reduce the total cost of the process of paying salaries AND KEEPING CASH IN THE BANKING SYSTEM.

The benefit of employees is to OBTAIN A BANK ACCOUNT THAT ENABLES THEM TO DEAL WITH ALL MACHINES ATM AND POS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY as well as benefiting from all other banking services made available by banks such as access to loans and others, as well as the use of cards from security rather than cash retention, and that the bank's strategy in creating a secure competitive environment For banks to make offers, and the employee has the right to choose the bank according to the best financial and banking services and the most appropriate price.

Banks contributing to the Payroll Settlement Project:

(Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank, Ashur International Bank, Iraq Trade Bank, International Development Bank, Industrial Bank, Ceyhan Bank, Bank of Iraq, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Bank of Baghdad, Byblos Bank, Middle East bank, Lebanese accreditation Bank, Gulf Bank.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Kurdish human rights activists appealed to the United Nations to turn the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to justice, to be tried for his crimes.

“We, a group of human rights activists, call on the United Nations to implement the laws (Geneva 1949, The Hague, 1907), which, in turn, charges war crimes and crimes against,” the agency said in its report to the UN Secretary-General. To the “Massoud Barzani,” the American-Zionist ally, and call him to justify the cause of his party’s battles with other parties, the killing of more than 4000-8000 fighters and a Kurdish citizen.

This is a list of some of the crimes “Barzani”:

1 – causing the outbreak of civil war, and the dissemination of false news about them, causing the death of 4000-8000 Kurds, the displacement of 20 thousand citizens, and a huge number of shocks and distortions.
2 – causing political disintegration during the civil war, and the proliferation of kidnappings, torture and violence. As well as violations of women’s rights, religious freedoms and the flow of education.
3 – failure to provide the requirements of the medical people.
4 – The destruction and desecration of Kurdish cultural heritage.
5 – The seizure of land and property of citizens.
[*]Dealing with prisoners in a repressive and inhumane manner, such as physical assaults, torture, prohibition of drinking and food, medical aid, as well as threatening families of prisoners, and telling them false stories about the execution of their detained children.

The letter also said that the above-mentioned violations are, according to the UN human rights law, war crimes against humanity. Stressing the need to prosecute Barzani and turn it into the Supreme Court.

A blast from the past: (Do you remember this?)


November 7, 2016

BAGHDAD / IBN – The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.

Keywords and said in a statement on Monday, received Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) a copy of the “THE PURPOSE OF DELETING THREE ZEROS FROM THE IRAQI CURRENCY IS TO SUPPORT THE IRAQI DINAR AND MAKE IT A COMPETITOR OF FOREIGN CURRENCY,” pointing out that “this strategic project will serve the country’s economy if it will be inclusion of the Iraqi dinar in the global basket of currencies in the vital world exchanges. ”

He added that the bank “IS WORKING ON MECHANISMS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT IS EXPECTED TO START AT THE BEGINNING OF 2017,” noting that “the central bank began the first steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country in which the currency will be printed.”

He pointed out that “THE NEW CURRENCY ENTRY DOES NOT MEAN THE DESTRUCTION OF ANCIENT COINS, BUT WILL CONTINUE TO TRADE FOR ABOUT TEN YEARS,” pointing out that “this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the dynamics and mechanics in order to preserve liquidity in the market.”

(Okay so what goodies did they tell us in 2016 in this article?

First- I need to add that they did not tell us they were going to Revalue or Reinstate their currency in EARLY 2017- this is the first ignorant rumor spread around. Read the article for yourselves. Where does it say revaluation or reinstatement in EARLY 2017 or even in 2017 at all? So everyone is anticipating something that never really was even supposed to occur.

Second-They are telling us the purpose of the project to delete the zeros. This is same purpose Mnt Goat has been screaming out load for years telling everyone. I quote – “THE PURPOSE OF DELETING THREE ZEROS FROM THE IRAQI CURRENCY IS TO SUPPORT THE IRAQI DINAR AND MAKE IT A COMPETITOR OF FOREIGN CURRENCY”. So when they get to a certain point in this project they will be international. How can they go international with the rate they now have? How would this 1182 rate be “competitive?

Third – Just recently I heard a very discouraged person on the one of these intel calls talking as a sceptic and asked what made us so sure they would not play a game with us investors and do a lop. In fact this was on the TNT call and Rayren did not give a very good answer. In fact he supported an in country lop. This is of course ridiculous and wrong. This article is proof of this FACT. I quote from the article –“ THE NEW CURRENCY ENTRY DOES NOT MEAN THE DESTRUCTION OF ANCIENT COINS, BUT WILL CONTINUE TO TRADE FOR ABOUT TEN YEARS”. Remember these article are not so much for us investors outside of Iraq, as they are for citizens in country.

Fourth – My 4th point is backed up by my 3rd point in that they need to launch a “new currency” and it is what will coincide with the older 3 zero notes and I quote again “FOR ABOUT TEN YEARS”. So the newer notes are real and will be launched prior to the rate change. Remember too in 2015 we have proof they were going to RV since they began launching the $50 dinar notes. Why would they launch something that is worth less than a nickle (5 cents). These do the Iraqi people absolutely no benefit and they know it. But they postponement was unexpected. This drives the citizens crazy and they seemed to think the CBI does not know what it is doing. It does appear that way, but I assure you they have a plan and are executing it.

Fifth – So did they start the project to delete the zeros in EARLY 2017, as they said they would? OF course they did. Just look at all the work they have done. Why in hell do you think the CBI has published so much news about collecting these older notes and getting them back in circulation. The CBI needs these notes and will quickly take them from the merchants when they come to the currency auctions to by US dollars (so they can pay their foreign remittances to importers). Because of “electronic banking and the ATM cards (SMART cards), these notes “WILL NEVER” go back into circulation. So this 5th point I make is part of the 4th point as they are all interconnected. I quote from the article again - ” this period (meaning the 10 years they referred to) WILL ENABLE THE CENTRAL BANK TO WITHDRAW THE OLD CURRENCY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE DYNAMICS AND MECHANICS IN ORDER TO PRESERVE LIQUIDITY IN THE MARKET.” Is this not exactly what they are now doing? )


The Iraqi government has submitted four proposals to pay the remaining compensation for the losses of the invasion of Kuwait.

“Kuwait is determined to reach an agreement with the Iraqi government on the payment of the remaining compensation amounts of up to 6,” Khalid Al-Mudhaf, chairman of the General Authority for the Assessment of Compensation for the Losses of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, Khalid al-Mudhaf, said in a speech to the 83rd session of the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva. 4 billion dollars. ”

“The decision of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for the Evaluation of Compensation 274 for the year 2016 extended the postponement of the payment of compensation payments incurred by Iraq until 2018,” added Almodaf. (So this was the past agreement. We know they have been making cash payments since)

Al-Mudhaf revealed an Iraqi letter addressed to Kuwait in August, which included four alternatives for future options to pay the remaining amount, “explaining that” proposals for alternatives provided by Baghdad,

1)including the purchase of Iraqi gas at the agreed price between the parties and;
2)negotiate to reduce the percentage of Iraq’s imports of oil and its derivatives ” .
3) “The third alternative is to reduce the remaining amount of compensation in accordance with the rules of understanding of Paris Vimet.
4)The fourth alternative provides for the transfer of the remaining amount of compensation to bilateral debts between the two countries,” he said.

“The United Nations encourages Kuwait and Iraq to cooperate to explore future options. To pay the remaining amounts, including the holding of bilateral meetings and the formation of specialized technical committees to discuss the proposals submitted by the parties.

He stressed that Kuwait is always working to brief the General Secretariat of the Committee on all discussions in accordance with the principle of transparency, stressing the importance of continuing the role entrusted to the United Nations Compensation Commission and stressing cooperation with it to accomplish its international obligations.

(Again I want to emphasis that unless this payment is made in “full” or an agreement is made, that the UN also accepts, Iraq will not get “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions. Did you wonder why we keep seeing such articles with Iraq and Kuwait finding creative ways to settle this debt? Why do they have to keep this effort up?

They continue because the UN has to approve the method or payment and some of the proposals in the past were not acceptable to the UN and this article is proof of that. So once again Mnt Goat is correct and sticks to what she knows is FACTUAL in spite of all these so-called intel gurus who are telling you this debt is all paid off already. Really? Then why all these articles on it then if Iraq is already out of Chapter VII? I don’t know you tell me. You are the one who made up your own phony intel with nothing to back it up. You are the ones who always want to present yourselves as so brilliant and all knowing.)


The Prime Minister Haidar Abadi on Tuesday, what he called the military mobilization of the Kurdistan Region in the province of Kirkuk, calling for joint security management between Baghdad and Erbil on the disputed areas.

Abadi said in his weekly conference, which is held after his meeting with his government ministers, that “humanitarian flights continue to the Kurdistan Region.”

“Beware of the region’s actions of military mobilization in Kirkuk because it is dangerous,” he said, adding that “imposing the status quo in the disputed areas by force is unacceptable.”

Abadi called for joint administration between Baghdad and Arbil of the disputed areas provided that the leadership of the federal government.
He continued that “the Constitution reference to negotiate with the Kurdistan Region,” stressing that “the conditions of dialogue is to abide by the Constitution and cancel the results of the referendum

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
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Mountain Goat   10/4/17 Empty Facts or opinions?

Post by Girthstick on Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:07 pm

Just wondering if this is your option or facts? Just wondering, not challenging you. But was wondering the article’s or intel on this article is available for everyone’s viewing. Thank you


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