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Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/2/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Monday Drama 10/2/17

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Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/2/17 Empty Dreamer's Monday Drama 10/2/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:31 pm




Dreamer's Monday Drama   10/2/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754
So much for the weekend hopes, but then again we have all become quite aware of the “promising weekend” that never seems to materialize. I spend a good portion of the day listening to regurgitated new from last week without realizing that it was one of the old Outlaw calls. Other than that I spent a good part of the day doing same grocery shopping for this week’s dining. Eating more chicken….

Now chicken is not bad and normally pretty inexpensive so that helps a lot.. Wished my sister (4 years older than myself) a Happy Birthday. You know I have four sisters and I am the only brother with two of them being widows they know if they have a problem I’m the first on their list to call. Still, I am happy to do it and that I am physically able to do it. I guess that may be the reason I get along with women.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, many of our members are beginning to feel like this RV will never happen and there are even some “so called” Intel providers that are not being very much held and worse yet feeding into the doubts of our members. Help us by giving us the woods to speak to our fellow members who are beginning to lose faith that their dreams are nothing more than that just dreams.

Dear Lord God Almighty, once again we ask for help in getting to the bottom of this delay of the RV. As we all wait and watch the days go by it is beginning to shake our belief that we will even live long enough to see the blessing. Each day we wait in anticipation and after a while the deeply guarded anger comes to the surface and we strike out to some of our fellow members. Help us control our anger. Amen and Amen.

My fellow friends I encourage each of you to concentrate on you future plans for how you plan the use the funds received to better your lives and your family members along with people in your community who are suffering with health a financial worries. MY suggestion for accomplishing that is to have your wealth manager our financial advisor show you how to do it anonymously. Rest easy as “Our Destiny Awaits.”

I am currently working on some personal development material and planning my month with classes with the oils.

BF we need to set up a call

Um will this weekend work? I ran into some auto trouble.

oops that was supposed to be in pm

Hi Halo...and Room...can I ask what BigFish said...I have not seen him lately...thanks

He said his people calling it for this week .

Guess BigFish and Beny did not rhave any real info to share anyways....I am assuming......?

So, when did the '48 hours' clock begin? When did the 48 hrs start.

Who knows I just got the post a little while ago ..

Keep the faith something good is brewing so be abservant of all the intel and news but keep centered nothing is written in stone till it happens ...But I think it's time ...

whay 48 hrs....till what?

So much evil...never seems to be enough resources to thwart it....the good & evil fight is getting harder & harder....certainly need some real positive things to take place

It will all clear up it had to be seen to know what has to be changed and cleared out . Gods light will win we are actually in a beautiful time as more light than ever is shining upon earth bringing in the 5th demension of consciousness where these evil things will not be able to exist .

my screen name has deep meaning too

What the Dong part? I hope you're a male or are you into toys?

im a dude.... i like my dong... i have dinar...and lots of dirty socks

Are the socks a cover for the Dong. Protection

frank gets decent info from time to time for sure......... just drama drama drama

delta lives in chicago

Delta is saying that Iraq should release the rate before the banks complete the final training.

Walkingstick hasn't shared in over a week. Iraq has the lid on the info. Concern is people in 2nd class could leak the rv info. Hence, Delta's opinion on release of rate prior to class. 40+ people expected in 2nd class.

So what didn't beny have to say today

$$$ training their banks on how to identify counterfeit of their international currency....

It would be nice to personally know someone that had went through

When Sand first introduced Beny, he was all testosterone. Now, his inner Diva is flowing all through his call.

Was there any meaning to the blackout earlier reported on DinarChronices

Adonis, that's not the first time DC has claimed this status. This time is different than the last. We shall see. DC may have gotten the blackout info from Yosef.

I wonder if the Vegas Massacre is what Dr Clark ws saying we would all see this week

Maji, could be. Dr. Clarke is a trip but he's been pretty much on the mark. I'm just ready to party on a private beach. Forget the patio.

Adonis, I'm not calling it. I could never face all of you if I was wrong. It's going to happen without a doubt. When? I've never seen things the way they are now. We have to be so damn close, that we are in the moment.

cam despite the kurd issue?

ROH, Kurds to me are not an issue. This is bigger than the Kurds. Total smoke and mirrors. Whatever you believe is real in this movie.

who is now saying we dont support the kurds

Sir Socks, I unplugged from Frank because the convo here is way more enlightening. I'll listen to his replay later.

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