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Dreamer's Sunday Drama   10/1/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Sunday Drama 10/1/17

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Dreamer's Sunday Drama   10/1/17 Empty Dreamer's Sunday Drama 10/1/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:33 am





Dreamer's Sunday Drama   10/1/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754
And then there was nothing on Saturday but some nice conversation and member interaction but the faint echoes of it has to happen before the end of September. Oh Really? Well folks September is history now from at least from my position on the planet anyway. So all we hear on the news is about some Mayor in Puerto Rico complain about our President not serving her people fast enough to suit her needs.

Thousands of people and the government can’t even get people from her own government organization to take part in distributing the relief items to her people. Meanwhile President Trump is sending nuclear submarines to help restore temporary power to the Island nation along with 4 units of the Army Corps of Engineers and 3 Navy Seabee Battalions’ to help restore what the local government failed to provide.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, please forgive those people over there understand that our nation is not the only one who could and should come to the aide of these people. History has always shown our country to be first on the scene when disasters strike as indicated by the reaching out to Mexico during their recent earthquakes, by sending food and people ready and willing to help in any way we can.

Dear Lord God Almighty, with all the disasters of our own that have plagued our nation from the Hurricanes in our gulf and east coast coupled with earthquakes of our own and then couple in the Raging Forrest fires taking lives and destroying property it is a wonder that we can even provide what little help that we can to lands outside of our boarders as quickly as those countries would prefer.

My dear friends, I know this morning’s post from me may not be considered as proper as some would prefer, but quite honestly it really troubles me when I read response like the one posted from the Puerto Rico Mayor Bashing the US for not acting as fast as she would prefer. Still, I pray and ask you to pray as well for the people in Puerto Rico this morning who are suffering and in some cases dying from the storms.

Rest well my dear friends as we continue to do and that is render help to those in need of help due to the terrible ordeals of supply and demand of those in need of help to restore human dignity to those affected by the storms, quakes, and fires that have occurred around the world. May God bless all of those who have helped in the past and encourage those who will in the future? Meanwhile “Our Destiny Awaits”

Good morning everyone. Well it looks like Sept. 30th really didn't mean anything again another false date. One of these days someone will get it right. LOL

Got any intel Admin ?

Hubby crabby. Treading lightly and won’t be in much today. He is just weary and tired of waiting. He will pull up in a few days....I hope

Ladyz, my hubby is in the same mood. I just try to bring him any positive news

Mine doesn’t want to hear anything about it today. Bless his heart. He has been a trooper for 10 years almost 11. ee you all later. Love you so much. My only outlet for this. Thanks again

Give your husbands magnesium most are lacking it causes depression and moodiness that and a good stiff drink lol lol sorry

But I do hope this does not go into December as the zerohedge article implied, ref the reset to gold. Now is good.

we need a secret code

People are so narrow sited lol

Admin - reading up & surprised youve already had a troll.. Im with Avon on a secret code . . lol --- But isnt there a section above that only members can read ~ without any trolls? ..just thinking outloud..

Tbirdd... or a "locked room" how do we do that ?

gosh that won't work.. scratch that ....... their in so lock it they'll still be in........ Im a blonde what can I say LMBO

I'm sorry, but that is a crying shame. Some one we know and talk to daily..... where's the trust ? Isn't that labeled under two faced , cheating, liar ! Just saying... ok I'm done !

My I am flattered that anyone would want to repeat what we say in here....we need windtalkers!

admin . wow i didnt know .. geeze..

Meek.. true .. but gosh, get permission , I mean how would they like it if their child, sister/brother, friend run all over town telling their personal stuff.... It just isn't right ! But then again, what is right , Right !!!!

tap once for rv in 48 hrs., tap twice for No Soup For Youuu..

Tbirdd you mean ,,, tap ----- tap x2 or tap tap

anything secret-code'ish. here's where knowing morse code might help.. hehe

Yes, but ha ha ha I don't know morse code LMBO

Meek-NO i didnt see it, but i just uttered the same words..lol

Avon if they did that we could ban them

THAT........ would be quite the site wouldnt it?

GA all! One thing about Beny, he doesn't let anyone silence him........not Trolls, not other Christians, not even Morons.

Actually I am going to stop, becuase this is information given by gurus that havent been right on anything to this date....lol.

Yes but FB shut his fake news reports lol. The audio ones so he said .

FB did that, not Beny. I think he talks MORE when he's been attacked.! interesting.

so as 006 says whats shaking peeps

I think everyone is pretty much burnt out and frustrated at this point Big Fish !

My window is starting to close it's getting cold

Blue wolf and every one els i talk to is saying we will be @ the Bank tuesday wed

Big fish is there evidence to support this?

Wiz do u have any proof it will not happen

im not sure how the markets will react

Was reviewing all the notes and appears all positive. Thank you Big Fish, 006, Halo, KLS, Sand, and all the positive folks who brought the motivations for the day!!

006, the Greek appreciate you having this room for all of us to share and touch base with each other

It's great to be able to communicate with each other freely thanks to 006!. Cause Lord knows most think we r ?! Lol

My wife tells me everyday that I'm an idiot

006, I don't think so.... but I love the "I don't know nothing" you say. That is your trade mark.LOL

I know there are many folks tired, weary, and wanting this done. But there are also folks in here so up lifting and make others feel good for the time being. This is a great room folks. Just my 2 cents

We have to keep each other up we know we are at the end of this in many ways lol

I heard Tony was on om today and people were giving him a hard time

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