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Dreamer's Wednesday Drama  9/27/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/27/17

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Dreamer's Wednesday Drama  9/27/17 Empty Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/27/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:04 pm









Dreamer's Wednesday Drama  9/27/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754

So here we are mid-week and we find ourselves still waiting for the 800 number or directions to call for an appointment to exchange our currency. Over the years I have heard of many people having huge sums of foreign currency that they purchased because they wanted to be among the “super rich” in our society. Well I guess that would be fine for those folks who can handle it. I just want bills paid off.

Oh, I guess that is kind of silly when you think about it. After all most of the bills came from purchases that I made believing I was going to live long enough to pay them off along with the interest that I agreed to without really understanding what I was doing. Well the good thing about this waiting for the RV to happen, it has given me the time that I should have taken when I made those purchases.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I give thanks along with my prayers each night that You have given me pause to review my past indiscretions both physically and financially. All the while as an Insurance, Agent while I was helping people with their final expenses, I was ignoring the one thing that I should have done first, take care of my own financial future. While working it was easy, then the accident…

Dear Lord God Almighty, forgive us for being so narrowly focused on making money and purchases, while forgetting just how fragile the human body is. Now I think about the mess of my finances that I am leaving for my surviving family members and I find myself saying “How could I have ever been so stupid and short sighted?” I suspect many here on this chat can relate to similar financial mistakes.

My friends fear not the delay in getting our investments done. Perhaps, all this is part of a plan that none of us really knew before. Learn from our past mistakes and teach our children about preparing for the unknown. When I was young, I never thought about dying much less who would have to deal with the bills that I might leave behind. Seek good financial counseling and don’t repeat your mistake of the past.

Rest well my dear friends that I quite possibly will never meet. We all have the most important part of our lives to take care of and teach other not to make the same bad mistakes that we may have made in our relatively short span of time we have on this earth. May God Bless you all. “Our destiny awaits”

Should anyone care to listen to RR's call today ~ https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=101828568

thanks Snake. miss Tony so much. he was happy and quite fun to listen to.

I just read the latest sit rep from Yosef and you is talking bad about Bruce, Ray, and Tony. Called them fraud and they need to not be listened to, yet he is asking for money was his new site

Since Yosef came out and admited he was lying-WHO-who is beliving in what he is saying..

Forget the yoyo. Who wants to be associated with this figure when they belatedly call this community stupid and how does one deal with his hate????n not for me

Hello everyone! Yes I just read the yosef post, wow. Dinarland Gurus are at it....lol. Really we already knew they were making money of the products the promote on thier sites.

yesterday was a hard mental day. We all have them. Today feels a lot better.

WOW - Gerry & IKO kicked the it to the curb when Duncan came on the seen. YoYo then search for another venue, Bruce. When he was starting to steer the program Dr. WC was the target. Now the the Bridges are all burning what will happen next?

What a derogatory Sitrep he just put out "CarpetBaggers"......what makes him so righteous with correct info while putting Everyone Else down. I personally would not sign up with his Human Angels Services. Isn't he calling the kettle black by charging for his website as well.

Seabreeze he is now charging $10. a month to everyone that joins his group which he claims he has 50 or 60 thousand! nice chunk of change ...

Hi Halo ..... and a room cost how much ??????

That's Yoseph for his church site !

That sad part is there are actually Sheeple giving that fool money....

Beny says things are moving very fast waiting for Trump to sign gold backed it could happen anytime now watch the price of gold and the index . His prophet told him no announcement...

Beny: Don't fall for chaos and panic. Abadi is corrupt and a moron. Watch for the dollar index to go down and a financial annoucement of collapse. gold will go to $10k silver higher (best buy). silver not higher than gold, I meant higher than it is now...maybe up to $600 I've heard

ole benny just watched rickards video...and is repeating what he said COULD happen

Boy, I'm away 1 day and all heck breaks out in Dinarland! Maybe I should stay away more often. Need to read what the heck Y wrote to cause such an uproar, he's an ass, as in Donkey

Peeps ignore them all - it insanity is a good thing, remain sure footed and don't give your currency to anyone till at the bank.

Ok, I'm doing the math, Y wants $10 a month from 50,000 people ( his numbers not mine ) is the 1/2 million a month??? Whose the charlatan ?

h all, ya know, if I go to a storage cabinet and see a bottle of poison I don't think well I can take a little sip and be ok. Well I still let some poison in me and will do damage----DON'T EVEN LOOK at his crap (yo yo)

Sheeple-What is scary.....Is these people are going to have money!!!

Green, I know- totally frightening - but if they join his Church Bank they won't have it for long.

yep....i think my poop picking up days are over for quite awhile. i had dobermans..... i dont miss that part AT ALL!

My brother-in-law had one. Wouldn't let his wife in bed until he told it to stop.
A doberman!

ahhh... yes, another high strung pet. and a bit protective

Reading down about Yosef: He came in like a community organizer or NGO. He finally landed in the inner city of Dinarland and took it over. He became what the community wanted until THEY served THEMSELVES up on a silver platter. Pain and pleasure, pain and pleasure is an age old brainwashing technique. He praises and encourages then he spanks. Rinse and repeat.

warsaw..I don't mind saying he is a feminine hygiene product...

Has anyone heard from Awake in3D lately?

Think...he has been incognito for months now I think

Good Evening All...I had a dream this afternoon that we were all waiting to be called individually for our appointments...so hope it is true...Smile

I see one of the moron gurus is say sometime after Oct 1 st lol

I think they R all morons and I not lieing lol

I think they R all morons and I not lieing lol

Halo in the dream I was told we would not be doing the 800's the way it has been presented...who knows, but it was interesting.

That may be a message Jumpy we are all capable of getting them . Hope that's true

I was hearing things in my sleeps it kept saying I'm a moron lol

admin006...No way you are a moron...Just saying!

Don't forget about Nancy foundati9on call tonight

uhoh frank says he is going to be strange tonight lmao...........

Frank can't get more strange lol

Or am I just a "Moron?" LOL

Anyone listening to Frank ? I am waiting for PTR call he is very late ...

Halo, I've been listening to PTR since 5pm... no delay. I'd hang up and call back in

Halo: I am on the phone and the call has been going on since 8:01

F26 is ending. Lastly he was saying something about some classes in October. Got in too late to know more.

Someone said the IMF mtg is Oct. 1...maybe speech before that...or after the first week of classes on the 16...bank classes?

Where is our friend tool hiding? Haven't seen him in awhile

Maybe on Wsomn lol


Where the hell is fish? Let me see if I can find him

Phillip Tilton said start the RV party

I found the fish and he said he better but his wife was in the hospital. Bladder removed . She is home resting

006: Cancer?

I never asked

im still here but with the quality and quantity of pms i got, i am now just a lurker......according to one.....im am now trollfan4....that was cool.....lol

D tool no need to lurk come on down

one even wrote i was better off deleting myself and after ,and i quote....kill myself.....just wow

Tool pm

People all certainly have different personalities and egos expressions.

Tool That is terrible! Glad you are back

Tell us who said it we will ban them lol

when I open this chat I said we only have 2 rule show respect and do not remove anything and post on other sites those rules are still active

Admin006: Last weekend there was a lot of frustrations and I am afraid that respect for one and ALL went out the window.

I'm getting close to our resident troll

Turtle the troll catcher !

006 go get em' and please find out who was so rude to tool... that is just uncalled for

good luck admin006. Hope the hunt is a success and you catch the beast

If I'm corr6 you guy will not believe who the troll is

oh admin try us

You know I have heard that expression you might as well kill yourself and although not at all nice it's being used around a lot with younger adults .

Halo - that is just horrible... that needs to stop.

And, I did see that person call tool a trollfan...damned if I can remember who it is...makes me angry.....I like tooly!!!

Ray's open mic on

If u all want to listen to that cat that's up to you I have no issues u postin6 the number but RR may


if you really want open mic # it is out there on youtube..those nick types post it

Am taking the liberty to post some personally requested information from a close friend located on the southen tip of a 13 mile long island who has tremendous contacts, the inquiry was triggered by all the speculation about going past the end of Sept, just received his return call close to 2230 his time and everything he can surmise is we should be a go before months end. Can either of us guarantee NO, do I respect his opinion YES

I have had a similar contact like yours Snake, but I did not mention it earlier because this person is one who I have confidence in myself so right or wrong I am still in the wait and see mode.

Word just out from Playboy that Hugh Hefner has pasted at 91

Did he have a smile on his face? :0) The man probably saw more feminize back sides than the average toilet seat.

Ted you and I could probably tell some stories about those early days

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