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Mountain Goat 9/27/17

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Mountain Goat   9/27/17 Empty Mountain Goat 9/27/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:06 am

September 27, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Today I have to come to you with more not so good recent news form Iraq but must first I must clarify more gobbly-goop intel being passed around by this guy Frank26 and Delta. Yes – he one of the biggest scammers out there and I would totally stay away from him. I would not waste my time paying for his backroom forum or even to listen to his calls. It is all nothing but a scam. Get it? He has not been accurate with anything and I gotta tell you he just makes this stuff up. Again he is one of these guys who take a grain of truth (to get you hooked) and makes it into a mountain of intel (bullshit).

His gobbly-goop intel is same old stuff over and over again just a new spin each time. I swear he must stay up nights thinking of new ways to pump this RV. He told you that the reinstatement was going to happen in September. Yes – he is the one who started this damned rumor. He even told you at the time he had no evidence to prove what he was saying. This is the only part of his claim that was not a lie.

Now he is telling everyone that the hurricanes (hurricane Maria and Joseph) are a great sign that the second of coming of Jesus is close at hand and these storms are welcoming in a new age and preceding it is a time of great prosperity. He says our prosperity is very near too, the prosperity of the RV and indirectly connects it with this second coming. Really Frank?

This is the same guy that charges you to get into his “backsite” to read articles. These articles are free to see from the news media. Why are you paying for them? Are you that stupid? These are also the same articles I bring you for totally FREE from any charge. Why are you paying this scammer for public news?
Can you be that stupid or just brain dead?
This is what he also said about the RV. See my comments in brackets ( ):

PS- I find it very funny how he can make all this stuff up and instead not be concerned about what is really happening in Iraq. Again they take a grain of sand (truth) and make it into a mountain of intel (bullshit).
Here is what Frank26 said:

Frank26: “Abadi has been hard at work while the UN waited, and planned.

Re: Referendum vote: What the Kurds are doing is just a rebellion - the UN said no, and no means no.

Mnt Goat :(Trust me this is not my “opinion” either. The Kurds are not just being rebellious and this is not just some “smoke” screen for the RV. How ridiculous is this Frank and his bullshit?

Barzani fully intends to separate Kurdistan from the Iraqi Republic but remember this is not an overnight deal. It will take years to accomplish. Meanwhile what will be the GOI response? How about the response of its neighbors? There will be many impacts all around. We are told it will not be pleasant and like the 1860’s civil war in the US, the Kurds will not be allowed to leave peacefully. There will be trouble! So Frank 26 is full of more of his bullshit)

Frank26: The Kurds were caught stuffing their ballot boxes and the referendum failed, that is why months ago we said pay no attention to the Kurds - this was all planned. The 48 hrs are up - and Abadi is just about ready to make his speech/ or made it!

Mnt Goat: (This could not be farther from the truth. I don’t know or care where the hell he gets his information from. It is all lies. The Kurds overwhelmingly voted for the referendum and got over 60% turnout for the vote and the voting process was a huge success.)

Frank26: Abadi knew about the 25th months ago - he now needs to make a public speech that the whole of Iraq is now FREE, Welcome International world.

Mnt Goat: (Oh -here we go again with more hype about some idiotic speech that Abadi has to make about the RV that is supposed to trigger it. How about letting this rumor rest and put it to bed? When we all learn this is all nothing by another false event being lied to and told to you to make you believe the RV is going to happen some time very soon. Of course for Franks case he needs to sell more currency and his sales always soar at any news of a pending RV. )

Frank26: Then they go directly into article 8.
The big screens are up and right where they need to be.

Mnt Goat: (So here we go again! Now we have the second idiot telling everyone the purpose for the Big TV screens are for the RV and Abadi’s speech for the RV. I told you so…….Folks Iraq is already half way into Article 8. They have been working hard for almost a decade to get there. Yes – they need to immerse fully in Article 8 to be an international player and this is coming shortly.)

Frank26: We are watching the next 5 days for Abadi's big speech.

Abadi has a date and month, but he can't say it... Next 5 days Abadi can now do what he wants as they are a completely liberated nation.

He will make his speech in country.”

Mnt Goat: (Didn’t I tell everyone to stay away from all idiots who tell you they know something you don’t know but they can’t tell you cause it too sensitive to tell you….Of course Abadi has a date. The GOI always has a target. Remember the “EARLY 2017” target? This does not mean much if they can’t meet the target, does it? So let’s watch and see if Frank is correct in that Iraq will be “fully” liberated from ISIS. That would be Oct 2nd? Although I would not hold your breath relying on this guy for anything HONEST or TRUTHFUL.)

More news….

So in my recent post I told everyone not to expect anything soon as far as an RV. Iraq is now experiencing major crises and this is disappointing as we really don’t know how this is all going to turn out. Politically Iraq could in-fact fall apart and end up with an internal civil war with Kurdistan. Remember the Kurds hold 1/3 of all political positions within the GOI. Oh – didn’t think about this one did you Mr Guru? Maybe you should before you shoot off your big mouth with your “opinion” that the referendum does not matter?

I am hopeful that the new democracy is strong enough and they will not resort to forceful civil unrest or war. But there is still way too much POLITICAL and SECURITY instability to even think they would push out a reinstatement of their currency at this time.

Do they need a higher rate to their currency?
This is a loaded question and is hard to define. Yes – many economists believe the currency SHOULD be valued much higher than it is (and I agree), but let’s not get into this bullshit about a $3.22 pre-war value. It is not just that easy to now flip a switch and bring back this value. When a country is war torn and has over 20 years of sanctions, it is not that easy.

Times have changed and it is not the same country as post 1991 gulf war. Some believe they must come to level of stability and get back to normal life first. These are the IMF, World Bank and many other influential organizations that do count. Yes- they really have the final say and not Iraq.

For instance how will the GOI pay all it debts without the revenue from the Kurdistan oil, if the Kurds succeed? Will the GOI forcefully try to occupy Kurdistan to enforce the 2005 constitution? When will the ISIS fighting be over? This fighting is draining the revenues of the GOI from going elsewhere, where they are needed to rebuild the country. The CBI reserves are at an all time low since 2011. These are all factors to consider. Are they ready to RV as far as the reforms and what the CBI has done to set them up? Yes – they are fully ready, but it is these factors now that plan a major role in triggering the final part of the process of the “project to delete the zeros”. This final process is what we watch and wait for.

The CBI will be responsible for trigging this reinstatement so we pay attention to what they are doing. When the CBI talks – I listen….However the IMF and other agencies are to first approve the CBI actions in this regard, so we also listen to them. But what we should not be doing is listening to all this rubbish about madam Woo or other such NESARA bullshit. These idiots know very little and just make up this stuff and spread their rumors and hype.

You tell me- How can Iraq reinstate their currency now?

More news….

So the vote by the Kurds to break of from Baghdad was overwhelming in favor of this action. But remember this was just a vote to poll the citizens. There is not yet any break off and we have been told this could take as much as year or more to complete. I believe this is now a huge bargaining chip the Kurds can use with Baghdad. What do they want? They want a law to implement Article 140 and HCL (finalized) for their constitution as well as other laws that need to be passed that effect their region.

More news….

The United States is deeply disappointed that the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to conduct today a unilateral referendum on independence, including in areas outside of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The United States' historic relationship with the people of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region will not change in light of today's non-binding referendum, but we believe this step will increase instability and hardships for the Kurdistan region and its people.

The unilateral referendum will greatly complicate the Kurdistan Regional Government's relationship with both the Government of Iraq and neighboring states. The fight against ISIS is not over, and extremist groups are seeking to exploit instability and discord. We believe all sides should engage constructively in a dialogue to improve the future of all Iraqis. The United States opposes violence and unilateral moves by any party to alter boundaries.

The United States supports a united, federal, democratic and prosperous Iraq and will continue to seek opportunities to assist Iraqis to fulfill their aspirations within the framework of the constitution.

More news….

Called Rafidain Bank citizens borrowers to commit to pay the monthly installments of financial payments to the bank to ensure the continuation of public interest and not subject to legal consequences.

"The bank's general management urges customers, small business owners, borrowers to purchase cars and others to pay their installments in order to ensure the continuity of interest expansion among as many citizens as possible," the bank's information office said.
He pointed out that 'the bank will be forced to take legal action against the complainants to pay their debts and will put in coordination with the Directorate of General Traffic signs of parking on vehicles belonging to default owners to pay their installments'

More news….

American military contractors operating in Iraq are accusing Baghdad of employing strong-arm tactics to make them pay exorbitant income taxes, a practice they've warned the Trump administration is hampering the fight against Islamic State extremists.

More news….

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has given the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) three days to hand over control of its airports if it seeks to avoid an international air embargo, a retaliatory move the Iraqi government says will take against the independence-seeking region in the wake of a highly controversial referendum.

The Iraqi premier made the remarks in a weekly press conference in the capital Baghdad on Tuesday. He said international flights to and from the Kurdish region would be suspended in three days.

Last week, Baghdad called on all countries to stop direct flights to the international airports of Erbil, the capital city of the KRG, and Sulaymaniyah, another city in the Iraqi Kurdistan, but so far only Iran has put in place such an air embargo, halting direct flights to the region on Sunday.

Abadi added that Baghdad would not negotiate with the Kurdish authorities the results of the provocative plebiscite on the independence of the KRG, which is led by Massoud Barzani. The Iraqi prime minister said the whole nation would suffer from the repercussions of the “unconstitutional” move.

Then what happened next…

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Noyert criticized the Iraqi government's decision to close the air ports of the Kurdistan region as a punitive measure against the backdrop of Monday's referendum. 

"The closure of the air ports by the government in Baghdad is not right," Nuert said at a press conference. "We do not accept any escalation or violence on both sides." "We do not support the step of the referendum of Kurdistan and do not take sides with the Baghdad government, but we support the unity of Iraq."
Meanwhile….what next..?

US Congressman Trent Franks presented a bill to the US Congress calling for Kurdish support for the establishment of an independent state after the end of the independence referendum for Kurdistan.
Franks, a Congressman from Arizona, asked the US Congress to support the Kurdish state that "would reject Turkey's wishes in the region," Franks said.
According to the daily "Daily Callar", "The purpose of the project Franks known for its support to the Kurdish people is that the House of Representatives that the people of the Kurdistan Region has the right to self-determination and establish a sovereign state."

More news….

The coalition of state law is leading a campaign to dismiss the President of the Kurdish Republic Fuad Masum, and all employees of the ranks of special and public and military leaders. The deputy for the coalition of state law, Haider Mawla Arab Jerusalem, that a set of signatures submitted to the Presidency of the House of Representatives demanding the dismissal of President Fuad Masum.

More news….

(I smell something fishy going on here!)
Several members of the Barzani family are also involved in smuggling money to America, Lebanon, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany, as well as embezzling money, gambling and immoral activities, the report said.
The Barzani family has hundreds of billions of dollars in international banks, with Barzani's wealth alone estimated at $ 373 billion outside Iraq, the agency said.
(I want to remind everyone that one of the reasons the GOI has not been paying Kurdistan their 17% on a regular basis is because they have not been paying the contractors on time, as they promised. So where does the money go when they are piad? So we learned recently that nearly 80% of arears has been paid to Kurdistan. They demanded 100%. Then we witnessed Abadi asking them why oil companies are demanding to get paid, when the KRG is holding back. Something is not right here and we can see Kurdistan is not innocent in their dealings. The negotiations with the GOI have not been honest from both sides.)

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


The results of the referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region from Iraq revealed a wide participation rate of 80 percent, according to local reports, prompting the Supreme Electoral Commission for the referendum in Kurdistan to extend the vote for an additional hour ended at 7 pm local time.

According to a report published by the Kurdish channel Rudaw, close to the authorities in the region, the percentage of "Yes" according to preliminary results was 95.4% in Halabja, while 98.2% in Berdersh and 97.6% in Aqra.

The percentage of participation in the referendum according to the regions was as follows: Erbil 84 per cent, Dahuk 90 per cent, Kirkuk 78.77 per cent, Ninawa Plain 86 per cent, Khanaqin 92 per cent, 94 per cent, Makhmore 87.3 per cent, (86 per cent), Zakho 94 per cent, Amadiyah (Amidi) 89 per cent, Rawanduz 90 per cent, Juman 91 per cent, Mirke Sur 98 per cent and Halabja 58 per cent.

(Frank26 told everyone on Monday night’s call that only 40% of Kurds voted in favor of the referendum. We can see now he does not know what the hell he is talking about.



American military contractors operating in Iraq are accusing Baghdad of employing strong-arm tactics to make them pay exorbitant income taxes, a practice they've warned the Trump administration is hampering the fight against Islamic State extremists.

To force payment of the taxes, which the companies say are haphazardly calculated and can total millions of dollars, Iraqi authorities have held up — and even threatened to stop altogether — delivery of essential supplies, including food, fuel and water, bound for U.S. and coalition forces, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Associated Press.
Iraqi government officials also have refused to issue, or have delayed, the delivery of work visas to employees of companies that won't hand over the money.
A senior executive at a U.S. company that supports American troops in Iraq said contractor vehicles are stopped at checkpoints frequently and ordered to produce documents that certify they've paid the taxes or prove their company has received an extension from Iraq's tax commission. The executive spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation from the Iraqi government for speaking out publicly.
He said the Iraqis typically calculate the tax bills by first determining the total value of the contract and then charging 20 percent of what they estimate the company's gross revenue would be. That can lead to eye-popping yet wildly inaccurate totals as high as $20 million. The big number is really aimed at getting the company to agree on a smaller yet still substantial amount, the executive said.

Najiha Abbas Habib, director general of Iraq's tax authority, rejected the allegation U.S. contractors are being gouged. American companies working in Iraq are not exempt from taxation, she said, adding that Iraq's tax rates are actually lower than other Middle East countries.

"Many foreign companies operate in Iraq without paying any taxes at all," Habib said.

Robert Mearkle, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, denied the tax demands have undercut the counterterrorism mission. "Iraqi enforcement of tax laws has not disrupted U.S. efforts to defeat ISIS," he said in an emailed statement, using an alternative acronym for the militant group that in 2014 burst into western and northern Iraq from Syria.

But a trade group representing a number of the contractors told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson several months ago that the tactics present a "direct threat to the U.S. government's mission in Iraq." The Professional Services Council also said in the previously undisclosed May 1 letter to Tillerson that the arbitrary way the Iraqis are collecting the taxes heightens the potential for fraud and waste in a country that already ranks as one of the most corrupt in the world.

David Berteau, president of the Professional Services Council, estimated in an AP interview that the Pentagon spent about $1 billion in just the last year on contracts with about 20 U.S. companies for support in Iraq. The work ranges from supplying U.S. and coalition bases to construction and weapon system maintenance.

Berteau said the companies either seek reimbursement from the U.S. government for the taxes or build the expense into the price they charge on the contract.
"Either way, U.S. taxpayers eventually foot the bill," Berteau said.

But the Trump administration hasn't confronted senior Iraqi officials over the matter. Tillerson, in a brief response he sent the organization in early July, said a diplomatic note between the two countries approved in 2014 during the Obama administration gave U.S. government personnel but not contractors protections from Iraqi law.

Tillerson said the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad routinely engages with the Iraqi government "to ensure fair treatment" of the U.S. contractors working there. But he also said it's "always important that U.S. companies follow local laws," which include the payment of taxes.
And Tillerson gave no indication the Trump administration would pursue what U.S. companies with overseas contracts really want: an agreement with the Iraqi government that gives them exemptions from the taxes and other legal protections to shield them from being prosecuted in Iraqi courts.

Iraq's push for the taxes has coincided with a sustained drop in oil prices. Oil revenue makes up nearly 95 percent of Iraq's budget, but the country has been reeling under an economic crisis since 2014, when prices began falling from a high of above $100 a barrel.
The seizure of territory across Iraq by the Islamic State group in 2014, including the fall of Mosul, worsened the situation. Badly needed resources have been diverted from productive investment to fight a long and costly insurgency.

U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in Iraq, referred questions to the State Department. The command declined to provide a list of the U.S. companies in Iraq with Defense Department contracts.

Among the companies operating in Iraq are General Dynamics Land Systems and DynCorp International. General Dynamics, which is based in Michigan, received a $65 million contract late last year to support Iraq's fleet of M1A1 battle tanks. DynCorp, located in McLean, Virginia, won a contract in 2015 with a potential value of $139 million to school Iraqi troops in vehicle maintenance and repair. Neither company responded to requests for comment about whether they'd paid taxes to the Iraqi government.

In its version of the annual defense policy bill, the GOP-led House Armed Services Committee expressed concern over Iraq's tax collection efforts. The legislation, approved in July, requested a briefing by the Defense and State departments on "tax collection, visa denials, and other issues that are affecting U.S. civilian contractors in Iraq."

And Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate's No. 2 Republican, has thrown his support to the U.S. companies, telling Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that he's concerned the income tax demands could lead American contractors to avoid Iraq altogether.

Cornyn wrote in early August that Iraq is "the only unstable conflict zone in the world where U.S. contractors and their employees have no legal tax protections."


by Layla Mohammed 

Nov 9, 2008
Iraq-Feature BAGHDAD / IraqiNews.com: Economists have agreed that the long-term project of deleting zeros from the currency which the Central Bank is planning to implement needs ‘unavailable’ economic stability. “The central bank’s decision to delete the three zeros is not a new decision in the long run on the economic arena, and there are several countries that adopted that decision, including Germany,” Economist Abdul Karim al-Halafi told IraqiNews.com. “The Iraqi case does not have the objective conditions to delete the zeros because Iraq suffers from structural economic problems and a high percentage of inflation as well as the increase in the unemployment rate,” al-Halafi said.
“Iraq can’t continue this decision in the short run nor the long run,” he added, noting that Iraq can delete the zeros when there is a strong production and no structural disorder. The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) had announced last October a long-run project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi dinar to improve the Iraqi currency status.

For his part, Hilal al-Taan, researcher and academic, said “deleting zeros project was suggested by Finance Minister Bayan Jabr al-Zubaidi and could be studied and implemented as a medium or long-run project and could not be implemented without an economic stability and the improvement of the Iraqi dinars exchange rate.”
Meanwhile, Abdul Hussein al-Aanbaki, the prime minister’s adviser, objected the project and told IraqiNews.com “I do not agree with this policy and I do not agree with changing the currency shape or deleting the three zero.” He stressed that the situation will not change for the Iraqi citizen and the only thing that could happen is paying extra money for canceling the old currency and reprinting the new currency and will not has a positive impact on the inflation. Another economist, Mohamed Islamil, told IraqiNews.com “deleting the three zeros is a very complicated economic issue which needs accurate statistics and analysis for the whole economic activities, the matter is not available in Iraq.”

Mnt Goat comments: (Remember this article is a blast from the past. But I presented it today because if you were probably not around way back in 2008, like I was, then you would not have read these articles so you would not know any better that the conditions for an RV in Iraq are not yet there. Besides not knowing this you are being pumped with the gobbly-goop from the so called intel “gurus” who also don’t have any idea. So you have non-experts feeding the massed false information. So today let’s get it straight.

Please read the article. It says everything that the follow-up articles on this topic of the project to delete the zeros have been saying ever since.

Here is the list of issues they have with continuing with the project to delete the zeros. They has these issues way back in 2008 and still do. Yes – there were short periods where things did look good better like in 2012 (targeted early 2013) then again in 2015 (targeted early 2016) then told us targeting early 2017 contingent upon Security situation being resolved by then.

I quote from the article “Iraqi case does not have the objective conditions to delete the zeros because:”

1. suffers from structural economic problems
2. a high percentage of inflation (this I believe is now under control)
3. high unemployment rate

So what is the good news? When can Iraq then continue with the “project to delete the zeros”?

I quote from the 2008 article above – “Iraq can delete the zeros when there is a strong production and no structural disorder”

Remember later in 2015 and 20016 they told us they needed “Security” and “Political Stability”. But remember this was from the CBI and not the economists. The CBI is taking direction from the IMF while the economists just give opinion based on economic conditions.

So what else did the economists say in 2008? I quote from the article above.

“Iraq can’t continue this decision in the short run nor the long run” (in other words it is like a double edged sword. You know you can’t continue without it and it makes life harder now, but you know it will not be easy to get there and will take time, either way it is not going to be easy.)

“The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) had announced last October (2007) a long-run (long-term) project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi dinar to improve the Iraqi currency status.” ( so now we know when they were first planning the project and set it in motion. Can you see all the progress they have made up until now? Can you see we are on the verge of this final parts to this project?)

(project to delete the zeros can be) “implemented as a medium or long-run project and could not be implemented without an economic stability and the improvement of the Iraqi dinars exchange rate”.

(remember Dr Shabibi got the rate to 1166 and now it is about 1182 due to inflation. What does this tell you? Remember the higher the rate the more dinars it takes to make one US dollar so this is bad…not good…We want a lower rate whenever they speak of the 3 zero notes.)


373 billion dollars Barzani's wealth of money laundering and gambling

24/09/2017 09:30
Trend Press / Reports

A Turkish press report highlighted the activities of Massoud Barzani's illegal family in Kurdistan as a money laundering operation.

"One member of the Barzani family, Saman Sabr Barzani, owner of Zacros, regularly transfers millions of dollars to outside Kurdistan through Erbil International Airport," the report said.

Noting that "once, he transferred $ 20 million dollars and confirmed the validity of these activities by Erbil airport director," Sirwan Ali Reza, "when he said," the rate of transfers to more than four times every three months. "

After that, the intelligence investigations officer, Barzani's son "delighted", opened investigations with the staff of Erbil airport, to find out the identity of the information lane.

Several members of the Barzani family are also involved in smuggling money to America, Lebanon, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany, as well as embezzling money, gambling and immoral activities, the report said.
The Barzani family has hundreds of billions of dollars in international banks, with Barzani's wealth alone estimated at $ 373 billion outside Iraq, the agency said.

Source: Eckord News

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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