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 "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK   9/22/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK 9/22/17

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 "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK   9/22/17 Empty "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK 9/22/17

Post by Ssmith on Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:07 pm

 "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK   9/22/17 Image1

"Pushing Hands"

Understanding that everything is spirit or energy materialized into a recognizable shape and form known as matter can open the door to better appreciate any experience you are going through. All forms of tribulation offer valuable learning opportunities to express a higher understanding of ourselves and the connections we have to the world around us. The Tai Chi practice called pushing hands is used to teach better form. But the principles of pushing hands are a perfect way to face our day to day problems as we emerge from this bubble we've been living in.

Ting jing Energy: Listening energy, a heightened level of attention
In this moment as you connect with a higher purpose that exists both inside and outside of yourself, it is helpful to be aware of the Ting Jing energy. Listen for the still small voice within you that confirms or denies the voices outside of you trying to push and pull you in one direction or the other. This kind of listening is more than just sound, but a metaphysical focus and awareness to what your spirit is telling you about the message, action, and impact of what you are receiving.

Dong Jing Energy: understanding energy

Noticing the direction a force is moving towards us and understanding the intention of that force.

We often miss an opportunity to effectively respond to an action because we do not understand the intention of what has happened. When a dog barks loudly we may react by running away thinking we are being attacked. However, in some cases the dog may be crying out for help because it's in pain or caught in a trap or just saying hello. Understanding the purpose of an action allows us to effectively process and make more intelligent decisions that serve not only our own best interests but the greater good of the whole.

Hua Jing Energy: neutralizing energy
Redirecting a push energy, not by combatting it but by meeting it and using the energy created by it to cause movement away from the intended target.

We are engaged daily by all types of energies that seem to oppose us. In fact, they can be used the same way as energies that support us. We must be willing to meet these energies at their point of impact and use the force they create to serve a purpose more in line with the goal we wish to achieve. Someone may intend to hurt us or provoke or start a fight by using an insult, or taking mean spirited action. To neutralize such an act, one can meet it at its point of impact and guide the energy on its path without allowing it to impact us in the way it was intended.

Fa Jing Energy: Discharging energy, being in alignment with the greater purpose and using that to strike
We often use prayers to ask for one thing or another. Yet prayer is most effective when we pray according to the will of the Father. These prayers are always answered because they are in agreement with his desires. Any action we take to achieve an outcome can be more effective when we are spiritually aligned with the greater will of God.

Consider the power of applying these principles to our own inner conflicts, disappointments, and challenges. We are at the cusp of an energetic shift to change the world. If we are willing to listen attentively with a true intent to understand, and to neutralize the hatred and fear that is being thrown at us, then maybe we can be in line with the greater purpose and use the energy of our enemy's hate to exchange it for love and forgiveness.

Our defensive attitudes, angry complaints, and reactive actions are not serving our own greater purpose. To be who and what we are supposed to be, we need all of the energy we have in us and that is being used against us to work together to achieve the same goal.

Practice forgiveness. Exercise loving kindness. Look for the good in every situation, and use the rocks that are thrown at us to build bridges. This practice is in perfect alignment with the greater will of God. Your enemy is merely a dissenting voice from the truth you desire to be.

Just be that.


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 "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK   9/22/17 Empty Re: "Pushing Hands" - Message from Steffen Rowe/TANK 9/22/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:28 am

Prevaricative energy - energy put out by lying frauds

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