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RayRat Call Notes 9/18/17

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S - RayRat Call Notes  9/18/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/18/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:23 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 18-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, September 18, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We won’t be before you long today. AS the tweet said, it is still very quiet without much intel to share. There is really only one piece of new intel, that needs to be researched for accuracy.

On Friday we talked about the screens showing live rates, with the possibility of visiting banks on Monday or Tuesday. Some were on the alert on Sunday for possible activity but apparently it didn’t materialize.

Last week Iraqi television broadcasting the CBI plans and banking plans, plus the announcement from Abadi that ‘economic reforms have been completed.’ We’re still waiting for evidence on that. Most of the scuttlebutt was about whether there would be a referendum on the Kurds. Either there is or there isn’t, and I don’t think it affects us either way.

Home sales have been moving in the Caribbean, because of Iraqis purchasing property. I don’t know if that is about revaluation, or just about more money flowing in general. We’ll see as more information surfaces on that. Otherwise, it’s quiet.

[RayRen did send out an exciting update on Saturday evening, saying

A major bank indicates that Dinar is now being tied to SDRs [Special Drawing Rights, the group of major currencies that keeps world currencies stable].

It appears there’s no turning back now. I believe a rate change could be imminent.]

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Do you know if the bank you exchange your Zim with will be the same bank holding your 20%, or will it be a bank in Zimbabwe? If so, can you choose the bank so you do not have to be concerned about the “BIG 5″ and toxic derivatives?
A: I have no idea.

Q: You’d mentioned that the banks were now describing the rates as ‘live’. What does that mean in this instance? The banks are not transacting business freely at those rates yet, or are they?

Q: Upon exchange of the Zim currency is the 5% available to you at that time, or is their a holding period?
A: I was told it would not be immediately available. [In an earlier call, Ray said that we will NOT take any cash away from the exchange appointment, at least not from the Zim. They will start to pay the monthly 5% after 30 days.

Q: Is the Zim expected to be in the first basket?
A: Yes.

Q: Today is the 2nd anniversary of my wife’s passing. She didn’t stick around long enough to see this blessed event, some of the rest of us are getting pretty Mossy. Do you in ” Your heart of hearts ” think this will happen soon?
A: Did I really read that?

Q: Re: Zim, how can a currency that is not tradable and will not become tradable have the value to produce the structure we are expecting? [I don’t know.]It would seem the country of Zimbabwe would have to back the funding of its currency from their reserves.
A: I don’t know. It would seem so, but I don’t know.

Q: At one time I heard that we should use the Lloyds Of London Bank to keep our dinar secure. Is, is this still the bank recommended by you? [RR: No.] What would be the benefits of using Lloyds of London? Are you and Tony going to use the Lloyds of London Bank? A: Not that I know of. [Lloyds is not a bank, they are an insurance company that insures ships and other large projects. Tony never recommended Lloyds, just mentioned it as a place where you can arrange additional insurance on your bank accounts (given that your balance will be well over what the FDIC insures). You have to do your own research about what works best for you.]

Q: What is your understanding of which countries will be in the first basket? Will it include IQN, VNN, Zim, rupiah, Afghani?
A: As I said a few calls back, I was told nine would be in the first basket, including those five.

Q: When we are asking banks if they exchange currency and if our currency will be shipped off to another place; How is the best way to phrase that question to find out now if that bank is suitable to exchange in if we do not get 800 #s and just have to pick any bank?
A: You cannot put your currency into the Roth IRA: the Roth has to purchase it.

Q: Per your post, “A major bank indicates that Dinar is now being tied to SDRs”. Could you elaborate please? As I understand it, the purpose of the SDR is to supplement a country’s currency reserves (quote from the MF site -“to supplement its member countries’ official reserves”). I believe 186 countries participate in regards to being able to receive this type of loan from the five majors, USD, EU, YEN, RMB and GBP. (Another quote from site is, “SDRs can be exchanged for freely usable currencies.”) The question is – Is the IQD now tied to the five majors and able to “lend” to other countries to bump up their reserves?
A: I don’t know; we need to look into that.

Q: When we are asking banks if they exchange currency and if our currency will be shipped off to another place; How is the best way to phrase that question to find out now if that bank is suitable to exchange in if we do not get 800 #s and just have to pick any bank?
A: Phrase it the same way you just phrased it to me.

Q: Any news from the mosque or CBI? Or from the ATMs? Will servicemen and women be able to exchange on their bases?
A: Haven’t heard anything on any of those.

Q: In the Zim pay out we recently heard about the could the 5% monthly draw be coming from the IMF as the base interest rate the IMF pays on SDR’s is exactly that amount.

Q: Any new info about the Zim?
A: No. Over the weekend, a banking source said that the 80/20 would NOT apply.

Live questions

716 caller: When I asked you if this would ever happen, I was not trying to be negative. I’ve been upbeat about this for eight years, and I still am. How is Tony doing?

RayRen: Tony’s great.

610 caller: If you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

[I was called away here for an emergency and missed ten minutes of the call.]

Caller: Can you explain why you were thinking about Tuesday?

RayRen: I was just looking for development of the process, and that intel about the SKRs indicates some movement. The SKR and group activity hinted that something might be processed on Sunday.

Next caller: Why can’t your intel guys just say Yes or No??

RayRen: The intel team we refer to do not work for us; occasionally they pop and share information. We don’t call them every day and ask what they have; they share when they feel like it.

Caller: I know that they are dealing with a lot of nervous people. Can’t they confirm yes or no? It would only take a minute to text that.

RayRen: Some of them don’t know that you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for information. Some of them are not even involved in the process; they are just sharing something they noticed. We then put that together, all the pieces, to see how it relates to the big picture. We do have an intel team, but they are not the sources, they are the people getting the information from the sources.

Caller: I just hate it when people tell me something is going to happen, and then they don’t do it, and I don’t know why.

RayRen: I felt the same way when I first got involved in this, especially on the intel side; that’s why I let Tony deal with it all. It’s a headache, for sure. I am a rate and date guy now, and someone else can deal with the rest. But when it came down to my doing a lot of stuff I don’t like to do, and you’re all counting on this information, I buckled down and we give you what we can. Tony is still talking to people; we are all still plugged in to the same people.

Caller: How confident do you feel about Abadi’s statement that in September the economic reforms willb e complete and the world will feel Iraq’s value?

RayRen: Apparently he already did: Abadi said economic reforms are complete. It’s now in the past rather than the future, and that’s why we are all excited on this side. So we are patiently waiting to see any signs or proof of that.

NY caller: My friends in the Virgin Islands are suffering, and I’m really excited to have this happen this week so I can fly down there to pay it forward. What about you?

RayRen: Yes, I’m hoping for this week as well.

954 caller: You said about the Zim, and 80% will go to humanitarian projects. Does that also apply to people in the groups?

RayRen: That is what we have been told, that it applies to everyone.

Caller: You said that one 100T note translates to 100K per month?

RayRen: That was just an example; it depends on the exchange rate.

Next caller: Did I understand you to say you expect this in the current week?

RayRen: That is just a hopeful expectation.

Caller: Why would they get to this point and just hold everything?! Or is just US that’s on hold?

RayRen: It’s not just us on hold, it’s a process that is unfolding in its own time and space. Yes, we expected good news over the weekend. That doesn’t mean it’s being held up; we won’t know until it happens or doesn’t happen on the office release date.

773 caller: Someone mentioned Tuesday…

RayRen: I’m not sure what you are talking about. Where did Tuesday come from? That’s just a speculative time frame that the banking community was talking about.

Caller: You just said something about the SKRs? Any more new information on that? Or anything more solid on that Tuesday speculation?

RayRen: No.

FL caller: There have been many times this was right there, ready to go, and nobody knows why it was stopped. They really need to let this go!

RayRen: I understand that!

202 caller: Does it matter if it’s circulated or uncirculated?

RayRen: It doesn’t matter unless you have a phobia about money that’s been touched.

AZ caller: On September 8, you said approximately 30 days after the Zim exchange you will receive your first monthly payment of 5% on your 20% allocation – someone brought that up early. Also, good that you’ve heard from your SKR guys. In the past, whenever you have heard from the bankers, there is always a time period before the next group goes through. Now these SKR folks have been on hold; will there be a wait between the SKR people being funded and the internet group exchanging?

RayRen: I have no information indicating that. I would think that if it’s public, it’s public and we’ll all be able to go to the banks.

Closing Statement

Once the switch has been flipped, this could come down in a waterfall, or in a small trickle, we wont’ know until it happens. Be prepared to wait just a little longer to assess the situation and see what way to go in, and what way not to. As more information comes in, I will pass it on.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

September 18, 2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: The text said, “still very is quiet.” Not a lot of new intel to share. Some needs to be researched for accuracy.

Let’s recap: Friday talked about screens showing live rates in anticipation of Mon -Tue in the banks. Some alert on Sunday for possible exchange activity – scenes like that did not materialize or if it did was not made known to me.

TV in Iraq broadcasting the CBI plans for the lower denom’s; getting citizens to come in for banking and the announcement from Abadi that ER’s had completed. Still waiting to see some evidence of the ER’s being completed.

Most of the scuttlebutt of the weekend was about the referendum situation. Is it or isn’t it. Not going to be a big deal to us, because the currency still needs to change in value.

New info that has come to me today is that wholesales are moving in the Caribbean Island areas and it’s believe to be by Iraqi’s making purchases. Don’t know if that’s because of the currency changes or having money and purchasing real estate down in those southern islands.

Maybe you’re not aware the intel team does not work for us. Whenever they feel benevolent to share information they will. . . some of them don’t know your sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me. . . Some of the people that give us information are not even involved in the process . . . they are just sharing something . . .5, 6 or 7 . . . get tidbits . . . put it together from different locations.

CURRENT WINDOW: This week? Ray: That’s a hopeful expectation. There is no date for us to look to . . .

IRAQ: Ray: Abadi has said, “economic reforms are completed.” . . .Waiting to see what that means in a physical representation of that statement.

TV last week was broadcasting the CBI plans for the lower denom’s; getting citizens to come in for banking and the announcement from Abadi that ER’s had completed. / Mosques No news yet today from the TV or mosques!

Currencies: First Basket: Zim along with dinar, rupiah, dong, Afghan. Iran Rial/Toman has been mentioned previously.

Clean, clear certificate ostensibly attests to your funds being free of any suspicion of illegal activity. A bank may or may not give you such a certificate. Ray has no knowledge of this item.

ZIM: Ray: I don’t have any new info about the ZIM. A banking source said over the weekend the 80/20 split would not apply. (In answer to a question on today’s call Ray said on a previous call the 5% ZIM payment would be received approximately 30 days after the exchange.) It does not matter when purchasing ZIM if you purchase circulated or uncirculated currency.


Q & A: TNT Forum
– Bank holding the ZIM 20% will it be here or elsewhere? Ray: Have no idea.
– ??? still recommended by you? Ray: No. Caller: Do you and Tony plan on using Lloyd’s of London? Ray: Not to my knowledge.
– Self-directed Roth IRA set up in advance of purchasing currency or can I put the currency into the Roth IRA? Ray: You can’t put any currency into it. It has to purchase it.

Q & A: Callers
– Can you explain why you were thinking Tuesday? Ray: SKR activity or group activity thinking something would be processed on Sunday.
– Where did the Tuesday date come from? Ray: A speculative time frame the banking community communicated.
– You don’t know of any holdups? Ray: No, I know of any holdups!
-Purchasing ZIM currency, circulated or uncirculated? Ray: Only if you have a phobia about touching money other people have touched.


It’s Monday. Marvelous Monday. Let’s see what the rest of the day brings us information wise. . . .once the flip has been switched, change can happen instantly. Come down in large amounts or trickles.

Wait to see what reveals itself next. When it finally hits, be prepared just a little bit longer to assess the situation. Then we will now which way to go in or when not to. (played “I Believe.”)


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