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Post by Allenj Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:31 pm

.[Guru] Kaperoni may be right in they will float the IQD...BUT it will not float with the notes carrying 3 zeros... NEVER EVER NEVER!  What we are looking for is money moving on market openings 10/8 after 5 pm and transfers etc...  Not to get into all the specifics...We just hope 3 zero notes are in play and the government needs us a mules to house accounts with cash at banks...

ok MR Dum Azz if and i do mean "IF" let say if they (cbi) well we are going to bring the rate up 1.2/1 as a example then the will have to have a manage rate (also know as a manage float) witch you have can out against many times you also stated that the dinar will take a least 5 year to come to 1/1 now according to you MR Dum Azz Kaperoni we still have 4 more years before it become 1/1 and another 3 years according to you witch the cbi has stated it would go back to what it was before Sadam (or the war) according to your pass statement it will be another 7-10 years and longer first of i think you are FOS and know nothing of the market (currency) i am hoping that the CBI nad the GOI make you look like a Fool and the liar that you are once and for all

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