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Dreamer's Friday Drama   9/15/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamer's Friday Drama 9/15/17

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Dreamer's Friday Drama   9/15/17 Empty Dreamer's Friday Drama 9/15/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:43 am





Dreamer's Friday Drama   9/15/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754

Fruitless Friday ahead of us I see, lots of hype of different sorts all through the week then Friday gets here and it all seems to fall apart depending on which Intel provider you listen to that is Just how many different ways can you say close? I’d wager to say that if you have been on this ride for any length of time that you have heard them all. Just one ending without the word close in it would be welcomed.

Sure, I know all of these providers mean well but good golly gosh can’t any of them see how they appear from our perspective and if I hear that phase “kicking the can down the road again I believe I will puke. Now I am not pointing fingers at any of them but I do wish they would just re-read what they have said on the Intel call they so graciously provided then some of them actually are asking for funding.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I guess You have pretty much figured out that I am more than a little ticked off at the information we are receiving. Honestly Father if some of this stuff were in the form of a published newspaper there would be cries of “Fake News” being screamed from the roof tops instead we are subject to the words like “I am limited on just how much information I can give out”.

Dear Lord God Almighty, I know You of all know and feel my frustration. Still, I do believe that the vast majority of our members are good people in search of a way to get themselves, their families and their fellow Americans (both foreign and Domestic) into a better situation. Help us Lord bring this current situation to the end so that we can continue to build our country in the eyes of our enemies.

My fellow members and visitors to this board, please forgive my brashness and speaking out in such a manner that it may have offended you. Know that I can occasionally step on peoples toes which is why I rarely post during the normal board operating hours. There are time I fear that I may have gone too far and each morning when I return to the chat, I am half afraid of being banned for what some may feel as negative.

Rest well my friends, through all the delays for one reason or another we will survive and see better days ahead of us. Soon I hope, but definitely in time…. “Our Destiny Awaits”

Fruitless Friday Dreamer's Friday Drama   9/15/17 No that was the very first thing I see this morning. And frankly it turned my stomach..... I'm sorry but I'm going to praise God that every day is "fruitful"
razzledazzle yes Jester has been around for awhile. His intel was very encouraging wasn't it.

yes Dedar, it was. Mind you, everyone who claims to have contacts is always encouraging. My problem is that I believe them all

Interesting that jester would actually come out and offer a day, more or less, as he did last night. I've been in and out of his chat for years and don't recall him being so specific before.

So, are we waiting for the latest Beny quote? Lol I thought so......beny “WATCH HOW ALL BOTH MY TIMELINES PICTURES AND MY PROFILE PICTURES CHANGES ALL OF THE SUDDEN? . ARE YOU READY?”

Beny will be at the bank 12 noon eastern time

Thanks Halo......50 min. countdown. Smile

I'll keep u posted ! Things are happening hang on !!!!!

Beny is missing in action

Sand Beny had a cc today. He went to the bank and got chewed out for causing all the people who called and came in and wasted bankers time in five branches in L.A. area. He won't be giving another cc until he hears we're live. The rate is still floating and no one can exchange yet but the bankers are ready.

He said he would get back to us today. After visiting the bank. Lol he got chewed out! Well he told us when we see the GREEN button on the screen...we go to the bank.

He needs our support....Anyonr who puts up with the B'S they are told by the bankers, the high-ups ..should receive Kudos.

hi guya .. in from work ~~ KLS i agree - Beny deserves kudos

TBirdd: Got to give him credit, he wants to help us, and is putting himself out there. Today, he got run over by a Mack truck.

KLS .. yess he did! ~ i feel really badly for him

Jester seems to have the best story today - surprising to hear him so optimistic.

Don't know him or have a ever read him

Who is Jester.?

Is jester just a joker

Jester is a LONG time guru.....who hates guru's, and marches by a different beat. some have never agreed with him...some think he is right on the money, and many dont even know he exists. he IS a pretty smart guy. he is also known as a big time sourpuss

if memory serves me correctly, Jester was in the Dave Scmidt camp that you had to be in a group to exchange and you would not get as much as expected, i.e. LOP

Group crap makes no sense to me

t have to be in a group to exchange but the groups already have pre negociated rates. the Wells'sFargo/China Private Placement Group (formerly Generals 64) is one such group. Ihave 51 people in it.

Seems like about 6 years ago i signed up with Gen64 group but never heard anything back from them at all, ever. So, I don't expect to hear or do anything with that group going forward.

I have 51 friends, family members and clients in the Well Fargo /China group. Snickers, if you have the same email you will be contacted by them!

DRL - so when you hear - lets say Bruce say that the Groups are in Reno doing their thing, are you informed of this OR it it NEWS to you?

Has nothing to do with the Wells Fargo/China Group!

drl That's what they said. And yes, email is the same. Even if I did hear from them at the rv, I still will exercise my options to seek other venues of my choosing to ce. I'm certainly not tied to them.

DRL - so this group has good contact between its members?

Snickers, no you are not but I suspecct that the rate will be substantially higher than the regular bank rates.

drl wrote
moments ago
Think Positive: There has been very little contact because there is nothing to doing until the RV!

I remember hearing that same comment about 3 yrs ago lol

Everyone say by to one of our trolls

Admin 006 do we still have trolls

I had help from wsomn

Just got this in my email...I understand members have been getting them as well...I ignored it: Somebody, probably you, requested a password reset for the user named Lonewolf on the forum All information must say in the room, do not share, this is a private room.

In order to change your password, please click on the following link (or copy the entire link into into your address bar).

Sounds like a troll trying to get in.

LOL could very well be

I was having problems also with similar emails. I just blocked them. It has stopped now.

Me too. I blocked them.

Dedar I am going to do that now..it went to spam

I think they have been doing that to many of us trying to find a way in.

Done! dusts hands

Tig I would say that there must have been a troll on WSOMN to get our emails who is trying to follow us here. What do you think?

Jose update https://youtu.be/nIROYvZfbbs You are welcome - just keep an eye on Jose if you are on the east coast

It looks like that Hurricane Jose may be heading towards New York which is symbolic of the financial hub of the US. Isn't it prophetic with Jose meaning "May God Bring Increase" supposed to hit next week which is also the Jewish New Year on the 21st? As well as intel providers pointing to next week.Makes you want to go Mmmmmm.

And with the Global Currency Reset it is going to be like a hurricane has hit the financial system as everything gets turned upside down.

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Dreamer's Friday Drama   9/15/17 Empty Re: Dreamer's Friday Drama 9/15/17

Post by shlomo001 on Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:32 pm

OMG, same people same shit, Reno,groups even Jose is helping the RV :okjh: :okjh: :okjh: :okjh: :okjh: :okjh: :okjh: :nono: :nono:

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