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 Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change  9/13/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change 9/13/17

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 Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change  9/13/17 Empty Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change 9/13/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:27 am

Philip Tilton Via "MAN KIND" in Kre8change:

*Outlaws Call, 9/13/2017 Notes (summary, not verbatim)*


Background on how we got into the financial mess we're in. Gold standard cancelled in 1971 by Nixon. Later Petro dollar was introduced. All oil purchases had to be made using U. S. dollars only, giving the Fed. Res. System immense power worldwide. On Oct. 18, 2017, China will introduce their gold-backed yuan, and make oil purchasable in gold, not U. S. dollars. The Fed says only 35% of small businesses in the U. S. are profitable. Many corporations are closing their stores. Kellogg will be closing 39 distribution centers soon. Trump will need to announce the gold-backed U. S. currency soon. He talked a week or so ago about downsizing the IRS.

Mentioned the Equifax data breach. They said 143 million people's data was breached. It could be all of their accounts. Watch your credit. Scammers could use that info to steal your identity and open new accounts using your info. Put a freeze on your account with each of the three credit reporting agencies.

If you take Equifax's credit protection offer, you will have to forfeit your possibility of joining in a class-action law suit. She also talked about the FRBServices.org ACH clearinghouse.

UN voted today to not accept Kurdistan's proposal to secede from Iraq. There is liquidity in Hong Kong re: the Zim.

The beltway is now open in Houston. Trash debris from the people's ruined homes, a week later, is still sitting on their streets, waiting for trash pickup. Mention about seniors not being treated well.

Talked about need for prayer for the many areas of the world that need assistance.

Mentioned about help that he and his family have been helped with a generator for his daughter.

He's gotten confirmation that 12 congressmen have stepped down from their positions yesterday (9/12/17). He's hearing that Interpol is starting the mass arrests. He's expecting that we may be given info about a secured website where we can set our appointments sometime between banks closing today and opening tomorrow (overnight tonight). Bruce has different intel providers than the Outlaws' have. They're both getting similar info. Bruce said yesterday they were about 36 hours away; it's now 24 hours later. So it's looking good for the next day or so. The intel right now is that we're very close to seeing something happening. We hope so.

*Carlos (~45 mins. into call):*
Zim info: The banks will honor ALL Zim notes, regardless of series or year. He believes no zeroes will be removed. International rate is 20 cents per Zim dollar. Our rate is $3.22 per Zim dollar. When exchanging, ask for highest rate they can give and negotiate. 80% for humanitarian projects; 20% for you. You can negotiate your interest rate, from 2-8%. You'll get that every quarter. Disinfo will be abundant as we near exchange time. The higher your consciousness, the better the manifestation.

? (51 min.):
She's very interested in Venezuela, since she's spent a lot of time there. The Caribbean Islands had lots of damage. She's not sure what's going to happen on 9/15/17. She recommends removing valuables from your safe deposit box, since the bank can take your assets, and possibly take your cash too. The Equifax breach could also lead to loss from your bank account, by identity fraud.

*Lisa (56 min.):*
Need for clean water in many countries. Talked about need for desalinization help in Africa and other countries.

*Mike Fox (57 min.):*
His home town has a recently new desalinization plant. They're essential for coastal countries around the world. They should be green powered. There are small desalinization plants that are towable that can serve 100 homes. They want to use wave energy, solar, and wind generators to power these plants.

*Kent Dunn (1:02):*
Talked about putting people back to work by reopening plants that have been outsourced overseas. Earthquake in Mexico was caused by the Galactics. A dark intel base there was releasing mine gas, causing problems. There's another base in Brazil that is releasing mine gas, and is being attacked. Lots going on behind the scenes. We can help by meditation and prayer; bring joy; raise your vibrations. If chemtrails are present, vibration around 10. Bring vibrations up to 18-20, they should disappear. The storms are manipulated. Reports saying 180 MPH gusts, but they were only getting around 50 MPH. The news was giving false info to create more fear and low frequency. The Weather Children are humans and Galactics who are praying down the strength of the storms. We're up against things not of this world. 2 trillion galaxies. Only 2 planets have free will. We are considered the children of the Creator. We are so loved. Other planets don't have free will. They are slave planets. Jupiter is one.

*Carlos (1:10):*
There are 450 listeners now. We can make a difference with our prayer and meditation. The money will manifest when our spirit is elevated. It's a spiritual revaluation. Treat others the way you want to be treated. That feeling helps others and raises their vibrations. Turn of your stupid box (TV).

*Kent Dunn (1:13):*
We're very close to going into 5D. We have to have prosperity to do that. The enemy is trying to stop us by lowering our vibrations, through fear and dissension. Smile at others. Be kind to them.

*Carlos (1:14):*
The Galactics are listening to us and cheering us on. All of the 91 Ascended Masters are here. We are the 95th species on this planet. There are many other species who are also with us, going to 5D. There are 6 underlords of this world. Their fates are now sealed. We have the choice to go up to 5D or not. Pray, meditate, connect to God. Choose God and seal your fate in his favor.

*Kent Dunn (1:18):*
He's working with the Galactics and many others every day. He knows what's going on. We have won. Now we have to prove that we're worth of going to 5D. The Pleiadians and Ascended Masters are waiting for us to come to 5D. It's all waiting on us there. There are only 100 million humans on earth. There are many others here. He's speaking for the benevolent ones. There will be chaos through 9/30/17, but we have Galactics working to help us. They are busy 24/7 helping us. He was told to send their love to us.

*Carlos (1:22):*
We're on high alert now, over the next 2-3 days. Get ready for the exchanges. We're part of the solution, not part of the problem. Decree: Charge me with the power of a million people, to bless the world in all I contact. (not verbatim) Decree: Blaze thy cosmic light through us, that never fails, in its most instantaneous, might action.

I am a child of the light. I love the light. I live in the light. I serve the light. I bless the light. I worship the light. I am eternally loved, protected by the light. This is our weekend guys.

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 Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change  9/13/17 Empty Re: Philip Tilton's Outlawz CC Notes by Man Kind at Kre8Change 9/13/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:52 am

whole lotta crazy in that bunch...

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