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RayRat Call Notes 9/13/17

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RayRat Call Notes  9/13/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/13/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:49 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 13-September-2017 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=101444835

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday, September 13, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. I don’t know how long we will be on the call. It’s status quo as far as info, basically. Some things I was looking forward to happening was with the rates, that something might come out Tuesday because the rates were being reset in the system.

We got information that new rates were being seen but not shared. And the system has been reset, but the rates are the same as we have been seeing in the past. There were reasons for the reset apart from new rates. Having said that, the rates I hear [on the screens] are what we’ve been hearing for a while: 3.71 = dinar, 47 cents = dong. And we didn’t receive rates on the others, and I didn’t press for them.

However, I would assume that the rupiah, Afghani, Zim and the others are the same rates as we have been given for some time now.

On the Iraqi side, there have been some PR announcements. The most important information for me was Alak’s speech that is being replayed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That speech was from the head of the CBI, their plans for the increase of the rates, the lower denominations and how to use them, what they represent, etc.

It’s all good preparatory information that should be coming so citizens can know what to expect. It’s the same with our money: they would give everyone notice, then out it comes. So they are preparing their people for the lower denominations and change in value for the currency. They are giving those messages every day, with is significant. They are also talking to the Kurdish parliament, trying to talk them out of going independent; I don’t think that is really an issue so far as we are concerned.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Is your Zim scenario still the same? Do you still expect an exchange announcement this week?

A: Yes and yes.

Q: Which is less expensive for TNT: listening to the live call or listening to the replay?

A: It all depends on how you listen to the replay. If it’s the one on the computer, that’s not an issue. If you call in to the number, that uses up the lines. Lots of you like to listen live, and some like to listen to the replay to confirm your thoughts.

Q1. Did you triple confirm the information on the Zim, as you usually do other information?

A: No. How can you triple confirm when someone says “this is the way it is going to be.” That’s it. That’s what they are telling me.

Q2 Is there any news on the Iraqis using lower denoms in their market places?

A: No information on that yet.

Q3. What is the latest dollar amount the Iraqis in the USA are receiving on their QI cards when they use them?

A: Same as before: $3.71 has been reported to me.

Q4. What are the US bankers telling you about high alert status?

A: Nothing different than last week or the week before; they are waiting just as we are.

Q: s the 5% based monthly on a decrease in the principal so that the amount of income changes each month?

A: No, it is 5% interest on the total amount. Sunny put out a very detailed information in the forum, so I recommend you read that if you haven’t, it will clear up any misconceptions. The 5% is a calculator; it gives us a figure based on that 20% allocation, and that is what you get every month.

Q: With foreigners coming in by plane, train, and through ports … what currencies are they using to buy stuff in-country like at the nice big new mall in Baghdad?

A: I’m not sure about foreigners, if they have to convert their currency to dinar in order to buy things in the market place. Perhaps someone will let me know.

Q: An article came out today that Iraq is having serious liquidity problems. Could this force an RV or are you hearing anything about this in your intel?

A: Not hearing anything about that from my sources.

Live questions

865/404 caller: Even if it’s status quo, we did get a few tidbits. Supposedly the Gazette is published today – is there anything that got your attention?

RayRen: The Gazette didn’t mention anything significant.

Caller: How many more things remain to happen?

RayRen: I have no idea. Wheels are turning, but I don’t know the size or numbers of the wheels.

Caller: Have you heard about the Festival of Peace going on tonight?

[RR: No.]

Also, some have said that PM Abadi needs to be on Iraqi soil to set this in motion, but he should be in NY for the UN meeting tomorrow…

RayRen: I don’t think that is relevant. When you see what they are telling their citizens daily, I don’t think there will be any big announcement. I think we will just wake up one day and it will be done. So Abadi could be here or in Iraq. Mainly it is for the citizens there, although we get the benefit. They do want people to invest in Iraq, so that’s what I can see them announcing to the world.

Caller: It would be great if Abadi makes pronouncements to the UN rather than announcements, maybe saying “We have done X, Y, and Z.” 562 caller: What institutions will be in charge of the Zim deal to make sure we get the 5% per month that you mentioned?

RayRen: From the way the information comes to me, the bankers are the conduit, and the institutions in Zimbabwe will creating the income. Of course, your bank here will probably want you to have an account with them to do the processing.

972 caller: I just done get the Zim part. How much money would you need? After the 80% is taken out, and you get 5% per month for 25 years, how much more do you need? That could be 100K per month from a single 100 T Zim note!

RayRen: I don’t think it’s the dollar amount people are having a difficulty with – it’s receiving information that contradicts what they had been receiving. Now, some of that information I never told you in the first place. I receive information that is different from what has been ‘out there’, and on the off-chance it is true, I will tell my members. Some processed it without difficulty and some did not. Look at it as a small Zim holder. At one point, someone said they would take six zeros off the trillions, three off the billions and none off the millions. The billions and millions were already cheaper, so people bought more 500 million notes because they were cheaper, and because some people thought they would yield the greatest return. Then I came along with that crazy information, but it might bring in MORE than you thought. If the rate is 10 cents, that means 100 T = 10 million. Now people expected to receive that whole ten million into your account. But with 5% monthly on 20% of that ten million, you will ultimately receive far more than your ten million! However, people don’t do the calculations; all they see is that 500 million Zim = 500 USD, or 50 (at the 10 cent rate). So they are disappointed because they aren’t working it out properly.

Caller: The Iraqis have a radio station that does all their training, but that does us no good because no one here speaks Arabic. Oh, well.

RayRen: Send me the details of the radio station.

916 caller: [Appreciation]

631 caller: As far as dinar and dong go, those are different animals than the Zim, so I classify them together. We’ve talked about 47 cents for dong and $3.17 for dinar. Assuming those are what we have to work with, how do the contract, sovereign and privately negotiated rates work for those?

RayRen: There seems to be a contract rate on dinar, but some people say that there is NOT a contract rate on dong. I plan to go in and ask for the highest rate I can get. I know nothing of a sovereign rate; you can always try to negotiate a rate privately.

Caller: Is the private negotiated rate good for both currencies?

RayRen: What I’ve been hearing that contract rates only work for oil-based currencies.

Caller: I’ve heard that privately-negotiated rates are only available if you have a project that some guy can assess within an hour and thinks you can handle…

RayRen: I haven’t heard anything like that.

Caller: So we are left with the contract rate – is that negotiable?

RayRen: From what has been described, I don’t think contract rates are negotiable. It’s ‘take it or leave it’, but it will be higher than the international rates.

Caller: So we either take it or we walk out with the 3.71 or 47 cent rates.

[RR: Yes.]

RayRen: That is why I have said to WAIT, and see if the rates go up. The rate may be different in Iraq, but we are being told that $3.71 is the international rate here. We can wait to see if the rate gets better as the markets buy up dinar/dong.

OH caller: I’ve been listening for 18 months. I understand what you’ve said about the dinar but am still a bit confused about the Zim. Zimbabwe abandoned their currency in 2009, so why would they go back to their old currency instead of printing new?

RayRen: I don’t altogether understand WHY; someone explained it to me, but I’m much more interested in WHAT is happening. Most of us hop into our cars, and go to R to reverse or D to go forward, without understanding. Same with the Zim: so long as it happens, I don’t really care how so much as what/when it happens. 843 caller: You said that the rates are not showing yet?

RayRen: Not publically, but they are showing up on the bank screens.

Caller: What is stopping us from going to the bank and trying to negotiate a contract rate now?

RayRen: We can only do that when the rates are released publically, internationally.

Caller: So when you speak of waiting, you’re not referring to contract rates, right?

RayRen: If you want contract rates, don’t wait for anything! If I get 800 numbers, you take out your other phone and dial it as I’m giving out the numbers!

502 caller: Does this new information make Zim any more creditable with respect to the dinar? Does that make the

RayRen: First off, we don’t’ have the country of Zimbabwe saying anything about the Zim like the country of Iraq telling its citizens the currency will change, and having the citizens confirm that the value has changed. As for Zim, one TNT member did change a Zim note and shared his experience, and other reports of Zim activity give that credibility. Now the source giving me this Zim information is credible, but they don’t’ call the shots, and it’s not coming from an official organization like the central bank, but his level gives credibility to what he’s saying to me, more so than hearing it from a friend of a friend of a member.

It’s not just someone off the street, but I don’t want to say more in case it gets that person into trouble. The information might not be precise to the penny, but because they are talking about something that is going to happen, I’m not going to report it as 100% factual until it happens. I have more information over time about the dinar. Then I started getting reports about the Zim, and that made the prospects more real. This credible source is in a position to know what the plan IS [for the Zim], so… I wanted people to know that IF it is real, they need to have a plan.

For those holding 100t notes, they would still be receiving a lot of money. For the 500 million Zim people, this could crush them because they would not be receiving what they might have been expecting. Many are loking for this RV to be our financial salvation, and that all other aspects of our lives will change with it. All that might not be true, but that not working out is still nothing like as crushing not receiving the money at all. I would not want to have that experience unexpectedly. So I don’t want people to have that experience of thinking they will receive 500K and only getting 50 dollars. I’d rather you entertain the bad news now, when you can do something about it (possibly) than to get the bad news at the bank. We can blame whomever we want to blame, but the reality is that this is what you are stuck with, if this information is true (which is a high probability). Does that make sense?

IL caller: Respecting exchanges that you know have occurred, have anyone run into problems with counterfeit currency?

RayRen: No, I haven’t heard anything on that, and hopefully it’s just hearsay.

Caller: This past Sunday, a gentleman spoke from Proverbs: “A patient dog gets the fattest bone.” I think that’s relevant to what we are anticipating. 507 caller: I missed Monday’s call and part of this one, so my question may be repetition. I wonder if you have a potential date for the RV?

RayRen: No specific date, but Iraq is giving their citizens information every day for this change in the currency and how to deal with it.

918 caller: In the past, I had $1.08 as a consistent international rate for rupiah.

RayRen: Yes, that’s right, and $2.39 for the Afghani.

702 caller: If I’m correct, the dong has an international rate now.

[RR: Yes.]

So how does it go from what it is to the possible 47 cents? Who has to do what?

RayRen: I guess Vietnam has to revalue, and it is believed that it will happen at the same time as the Iraqi dinar?

Caller; And we believe that will happen this month?

RayRen: I believe it will happen this week!

281 caller: My wife is disabled; can I do the exchange by myself if there is an NDA?

RayRen: If you are going after the contract rate, you will have to arrange for your spouse to sign the NDA. I don’t know if she has to be in the bank for her to sign that; if she can get out of the house and go anywhere, there’s no reason she cannot go to the bank. They all have handicapped access these days; where there’s a will, there’s a way. Ask the bank how to handle that for the best.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

Closing Statement

We are in exciting times so far as I’m concerned. We’re looking for Iraqi dinar to be the leader in all this. If that were not so, why haven’t the other countries made their move? Now, Iraq has been saying ‘we are going to raise the value of the currency in September” to their citizens, and they are explaining the process of the lower denominations and how to use electronic banking every day on the television.

I would not be prepping people for something six months down the road. I think they are saying ‘this hammer is about to fall’. That’s why I gave you the Zim information, so that it’s not a shocker when you get there. We’ve have a week now to come to peace with this information, and see how it affects us. I feel that was accomplished, that I had time to warn my people so that you can adjust emotionally (and financially).

If the information is wrong, we are all that much more happy-go-lucky. But the time-frame was ‘this hammer is about to drop’; I am being told will happen any day, so any day is a good day. Iraq is training and preparing its people every day – why do you think that is? I’m sharing my train of thought about what we are seeing and hearing every day.

Also, I have a small amount of information that I cannot share that makes the difference for me. So… ANY DAY. I just don’t know how much longer the wheel has to do. I do know it keeps turning, and sooner or later it has to get to its destination.

It could pop out this afternoon! Whenever it pops, if you are not looking for the contract rates, it will be better to wait 24 hours to assess the situation. Then we will know where it is, where it is going, and you can make intelligent decisions about your next move. First we learned it would not be 30 days… then other currencies came into play… and it became a different situation with other country’s currencies, and then we needed additional education and strategies.

We lost homes, cares, loved ones; all types of things have happened to many of us on this journey. Because of our emotions, our priorities got out of sync or out of order; our emotions cause us to do that. When the light goes green for this public release of whatever currency you are waiting to change, emotions are going to flare up. Some of us are doing a good job suppressing them, and some have not.

When this finally pops, some of us will find new emotions popping up, and we’ll have to get them in place. Education helps us keep them in check. When you know how you will pay a bill, even if it is late, then you can control your emotions. Education makes a difference. There are still some things we need to learn: the rates, the timing, about Zim, dinar, dong, rupiah, Afghani, all currencies.

We won’t know until we know. If you learn as much as you can, you will be able to maximize your return from these currency exchanges. You’ve waited this long; how much can it hurt to wait for 24 hours after the event. Then you will have a better idea of which plan to execute based on actual information after the fact. We’re all still alive, these years down the line, and we can correct all those things we are not happy about.

We can make a positive difference… what a difference a day makes.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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RayRat Call Notes  9/13/17 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/13/17

Post by roxy22222222 on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:48 pm

He talks such $hit just like tony !

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RayRat Call Notes  9/13/17 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/13/17

Post by Majek on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:52 pm

Ray is such an idiot and a sleazy con man.

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