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 "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf  9/10/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf 9/10/17

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 "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf  9/10/17 Empty "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf 9/10/17

Post by Ssmith Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:33 am

I have had a lot on my plate since Irma stepped into my life. Today she is destroying Florida and I have a lot of friends out there.

As you can see by coincidence she tried to destroy Puerto Rico and now Florida. And so did Harvey to Texas.

Two major redemption centers and the island nation with the most dinars per sq.ft.,astonishing isn't it. All this havoc distorts what is really behind the scenes now happening and by which they are trying to stop by all means possible.

If you were to think out " they are winning this thing." Actually my answer will be, ' no they are not winning at all.' Besides there old greenback no longer has any value and they all have found out about it. Many are the millionaires, now without their millions but blowing out a lot of aires.

Change is finally here and we still are waiting on the release of the 800 to do good by humanity .

I have always said that when it is time to exchange, that a lot of disinformation and misinformation will be fed, a lot will call me liar,some have even given a title as a renowned banker from P.R., a devil servant, a misleader.

Well when I started writing 11 years back many said the same things under envy and greed but I ,thanks to God proved those people wrong and I can see that right now I am still winning this battle because I serve an awesome God His name Jehová and He will always prove me right.

To all those affected by these storms here and in the Caribbean, for those who are suffering from the Mexico earthquake if God permits and His timing is now, the 50 million folks out there who I know that I have reached,once we revaluate and exchange our currencies and Zimbabwe bonds. I know that they will all step to the plate and help rebuild these countries and all humans of this planet call Earth.

So let me see I've managed to be writing for 11 years and reached out and touch 50 million souls, and these souls have had and maintain that faith for these pass 11 years repeating everyday that this is God's blessing for us. And that they will be doing right by millions of human beings, well to that one person, where is the lie that you said that I say.

Jejeje I must be doing something right don't you think.... We are next, capish......

Na'maste which means " be forever blessed." (Native American ) Bluwolf

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 "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf  9/10/17 Empty Re: "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf 9/10/17

Post by Sam I Am Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:50 am

So let me see I've managed to be writing for 11 years and reached out and touch 50 million souls, and these souls have had and maintain that faith for these pass 11 years repeating everyday that this is God's blessing for us. And that they will be doing right by millions of human beings, well to that one person, where is the lie that you said that I say.

Well, here's a few from 2011 ......

5-21-2011  my friend just called, his friend exchanged his iqd. for 3+ dollars. they gave him a receipt, to exchange in usa on tues he’s trying to get a copy of the receipt!
5-21-2011  friday 10:15 pm pst reset timer,sunday 5:15pm est revealed, monday 9:15am est seen in usa,,,,,,after 2:00pm est when all world banks are aligned anything goes. Screens are changing to green any moment now! Folks I see everything green at this hour and time! [be] EXCITED!!!!!!to the utmost…there are only 3 colors folks and yes it will go green on all bank screens first…
5-24-2011  There are 900 world banks & all are ready at this hour, there are no glitches, holdup is of political profile, spotlight issues, 72 hr thing [wait period] was already done, it’s in green so everyone is locked, loaded & ready to exchange.
5-30-2011  Seems that we are looking foward to wed. For cashin
6-9-2011  other than God, no one can stop it now…Alot of people will resign from the US economics team
6-11-2011  We will see 136 countrys come out at the same time…folks this is a big deal its not just Iraq…The imf, ust, un are all pulling in their last strings to get it all out…its happening as we speak
6-13-2011  I want to make clear it did rv on the 1st (June)…It rv internally (in country)…In country rv cannot double dip… now we wait for the international part…its a matter of 136 countrys and there alignments and this takes time… Imo today this afternoon (we can see this live on the cbi/forex)
6-15-2011  It is not in Iraqs hands anymore no matter what others say. It will just pop up on all bank screens as we speak… Period… the maliki, allawi b,,,,,s is just junk food dont go there… the gift is already here, just wait, for you shall recieve, all info so states it…any minute now. All banks are now ready just waiting to start your cashin
6-16-2011  (via Cessie & Agent007) Sources in island have informed me any minute RV. Imminent. RV today, cashin tomorrow. $x.xx bank rate. For now take as a rumor…UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE…now confirmed
6-17-2011  This thing will just appear, it (will) pop up at any instant ok so don’t break your heads who is going to say what, be prudent, we must monitor all banks to see if its ok to start cashing in…All banks worldwide are ready
6-21-2011  Iraq was promise(d) by Kuwait to be help(ed) out of capt 7, if Iraq promise(s) that it will rv alittle more or below Kuwaits actual rate… both Shabibi and Talibani vow to place Iraq to its original value before the war 3.33 no less than that.
6-22-2011 Guru Bluwolf It will just pop up. Giving a date would be irresponsible of me. But rest assured, it will not go close to the 30th. Rates locked in and loaded.
6-23-2011  …all hands that have delayed this have stepped down, all will pop up now….period. My divine thoughts states it will be today…any second now…5.25 is locked in and loaded
6-25-11  right now people are speaking of cashin today, I am checking out this rumor now…Remember its a rumor until confirmed…the rv is imminent, all other matter is different and not associated with the cashin wish(which) by the way should be underway soon…it is out of Iraqs hands…relax it will be in your hands very soon
6-26-2011  Ok the forex already has reconized the dinar, thats a fact not a rumor now, which means that it is on the global scale internationally…period,,,so pending release within hours
6-28-2011  All is in order now…IMF accepted them, they went international and the RV is imminent today till thursday…the rate is 5.25 period
6-29-2011  Look no matter how anybody states it the bottom line is rest asure that all banks here and worldwide are just waiting to cash you in…,we must wait for the outcome period… Cashin always takes between 4 to 7 days after rv its normal… If all is done like all intel states well yes we are done
7-2-2011  …the Paris club thing was payed off last Thursday announced friday period, chapter 7 is over and gone period, the rv has been done since 3 weeks ago period, all that is pending is your cashin. Tiers 1 and 2 are all payed and done, we are tier 3 and up next to cashin period. Iraq is international period, they have been accepted in the wto, gcc, imf etc. …just a couple of steps away from the cashin period
7-3-2011  you guys are hook(ed) on this theory that it will be seen in the forex first, not true… there is a system in the BIS period …And it will be seen on tuesday 9:15 am est period. Please take note the CBI is a normal bank and it and all world banks will be release at the same time…seen by all banks first. I hope it will show up when the system gets underway at 5:15 am est today, but this is a system built on taking care of no double dipping. If no distractions and by all info…Tuesday cashin
7-3-2011  Just in, O did not sign off on the release of the IQD yet, and Congress left the taxes on your rv at 15%. Let’s see if he signs in on it tomorrow. Sorry but these are facts that you should know… this signing off pertains only to all taxations on this rv, ok. Only to the taxes, period
7-4-2011  Watch out for banks, they have been inform(ed) to say that do to the fact that the gov. does not have sufficient monies for this exchange, that they will cash you in at a rate of 2.39 now, how lame is this…if a bank agent was to offer me this rate knowing for a fact that the official rates are 5.25 bank and around 8+ CBI, I would spit in his face…bluwolf does not work with rumors period just with confirm(ed) facts
7-5-2011  The dinar started floating today at 2.30 usd…This takes time for it to reach its lockin rate. It is 6:55 pm est and it is now at 3.44 usd…And growing

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 "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf  9/10/17 Empty Re: "50 Million Strong" - Bluwolf 9/10/17

Post by RamblerNash Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:58 pm


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