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RayRat Call Notes 9/8/17

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RayRat Call Notes  9/8/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/8/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:41 am

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 8-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Precis: Long call, more details/clarification about the Zim deal (which looks considerably better than we heard at first). Ray is clearly expecting an announcement this weekend — may it be so!

[Music: Land of Hope and Glory]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, September 8, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Are we ready for the weekend? Quite a few things are going on this weekend, with Storm Irma possibly coming to the East Coast. There should be an announcement from Iraq about revaluing its currency. That is the expectation, at any rate. Also, some people have been called in to work, with the anticipation that some things should pop out over the weekend. The information should come out over the weekend with action early next week, IF the information I have heard holds true. Iraqi television has told their citizens the value of their currency will increase during September. We are hearing rumors about 10. September, and also between 10-15 September. If the stuff happens on the 10th, the rest will be a moot point for us. That’s the dinar information I have. ]

We had a Zim training call information, and since then I have received more details and more clarification. Regarding the charities (re: the 80/20% split), the news I got is that the charities in question must be chartered, registered and domiciled IN Zimbabwe. If my information is right, you need to plan accordingly. But right now, the charities you can choose from must be chartered, registered and domicilied in Zimbabwe. As for the 20% allocated to you, you will receive 5% per month for 25 years. That sounds good to me, that it will be monthly payments rather than quarterly or yearly. That’s all I can share with you right now.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Have you heard any variations on years of pay out on the Zim if you are older and may not see 25 more years? Or does is pass on to your children? Can we have the bank pay the interest on the 20% directly into a trust we set up?
A: If you don’t last another 25 years, pass it on to someone else. I think the banks will pay the interest anywhere you specify.

Q: 1) Do you think, or have you heard if the Zim exchange rate will go up like perhaps the Dong or the Dinar? A: That is possible.
2) Do you think, or have you heard if the interest rate paid on the 20% will be either negotiable and/or at different rates based on how much Zim you have?
A: It’s not an interest rate of 20%, it’s a flat percentage, so it’s probably not negotiable.
3) Do you think, or have you heard if the interest payouts will be monthly, quarterly, or annually?
A: Monthly is what I am hearing now. You will not walking out with cash; it will show up in your account 30 days later, and monthly after that.

Q: Please let me know about ‘double-dipping’. If I exchange a million dinar and purchase more dinar at the current rate in order to wait for it to raise in value, am I double-dipping when I exchange at a higher rate?
A: No, that’s just normal currency business.

Q: From the beginning we have been afraid that someone behind the scenes would do everything they could at the last minute to keep us from exchanging. What are the possibilities that the PTB will enact the same 80/20 scheme (or worse) for the dinar and dong??
A: None; it’s an entirely different process.

Q: Do you recall ever hearing about congress passing a law two years ago that said future purchases of foreign currency (involving Revalue or RI) could only be had by someone with permission from the government and must have a personal net worth of ten million dollars?
A: Congress didn’t pass any such law.

Q: Can you explain further about your comment about the Zim special deal? You said that you will receive interest payments on the 20% allotment for 25 years and you may be able to RENEW at the end of the 25-year term? Can you explain further how this maybe done?
A: It’s a 25-year deal, and at the end of that time, it can be renewed at five-year intervals rather than another 25 years. I was also told at the end of 25 years, you could (possibly) retrieve the principle, but it’s much better to leave it at the bank and receive 5% per month. That’s a great deal.

Q: If we do end up having to do the 80/2O plan I have the following question: what if after a few years we decided we would like the 80% to go to a different charity. May we change it from the one we originally allocated it to?
A: I don’t know. The only thing I know is that it has to be registered and domiciled in Zimbabwe.
2. Is there any limit to have many charities we may allocate the 80% too?
A: No idea.
3. What if we do not know the EIN number of a charity? Will the exchange centers be able to look them up?
A: I don’t know – probably, or you can look them up yourself.

Q: Please check my logic as it pertains to your information from last night’s call. For example: If a person holds just one 100 Trillion Zimbabwe note, and, worst case scenario (we hope) is it exchanges for just 1¢, that would yield $1 Million dollars. Since we would only have access to 20% of that, that is now $200,000 in the bank that we can’t touch, and would only receive interest on. If that interest is only 5% per year [which it is per month] then we would only receive $10,000 annually [actually, you would receive $120,000 per year.] And, since it is earned Interest, we would pay taxes on that. Is all of that correct?
A: I changed the figures according to my intel.

Q2: Finally, since the 20% we are getting Interest on is somehow technically in an account in our name, or associated with our name, would we be paying taxes on that, also, the first year in which the account is set up?
A: IF this is a taxable event, you would NOT be paying tax on the 80% interest going to a charity because that money didn’t pass to you first. You WILL be taxed on YOUR income from the 20%.

Q: Will the contract rates be available when the $2 RI occurs?
A: I don’t know, bu t wouldn’t be surprised.

Q: News from mosques? No. About 800 numbers? Still haven’t heard officially. Bank contacts, rates?
A: No.

Q: I have two Zim questions. 1. What if your 20% investment goes down in value (negative interest )? Do I have to make up the difference? [RR: No.] Or does Zimbabwe simply ‘shrug’ its shoulders and life goes on? [RR: Probably.] Do I get any interest now? Or do I have to wait for the principal to first build up again to the original amount?
A: You should get your first payment in 30 days and then monthly.
2. Am I allowed to invest the 20% in precious metals, like gold and silver, and have it stored in a secure and certified vault? I would just spend the increase in value.
A: I don’t think so. You will not be handed the 20% capital, only the interest. You will get a percentage every month, and it looks like it will be 5%, and you can whatever you want with that money. [And 5% x 12 = 60% per annum, which is a great deal!]

Q: My question concerns the church. My church has been given several $100 trillion notes of the Zim. When the church exchange’s the Zim, are they subject to the 80/20 rule?
A: Yes, just like we will be, from the information I’m receiving. They would get that same 5% per month, just as we do.

Q: If the 80/20 ends up looking like an “annuity” to benefit Zimbabwe recovery, the interest rate would have to be better than 4% or 5% offered by any bank on a savings acct. the interbank loan rate is the same…in your opinion ray– what is the likelihood that the interest rate on the 20% of the principal we retain of the possible Zim exchange be double the ordinary bank savings acct interest rate?
A: Already addressed. I don’t know of any savings account that pays 5% per month.

Q: With all of the attention on the Zim, what is your belief on which currencies will come out when the RV happens?
A: We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Q: It was my understanding that the pre-Saddam rate for the dinar was around $3.22. How is it that the RI rate, a Re-in statement rate, could be in the $2.00 range? We had heard early on that an RI rate would be the $3.22 plus inflation.
A: Well, Iraq can do whatever they want to do. It’s going to be whatever it’s going to be, and we can work with that.

Q: You mentioned during the last call and many times before that if you’re going after contract rates you would need to act fast. If Iraq RI’s and may be awhile for they RV, would you say you would have to wait till RV to go after contract rate if available?
A: If the contract rates are available, they will be from when the international rate is available, whether that is an RI or RV. Either way, jump in if you want contract rates.

Q: Can it be an entity that is the beneficiary 25-year payout on the Zim?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the information from last night’s call posted anywhere?
A: Yes, both the notes and the replay are in the forum, like any other TNT call.

Live questions

865/404 caller: Is there anything else that needs to be published in the Gazette before this happens?

RayRen: There has been no mention of that. I shared the news that came to me, but don’t know how relevant it is to what we are waiting for.

Caller: Re: the Zim, I gather none of the details will be negotiable?

RayRen: That is my understanding: nothing is negotiable.

Caller: You said, “That is all I can share right now.” When might you be able to share what you cannot share now? Such as, “This is our last call, period!” You have played the clock ticking, but not Pomp and Circumstance…?

RayRen: There are a number of reasons. Some complained that the music was too loud. Some have shown they are not ready to graduate, which is sad to realize. But life goes on, and we continue with training and getting you prepared. It’s one thing to get you to the Promised Land, and another thing to get you prepared. The Promised Land might not all be a bed of roses, and if you are not trained, you might succumb to it. Just last week and last night, as I presented unwelcome information, some showed they are not ready. It’s about more than just receiving money.

Caller: It’s about responsibility, I get that.

918 caller: The announcement this weekend that we believe is going to come, will they be announcing an ReInstatment or ReValued rate?

RayRen: I don’t know.

Caller: Will the contract rate during the RI process be the same as the contract rate during the RV process? Obviously the RI rate itself is lower than the RV rate.

RayRen: I imagine the contract rate will be whatever it is regardless of the RI or RV rate; it will stand alone, if it is available.

Caller: IF other currencies come out at the same time, would the contract rate also apply to the dong?

RayRen: If there is a contract rate for the dong, I would imagine so.

Caller: I have got lost in the process. We had heard/read that inside Iraq there was or would be a 1:1 ratio between the dollar and dinar, and those with cards were receiving $3.71 per dinar. If it’s 1:1 in-country, I thought that was when they ReInstated (RI).

RayRen: What is your fascination with RI vs. RV?

Caller: None at all – I’m going after the contract rate either way. I was just trying to get educated, in case I missed something.

RayRen: I’m just focused on rates, and what I’m going to do with those rates, whether I leverage it or exchange it out. I think we should keep our focus on the numbers, not the terminology.

Caller: The dong and rupiah and Afghani are trading right now. The Iraqi dinar is not. When a currency is in abeyance, don’t they have to RI it first, and then RV?

RayRen: I really don’t know any more. They can do it any way they choose.

623 caller: [Appreciation] To me there are three currencies that are valid: dong, dinar and Zim. After last night’s bombshell, it’s clear that the contract or privately negotiated rates don’t apply to Zim any more, and the charity has to be registered in Zimbabwe. You have all said this is a fluid situation. I think we have gone through a lot, would you agree? Now we are all hoping and praying that this is the last call. What’s confusing to me is that if I take the six zeros off the 100 trillion notes, and then it’s exchanged, and then you only get interest off the 20%… You came up with something great today, that we will receive 5% per month… [more of the same, not clear on the numbers, and the caller not understanding the calculations.]

RayRen: The source is a good source, not rumtel. Conditions can change in the blink of an eye, but this is reported as the process Zimbabwe has adopted for this.

Caller: So the negotiated rate has no bearing on the Zim, right?

RayRen: I have no knowledge about sovereign rates for Zim. Maybe you can negotiate a rate with the bank – I don’t know. For currencies that are being traded, negotiation is always possible. From what we have been hearing, there has been a contract rate for DINAR from the very beginning, maybe $20 instead of the international rate of $3.71. Also, the latter is the sell rate, and the bank will offer a lower buy rate. Maybe that buy rate can be negotiated. To me, those ultra-high rates are a joke.

Caller: I only have dong, not dinar or Zim, although my friends have both. If we go by the screen rates, we can still go in within a week and get contract rates, right? At least, that is the objective. So I can go in to the bank, and ask for the contract rate, and that is where negotiation starts. If you just want the international rate, there is no NDA, and you can use it however you want.

RayRen: The contract rate process has never been explained to me, apart from simply asking for it. We told it was there, so shoot for it. Yes, you have control over the results of an straight exchange at the international rates.

607 caller: The way the Zim is going (which is fine with me, I’ll take whatever comes) would it be more feasible to have a separate account for Zim and for dong?

RayRen: I don’t see any need for a separate account for that.

Next caller: I have dinar and dong, and I’m thinking of buying some Zim. I notice that everyone recommends 2008, series AA – is it better to have circulated or uncirculated, or doesn’t it matter?

RayRen: I see that the same way I see dollars in your pocketbook. You might have a clean crisp five dollar bill, and a tattered, used one – but they are both currency.

Caller: How can they require you to give 80% to a Zimbabwe charity? If it’s my money, it’s mine?

RayRen: How can you make them do otherwise? This is what Zimbabwe has decided to do with their defunct currency. No matter how it CAN happen, if it DOES happen that way, this is how we can deal with it. I try to bring solutions and answers; that’s all we can have impact on. WE cannot make the RV happen; are we ready when it does? Now there is a new set of information of how the Zim might be handled. I cannot explain how and why, but if it does happen that way, how will I deal with it? People want to question unfavorable information, but no one has questioned the possibility of a contract rate. All I can do is pass on the information and how to deal with it.

870 caller: For the amount I paid for my Zim, any return is a great deal! Did I hear that gentleman say there would NOT be an NDA with the contract rates?

RayRen: There will be an NDA with contract rates.

Caller: Will all the currencies come out when there is an RI?

RayRen: I think it will all happen at the same time. If it doesn’t, so much the better because there will be a great opportunity to leverage!

704 caller: I am trying to get some information or redress from the place I ordered some currency, but they are not making any response. It’s a veteran-owned business in Las Vegas.

RayRen: Contact the Attorney General in your state, and in the state where their head office is. You don’t want to give them a black eye without finding out what’s going on.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

Next caller: Could you clarify the 80% to charities if we have Zim?

RayRen: You will not be giving that 80% to charities in the US; the Zim deal is that 80% will got to charities registered and domiciled IN Zimbabwe. What you do in the US is completely different. I believe there will be some choice about Zimbabwean charities, but we won’t know for sure until we are there (at the bank) with Zim.

Next caller: If you were 75 years old, where would you invest your dong, dinar and Zim to do some good?

RayRen: It sounds like the Zim deal is already a done deal; we will get money in exchange for dong and dinar, so far as I know. It depends on your strategy for tax-free distributions. With things like Roth IRAs, you are restricted as to how much you can put in that sort of entity. I plan to be around until at least 95, so I’m still interested in long-term investments. I don’t think there is any point in thinking “I’m only going to be hear a little while longer.” It think a segment of it should be for living in the moment, and another segment should extend out 20 years. I’d do a bit of both.

847 caller: Make sure the bank verifies while you are on site. Take in two photo IDs and possibly your SS card. If you have an account with any of the big banks, you will still need to prove your identity. Know exactly how of each currency you have in hand. Thank you for telling us six zeros possibly coming off the Zim – that is good information to have, so that we can plan. Ray is still here to train us, and that is worth millions in itself. Make the plans, have flexibility, and do the calculations. If every listener were to send in five dollars, Ray would not have to worry about paying for the calls. I want these calls to continue, so send in your donations so that he can continue teaching us!

403 caller: I live in Alberta, Canada. I was curious about the Zim process – the earlier caller said that it would paid out for 25 years, and then it could be renewed? That doesn’t quite make sense to me – the renewal part – but to receive 5% of the interest per month, that sounds great. Is it your sense that the Zim rate will be ten cents?

RayRen: We’ve been hearing 9-13 cents for a couple of years now, so although I said ten cents for ease of calculation, it might be within that range. The process may change but the rate will probably be around there, and for all I know there may be some flexibility in negotiation. It might be best to wait and see how the situation and the rate develops. Any emergent situations we will try to help people with. My concern is that people do not waste their purchasing power, because that is something we cannot see – it’s intangible.

Caller: It does seem like the process is very complicated. It feels like zillions of dollars are going into Zimbabwe from the many US and Canadian Zim holders

RayRen: Think about it this way: I’m coming into your neighborhood and tapping into your wealth. Perhaps great minds have come together to create a model to renewal in their country.

Caller: It would be great if you could get us more information before we walk in there.

RayRen: I am sure I will get more updates as we go along.

910 caller: I was listening to the call last night and it seems there are already changes.

RayRen: Yes, you will be getting the interest, and I last night I said you would getting 5% per year, and then I was told 5% per month, which is a big difference. Then I heard that at the end of the 25-year process, you could renew for five-year intervals, and also that possibly you could pull the principle, although that would probably not be as good a deal as the 5% per month. This is not actually your money – in exchange for their defunct currency, Zimbabwe is proposing to allocate 80% to their charities, with 20% to you.

Caller: On other calls, they have suggested that 80% should go to humanitarian concerns, and that never made sense to me. I think God ordained this for people to go out and replenish the earth; I have plans and projects, and it bothers me if other people are making those choices.

RayRen: When it was not explained, it wouldn’t make sense. But whether you under-stand it or not, if this is how Zimbabwe is doing it, then we don’t have a lot of choices here: either you surrender your currency on these terms, or you don’t. Maybe that 80% to humanitarian projects was always the plan. I didn’t hear that six months ago, but now the agency is saying it, and that makes a difference to me and to what I tell you. It came to me directly from a commercial agency saying, “this is the plan.” You cannot compare Zimbabwe to Iraq. Iraq still provides its currency to anyone who wants to buy it. Zimbabwe killed their currency altogether. We heard that they might do something with it, so some of us chose to buy some as collectibles, not from the Zimbabwe government. It’s a different process than any other live currency. We need to see that so that we don’t get emotionally involved or feel someone is doing us wrong.

Caller: I don’t think Zimbabwe is doing this because they want to, out of the goodness of their hearts. I feel like negotiations were made with the IMF and such; we may never know how or what. But I don’t think it’s really a gift, but the country has to honor agreements with other countries or organizations. [R: Time will tell.]

816 caller: I have a one hundred trillion Zim note, and we take off six zeros. (I was on the call last night note but there was a lot of noise in the background.) So let’s say the rate was 10 cents, and 80% of the interest goes to Zimbabwe charities, and you get 20% of the interest.

RayRen: Let me give it to, and correct your assumptions. From the two million, you will get 5% of that every month for 25 years. That would be 100,000 per month. Two million is allocated for you, and you would receive 5% PER MONTH for 25 years. Now last night we were using 5% as the example, but that was 5% per year, which would be $100,000 per year. There was a miscommunication, and now we know that it would be 100K per month. You will be taxed on that as you receive it. One hundred thousand per month would be $1.2 million per year and taxable, IF you keep it.

Caller: I just want to see the world be a better place. I keep intending to send you donations but I keep expecting this to pop. I think you should charge two dollars per month, like you suggested. Who doesn’t have two dollars??

RayRen: It’s not that they don’t have it, they don’t send it. So 10% of our listeners are paying for 90% of the listeners.

580 caller: We’ve all heard for a few years that the Chinese elders are involved in this Zimbabwe transaction. How are they part of this? Or are they?

RayRen: The only time I hear about the Chinese elders is on internet traffic. I haven’t heard Chinese elders being involved in Zimbabwe exchanges so far.

Caller: Nobody spent much on their Zim dollars, so… any return is a gain. Will this happen sometime soon?

RayRen: So far as I can tell, it’s happening soon.

Next caller: I have contacts in the US Treasury, and from June 30, 2017, I heard a 1:1 ratio with the US dollar.

RayRen: Zimbabwe has brought out a new currency, and to prevent hyper-inflation, that new Zim is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar, so the citizens would use the new currency.

Caller: That 80/20 split makes sense to me, so that Zimbabwe can build their country back up. It’s still gain, and I’m all for it.

718 caller: I just want to understand this Zim thing on a fifth-grade level. So when you take in your Zim, you won’t walk out with money in your account – you will be set up with getting money once a month?

RayRen: That is my understanding as of this morning. You will not walk away with a lump sum, the interest will be sent to your designated account every month.

Caller: So I would not be able to help people, right away? By the time I finish doing what I have to do for myself, I won’t have anything to give to anyone apart from my church. I think some casinos don’t give you all the money you won, but keep half and send you some sums every month.

RayRen: I don’t know which currencies you have, but yes, that might be the reality, depending on how much Zim you have. It’s an adjustment, and that’s why I am telling people now, so that they can adjust their plans. You can still help others, but maybe spread out over time. WE have to see what the reality may be, and then develop a strategy.

Caller: If the rate is, say, a dollar rather than ten cents, then my payments would go up accordingly, right? [RR: Yes.]

TX caller: If Iraq RIs within 48 hours, then does that mean there will be contract rates within that period, that the contract rate will begin then as well?

RayRen: It’s my impression that the contract rate will become available whether it RIs or RVs, either way. So, yes, that’s what I expect.

336 caller: Re the Zim, you said the 5% will be paid monthly, NOT per annum?

RayRen: That is what I understand. I assume people will get a written, 25-year contract, with all the details. As I hear it, there will be five-year increments (for renewal), but after 25 years, that might change.

Caller: So the terms could change after 25 years. Will there be an NDA?

RayRen: No one has mentioned an NDA, and I don’t think there will be one because this is a public process, not a private negotiation.

781 caller: About the Zim… are we responsible for picking the Zimbabwe charities? And is there some way we can assess those charities to find out which are most ethical? I think this is a great idea, because the government seems a bit unstable.

RayRen: Several members have Googled ‘charities in Zimbabwe’ to find out what charities are registered there now, and get some information that way.

Caller: The 20% is already more than I will get in my lifetime; I just don’t want to pick a charity that doesn’t actually help anyone. If someone could post that information on the TNT forum, that would be great.

Closing Statement

There are still questions on the TNT board that I didn’t get to, but the system will cut us off soon, so I’m letting those questions go. A lot of things are going on; information is circulating, and some things I’m not at liberty to say. Right now we’ll just have to wait and see. I do believe the process has begun; there are different phases, but right now the focus is on the announcement coming out on the 10th. That will determine what kind of week we have next week. That information should come out this weekend, and that doesn’t mean everyone will be running to the bank, but you might next week. That is just the release that might or might not happen. We might also choose to wait to assess the situation. If there is a great leveraging opportunity, we might want to take advantage of it. It’s a first mouse, second mouse thing, and it won’t take long to assess what is going on. Then you will know which strategy to implement and have a sense of when. We’ve waited this long, what’s another 24 hours after the public release to determine which is the best way to go? That’s what I believe.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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