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Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done"  9/6/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done" 9/6/17

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Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done"  9/6/17 Empty Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done" 9/6/17

Post by roxy22222222 on Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:51 pm

...It’s very simple for them to start adding value to it [dinar] especially with what they’ve already done.  Again and again and again I get emails from people asking, “What do they need to do?”  Iraq doesn’t need to do anything.  They’ve gotten their currency down to where you and I can exchange for up to .54 or 55 cents.  Where are they going to come out?  I don’t know.  Can they pull more dinar off the market?  Sure they can.  I haven’t seen any reports on what they’re doing.  There really hasn’t been anything out there…there hasn’t been for a while.  I know what they’ve already done.  And I know what you and I can exchange at.  And I know they’re primed to do it.  And I know what the market is and it’s a long trend.  That’s what they have been waiting for.


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Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done"  9/6/17 Empty Re: Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done" 9/6/17

Post by Sam I Am on Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:58 pm

Here's what Breitling was saying 5 and 6 years ago.


4-27-2011  I think we’re in a position between may 1st to june 30…my rate has been between .86-euro from day one…i am watching the laws being passed…the auctions at this point are for inflation and just in case they need dollars…so it is not in play too much for the rv…

5-4-2011  They need a full gov seated…. this is part of the agreement to have chapter 7 fully lifted , iraq has to lift themselves out by passing law and policy…Best guess sometime in june at .86 cents

5-18-2011  best guess–June,..rate .86 to euro…Still waiting on DFI and Security…at this point I do not see this going past June 30th.

5-24-2011  I have been focused on June of this year since last August…we are moving at light speed…From June 1st to June 30th be on the look out [for]: Iraq should be International on the WTO (World Trade Organization) list. Security Ministry seats should be voted on during this period of time. Pre DFI expiration maneuvering will be evident.

5-25-2011  the iraq’s sent imf a letter of intent, which is what we have been waiting for…its Iraq that is slowing things down….the RV can not happen unless the ministers are seated…no rv before June 1…odds are very good for an RV before July 1, 2011…it is all looking good…. I am pumped


7-8-2011  What are we looking for in the future?
 **Seated Security Ministers
 **Complete, Full Government
 **Also, we need to watch laws being passed on currency or exchange laws They have talked about the banks changing how they will be functioning…Nothing but good news is coming out of Iraq, follow the money!!!!!! The world is setting up shop in Iraq and your sitting on the currency. Well played!

7-24-2011  We probably won’t see another revaluation like this, what we are going through right now, ever again. They will probably keep the story down. They didn’t plan on you and me getting into this investment.
8-16-2011   For those comparing Turkey to Iraq…Iraq does not have inflation problems, they are getting rid of physical notes so they can revalue. Iraq is gaining in value, they are going to RD so they can RV. I don’t think we will have access to smaller denoms, right off the bat, I think you will be forced to cash in the larger notes at whatever rate it comes in. CBI said they want to get the dinar equivalent to the U.S. dollar. They said their goal is to come out at a buck.

9-10-2011  Iraq is in play to help the Global community. This is the most exciting time, the closest time to the RV that we hae been. They have the law in Parlament to retire the larger notes. They are not going to take the 000's off the notes, they are going to retire the notes and introduces the new notes and it’s going to cause a revaluation. I am very very excited this ride may be over soon.

9-12-11  We are that close that I am heading to Vegas to talk to my advisors. There is going to be more than one currency to revalue. They are going to adjust currency amounts all over the world. It’s going to be a very controlled global revaluation. Some currencies will go up and some will go down. Watch Parlament in Iraq, it’s the biggest moves that we are seeing for our investment…They had a special meeting Sunday about changing the currencies out. You people are educated enough to figure out what the rate could be and stick with it, have confidence with yourself. CBI is pushing the momemtum…to get this job done…you should be excited, I am.

9-14-2011  This last weekend was the biggest weekend of this investment…Shabibi going to parliament and telling them how the revaluation is going to work, the dedollarization and the re denomination and how their country is going to benefit…let’s watch and see what happens…

10-1-2011  Sooner or later it’s going to revalue. Shabibi has said they are going to revalue and they are going to try to peg it to the dollar, what time frame, I don’t know. Also, the time frame to turn in the large notes, I don’t know either, traditionally it has been 30 days up to 9 months, is what they have always done. Always been 1 to 1 exchange, the new rate. Alot of specutation it will start at the beginning of the year, but I don’t know how far they can go, the world is in trouble. Some countries will go up, some will go down, it’s a global event. Iraq is a major part of that. Iraq doesn’t get to choose when they get out of chapter 7, that is bogus, we will force them out of it, but when they do revalue there has to be a true supply and demand for the market to keep a true reflection of the currency so it stays that way or it will fall. No guarantee on the time or the rate, but I think it is coming down the road.

10-16-2011  It’s not going to revalue until the Erbil agreement and the Security seats are announced or about to be announced. It might be a one shot deal, keep watching that, it’s policy watch, we are not guessing here. Once it gets past that, they have an Erbil agreement, then you are in the status to where we can wake up any morning and the Security seat could be seated, the UN gets Iraq out of Chapter 7, it could all be done over night, but until the get the Erbil agreement is signed, we are just waiting.

10-21-2011  Last report I got was they are going to push really really hard for the beginning of the year to start this revaluation process. Let’s just hope they get there. They will go through a process, but the reality is it only takes one day. They open the books, they show everybody what they are really worth, they revalue the currency, they write a law, retire the large notes, send out the lower notes and compete against the US dollar with the new rate – it takes one day, one pop, but we need to get there first.

10-23-2011  Erbil Agreement, HCL, they are working on this now and then you will see the Security Seats formed and there is a good chance it will all be done before the beginning of the year, that’s what they are pushing for. they have always failed to meet their deadlines, but as far as a LOP, I just don’t see it. I only hope that they do what they said they are going to do and that is revalue at a buck, you see it in their budget, it is about $.86 to $1.17, which is what they always stated they would do and all we can do is watch and see what happens.

12-23-2011  The rate comes from CBI & the currency comes from Parlament, Maliki doesn’t have anything to do with this. All these countries have dinar, China, Great Britain, not just Americans, they just can’t shut it off & screw the world & then say come to Iraq & do business – does that make sense, no, it doesn’t. Tax code 8938 has nothing to do with the dinar you hold. Can they RV without getting out of Chapter 7, yes they can, but they can’t get out of Chapter 7 unless they RV. I believe they are going to revalue no matter how bad their turmoil gets, a civil war will not stop it, the value of the money is still there. I still don’t see anything holding it up. I think value wise, they made a mistake by not doing it already. I love that they are pumping dollars into the local economy because of the trillion or so dinar that they have taken off the streets – that should be fantastic news for you!!

12-2-2011  December 15th is the next window – the troops are leaving, Shabibi said when the troops leave. That’s why you are seeing alot of activity between politicians in Iraq and the U. S. They will have no excuses after the 15th. Rate is going to be about $.86 to $1.17. Reality is they can come in higher than that, but they have to take baby steps.

1-11-2012  the Central Bank came out in an article with the best statement ever…they are going to do a revaluation…they ended the preparations at the end of the year…this is straight from the CBI…you should be very excited right now…IMO they can go a long ways without revaluing, but eventually the UN will step in…I can’t see it lasting very long.

1-20-2012  The auctions moved from 1170 to 1166. It’s a dirty float, it’s not the real rate, there is no common sense about it. It’s not reflecting the market, it means absosutely nothing. Iraq can revalue at any time…they obviously have a plan. We can only go by what we know & we don’t know everything. They are getting rid of the money supply, that tells us that the dinars are worth something.

2-6-2012  It’s got to be a 1 – 1 exchange, that’s the law, that’s the way they have to do it. They have to reduce the money supply and then count everything that is out there. They have to give the people a legal notice that it changed & then give them a time frame to cash out. They will get it done & they will get it done by the end of 2012. They are going to reduce the money supply & that is what will trigger the value of our currency going up. Watching the currency supply is the most important thing, I don’t think it is Chapter 7. You should be watching Parliament, the CBI, the laws being passsed & the money supply & this should help you get off of the roller coaster ride. There is nothing but positive info coming out. Nothing but good news.

2-14-2012  We should see the RV prior to June because they have said this phase, Phase II, ends in June, but they have never kept a target date on anything. If it doesn’t happen, don’t be discouraged, it will happen one way or another, hope for the best.

2-16-2012  They need to get out of Article 8. Article 8 is the article that means they are actually internationally recognized through the IMF in conjunction with the UN, that’s it and what laws they are passing to get the currency out, other than that, it’s up to the CBI for them to finish that process. They are going to revalue, there’s a reason why the CBI has described a process here where the dinar will be worth more money. Why even go through a process if no value is going to be added. I never gave a rate, I can only go by what the CBI has stated, the Minister of Planning, it was $1.17, how can you misquote that.

3-1-2012  Iraqi’s are still using dinar, you can’t pull all of it off, it would cause harm. They have to maintain some type of liquidity within the country until they pass the law. Shabibi and Saleh keep talking about getting rid of the 3 [0 notes?] notes. The whole process is to raise the value of the currency. In Iraq, it is going to be an even swap, it’s going to be $1.17 for the old currency & they will have a certain amount of time to get in the new currency & it’s going to be $1.17.

Now you know how little he knows.

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Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done"  9/6/17 Empty Re: Breitling "I Know What They've Already Done" 9/6/17

Post by Oldtimer61 on Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:44 am


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