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RayRat Call Notes 9/4/17

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RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/4/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:24 am

TNT Call notes

4-September-2017 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=101195607

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday September 4, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. It’s Labor Day! It’s a holiday so we won’t be here long, just because we didn’t have a call on Friday.

You go the weekend update, and everything still holds. If you didn’t get the change to read that, we got information about leaflets informing of the liberation of The weekend reports are as follows. . . Leaflets were distributed informing the liberation of Hawija. The Finance Minister was on Iraq TV saying the currency will rise in value during the month of September, citizens will see greater purchasing power and Iraqs’ true economic value to the world will be revealed soon.

Citizens are reporting that bank security is reported as extremely unusual being guarded with tanks… they are being encouraged to keep quiet. September 10 – September 15 are dates of considerable interest but details are being kept very quiet. Tensions are at an “all time high” but the reason for those tensions is still unknown. The biggest issue is the bank security going on in Iraq, which is more than they are used to seeing.

So there are expectations 10-15. September, but mum’s the word. If they are not saying anything, I won’t either!

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: My question is about Block Chains: With the understanding that with block chain the government can go into your bank account as they please, and if you owe the government money it can electronically be removed at their pleasure…’with good cause’. How safe are our trusts and foundations from being taken away from us by block chain technology? Do we have something to worry about or will having a trust and foundation protect us from Banksters?

A: the entities themselves won’t be affected, but if your normal funds are affected, their funds might be as well unless there are some special features we don’t know about yet.

Q: Ray on your last call you said the rates for the Zim and other currencies aren’t gonna be what was heard previously and that we basically should wait it out once we RV, given that, how would we know when is the best time to exchange after the RV, aside from living in the band everyday?

A: I gave information that I have, which, if it is 100% accurate, we will be in a state of waiting. Watch the rate! When the rate goes up to a level that you like, make your move. Raise the rate, we activate. You make your move based on what makes your heart flutter. For me, that would be nice high rates.

Q: You are cautious and don’t say anything until you are reasonably certain there is some truth in what you are about to tell us. So the earlier references you made last Wednesday to the Zim not being the treasure trove we might be expecting is important. There are some ways that might be possible. delete more than 6 zeros come out at a very low rate instead of .13 or the 3 digits at which you said you would start the exchange process require some kind of Structured Payout withhold a significant portion for some kind of nebulous Humanitarian project Have you verified what you were hearing as being likely, or invalidated it?

[I have not verified it as 100% accurate and don’t think it will be verified until we are in the moment.]

What can you say to guide us in the right direction to come up with a good plan?

A: WAIT at least 24 hours until we can access the situation and see how it is moving. We have to let reality sink in; then we are no longer guessing. You can wait 24 hours, after all this time. If the RV were to come out right now, at1pm EST, then unless you are going for contract rates, I would wait 24 hours to assess what is going on, to find out the rate, see how strong it is, whether it’s likely to change, etc. At the moment we have no way of knowing what will happen, but when the dust settles it will only be going one way. If that matches your plan, great; if not, you wn’t have a plan, and will feel like a deer in the headlights. So WAIT.

Q: Any banking news? Or news on the tariffs at the border crossings? /Or price changes?

A: No, no, and no.

Q: Any news of rate changes on the Iranian toma?

A: I haven’t heard anything.

Q: As for the Pay It Forward, help for Houston would be great.

Q: Are the contract rates the trap for the first mouse?

A: No, the contract rates are great. The first mouse is people rushing out to exchange at the lowest international rate.

Live questions

865/404 caller: Last week, you said Parliament finally passed some laws after eight years; did they get published in the Gazette?

RayRen: I haven’t received any more information on those articles.

Caller: The Eid holiday comes to an end this evening – are they still celebrating?

RayRen: That’s possible, but because everything is hush-hush, we’re not hearing much of anything in Iraq.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

GA caller: About the Zim… [can’t hear this caller] You said it might not be as high as some people have said. Have your expectations changed any?

RayRen: No, my expectations have not changed, but my information has – that’s why I said that IF it’s 100% accurate, our strategies might change. I set my expectations on some things I believe have already taken place and should take place again, unless that is a one-off situation that never happens again. However, the process may have changed, and I cannot do anything about that, apart from mentally planning for it, and maybe financially planning for it. If you are only holding Zim, you might end up as a millionaire rather than a billionaire. All we can do is go with the flow, and I’ll give you whatever firm information I get. But really there is nothing we can do until this comes out and then we will know. There have been reports of no zeros coming out; my information has always said minus six zeros. If I were a betting person, I would bet on that, but if it turns out otherwise, I won’t be severely disappointed.

308 caller: This week is my birthday!

RayRen: What day does it fall on? Friday? Well, that’s too early to sing Happy Birthday on Monday. If everything stays the same, we will have calls on Wednesday and Friday, and one way or the other we will convene on Friday, hopefully to talk about some past things rather than future things. Let’s not sing too early; that diminishes the effect.

Next caller: Is the information you are referring to apply to all currencies?

RayRen: Yes, possibly. The removal of six zeroes only applies to the Zim. The only way this could be disappointing is if you have no recourse… for example, if you don’t have time and money to get more currency. Maybe you don’t need to do that anyway. We won’t know until after the RV; that’s why I am trying to let you know in advance. You might not be able to change the end result, but at least you will be mentally prepared for the possibility that you will exchange for less than expected. For Zim holders, we are not trying to scare anyone, but want you to be aware of what I am hearing now rather than what we have heard in the past. Other folks have told you this and that, and I told you what I have heard from the beginning. Now that is coming round again, with a bit more likelihood of being what we expected. I’m talking about the removal of the six zeroes. I never heard six zeroes on the trillions, three zeroes on the billions, etc. I would think that if they took zeroes off the one, they would do the same lop off every denomination of the Zim. I don’t know if that is 100% accurate, but I would think you would want to know that in advance, so that you can brace yourself. When people expect an accident don’t you want to know that you need to brace yourself? Make a plan in case that happens. Others have said that no zeroes will be removed; have a plan for that, as well. I got from one of my sources that they will be deleting six zeroes off every denomination. At least entertain that thought… so that you can plan accordingly. Do the calculations and see where you might wind up, so IF that is true at least you can be a peace with it… especially if you only have one note of, say, one hundred million. Let’s say the rate is 10 cents: with no zeroes knocked off = 10,000,000. However, will six zeroes removed, that’s 100 x 10 cents = ten dollars. I don’t really know, but I’d much rather prepare you with what I’m hearing, in case. We won’t really know until it becomes past tense. Once it is in the past tense, you cannot’ make any more purchases because rates will be locked in; all you can do then is mentally adjust to what has happened. If so, I want to know in advance so I can plan. That’s just the six zero issue, and other conditions are being reported to me. Yes, there may be an 80/20 split, but it’s not being projected to do what you have been hearing. I hope my information is wrong, but just in case it turns out to be true, wouldn’t you rather know about it? We are results-oriented here; it’s important to plan, just in case. I have been hearing different information regarding the Zim, the dinar, the dong, and the rupiah. So, across the board, it may be different than what we anticipated. If that turns out to be the case, WAIT to find out what’s really going on, and then make your move. It’s not a terrible thing, just different. By waiting, we emerge victorious, and some will even come out better than we imagined, if all of this holds true. That just means it might not all happen in one day.

TX caller: Did you say six zeroes are coming off all the Zim denominations? That will change the calculation drastically for some people.

RayRen: Yes, all denominations. I don’t know if it’s 100% true and accurate, but I’d much rather receive it and PLAN than have it come as a surprise.

Caller: We have heard in the past that some people have been paid. If that is the case, and if they had no zeroes taken off, and if they didn’t sign an NDA, then how would that work with the rest of us.

RayRen: I don’t know. We could bounce that back and forth, but it won’t change the end result. You just need to know, so that you can plan; if it doesn’t come out that way, which I hope, then okay, I was wrong. And the other information, if accurate, will help us make a lot more money. We are just talking strategy: “if it is this way, what are you going to do?” Maybe you expected to walk out with a trillion dollars, and you only walk out with ten million – that’s still a lot of money!

Caller: Many people didn’t have the money to buy 100 trillion Zim notes, so I guess they should purchase more if they can, or come up with another strategy. I hope they can pull up the money to do that.

RayRen: Maybe they cannot, but they can’t be at peace with it because of advance notice. I try to let you know what might be coming; I don’t know 100% what is happening until it comes done.

281 caller: It sounds like all of our listeners are doing great. The new deadlines is supposedly 13-15 of this month. I thought the end of August was our deadline for sure. Everyone is waiting, and then it doesn’t happen, and then people jump to Thanksgiving, and the Christmas. I’m in my late 70s, and I can’t wait for another ten years. [and so on and so forth]… If it doesn’t happen by the 15th, what do we do then?

RayRen: The best way the frustrated people deal with this is from a false sense of security that you’ve placed on somebody or some information; then when it doesn’t manifest, you get frustrated. The only way I know to deal with that is to come to grips with a) the RV is not going to happen when YOU think, believe, want or need it to come. That being so, focus on something else.

Some people get out of the currency game and be done with it. You can also stop letting the RV be the focal point and let something else claim your focus. Sure, the RV is going to be the solution to all kinds of problems, but given that it’s not going to happen when YOU need it to. Not everyone can run out and get a job, but you can focus on something else. Some have missed out on good things in life including solutions to your immediate problems because you were so stuck on the RV being the solution.

We have more and more information about the dinar: the citizens there are being told that the currency would be revalued with more purchasing power, and that the country would be the strongest in the region. What was the game-changer? They are now being told this would happen ‘in September’. We’ve never seen the value of Iraq telling citizens “your currency value will change on Friday” because then they wouldn’t spend their money. They would hold on until the value changed, right? The same is true for us. Yes, when this RV happens, it will probably change your situation and solve those financial problems.

Now we have Iraq telling its citizens that the value will change in September. That was from the Finance Minister. Of course, something could happen and it might not change this month. All we can go on is what they are saying right: it is change in September. In the interim, make your plans and put your focus on some other situation. Frustration is not good; over time, it turns us into a different type of person.

Put the RV out of your mind; pretend it is not happening so you will be forced to find other solutions for whatever problems you are dealing with. Frustration doesn’t help you find those solutions. There is an answer somewhere; have you looked everywhere, or have you only looked at the convenient answer? Sure, that would be the convenient answer to all our problems, but it won’t be the only solution. Look elsewhere, take care of your problems, handle your situation, and then when the RV comes, that will just be icing on the cake.

Stop focusing on this one thing that many of us have set our whole life around. Focus on something else – that’s the only answer I know to stop driving yourself crazy with anticipation. We had that in the US, when our credit rating dropped. It dropped anyway, and we are still here. All we can do is develop our plans, find solutions for our immediate problems, and enjoy the RV when it arrives. Frustration will kill you and it’s not worth it.

Caller: Is someone still blocking this?

RayRen: I really don’t know. We hear so much information that we really cannot verify. For years, people thought the president was stopping it. Then we got a new president, and we still don’t have the RV, seven months along. I don’t know all the possible issues, and even if I did, what are you going to do? Call them up, knock on the door? You’re still going to wait. There is nothing we can do about this to make the RV happen. So let’s channel our thoughts on what we can do in the meantime. It may be nothing, but then you need to reassess your frame of mind and how you’re going to deal with it. I don’t have the answer.

918 caller: I have a couple questions about the Zim. Will there be a contract rate on the Zim?

[RR: No.]

What is this 80/20 deal you were talking about?

RayRen: That means 80% of your exchange would go to humanitarian projects, and you would receive 20%.

Caller: About these other currencies, there will be contract rates, right?

RayRen: I believe there will be a contract on the dinar, but I don’t believe there will be contract rates on rial, rupiah, dong or Zim. I don’t know for sure; I’m sharing information that has been shared with me, if it all holds true. This is just training mode for different scenarios.

Caller: I’ve planned for the worst, and even if the rates come out very, very low, I will be in great shape. If they are higher, that’s icing on the cake.

501 caller: You slipped in something about a call on Friday that might not be a scheduled call..

RayRen: Yes, that is an either-or, pre or post-RV. I am in town, and we will have a call either way. We’re taking it day by day to see what happens. I am looking for some significant information tomorrow; I just don’t know what it will be. There might be a leveraging OR exchange opportunity. If what I am hearing is true, WAIT will be our best word or approach. If anything comes out, I will let you know, of course. [I left the call here.

For Ray’s closing statement, check Sunny’s Cliff Notes below.]

RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENT: . . . I didn’t mean to keep us this long. It’s Labor Day weekend. Lets enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Looking for good things to happen this week. Looking hopefully to say sometime this week, “leverage” or “let’s wait.” If I say either one of this something significant will have taken place. Could mean just wait 24 hours to access the situation at all angles.

Can’t you wait 24 -48 hours to see what the deal is and let us tell you what the deal is and hear are some idea to entertain. Not going to tell you what to do . . .just want to give you options, choices so you can intelligently choose what is the best for you to do for you. The only way you can know the unknown part is to wait a day or two and access the situation and learn from members contributing.

We have eyes all over the US – let us compile all that and break it down intelligently so you can understand it and make the bets choice for you and your family. Will it be worth the wait when its time.? Only you can answer that. I believe our day is coming. How about you?

(played “I Believe.”) Ray: As far as I’m concerned . . . it’s already done!


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RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 Empty Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/4/17

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:27 pm

Is Ray just as popular at the Baghdad Internet Cafe as Tony was?

:nono: RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 3508649203 RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 3508649203 RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 3508649203 RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 3508649203 RayRat Call Notes  9/4/17 3508649203 :nono:

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