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Just Who is Mountain Goat???   5/11/16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Just Who is Mountain Goat??? 5/11/16

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Just Who is Mountain Goat???   5/11/16 Empty Just Who is Mountain Goat??? 5/11/16

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:50 pm

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter
May 11, 2016 ·

Many have asked the question as to who is Mnt Goat and how did it all begin. So I will bring you what I am allowed tell today. As you know I am a very good friend of Mnt Goat. My name is George Holowitz or GeorgeH as many know me on the sites. Mnt Goat and I met while serving together in the US Army Intelligence Corps during an Iraqi tour of duty. We are both investors in the Iraqi dinar and I am on her mailing list for her news letter. We are both now civilians and she has since married a German guy and has two children from that marriage. She now choses to live with him in Bavaria, Germany.

From some of the proceeds from the Kuwaiti dinar revaluation, they were able to start a guest house for tourism. They seem very happy and very private. I will say she has some very impeccable connections still in the GOI, which many of these so called intel “gurus” would luv to tap into. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN… SORRY FOLKS!

Give me one good reason why she should allow any of these so called intel “gurus” to enter her private life and world after all the pain, suffering and grief they have caused her with their bashing. In defense of course she is allowed to return the favor and so let it be. So if you ever wonder why she relentlessly bashes all these so called intel “gurus” in her news letters, now you know.
This Facebook site is the only true Mnt Goat news letter and any iffiliation with Mnt Goat. All the rest of the Mnt Goat stuff is bullshit and phony just as the intel many of these so called intel “gurus” bring to you. I have noticed many of these vultures, or should I say scoundrels, are using the Mnt Goat to take advantage of you. I see everything from coffee mugs to beach towels being sold and yes more of the same old phony intel too.

Please read the Mnt Goat Disclaimer also included on this Facebook page. I can assure you all these other Mnt Goat pages have absolutely no affiliation with Mnt Goat from Bavaria, Germany.

The Mnt Goat story is simple. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS. Tired of all the bullshit being used to scam people and get everyone excited every weekend, then read Mnt Goat News Letter.

About five years ago I thought that everyone should hear what she had to say in her news letter since it was so detailed and news worthy. However not everyone has access to it. So I thought it would be a good idea to publish it in the USA. At first she declined but I asked her to tie into many of these calls and go her access to many of the intel sites. After listening to the absolute garbage intel of the every day / every day RV saga, she decided to allow me to publish the news in the USA dinar forums.

At the time I chose Tony and TNT to broadcast her news. He had just left PTR and so seemed legitimate enough. For a while it was successful and people began to learn the truth. Then Tony soon became so outlandish and would make remarks to bash Mnt Goat since she challenged his bullshit. Soon I was banished from the site, for posting the Mnt Goat news letter, I guess they wanted me to censor her information prior to posting it, thus to lie about the intel and not contradict Tony’s BS. Seems as long as you went along with Tony’s you were okay. No objectivity or new thinking was allowed.

His information quickly became a fantasy world of Tony and his small set of groupies sucked it up. I would laugh at the Q & A sessions as everyone seemed to be scrambling to plan for all their soon to be riches. Little did they know they would still be waiting six years later. With all his concentration put on bank screens, bank memos, DC intel and speeches from the mosque everyone listening soon became very disenchanted since he would hype the people up from Wednesday to Friday and then let them down on Monday. Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to let them down filled with excuses as to why the R didn’t happen and should have. Over and over again the roller coaster ride continued week after week and the years passed. Seems the excuses repeated too over and over again. Did they think we were all idiots believing this garbage?
Being kicked off of TNT, I moved on to posting her news letters in Dinar Recaps. I am very thankful for the many years they have allowed me to post on their site, but soon they too wanted me to censor the news letter, something Mnt Goat forbid me to do. She has since forbid me to post anything of hers on Dinar Recaps or any intel site for that matter. I respectfully comply. She does approve of Facebook since now she can finally get her storey out.

She always said and I quote “the truth is hard to swallow” or another good one she often said when I asked her to tone it down (when she called them idiots or jerks in her news letters) is “if the shoe fits wear it”. Guess she hit some nerves with many of these so called intel “gurus”? She even challenged them to argue her intel but to this date no one has ever come forward to take the challenge. Why? How can you argue with the FACTS?

Mnt Goat had the opportunity to listen to many of these other calls too, like Bruce and his Bigcall. Up to 2012 they were somewhat believable but if you followed the news, (any bit of REAL news and I mean the real news channels from Iraq), it would take a blind man not to see the truth and to know what was really going on with the RV.

Oh- wait a second Bruce is blind…. so never mind…. No personal disrespect to Bruce but even a blind man should have been able to see through this false and phony intel being pumped out to the general public, or at least have the common sense to question it and verify it. So there are no excuses since if you are having an intel call you take on the responsibility to verify and confirm everything you say to the general public. Otherwise stop you calls if you don’t know the TRUTH!
If all these so called intel “gurus” weren’t too busy making up all this unverified intel and rumors, you would know that it was impossible to have an RV anytime after Dr Shabibi was accused of corruption in the CBI. Then in 2014 once ISIS and DAASH took a foothold in northern Iraq and then with the elections it became apparent we were is it for the long haul. I mean long haul.

I won’t even go into the darn right outlandish bullshit being put out by these idiots in the NESARA (or NASARA) group. Not even worth the key strokes on my key board. Go read some of my past news letter I have commented on this phony group many times already.
So Mnt Goat felt obligated (and still feels obligated) to tell the truth and clarify much of the garbage intel Tony, Bruce, Frank25 and many of the others were getting from various sources within the US government or just making it up as they go. They were warned to stay away from it but they were being used to keep the dinar holders strung along and purchasing the currency. Currency sales were high and many made millions off this opportunity. Many, including Tony, admitted this many times. Go back and replay his past calls. Yet the gullible people continued to such it up. Wasn’t it someone from the Barnum and Bailey circus that once said “a sucker is born everyday”. Their quest for garbage intel and hype continues.

Then there was the GCR (the global currency reset) which is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the GFR (global financial reset) that the IMF and the World Bank had been working on already for many years. Funny how a little knowledge if not interpreted correctly can be confusing.

Of course GCR sounded better and could be used to scam everyone. What better way to scam everyone into buying all these speculative currencies? All the hype of 100+ of currencies all revaluing at the same time. Then is was reduced to only a handful once the scam was exposed. I feel sorry for all the suckers who spent hundreds of thousands of hard earned money on these currencies, now expecting an RV along with the Iraqi dinar. Mnt Goat tried to warn everyone and explain that all this was nothing more than pumping highly speculative currencies. This was a scam and so time will be the determining factor. The Iraqi dinar is the only sure revaluation we can count on. The rest is fantasy. Don’t believe me? Frank26 even recently purchased a nice home in Hawaii with all the loot he has made from his intel calls.

So if there are any scams over this Iraqi dinar currency - these are the perpetrators.

When I read some of the articles in many of the dinar forums you would also think that the Iranian Rial is going to revalue along side the Iraqi dinar. Seems more concentration is being put on the Rial than even the Iraqi dinar. The facts are the news about Iran tells us just the opposite. So all you Rial holders – Good Luck with that currency!

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Just Who is Mountain Goat???   5/11/16 Empty Re: Just Who is Mountain Goat??? 5/11/16

Post by Oldtimer61 on Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:58 am


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Just Who is Mountain Goat???   5/11/16 Empty Re: Just Who is Mountain Goat??? 5/11/16

Post by Sam I Am on Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:54 am

From paragraph 2:

From some of the proceeds from the Kuwaiti dinar revaluation, they were able to start a guest house for tourism.

Since there was no Kuwaiti dinar revaluation I think you're wise to skip the rest of it. As to Mtn Goat's identity, it's either Ken Siegel (owner of Dinar Recaps), or a friend, family member, or business associate of Ken Siegel.

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