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Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dreamers Friday Drama 9/2/17

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Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Empty Dreamers Friday Drama 9/2/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:56 am





Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Avatar?id=1625863&m=75&t=1503962754
Welcome to September Folks! Apparently all that hype about August was just that…hype! Now I know the Intel providers are going to blame it the hurricane, Iraq government, Cabal, and let’s not forget the old stand by President Trump. Well the old WSOMN Chat is shut down early mornings so it looks like you folks are stuck with putting up with me at least for the next month or so. That’s OK, I will be gentle.

In all fairness ADMINBILL did offer me an opportunity to post my early Morning Prayer and gripe session in the Form of the WSOMN board but somehow it just did not seem to be a good fit for me considering that most of my friends have come over to this site until old Bill gets his senses back. Lord knows them Moderators needed a break since Bill is working at least two full time jobs now.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father walk with us for a while and gives us the strength to hang on for a little while longer for our blessings. Many of us are waiting with anticipation of helping our neighbors rebuild their lives by donating to various charities and lending ourselves to help the people who lost everything to rebuild their lives and possessions once again.

Dear Lord God Almighty bless those who have struck out on their own to help in the rescue operations from all across our nation. I know this is not the first time our country has been known to rush out and help those who have lost everything but during my lifetime I have never seen such an out pouring of men, women, and all races come together to lend a hand to help our neighbors in need.

Rest easy my friends, I know it has been a long road and some have fallen along the way but they will live on in our memories, maybe by as little known about them as their screen name or their personal avatar. They were fellow travelers who share a journey with us for a time. Amen and Amen.

Our destiny awaits. Keep the Faith.

So does Admin or any of the Mods besides Avon know about this room ?

MM I am sure they do.

I talked to RC - he just might surprise us. Maybe not under RC

I just don't understand why Admin thinks we need to have Mods watching everything that is said in chat ??

I hope he comes in - I understand the mods were shocked about the new hours. Admin was in the Navy - it's what he's knows - a chain of command. He provided a great service and still will, just during his hours as stated

As far as the question about the mods I am only aware of Avon knowing and she is afraid to come in the room and get in trouble but I am sure someone whispered in others ears ...

I spoke to RC read below. He may surprise us under a different name - the mods we shocked about the new hours - and this ride will end in September. He loved the idea

Oh that's great we miss him would love to have him here . Does he think Admin will be mad ?

Did not discuss it - I explained it was in no way to disrespect Admin, we just formed tight friendships and we need to stay together now and after as these are the only people in the world who can relate to us. And we don't want to lose him.

RC is such a fine person. Would be nice to see him here too!

I think Admin knows this will be over now also and he was a God sent so we really appreciate all he did he must be so done in ...

006 won't be done in cause it's free in here .

It's about 20-30$ a month

I have been meeting lots of people that are waking up - they know something is going on and ready for something good
I was reading below. IMO I do not think AB is offended. He might be releaved at this site. He has a lot going on. He may be thinking we are close tothe end. He many not. As for the MODS. They aren't offended either, or scared. I think all is good. Like we say. We are all grown ups. No one should be offended.

The shift is happening....I think once the 'NESARA GIFTS' come out - people will really expand and return to Mother/Father God

BigFeet most i talk to - dinar is the least of their holdings...all rates for all currencies is wonderful

Bodi what have you heard about dong and Zim?

One question Bodi are we going to RV this weekend ?

Halo I fully believe so - I really do and pray I am right. I can't say what I heard about rates...but I can tell you I am asking for the moon - this is our one chance for God and if we still have money left over when we turn to a cashless society - we just release it back to the Universe...money is energy

Can we hoard some cash? That scares me to no end

Tig by the time we get to that point...we will have so much Heavenly Help and guidance - we will not be surprised...by that point we will be fully living in THE GOLDEN AGE

the RV/GCR is the first domino to fall....then things will start to move very quickly - but it will still be a while before the masses are submerged in 'LOVE AND PEACE AND UNITY' so it is important to seek guidance from Mother/Father daily and stay aware - do not walk in fear...but always stay cognizant of your surrounding - DISCERNMENT

The energy in the room is awesome!!!

Fox News now reporting full liberation of Mosul and Tal Afar from Abadi

Sand sea...not again! Smile

Thanks for having this site to take the place of the site limiting the time its open.

And people think they won't see the 800's they will be posted like a wild fire !

@THE_TNT_TEAM: Friday's call is postponed until later today, if warranted. Iraqi TV reports approval of international audits.....what next? #wearethepeople...

3rd week in a row where TNT has no Friday call

Can someone please help me with an Avatar, BF found me one but i don't evenknow how to copy and past ????

Hi everyone. Has anyone seen Ted? I missed his morning prayer.

He was lurking earlier. Just go back a page or two and it's there

Found it! Now my day can continue.

Prayer was posted at 3:00 AM tis morning.

Thanks Ted. You're an inspiration to us all!

I have been surfing the web and checking out hurricane Intel. Also there is a PTR call starting at 1:00 PM EST

ted do you have the number for for that call please

Members only room sorry

Ted im on TNT chat and dont see anything about a members only call

He said PTR, lol not TNT

Peoples talk radio.com I have been a members for a while. Good information three times a week. audio only

Irma back down to a cat2 - Let's keep the prayers up and show the dark who is in charge! MOTHER/FATHER GOD

Yup been working on it all morning we have the power to do it !

Yes indeed - we can do this!!!

Let's do it!

Sent it away and dissipate it .

I Declare the Hurricane will be poofed and no harm to any person, place, thing or animal! BAM!

Our new Mantra - POOF BE GONE IRMA!

we love your Mom splash - my named hurricane was retired - she was not nice. yes - it was before I was born...I warned everyone I was coming hee hee

everyone have a good day today!! off to my workout session!! see everyone later tonight!! Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Party Go out and enjoy your day!

135 members we ar growing folks... Welcome all new comers. No active Mods here we all consider our selves as grown ups and respectful of other opinions even if we may dis agree with them from time to time. Kick off you shoes and stay a while or just feel free to check back in at ANY time 24-7

No MODS? Well, then there's no one for me to tick off!

TED I like that we can discuss without mod telling us to not talk about a subject

Blondie pm

Blondie any hot Intel on the RV horizon or anyone else for that matter?

When it comes I feel like it will be similar to a lightening strike loud and fast. Just be prepared.

Not sure of a sword law in Texas just think we can now carry Bowie Knives legally once again, maybe yankees think that is a sword!!!

First of the month, I need to run to the commisary to pick up some groceries before the bill collectors get all my cash. BBL

That's so sweet TED and DASH! Glad to be back

Sand, you get that Tweet from Benny? I would post, but I might preview first. He's lost his mind...

Benny'd frontal labotomy was not successful. He is stating that t he IMF has canceled the RV!

I went to wsomn and it's closed

So, why is chat at WSOMN shut down?

Admin and Mods need a life essentially

A question that I haven't had answered- why doesn't Mtn Goat post anymore?

Hello kit. I think it's because Mtn. Goat became to offensive. Therefore only posts on her/his facebook site and hen ge copied and pasted.

Blondie you feel free again

TAV I no longer feel guilty aabout not wearing underwear! LMAO

Blondie underware is NOT mandatory

in a skirt????? oh baby

HERB Camo, baby!


FLGAL That's what I meant! Thanks for the correction! Lemonade time

Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Avatar?id=1625925&m=73&t=1504039299
Tavi I remeber you got bounced from wsomn for dancing on the table.... but we used to dance on tables in tnt when skunkie,dawnsy,rayfaulk

Nothin but fun doesn't hurt anyone

Tav it helped with the stress to do silly stuff.... Tav were you in tnt when we had the garage sale of skunkies stuff

Iz those were fun times and it was therapy for a lot of folks laughter was plentiful and that my friend is medicine I know you agree

Has anyone else heard that Yosef was arrested today?

Blondie I heard someone was but did not hear or know if it is him

BEAGS Trying to verify if it was him and I juust got a call it was, but I'd like more verification. How rich is that if true?

i'm gonna go snoop and see if i can find anything

Iz is on the case

Interesting DR Ckarke came out with Mt Goat

DDSD? What about Dr Claark?

He was impersonating a goat!

Hi guys is that true Yoseh arrested ? I saw one of his church calls advertised for tonight . If so now he will have plenty of time to make up his stories ...

HALO Trying to verify. Right now rumor

BEGAS I think Dr. Clark took a BENY pill! What did you think the bottom line is from that post?

Blondie I think what was said on the call today would not surprise me if it was Dr Clarke

BEAGS I meant dissertation, not post!

BEAGS Interesting. I just skimmed Dr. Clark, but I didn't see anything about the Admiral. I'll go back and look.

I heard someone was arrested for naming and tell false info about the Admiral . Well at least we know there is an admiral now .

AZ Can't think of anyone other than I know a good source who read Yosef's post yesterday and he said he saw the Admiral stuff in there. I don't know.

I just gave the clue that was given

AZ Anyone that rhymes with Mary

mary and Joseph

rhymes with joseph..YOSEF not mary Josef

AZ Then there you have it!

I think this room needs to create a new Guru persona , and we can take turns writing the posts.

maybe President Ryan will pardon Yosef

Can't find any poste from Yoseph for the last couple days that have Admiral in it . Keep us posted Blondie .

HALO Which would lend a little more cred that it might be him and Dr. Clark's was just posted today. I will go check in some chat's that I'm in and see if anyone has it. Give me a few mins.

Omg everyone is here!! So nice to see y'all! Thank you 006 ❤️❤️❤️ So glad you did this! ❤️❤️❤️

I believe he was drunk when he made that post or something very much like it IMO "Good Doctor my butt"

Tedd...i humbly disagree with your evaluation

Evening Ted good seeing ya

DDS that is your right and I will never dispute it. That is why I always put IMO after my post.

WOW This room is moving fast and I away from the table, out of the deal. SNAKE villifying me again!

lots of people bailing on this investment...i dont get it

Converstatons run fast and that is good.

HALO I'm working on it

Blondie I did all the work for you now read pm

I believe that is what the delay is all about just to discourage people into selling out early

Just found this link for Yosef's stuff You can find all of Yosf's Si​treps at https://theclarioncalls.wixsite.com/yosef/copy-of-achrive-calls. I did not see any reference to the Admiral. Maybe they took it down​ or that call is referring to someone else. Don't know

I would bet they took it down

Blondie didn't find anything on yoyo being jailed... darn it

i have talked to all of my contacts this evening and the information is 1/2 for this weekend and other is for after Tuesdat But seems to be more Leaning towards this weekend BUT Who the Heck knows any more

Thank you so much 006 for this room. Made all the difference in my Hopium level!

Well one things for sure about the other board...I'll NOT be farting around trying to figure or guess WHEN it's open or not...too mch trouble

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Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Empty Re: Dreamers Friday Drama 9/2/17

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:53 am

I see BODI is already smearing her New Age hogwash all over the walls and everything. It's so difficult to get off and it stinks to high heaven.

Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 2350219667

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 Empty Re: Dreamers Friday Drama 9/2/17

Post by Terbo56 on Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:28 pm

Use some 'P.B.' Blaster, or W-D 40, that stuff would rip a sick prostitute off from a hospital toilet!! Dreamers Friday Drama   9/2/17 3508649203
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