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RayRat Call Notes  8/30/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 8/30/17

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RayRat Call Notes  8/30/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 8/30/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:34 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 30-August-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#



RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday August 30, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. It’s the end of the month! We sent out the update on the customs law for people going in and out of the country with more than 200,000 dinar. That’s under $200 USD at the old rate, and now you need a permit! Baghdad has paid the Kurds 80% of their debt on Monday. A few weeks ago, the Kurds came to Baghdad for a meeting, and we never saw an update on the results of that meeting… now we are. That payment was based on agreement of a rate established for the Iraqi dinar. We know what that rate is, don’t know when it’s supposed to kick in, but it should be public pretty soon now that we know the results of that meeting. That’s the significance of that payment to the Kurds.

In addition to that, currencies are taking turns in different directions anticipated, if my information is 100% accurate. Because of that one factor of accuracy, we are of the mindset to wait and see, not moving on anything that comes out. That waiting will be a good thing on all fronts. If we see that to be true, we will let you know. You know about first mouse, second mouse, third mouse – that now applies to ALL currencies, not just the Iraqi dinar.

I’m not sure what other information can be discussed at this stage. Let’s watch the Zim closely. I am getting some new information, or at least new in that it’s coming to me; it’s similar to what have heard. Based on the possibilities, we need to be careful so that we can come out smelling like a rose. We must be patient, not only in waiting for the release, but springing into action based on reality. We don’t know if this is 100% accurate until it takes place, but some have been notified to be ready.


Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Should there be some form of document that we have the bank sign and notarize stating, “This currency has been verified that it is authentic and the amount being exchanged is __$$$__.” Once the currency exchange is complete today there can be no recourse by the bank to take the deposited monies back out of the account.”
A: If you are presenting something for the bank to sign, they will probably won’t sign it unless they pass it by the legal department first. You can also call and ask before you go in, to find out what will satisfy you that this is a done deal once you relinquish your currency. They probably have some kind of documentation or process that will satisfy you.

Q: There are a few new and very different posts on Dinar Guru this morning claiming that there have been celebrations in Iraq behind a new program rate and that the lower denominations are out. [False.] One post from a programmer is very interesting calling out a list of key points of change now visible a the CBI site that were not there yesterday. Do your contacts reflect this as well? Further, is this maybe what Okie was so excited about?
A: I have no idea what Okie was excited about because I’m not in his head. To the best of my knowledge, the CBI site has made no major changes, or even subtle ones. We haven’t been able to find any celebrations apart from that mall being opened. That’s big for Iraq, but not for us. We haven’t heard anything about lower denominations actually being distributed.

Q: Ray, could we have some more training on what you were discussing last night about IQD contracts and the opening rates of the other currencies we hold – and not rushing to the bank with any of them?
A: Sure, be on the call tonight.

Q: Are there still contract rate available for people with just a few million IQD?
A: To the best of my understanding, yes.

Q: Ray , do you know of any banks in Alaska exchanging Dinar ? WF says No!
A: I thought I did but I’m scanning my notes here… and… I don’t have anything on my list right now that is exchanging in Alaska. If members know of somewhere, let me know.

Q: This is not really a question, but a suggestion for what is hopefully to be our near future. The tweets sometimes take over half an hour to get to some of us. I would like to suggest that when you do “THE” tweet of all tweets, that you would allow an hour before the call.
A: If time permits, I will do that. If there is anything coming to us that is timely, I might not wait that long, but if we can, we will.

Q: Are you still thinking that all of the currencies are coming out at the same time as the Dinar?
A: Well, that is what I have heard (with the usual caveats). Supposedly there are nine currencies that may be moving; four or five will pop out first, and the remaining four or five will come at a later date. Which are which I cannot tell you.

Q: Anything about new laws related to the release of the RV? [RR; Not to my knowledge.] Any updates in the mosque, or news from the IMF, etc.?
A: There is discussion about this payment to the Kurds, but otherwise nothing that has not been made public.

Live questions

865/404 caller: With respect to these currencies, what does ‘later’ mean?

RayRen: I would speculate it’s within the quarter that the others will be released.

Caller: As for rates showing on bank screens, they were showing 1:1000, and they should be showing 1:1 yesterday.

RayRen: I haven’t heard of that yet, and I think we would have heard if it had.

Caller: Any further feedback on their Eid starting this Friday? I would love for this to be the last ‘regular’ RV call…

RayRen: I haven’t heard any mention of it having to be done by then.

970 caller: How do we proceed post-RV with setting up trusts and foundation? Who would we be working with and what would that look like?

RayRen: I think for most people, you exchange your currency on (say) Monday, and go home with a receipt and debit card or black card, depending on the level of your exchange. I have no need to get cash out on exchange day, but probably I/you would put some money in your personal or discretionary spending account. Some debit cards have a daily limit that you might want the bank to extend. I’d go home and relax, and then go back in a few days to look at investment opportunities at the bank. I would also be doing research about what entities I want to create because those trusts, LLCs, S-corps, etc. might want to make investments directly. Educate yourself so that you can know what you are doing and why, and then go find service providers who can set up what you want. Know WHY you want to do certain things so that they cannot talk you out of what you want.

Caller: Let’s say I have a WF account. When I exchange the major funds, would that be transferred to a holding account until I figure all this out?

RayRen: If you are exchanging at WF, the funds will go into your account. Create a new account for the exchange funds, and then place a smaller amount in your existing account. That doesn’t establish any asset protection, you just have a new account in your name.

Caller: So that money would be in that new account – is that protected?

RayRen: Not any more than your existing account is protected. What do you mean by protected? You have exchanged, you have money in an account in your name, and that is no different than your existing account except that you have more money in it.

[I had to leave the call here.]

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

Closing Statement

Some things are still expected to happen this week, and we’ll see if they unfold. If so, we will be getting in touch with you. I’ll send out an update, or we’ll talk about it on Friday IF we have our regularly scheduled call.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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