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RayRat Call Notes  8/23/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 8/23/17

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RayRat Call Notes  8/23/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 8/23/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:48 pm

TNT Call notes 23-August-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday, August 23, 2017, with yours truly RayRen98 here. The intel is… we don’t have anything new, nothing to grab our attention. Something is definitely going on with the cards, maybe more outside the country. We did hear of some in-country cards being activated at the program rate (1166), and outside the country at a new rate that has let to be disclosed. Obviously we want to pinpoint that accurately. Everything else has been mysteriously quiet, so let’s see what questions are on the board.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: After following you via the call and tweet updates very closely. I have been attempting to put the information pieces together in a logical and practical manner. With that being said, would I be correct to conclude that the only box that we need to have “checked” is the lower denominations being publicly accessible to the Iraqi citizens? [RR: I think there may be some other aspects.] Of course I understand that there may be factors that are not for public consumption, but with that being understood would I be correct?
A: Yes, there are clearly some things going on behind the scenes.

Secondly, if you would be so kind as to elaborate why, IF my assumption is correct, for the purpose of helping others, so that we are all on the same page of understanding.
A: I wouldn’t say that lower denominations are the only box to be checked. They could fully release internationally, and not release the lower denoms for a day or so afterwards. Nothing goes according to the ways or rules we think here; it’s topsy-turvy, very unpredictable.

Q: It was good to hear from Okie last week, he sounded strong. Do you know if it is still the plan for the “landing” public release announcement to be channeled through Okie??
A: I don’t know if that was his original plan. I don’t know have a plan about that at this time. Okie was maybe too ill to dot hat. I’m not against it; we’ll have to see if he is up for it.

Q: Any word from the mosques?
A: No.

Q: What are your top three reasons you believe the Iraq RV is inevitable? A: 1) Iraq is telling its citizens that it’s happening, 2) the history of Iraq indicates it, and 3) the citizens are already seeing it – we just haven’t seen it YET.

Q: What have you heard recently about contract rates?
A: Nothing recently.

Q: Have you heard any new information from your bank contacts?
A: Nothing new.

Q: Have you been notified that you will receive toll-free numbers?
A: Not officially.

Q: Do you consider the below a solid foundational financial plan if all were positioned/used properly? 1. Irrevocable Trust; [Yes, 100%] 2. Private Foundation [Yes, 100%]; 3. Correct usage of Endowments with a Charitable Trust? A: I tend to let the private foundation take are of the third part, but you might have other factors.

Q: Is there a such a thing as a non-statutory Foundation?
A: Yes, it’s a trust arising from your right to contract; it is not registered or regulated by a state. That is, you don’t ask permission to create or use that entity.

Q: Any update on the lower denominations or fils being released to the Iraqi public?
A: Nothing has come to me regarding those items.

Q: Has anything been published in the Gazette?
A: Nothing you’ve been looking for.

Q: If I buy someone currency as a gift, will the tax rate be higher than if they buy it themselves?
A: No, the tax rate is on the exchanger, no matter who bought it.

Q: You said last week contractors got paid new rate and now you said there is a new rate on some cards. Are these two the same rate?
A: No, I don’t think so.

Q: Ray, I am thinking that the lower denoms might be released after the RV in an effort to promote the use of the cards…what do you think?
A: If you go to the cards, as a cashless system, then they won’t need the lower denominations, but I imagine they will still want some cash.

Q: Ray, did the mosque announce anything this morning?
A: No.

Live questions

470/865/404 caller: So it’s still quiet, and Sadr asked for three days of silence; where do we fall in that three days?

RayRen: I missed the official announcement on that, but it started on Saturday and it should have concluded by now, but everything still seems to be silent, whether it’s our people or members who have friends and relatives over there. So what’s really going on, and why the delay in getting feedback?

Caller: The Iraqi papers are focused on the fighting in that city, with the Iraqi forces squeezing Da’esh out of that city. What are you hearing? And it is current, or coming from a week ago (as the articles imply).

RayRen: My sources are not talking about that at all, almost as if it isn’t happening. They say “don’t listen to the news”, so I don’t. I haven’t received an ounce of intel that suggests the weight is on Talifar, like the weight was on Mosul. They just keep saying “It’s done, you’re going to see it, just wait.” I’ve seen phases of that developing, it just hasn’t hit us yet. Just wait. There are still some unknowns, about what stands in the way of our seeing it. We are getting some information about cards being in and outside the country, and the latter are more important because it shows international activity. They are using those cards with ease, and that speaks volumes to me.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Raymon Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

407 caller: I haven’t heard anything about Abbott Downing lately; are they still connected with Wells Fargo?

RayRen: I believe so.

501 caller: There has been news that there may be a civil war in Iraq; how will that affect our RV?

RayRen: I haven’t heard anything about a civil war in Iraq. I don’t have any opinion on what could, might, or should be; I use my energy to discern what my sources say IS happening, because it has mostly come to pass, sooner or later. I’m waiting for that type of information to put my in a correct direction. The news, articles and blogs, that may be all you have to look at, so you have to pay attention to it. So although I don’t have any hot news, I can share what I do have to counter what you are being subjected to. I am not interested in so-called broken promises, because our folks have been on the money – they may not be correct as to the timing or mode of things happen, but they tell me things have happened and those have taken place. For instance, cards are being activated – maybe not everywhere, but indicators that they have been activated in-country and outside the country, at varying rates that will eventually be disclosed.

954 caller: Why are there all these changes? We’re looking for 800 numbers, for lower denominations in ATMs, and then it changes again…

RayRen: The first thing you said was that you were expecting 800 numbers; when did I ever say that? In the past, I have been known to say “don’t come to me to explain something I didn’t say”. This time I’m saying, “isn’t it about time you stop listening to all that stuff that didn’t pan out?” It’s like the boy who cried wolf, and when the wolf came, they stopped listening. He should have kept quiet until he actually saw a wolf, but by then the villagers had stopped listening. All your anxiety is coming from missing or incorrect information. We’re not getting or giving out stuff like that. How many times have you heard the 800 numbers are coming in the morning? Why are you still listening? That’s what you get for listening to people who say the same things over and over again. If you remove what’s causing your problems, you won’t have those problems any longer. Iraq never told you that tomorrow you’re going to the bank, so why get upset at them? Iraq is saying to their people: you can do this, or that. They never said and don’t care that all these Americans want to go to the bank. If you have thoughts and opinions rather than facts, what are they based on? I’m never going to tell you that dinar is going to revalue at 11am on Friday, because even if Abadi called me up in person, I wouldn’t believe it – I’ll wait for Friday. Just let this thing come in when it does, rather than fostering false expectations based on what people say without factual backup.

I will tell you when its’ time to go. I won’t be the first one, because when it truly happens, I will find out if it is really true, before I say anything. I don’t care about being first, I care about it being right and real. This opportunity is so great, I don’t care about being the first one. I’ve tried to teach you are to ‘wait for the rate to appreciate’, because it is going to go up. We address various realities in our trainings; what we expect is that the rate will come out, and increase for a short while, and then come back down to the market or international rate for dinar. That’s been our plan of option for some time – that’s the first mouse, second mouse, third mouse scenario. Sure, we want to get on with our lives, but what benefit to rushing? Why chase after 100,000 when you can sit and wait on 1,000,000. If you subscribe to this view, we get to sit back in our easy chairs and watch the fools rush in. What we don’t already know, we will learn from the mistakes they make. We will be able to see and say the BEST time to go.

I generally stay out of the political arena, but just look back over the span of time we’ve been in volved in this. Some were involved during the Bush era, then the Obama era, and now the trump era. The president always get blamed or credit for this ride, that the president stopped this, started that, etc. If the current one was involved in everything we’re dealing with, woudn’t he have tweeted something by now. With the other presidents did or didn’t, they didn’t talk about it anyway. This one tweets out everything that’s on his mind, so I would think there would be some tweet about it at some point.

918 caller: I agree, we don’t have to be in a hurry to get the rate that is going to rise. However, that doesn’t apply if you are going after the contract rate, right?

RayRen: Yes, and I will still tell you quickly when it comes out, I just won’t be first. I’ll trail them by a few hours, but it won’t be days.

Caller: On the last call, you said, “looking forward to the public release”, maybe several days after 21. August. When it is public, maybe that is when we go as well, but what separates us from that public group is that we know to ask for that contract rate, and the average guy won’t. I wonder if you won’t have 800 numbers, you will do it with your own private knowledge.

RayRen: Sure, and there are other ways we can use our greater knowledge as well. We had a member who went into their bank, told them how much he had, and they presented them with a wealth management book that he read at home, and it covered a lot of things we have been talking about. This family has a definite leg up because they listened to our calls, and now have a book that talks about perks, deals, and products at a level far above the John Q Public with some currency. Your better knowledge will help you in the moment because they will not be new ideas, but things you have already thought about, like the POD. That’s something you can have on your bank account right now, so you can bypass probate and the red tape.

Caller: Let’s say some call the RV tonight, and you come on the line tomorrow; I’ll wait for your call because I know you will tell us the truth, whether it’s about 800 numbers or exchange centers, contract rates, or the 58 banks, or whatever.

RayRen: I think there will be a series of final calls, with or without 800 numbers, so that you can do the best thing possible for you and your family.

[I had to leave the call here; please see Sunny’s Cliff Notes for the Closing Statement.]

Closing Statement

As I said, no new hot news. We are still waiting to find out how this unfolds. If anything pops out, I won’t hesitate on getting it out to you. Meanwhile…

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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