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Frank26  8/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Frank26 8/19/17

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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Frank26 8/19/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:14 pm

Frank26:  KTFA .......... As You all Know .......... Offers no DATE ............ But over a MONTH ago .......... It gave an opinion that on the 21st of August ............... ATMS would be activated.  
Since then ......... The " OTHERS" have jumped on it with no "FRIEND" to support their version of what we gave ......... A MONTH ago.

After the ECLIPSE is our MONDAY CC....... Kindly join me to see More Light at a different Speed.

C U then KTFA FAMILY ................. And U 2 internet.

NOT for an RV .............. But for a Plentiful HARVEST of the MR that is bringing us an RV.
ALOHA Saturday ..............  \m/


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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Re: Frank26 8/19/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:17 pm


PompeyPete » August 19th, 2017






Bulldawgal » August 19th, 2017

Something that is interesting to me. First, I will admit that I am a "headline and highlight" reader. I am not the student that so many of you are so I totally yield to others. BUT.......since I do read almost every headline of every article....I just had a thought cross my 'lightning fast' mind.

It seems that every headline is now about what Iraq is "doing to function as a country", we are no longer seeing any headlines about "need to raise the value of our currency" or "adding value to our currency" or "monetary reform".

I want to say that it must be that it has already happened and they are functioning inside the country as if it happened BUT because of the corruption within their government still.....they aren't allowed to play with other countries yet. Just a thought that crossed my mind and thought I would share it. I think this has actually been said in so many words, so I may just be a little slow to figure it out.

KTFA Team.......thank you for all you do!! Thank you for providing so many 'headlines' for me to read! Thank you for highlighting the important parts because I am a slow reader and could never read all those articles

Don961 » August 19th, 2017

Good morning Walkingstick ..... well there it is .... as discussed on TC , CCs .... Kuwait is getting paid ...

" the file of compensation final agreement to invest in vital projects in Iraq, with the import of Kuwait oil and gas, which contributes to strengthening relations of neighbors."...

Frank26 » August 19th, 2017

........... YUP

Walkingstick » August 19th, 2017

Kuwaiti newspaper reveals a non-cash payment mechanism for Kuwait's compensation to Iraq

Saturday 19 August

revealed a Kuwaiti newspaper on Saturday, for the payment of non - cash compensation mechanism for Kuwait to Iraq, while confirming that there is no intention to give up part of that amount to $ 4.6 billion in receivables.

The newspaper "Al-Jarida" quoted informed sources that "the joint committees between the two countries tend to fold the file of compensation final agreement to invest in vital projects in Iraq, with the import of Kuwait oil and gas, which contributes to strengthening relations of neighbors."

The newspaper pointed out that "there is no Kuwaiti intention to waive part of those receivables of 4.6 billion dollars."

On April 25, 2017, the State of Kuwait confirmed its readiness to examine future options to ensure that Iraq continues to pay US $ 4.6 billion in compensation for war losses between the two countries in 1990.


Boxman » August 19th, 2017

it would seem that this will satisfy the UN, in terms of Kuwaiti repatriations...great find Walking stick..i think maybe frank wrote the articles and gave to Kuwaiti newspapers..because the article is uncannily similar to several CCs..lol..

Herb » August 19th, 2017

WOW... during a time when "cash is King" Kuwait decides to forgo cash and receive investments in Iraq instead. What do they know?! Maybe the dinar and Iraq are not such a speculative investment after all???!!! WS.....Thanks !!!

Frank26 » August 19th, 2017


Walkingstick » August 19th, 2017

Kuwaiti compensation to Iraq will not be paid in cash, Kuwaiti newspaper says

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Kuwait's compensation to Iraq will not be paid in cash, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported. The newspaper said in its issue on Saturday, informed sources that the joint committees between the two countries are headed to file the compensation final agreement to invest in vital projects in Iraq with the import of Kuwait oil and gas materials, which contributes to strengthening relations of neighbors .. He stressed that there is no Kuwaiti intention to give up part of Those receivables of $ 4.6 billion.

The newspaper pointed out that Iraqi newspapers had said that Kuwait is about to waive some of the compensation due to the invasion in 1990, while hosting the donors conference for the reconstruction of areas liberated from «Daqsh» early next year.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi said last week that Iraq had decided with the United Nations the oil-for-food issue, leaving nothing to hinder his release under the seventh item except Kuwaiti compensation. He added that negotiations are underway between the parties on this file, His last visit to Kuwait .. I hope to complete the resolution of this issue completely.


Will Kuwait's compensation file come to Iraq?

newspaper , " the newspaper" Kuwait said on Saturday that the compensation for the State of Kuwait to Iraq , will not be paid in cash.

The newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that "the joint committees between the two countries tend to fold the file of compensation final agreement to invest in vital projects in Iraq with the import of Kuwait oil and gas materials, which contribute to strengthening the relations of neighbors, and that no Kuwaiti intention to waive part of those receivables 4.6 Billion dollars. "

The newspaper pointed out that "Iraqi newspapers had said that Kuwait is waiving some of the compensation due to the invasion in 1990, during the hosting conference donors for the reconstruction of liberated areas of the early next year."

She explained that "the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi had said last week that Iraq has resolved with the United Nations the file of oil for food left nothing to hinder the release of under Chapter VII of the Kuwaiti compensation only."


JesusLovesBaseball » August 19th, 2017

Rafidain releases the salaries of some employees of state ministries


Since 2017-08-19 at 09:12 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday the release of salaries of some ministries of the state through an electronic payment tool.

"The bank distributed the salaries of the electricity network of Kirkuk, the College of Imam Al-Adham, the Central Refineries Company and the University House for Printing and Publishing," the bank's Information Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News.
The office added that "the disbursement came after the arrival of their sukuk from their departments to the bank." Ended 29 / a 43 LINK

Samson » August 19th, 2017

Syrian parliament calls for activation of a land corridor between Iraq, Iran and Syria

13:22 - 19/08/2017

The head of the Planning and Production Committee in the Syrian parliament, Faris al-Shihabi, called Saturday for activating a land corridor between Iraq, Iran and Syria, stressing that the Iranian companies are the priority of the cooperating parties for the reconstruction of Syria.

"Syria confirms the reconstruction of the war-torn areas by the participation of countries that have long sided with them and made sacrifices to help them," the official IRNA news agency quoted Shihabi as saying.

He added that "Iranian companies active in the field of electricity and water production and the extension of roads and the construction of cities comes as a priority for Syria to participate in the reconstruction," stressing that "Syria does not allow the participation of countries that have destroyed its infrastructure and looted its wealth and killed its children to participate in Reconstruction operations ".

The Syrian MP pointed to "the ongoing talks between Syria and Iran to facilitate the exchange of visits and the transfer of goods and the exchange of banking between the two countries," pointing to "the need to activate a land corridor between Iran and Iraq and Syria."


Don961 » August 19th, 2017

Rehash ..........

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) commends Iraq's actions by controlling spending

August 16, 2017 5:50 pm

Baghdad / Follow-up Zawra:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) commended the measures taken by the Iraqi government aimed at achieving comprehensive economic development through controlling and minimizing spending, encouraging investment and going to the private sector as well as serious steps towards maximizing non-oil revenues to avoid or reduce the budget deficit by moving away from total dependence on oil.

However, through its indicators of the overall financial and economic situation in Iraq for the period from 2013 to 2022, the IMF revealed that Iraq's public debt reached 122.9 billion dollars, representing 63.8% of the gross domestic product.

He expected the public debt to reach 132.4 in 2018 and continue according to the fund's expectations to reach 132.9 in 2022.

On the sidelines of the conclusion of the IV Article IV Executive Board with Iraq, IFAD welcomed the policies set by the Iraqi Government to deal with the shocks of armed conflict with the organization of the terrorist advocate and the humanitarian crisis resulting from the waves of displacement and its aftermath, as well as the second shock of falling crude oil prices .

The outlook for growth in Iraq is positive in the medium term. Growth will be driven by the moderate increase in oil production, the recovery of non-oil growth, supported by the expected improvement in security conditions, and the implementation of structural reform measures.

CEOs applauded the fiscal year of 2016, albeit slower than the program, due to poor monitoring of investment spending and spending pressures imposed by the military crackdown on an advocacy organization and assistance to IDPs and refugees.

Directors welcomed the achievement of most of this fiscal discipline by reducing inefficient capital spending while protecting social spending.

The IMF pointed to the appropriateness of the government's procedures which were able to maintain the exchange rate system pegged to the US dollar. He stressed that with the central bank simplifying the documentation requirements, exchange rate differences compared to the parallel market narrowed to 6% in June 2017.

In its assessment of the overall economic and financial situation in Iraq, the IMF said that although performance under the credit agreement was weak in some key areas, understandings were reached on corrective action to keep the program on track.

Against this backdrop, they urged managers to persevere in implementing the authorities' program, including continued efforts to control public finances, strengthen the financial sector, implement structural reforms to encourage private sector activity and improve the business environment.

To strengthen stability in the financial sector, managers urged the Iraqi government to take action to strengthen oversight and move forward with plans to restructure state-owned banks that control the banking system.

They also urged them to strengthen the legal framework of the Central Bank, abolish the remaining restriction on exchange and practice multiple exchange rates, and accelerate the implementation of measures against money laundering, financing of terrorism and fighting corruption.

Directors believed that the currency peg to the US dollar, which is the cornerstone of the economy, remains an appropriate system. They also urged the authorities to undertake a comprehensive reform of public finance management, including the completion of a regular inventory, payment of arrears and improved commitment to expenditure and cash management to prevent the accumulation of new arrears.

The International Monetary Fund revealed through its indicators of the overall financial and economic conditions in Iraq for the period from 2013 to 2022 on the arrival of the volume of public debt to Iraq to 122.9 billion dollars, which constitutes 63.8% of gross domestic product, expected to reach public debt in 2018 to 132.4 and continue to The fund forecast to reach 132.9 in 2022.


Walkingstick » August 19th, 2017

Foreign Parliamentary: This is the reason for the opening of the regional and international environment on Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The parliamentary foreign relations committee unveiled on Saturday the reason for the opening of the regional and international environment in Iraq, pointing out that Iraq will be a magnet for international investment.

"The achievements of the military and security forces and the popular and tribal masses of continuing victories over terrorism have opened the door to new relations for Iraq with the Arab, regional and international environment," committee member Iqbal Abdul Hussein said.

"The impact of the big victories was not limited to The military level and the liberation of the usurped land, but also to highlight the future role of Iraq in the security and stability of the region in addition to the importance of Iraq as a market investment and economic promising.
Abdul Hussein added that "the coming period will witness a great Arab, regional and international approach to Iraq in various fields in light of its geographical and economic importance as a magnet for international investment." Finished


Walkingstick » August 19th, 2017

Iraq is the new member of the Gulf Cooperation Council

The great meanings and connotations behind the opening of the Saudi consulate in Najaf after the opening of the Arar crossing permanently. Is the land trade going from northern Iraq to its south so that the road passing through Kurdistan ends? Is it possible to invest in the Iraqi desert as happened in the Saudi desert?

This is what can be said after what happened from the GCC countries after the accession of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince to a certain extent, took place in 2017 814 from the direction of Saudi Arabia to establish a Saudi consulate in the city of Najaf With the result that the choice of Najaf holy place for the consulate as the supreme reference of the Shiite component and its choice without any other city with certain meanings and religious connotations is the end of the separation between this component and the Wahbali Wahhabi trend located in Saudi Arabia

and thus this step the end of the intellectual struggle religious meeting And the beginning of a new era of relations between the two countries first and between the two sects. It may be said that this is for commercial purposes and for the proximity of the city of Saudi Arabia

What is said about the replacement of the Saudi foreign minister with the famous comments and solid position, which does not want to establish good relations between the Gulf countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular and Iraq and replace him with a personality that believes in the new philosophy of the crew led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman Crown Prince and invite Saudi officials to Iraq to mediate between them

The Republic of Iran demonstrates greatly the status of Iraq to Saudi Arabia, as evidenced by the request to mediate between it and Iran, in addition to the tendency of the United Arab Emirates with the Saudi position towards Iraq and the invitation of Mr. Sadr and the visit of the Bahraini minister

Iraq has opened the port of Arar permanently between Saudi Arabia and Iraq and many things between Iraq and the Gulf states, which was hidden and did not appear to the public and the media are steps that could open the door to Iraq to get the membership of the Gulf Cooperation Council, while retaining the privacy of Iraq, Arab invitation to Iraq


Frank26 » August 19th, 2017

LOL……… .......... COME ON !!!
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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Re: Frank26 8/19/17

Post by Majek on Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:15 pm

Frank is nothing but an entertainer and a con, just like Rayrat. Those two clowns should have a show together. They both tease their audience to keep them following their nonsense and making them feel like a VIP. How these guys get away with scamming thousands month after month is just unbelievable.

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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Re: Frank26 8/19/17

Post by dinarstar on Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:47 pm

Majek I've been out of this for so long I'm not up on latest developments...
what hasn't  changed is the content that was being used all those years ago... and current today... ATM's, bank workers on standby to come in and deal with the rush... good Lord... I like many was swallowed up by this and believed most of it too, but you're right... how do they still get away with it...
maybe someone can enlighten me, being out of the loop for so long...
why is Kuwait paying compensation to Iraq... I thought it was the other way around.... eish!!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill

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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Re: Frank26 8/19/17

Post by Sam I Am on Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:15 pm

It looks to me like Kuwait will compensate Iraq for the building of infrastructure to pipe Kuwaiti oil and gas into Iraq. That's different from the compensation (or war reparations) Iraq is paying to Kuwait. As for the rest of it, you're right dinarstar. It's all the same ol' BS.

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Frank26  8/19/17 Empty Re: Frank26 8/19/17

Post by Siaya on Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:24 am

Dinarstar, I remember your name from days past. I just came back to this forum last week after FIVE years. I have been doing ministry in Kenya Africa and currently I am in the Philippines. I just wanted to see, read, and sure enough, NOTHING had changed. SAME OLD lost souls of deceit, same Frank, same Okie, same Delta, same LIES, same, DECEPTION, same stories. Yes, we all ask HOW CAN THEY CONTINUE and WHY do they still get away with such lies and deceit? Those who have gotten WISE, we all NOW see. I have had Dinar 13 years, and been around, as some of you old timers have as well. But, we must remember, NEWBIES, they are coming in every day. Being seduced, conned, deceived, and they FALL FOR all this as we did. My heart goes out to SO MANY hurting today, loss of jobs, marriages, can not pay their bills, live paycheck to paycheck, losing homes and they PUT ALL THEIR LIFE INTO THESE LIES of being rich tomorrow. Then as they get older, they walk away broken in heart and then MORE NEWBIES arrive and it never ends. It amazes ME, that what I have recently read, was SPOKEN some FIVE YEARS AGO!!! ATM's, lower denoms out, smart cards, MC cards. I read last month where Frank told every one, GIVE ME MOSUL and I GIVE YOU THE RV. Well Frankie boy, MOSUL is OURS now, where is the RV?? It is always something NEW, for they MUST KEEP the hype going. SOON, we will hear a NEW ONE> Frank or Okie will POST, HEY KTF FANS, SHIPS at SEA, IRAQ IS FILLED WITH MINERALS> WE HEARD MALIKI HAS STAINED UNDERWEAR AND ONCE THEY DISCOVER THE RIGHT MINERAL THAT WILL CLEAN HIS SHORTS, GET THE STAINS OUT, THE RV WILL COME!! :okjh: Blessings to you all faithful. Jesus IS Lord.

Jesus IS Lord! Jesus said, Marvel not that I said you MUST be Born Again--Jn.3;3-8
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