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Phone Call w/Heather   8/11/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Phone Call w/Heather 8/11/17

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Phone Call w/Heather   8/11/17 Empty Phone Call w/Heather 8/11/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:43 am

Welcome to prison life:

Phone call with Heather @ 9:33 am CST / 10:33 am EST (12 minute phone call)
August 11, 2017

Received call from Heather
She was exhausted and not feeling well at the moment
At the time of her call, although they had the night before, previously showered and prepared for booking (received bracelet – photos taken), she stated she and others were still in holding area waiting to be completely processed and classified.

At the time of her call, she was unaware of any Case Manager/Direct supervisor assigned to her.
I informed her BZ should have (if not already) transferred her phone account so she could have uninterrupted communications.

At the time of her call, she was suffering from a migraine headache and was staying as low to the ground as possible which makes it more bearable. She said the frequencies – during the transport and upon arrival at the facility – were unreal.

I asked if they were providing any water for her to drink – that it was very important to drinks LOTS of water Now. She said – “if you can call it water” and commented that the stainless steel sinks were black at the bottom. I reminded her that she can transmute any toxins in the water and to drink a lot.

She also mentioned the ‘chemical’ smell in the facility and remarked that apparently several months ago (?) there was a lice outbreak at this facility and that the chemical smell may be as a result of what was used/being used for that matter.

She had requested some Ibuprofen and they stated she would have to fill out a Medical Request form – brought one to her without a tool to write with.

I asked for her to do some relaxing breathing, as well, an pure healing frequencies were then being emitted end infolding her to assist in the transmuting of her discomfort.

She stated that the only way she could get Ibuprofen was through the commissary – which must have a prepaid account under her name – for her to access. I told her I would be working on that immediately. She did say – however – that even if I did – there was a possibility that she would not be able to use it as you must put in your request – in advance – and Thursday was commissary day. She felt that she may be moved to another facility by Thursday – could be Monday if air transport was used or Thursday if by motor vehicle.

She stated the facility she is currently in – Northern Neck in Warsaw, VA. – transports for various ‘entities’ for free. However, they get their funds based upon actual ‘bookings’.

I asked her to request again a pen and form be provided to accommodate her health situation. She was going to do that and call later.

After speaking with Heather – I called Northern Neck several times and just kept getting voicemails. I finally hit ‘zero’ and got a live being.

Her name was Officer Gibson. I gave her Heather’s name – she looked her up. I told her of the conversation I had with Heather @ 10:33 am. Told her about the Migraine, how she was not feeling well, asked for medical attention and was provided a form with nothing to write with. I told her I needed to speak with someone who could provide me with the current state of Heather’s health.

Ms. Gibson said she recognized who Heather was – that she was in charge of her pod and required to visit twice and hour and that Heather seemed fine –and there were no complaints from her. Her time to be in charge of the pod was from 9:00 am EST to 12:00 PM EDT

She seemed to know nothing about a medical request form. I asked if they had a nurse on staff – she said yes but no one was allowed to talk with the nurse – not even a family member.

I was very upset about that and was adamant I speak to someone who could apprise me of Heather’s current health situation – as I had received her earlier call regarding her current state at that time and her migraine.

Officer Gibson said she would try to find someone else to help e – she then transferred me to Lieutenant Gordon. I reiterated the above - he stated
a) She must sign a HIPPA form in order for them to pull her medical records before any medicine could be given
b) They DO NOT provide over the counter medicine – only prescription drugs
c) Nothing would be prescribed anyway until they retrieved data on her after she signed the HIPPA form
d) The only way she could get Ibuprofen or other over counter items was to purchase prepaid account in her name at commissary
e) Gave me the website to pay – it is a 3rd party site that handles this for various different facilities where inmates are (http://www.jailatm.com)
4) They charge $ 5.00 or 10% of the prepaid account for their fee

As we were speaking and I again reiterated my concern based upon my earlier conversation with her. I told him that the chemicals she was smelling in the facility were likely aggravating her migraine. He said they weren’t using any chemicals in the facility.

I told him she was informed that there was a lice out break several months ago and that it was possible that whatever chemicals had/were being used were not helping her migraine.

He said there had been no lice infestation – at all.

As we were still on the phone – he said he was in a position where he was sitting – where he could see her, she was talking on the phone, she had already eaten breakfast and seemed fine – in order to insure me of her good state of health.

I thanked him and asked him to let her know that I would be immediately get a pre-paid account set up for her to use the commissary. He did not know how much anything cost at the commissary.

It took about 20 minutes to go through the process of setting up an account through http://www.jail.com. They do not take American Express (lol).

After I completed the process – I checked the account and it said it would take 24 to 48 hours to show up in the system (facepalm)

I called Youssef right away as I felt Heather would be calling him and informed him of the prepaid account so he could let Heather know when she called.

August 11, 2017 @ 1:58 pm CST – 2:58 pm EST ( 6 minutes )

Received another call from Heather –

She said that as soon as she had finished her call with me earlier, she had to lie down on the floor and finally an EMT was called. She FELT ALL of the HEALING FREQUENCIES requested BE SENT and was feeling so much better now.

I informed her that I had set up her commissary account – and to speak to Lieutenant Gordon as I had had a long conversation with him.

She was happy to hear that and told me she was going to seek him out right away – and she would let me know if she was going to be able to use it.

Shortly thereafter, I received a text from Bill. He said Heather said to cancel the account. So I attempted to do so and the message “THERE ARE NO REFUNDS” – of course.

Now – today’s updates on calls from Heather

August 12, 2017 1:58 pm CST/2:58 pm EST

Her voice was much more upbeat and she said she was GOOD!!!

She had spoken to Youssef. She has and is now experiencing (along with Randy) the lengths to which all involved (FBI, DOJ, SS) will go through to “win”. And she is FULLY aware of how beautiful and amazing this ALL IS!!!

I read to her the update on Randy that Denice posted above^^^.

She asked me to let Randy’s friend know (and I will do this directly through an email) of Heather’s GRATITUDE for her and Randy and ALL doing this. That no one really considered it be would be Knoxville – Randy and his friend are DOing FANTASTIC – she IS There and she Completely trusts their doings at these moments.

After learning of his update – she will be giving me more documentation to file for her and provide to Randy’s friend for filing.

I got a brief start before our phone call was terminated. However, she will call back later to provide language for these anticipated filings.

She was in very JOYFUL state, said she was relaxing a bit and able to come into more clarity and focus.

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