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Post by Scotchie Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:44 pm

"""""The Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the organization "Da'ash" has seized 856 billion dinars and about 101 million dollars, pointing to taking precautionary measures to protect the banking and financial sector during the period of control of the organization.""""" 


Yes, as I have been repeatedly saying, ISIS holds trillions of dinar, and many hundreds of millions of dollars and other foreign currencies stolen from the banks in Mosul and other cities.

Iraq CANNOT revalue and let ISIS convert their ill-gotten monies to even more dollars or other foreign currencies.

This is why I believe Iraq will need a new currency, traded IN-COUNTRY ONLY.  ISIS and those in the U.S. and other nations will lose out on what they hold.

Now, you can disagree, but a warning:  If I am right, your dinar paper will become worthless.  This will not be a 10 year exchange period.  It is going to be like lightening.  And it will be only by IRAQI CITIZENS, eliminate ISIS and others.

There is no guru or intel provider that can disagree with what I say.  None of these A-holes have any real, honest, nitty-gritty information.  They only have their imaginations, and print and talk fantasy.

So, take my word and save money, or have more wallpaper to go along with your zim

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