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Dr. Clarke   8/8/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Clarke 8/8/17

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Dr. Clarke   8/8/17 Empty Dr. Clarke 8/8/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:42 am

DR. CLARKE: (Tues. 8-8-17) ALL YOU CAMPERS, LISTEN UP! Once again, EVERYTHING we printed in our last post 7-27-17 (LINK), here on Dinar Recaps, has come TRUE. Everything.

FIRST of all, the most important bit of information that came TRUE, is that there has been no Official, Public RV or substantial increase in Iraq’s currency value.

SECONDLY, we still have not heard from Dennis Rodman. (Please Dennis, we’d like to hear from you really soon, because this GAME is really Heating Up……and especially since the last time we shot Tequila with you that afternoon, on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. We miss you. We need you, right about now……..because…..BOOM BOOM.

LET’S bring you up to date…….regarding our Insane, Probability Projections & their quiet, short little, hint tidbits, around those dates. There is something that we purposely LEFT OUT in our Projections for September (from 7-27-17 post). Let’s see if anyone can find what it is. It’s hidden pretty well, but VERY IMPORTANT……all you genius puzzle solvers, and Calendar Wizards. So:

JULY 28-31st: We were 100% CORRECT. ​

While everyone and their mother, was hyped up out of their “Logical” minds last week, at the end of July, hoping for “Nirvana” - We printed the probability of reaching Nirvana was at Best a “1.8” probability, on a scale of 1-10. We were correct. It didn’t happen. 

Chalk one up for the “Dr. Clarke clan” of renegades.

What DID happen during these 4 Days (July 28-31), was Very Very Important & Significant, and affects your MONEY:

- 28th: N. Korea fires icbm off japan economic coast, U.S. issues new sanctions on Russia, Iran, N. Korea 
(27th) Pres. Trump fires Preibus hires Gen. John Kelly as Chief of Staff,sworn in 31st: Iraq said master card & arm’s filled in coming days, *29th: issuing QI Smart Card master cards outside Iraq (has to be international- activation coming), 31st: Scaramucci fired after 1 week, U.S. sanctions Venezuela - Maduro,
- 29th: Iraq announces “in coming days”, issue of QI Smart Card outside country, with International activation coming.
- 31st: Gen. John Kelly sworn in Chief of Staff, Scaramucci fired after 1 week, U.S. places stiff sanctions on Maduro of VENEZUELA (#1 in Proven OIL RESERVES Worldwide, over 2X that of Iraq) 

AUGUST 1-7: We printed our probabilities (7-27-17) Post on a possible RV: We gave it a: 
-9.9 (s@$%! hits the fan) - Yes, that’s a NEGATIVE NUMBER for this past week! (Not even Close to an RV)

What DID happen during this past 7 Days Aug. 1-7)?: S@$$%! HIT THE FAN! 


- Aug. 3rd: 131 MILLION DOLLARS released by UN sanctions 7, to Iraq.

Iraq sells Bonds directly, without US backing, to tune of over 6 TRILLION Dollars! (Remember our MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MONEY, WE’VE BEEN PREACHING OVER THE PAST MONTH. (This Qualifies) 

- 4th: Sadr Protests in Baghdad & other areas 500,000+ people get cranky & riot.

- 5th: United Nations votes 15-0 unanimously, to put steepest Sanctions on N. Korea (Remember how for the past 18 months, we’ve been talking about N. Korea, and even Russia’s importance with regard to World affairs and also your MONEY?) 

- 7th: N. Korea says to U.S. (quote) - “N. Korea is ready to give the United States a "severe lesson" with its strategic nuclear force, if it takes military action against it”

SO, WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THE NEXT WEEK of August 8-15-17 and beyond? You’ll have to refer back to our 7-27-17 post, here exclusively on Dinar Recaps, for the scoop……
PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE LAST WEEK OF AUGUST & WHAT WE PRINTED THERE (August 24-31st)……(and don’t forget about what we “Left out” regarding September. 

( I know we’re a pain in the Ass most of the time)…..

Oh, and Pres. Trump just today (8th) announced a historic announcement against N. Korea.

​Remember in our last post (7-27) when we said to get out the Stock & Bond Markets, while you still had your Skin, because there were a few more days…….Well, get your Whiney Hineeey going OUT NOW!

We wanted to HIGHLY COMMEND some of you for doing your due diligence and smart homework, regarding our statement about “getting it off the bank screens”……yes, we love banks, but you gotta understand what they’re all about, and about what’s “coming”. We’ve written about this in the past, so we’re not against banks in any way……but when you have millions or billions of dollars, these guys are your highest priority or “protection” gig. You gotta be SMART….in this upcoming game changing environment - OR YOU CAN LOSE IT ALL. ALL OF IT! Don’t be Stupid. D-I-V-E-R-S-I-F-Y……….as Ozzie O. says, I - I - I - I…..

QUESTION?: Why did we give Rex Tillerson kudos last post? He’s not a “Guru”??? is he? Remember T-REX…..you know, the dinasaur? Good ole REX, is just what it implies. Who did President Trump hire at the U.S. Secretary of State?…..and who Really is HE? He’s the past CEO of the Largest OIL COMPANY, energy conglomeration, on PLANET EARTH - EXXON CORPORATION. LARGEST. T-REX. BIG BOY. ASS KICKER. (Trump-ets now sounding)…….oh, connect those little brain dots now, as you’ll remember this 2nd Question:

2ND QUESTION? Who did President George W. Bush (Desert Storm) hire as his Vice President? OMG, it was………………..Dick Cheney. Who’s he? CEO of Halliburton, the World’s 2ND LARGEST OIL SERVICES COMPANY…….hummmmmmm.


What is Iraq’s #1 Value in the World?……..even TODAY?



Where is OIL Today? $50

Where is the U.S. Stock Market Today? 22,000 and change. All-Time Record. Over 30 Record Days straight, since Pres. Trump came into office.

What is the U.S. Debt? Almost $20 TRILLION. (1/2 or 10 Trillion accumulated over past 8 years during Obama admin.)
What happens on SEPTEMBER 30, 2017?

DOES the U.S. Love Iraq? YES.
DOES Iraq Love the U.S.? YES.
DOES the U.S. Love Dennis Rodman? …..ah, ah, ah….probably.
DOES the U.S. Love Vietnam? YES. HELL YES!
DOES Vietnam Love the U.S.? YES.
DOES GEN. John Kelly getting a new job, have anything to do with your Money? 

CAN YOU SEE HOW A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MONEY, can Suddenly be MOVED - Globally - Legally - Justifiably…….even in the midst of SERIOUS MILITARY ACTIONS taking place?…….and find it’s way into your pocket, in the “NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE”?

We’re NOT going to give you a “DATE”. And we’re NOT going to give you a “RATE”.

We are, and have been giving you “DATES”. And we are going to give you “RATES” - Our “Rates” are in this equation: From 1 - 10…….in that order.
(HAVE YOU NOTICED YET?……September 1, is a VERY IMPORTANT DATE. Recent News.)

We Want NOTHING from you. We have “EVERYTHING”. We just Love Playing the “GAME”, and you should be too. We know, you’re “Tired”. Dammit, it’s gone on long enough.
So, with our arms wrapped around you, holding you tight, “Heart-to-Heart”…..ride this game a little longer, and Remember: “Don’t Look Back”……..EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE, IS STRAIGHT AHEAD. STRAIGHT AHEAD.

Ticked Off and Loving this Ride,


P.S. By this Weekend, things are REALLY REALLY REALLY going to Change. Look up in the Sky this Saturday Night. Don’t miss it!

It will be OK.
It will be OK.
It won’t last too long.
EVERYTHING is on the “Other Side”, of it.

In our most Eloquent, Illogical, Fictionated, Opinionated “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY” crap of all time. Nothing we print is REAL. Ignore it ALL. It has NO value, whatsoever, and is taken from accumulated scraps of paper, found around town, in the ditches along roads & highways….and an occasional waterway. Kinda nasty, actually……

ANYONE would be a Fool, to believe anything we write here…..Cousins to “Fake News”….or all those Conspiracy Theorists who, every so many years, for the past 5,000 years, have prophesied that the “World” is coming to an end, that of Total Destruction, and you’d better “Do Whatever”, to Survive? 1975, 1987, 1999, 2000, 2012……AND, We’re still here with our…..”iphones” . 

Do any of these WhackJobs ever look back and see that EVERY one of their Conspiracy Theories, never came true? NO!……..Whack Jobs……..maybe we fall into that category?……kinda love that word or words: Whack Jobs. Any relation to Steve? 

WE REPORT - You scratch your head, pick your nose, throw up, cough, roll your eyes, cuss your ancestors, throw things, spit in the corner, close your eyes, ASK: What the F?, curse like a sailor, Jump for Joy, Dance like you don’t know yourself, Crank up the Volume, Take a swig, Kiss your momma, Woo Hoo yourself to sleep, bang your head against something hard, chew your finger nails, throw yourself in a hot tub……then yell obscenities into the air, as if something you can’t see, hears you……then realize it’s your neighbors & kids that are freaked out……and then you think, “Maybe I’ll do this different, next time”……I'm an Idiot.

WE See You - ALL OF YOU!

Time for a Double Double Cheeseburger! YUM!

REMEMBER our Last Post (7-27) when we mentioned how important the “Weather” was?….well, the “GROUND” is about to Shake, BIG TIME!…….find something SOLID to hold on to….”Literally”.

In more ways than one, “Mother Earth”, is about to make a Statement, to remind everyone, that we all must “LIVE HERE”, to “BE HERE”.

Too - DA - Loo Campers,

Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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Dr. Clarke   8/8/17 Empty Dr. Clarke

Post by Scotchie on Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:35 am

I stopped reading after I read "Dennis Rodman"

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Dr. Clarke   8/8/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/8/17

Post by Majek on Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:17 am

Recaps needs to steer website traffic to them for the clicks. This writer is just a way to get that done. This nonsense gets everyone talking and Recaps sits back and enjoys the clicks.  Their in it for the $$$ just like Frank, Ray, Bruce...their all deceiving their audience for personal financial gain.

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Dr. Clarke   8/8/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/8/17

Post by kenmor on Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:34 pm

First class weerdo.....as vague as ever.... actually getting worse!!!!  And what is happening Saturday in regards to the sky is the Perseid meteor shower which is all over the internet!  A great one to watch but Boy o boy....what could be on the other side of that meteor shower. I will be watching lol!
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