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Tank Wants to Know If YOU Are a ZOMBIE???  - 8/6/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tank Wants to Know If YOU Are a ZOMBIE??? - 8/6/17

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Tank Wants to Know If YOU Are a ZOMBIE???  - 8/6/17 Empty Tank Wants to Know If YOU Are a ZOMBIE??? - 8/6/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:12 am

Tank Wants to Know If YOU Are a ZOMBIE???  - 8/6/17 Image_13


IQ and other standardized testing methods were designed to create quantitative data where by they could assess what level of intelligence, ability, and potential someone possessed in order to set limits on what they could achieve, yet still be the most productive slave for them.

The educational system was thusly designed to create obedience, control, and definition. They mapped out a set path of compliance for one to achieve financial success and made financial success the only measure of success that mattered. If an individual could not fit in to this particular system they would be labeled with some disability, learning disorder, or some other tag that defined them as less than.

The Government actually has a Zombie Apocalypse Protocol. It's a type of training for an absolutely impossible scenario where people are turned into Zombies and they get so out of control in their brain devouring pursuit that the Government has to intervene to take action. But seriously, think about it. An Apocalypse is the end of the world as we know it. Why choose such a silly way to spend precious military funds?

What if it's because they've turned a majority of the population into Zombies already. We all know that Zombies walk slowly, they look dead, and they eat brains. In more modern depictions of Zombies we find out why they eat brains. When the Zombies eat the brains of their victims, they get their memories, the experiences, and their emotions. It takes the undead population and entertains them, making them forget about how sad their undead existence is and gives them the illusion of being alive.

Now let's flip that concept and apply it to the world we live in. We are surrounded by toxic media that we consume constantly. We consume it so much we stop having independent creative thoughts of our own. We hear that something is healthy. We believe it. We see controversial political views and we wait until the News tells us how we should feel about it. They repeat descriptions of people specifically bringing our attention to their race, their neighborhood, or their sex as if to imply it is that attribute that caused them to commit a crime. And without even realizing it we develop our own prejudice and assumptions about anyone we see that fits that description. We areZombies already, or at least we're surrounded by them. Either scenario is terrifying.

Truth be told they trained us all to aspire to middle management positions by dumbing down our desire and ability to think creatively and ultimately forced us to consume and desire the thoughts of other people. When all we do is meditate and feed on someone else's ideas we negate the most important part of us that makes us human.

We were made in the likeness and image of our creator. We should also be creators, constantly pushing the boundaries and limitations of our capabilities. Instead they've limited the concept of creativity to whether or not or one can draw or play music, negating the power of this reality. They've already implemented the Zombie Apocalypse Protocol. That's why wholistic health practitioners who come up with cures for cancer, diabetes and even aging suddenly disappear. It's the reason why 14 bodies of young girls are found in the back yard of the Clinton Estate in upstate New York and it never hits main stream media. It's the reason why we think it's so unbelievable for us to have access to billions of dollars from a Trust that's been in our name since birth.

They have a Zombie Protocol to prevent a Zombie uprising. What they don't have is a Protocol for if the Zombies started to wake up. If suddenly Zombies hearts started to beat again, and they stopped consuming the Brains and thoughts of other people we could suddenly create a brand new reality, move faster than we ever imagined, and destroy the limits that we've been hypnotized to accept as real. But there has to be an awakening first. There has to be a falling away from the norm, the average, and the guilt attached to our old Zombie ways of thinking. You are the generator of the world of your dreams. I'm referring to the dreams we have when we're awake, not the nightmares we have about our jobs. But, the first thing that needs to happen for our dreams to come true is for us to wake up.

Support the movement. Kre8change

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