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What Happened to Richard Lee McKim, Jr./One Who Knows aka Swervy McKee????   8/5/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

What Happened to Richard Lee McKim, Jr./One Who Knows aka Swervy McKee???? 8/5/17

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What Happened to Richard Lee McKim, Jr./One Who Knows aka Swervy McKee????   8/5/17 Empty What Happened to Richard Lee McKim, Jr./One Who Knows aka Swervy McKee???? 8/5/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:50 pm

What do you do when you are broken hearted and you loose someone.......a friend? Hold in mind what you want to happen and manifest that in the future for you. Since we are all great Creators here with supper man and super women power lets hold in mind the thought of ....."Wanting OWK back at his typewrite working for everyone.....and say it out loud to manifest it. That is what some people who are contacting me are doing and I agree that is a perfect salute to OWK and I agreed that I would do the same, several times a day. I hope others here will help in this way also.

We can just say during the day ....." I want OWK back at his typewrite working and in good health"......that is a very positive affirmation and manifestation and it was how he operated and how we can help him.

I have been helping Richard (OWK) the best I could by sharing my dreams of his disappearance ......" event " ....and how shocking it is for me, that he seems to be gone. I wrote that "death" piece to bring public awareness and to express my worry.

Yesterday I continued my quest to keep public attention on this, by calling Willie at......... https://www.williestruthcall.com.....and to share my connection to OWK and what I know. I called in at the last 15 minutes of the show, to report what has happened to OWK...... things that no one else knows here but me. I called in at about the 1:39 minute mark. Since I don't know how many listened to Willies great call I will share what I said.

I said I was a member of OWK ...."team"...... He has a team of six friends that he works with. I was the newest member and was brought into the group after I had a dream about Grandfather which I shared here. After that and even before OWK and member of his team like what I had been writing and saying. This inner group of his friends have been working with OWK for a while. How long? I don't exactly know. I was brought in to this group with a channeling session where different voice speak through a main person (friend) who has this channeling gift. This is an introduction to the work that they did. This bringing in session, or "read in" was done on the phone and with OWK and the channel.

Since OWK said he was interested in working with me after the RV, that is how we left it all. After that nothing happened except I would just the-mail him once in a while during the week for RV chat talk or opinion sharing. I never met the others in the group except one other poster here who is also in the group and we exchanged a friendly e-mail or two as introductions and that was it.

Then OWK disappeared in a very abrupt way. He did not contact Willie at the Truth call and he failed to answer any ones queries to him. Before this vanishing he had already been hard to reach and said so on Willies Truth Call that he was swamped with volume after joining the WTC and it being popular. So when he completely failed to show up I was right away disturbed by this behaviour since it was not like him but I gave it a few days to see if he would contact Willie or anyone and he did not.

Then I decided to contact the ....."Five who Know".....the people, his friends and see what they knew? Since I was on OWK ....."Archangel Team"......and the sixth new member, I figured that they would be equally worried and concerned and probably more since they worked with him all the time. I sent out e-mails to the two members I knew more from our brief e-mail contact and got NO replies. After two more days I sent e-mails to all the other three ...."Friends".....e-mails and got one reply.

The reply said OWK had stopped contacting him about the same time as when he vanished, but that he was "sensing" that OWK was alive and that there was a "galactic" block on information on OWK and beyond that he knew nothing.He had been talking to OWK daily.

After this small reply, I decided to phone two people on the team and got the information that I briefly shared on Willies Truth call. Basically here is a run down on all the points of information I have gotten from ....."The Five Who Know"....and I will list it for you all to decide what to make of it or how to put the pieces together.

One 7/25/17 OWK posted on Ascension earth that who he thought where his friends where cabal. He did not say which friends?

Two days after the article OWK disappears without a word.

I get explanation from his friends that OWK has stopped talking to them, the three that I did respond to emails or I talked too on the phone.

I was told that OWK needed a rest from two of the friends at first. My response internally was ...."rest from what?"

I was then told after I pushed that OWK has lost his Galactic rank because he went against Arch Angel Michael. Went against an aspect of his higher self?

by e-mail I was told then that OWK, he has a living Aura and we ( the team) asked Adama to go over head via ship cloaked . Hey confirmed he is ok. Just in activation if u do not clear blocks or pain it can detach you. He is also well known so for him to go threw clearing he needs out of the public eye. I do understand he dropped contact from everyone. He will come back and he is protected buy galactic family..

After the rest story I was told the next day by phone that......OWK tried to save a negative entity called Morgana, like from the Merlin legend and during this attempt to guide this entity in to the LIGHT, ......OWK was taken over by this entity because his (OWK)energy was to low. OWK was doing this with one other friend at least on the ArchAngel team.

I was also told a littel latter, by the main channel that OWK was probably taking some time off and might be upset over loosing his son. This main channel which read me in latter I was told was in on the "Healing"........she did not share that when we talked.

I was also told I would get a phone call from one of the team friends early on in the third day. But then they did not call me when I was again told that OWK needed a rest by another member again. The caller who did not call, they never explained why they did not call me.

As I persisted I was told that the main channeler and two other friends, the one who tried to bring this entity back into the LIGHT and another person all worked on getting OWK .Healed. I was told that.....Lady Nada......"Healed" him (OWK)....that is what I was told. They removed implants and then, transmuted Morgana with the Excalibur Sword Thoughtform (Blue ray-Divine Will, power, strength, truth) which uncorrupted the Avalon Sacred Energy Gateway in Glastonbury UK area.

That is all that his inner team of the ....."Five Who Know" ......have shared with me. Now who is taking care of OWK .....physical body, besides AAM.....I have not a clue? Where OWK is I do not know. DO the team members even know where he lives? I don't know?

My loyalty is to my Friend and I am disappointed that his other "Friends" on his "team" have not said more or filled in the pieces. Now all of this is beyond my level of understanding, but it was apparently the world that OWK lived in. I share this for discernment and because we want to know and OWK deserves better than what ever this is?...........IMO.

Much Love Victor


What the fook man? Lay off the psilocybin BRO. Your previous "death" post was stoopid and now apparently it gets WORSE. You really think you're on "the team"? I've never even seen you INITIATE a cabal scum "callout", yet were always quick to FOLLOW. Hmmmm....

Now your so-called inner knowing says that OWK went against Michael the Ark Angel? Wow bro....you be shroomin or what? I don't think anyone is stupid enough to go against Michael.

Now you say you want your friend and teammate back? You sang quite a different tune on June 27th (see link below). So this is how you treat your teammates? Publicly criticize them? Great teamwork bro.

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