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Another in a Series of Foreclosures.  Where's that Darn RV?  7/31/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Another in a Series of Foreclosures. Where's that Darn RV? 7/31/17

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Another in a Series of Foreclosures.  Where's that Darn RV?  7/31/17 Empty Another in a Series of Foreclosures. Where's that Darn RV? 7/31/17

Post by Ssmith Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:34 pm

Let me get this straight....  You don't pay your mortgage and foreclosure proceedings begin.  Even though you didn't fulfill your part of the agreement, it's the bankers and lawyers that are evil.  What am I missing?

I thought that we'd be on the other side of the RV by now, and not be in need of any more help to continue my fight for justice for not just me , but for all that are going through this battle of having our properties and other assets stolen away from us by the system.

I have another hearing coming up on Thursday and more thereafter. In effort to stay in this fight, I need to file at 8 different motions/pleadings in State and Federal courts, 4 of which need to be filed by Wednesday, these filings are costly averaging the $200 and up. I need help to stay in the fight to save my home.

I have attached a video and other validation information.


PayPal is iamangelgee@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you are able to help me garner.

Humble Servant,
I Am Angel Gee


ORDER TO PAY FILING FEE, Claimant declares speaking for herself as a living woman and now also prosecutor, sui juris Claimant. NRS 19.013, or any other number, being a statute, does not apply to living wo/man, except by consent; nowhere in any NRS is “man, woman or people” stated, rather just “person(s)”, which are entirely different and mostly dead corporate fictions, which Claimant is certainly not, finding same attempted joinder of the living with the dead entirely repugnant and vehemently denied with no consent, certainly never willingly consenting to NRS, which is not law that applies to people.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a natural man or woman is entitled to relief for free access to its judicial tribunals and public offices in every State in the Union -- 2 Black 620, see also Crandell v. Nevada, 6 Wall 35.

Additionally, “[Living wo/man Claimant] should not be charged fees, or costs for the lawful and constitutional right to petition this court in this matter in which s/he is entitled to relief, as it appears that the filing fee rule was originally implemented for fictions and subjects of the State and should not be applied to the [Living wo/man Claimant] who is … entitled to relief” -- Hale v. Henkel (201 U.S. 43).

We the People are not fictional corporations but flesh and blood that have pre-paid your compensation through taxation already collected, we built the building you work in, we pay the electric, phones, computers, fax machines, paper, salaries, etc. and we gave you the authority by which you act upon so long as you maintain the security of our rights and thereby be in good behavior, you may keep it. We find the paying of a fee for our unalienable right protected by the constitution repugnant. We the People will not be extorted in order to report a crime or claim lawful relief, especially when another has accused us of same, in this matter attempting to steal our house(s) and land.”

Be sure to place a “Demand to File” notice at the top; been able to do this in federal court successfully, now also using in COUNTY “DISTRICT COURT”.

Know who and Whose You ARE, dear Angel and it’s outside and beyond their CORPORATE jurisdiction, which one needs to always challenge… Love & Blessings 2 U.. fm7 Very Happy


Thank you Fm7,
For the information. The last time I did the pauper application, I was denied. In addition to filing a notice appeal to higher courts, I am needing to file interlocutory/discretionary Also filing two lawsuits against Judges and two attorneys, pursuant to the Blevins Act.

I have been fighting 8 months now, last lawyer took my last $3000 and did perform at even at a 5th grade level. Now has left me hanging won't return my emails or phone calls. I went to Legal Aid, they won't take the case. (Quiet Title, Wrongful Foreclosure).

I am financially exhausted in every way, I have done everything that I know to do. I have received some valuable help from a few Chosen One members and Patrick help me as well! For them I am grateful, I was able to meet a filing deadline 10 days ago because of that Love I received them.


Thanks again for the information.

Humble Servant,
I Am Angel Gee


I'd like for her to receive the following information

Dear Angel Gee;

I'm so sorry to hear of your situation, and would like to offer the following - in an attempt to assist....based on my personal experience of several decades.
Without knowing much about your knowledge level, but realizing the immediacy from your intention to "file tomorrow" - I may be sharing information you already possess, but

Have you been properly served, is this your initial response?

Improper service is a frequent event. You need to check and see what the rules are in your jurisdiction, if there is any question in your mind.

Then, what needs to be done is to "quash" that service by filing a Motion to Quash.

Responding to improper service in any other way forfeits your ability to do so - later.

Are you using the blessing of "time" and filing at the END of the allotted time, taking advantage of the 'system' toward your end?

Absolutely NO FILING FEE'S be required from people unable to afford them!!!

(did you know this applies to passports too?)

You can go to The Clerk's Office and request what is called a "Pauper's Petition" which is a 1-page document asking for an explanation to The Court about why you need the fee's waived. Based on WHATEVER information you furnish, you will then be seen privately by a judge on a bench who will review your request - ask you to attest verbally and then sign it. THAT, is your "payment" with your doc's as it goes back to the clerk with whatever else.

Make sure you make extra copies of docs AFTER filing for your records, and to send Plaintiff a FULL copy pack - get proof for the court and for your records. Faxing too, with record - isn't a bad idea.

Another very important thing that you need to know is accurate is "who" is suing you - do they have the legal right to such? You wouldn't BELIEVE how many times this is exactly the case - ESPECIALLY with foreclosures. You need to go to the county Recorder of Deed's to get an accurate chain, and to verify that the Plaintiff's name is listed on a deed AT the time the suit was filed. Depending on the state you're in, this one little thing can be your "Get Out of Jail, Free" card.

I am in the same dire straits as you, and can only try to help by sharing knowledge - but I personally can't see parting with any of our precious energy into that criminal injustice system them have going on...any more than absolutely required.

I prefer to deal with "the law" in as limited a capacity as is possible, although I've always enjoyed business law, which is the only form of Common Law that survived - and of that...contract law. Over the years, many attorney friends would try and convince me to "join their club" - I never felt the 'calling'...thankfully.

I find that dealing with situations in the same way as I do my health, proactively - works best. I've got a one-page letter for creditors, for instance - that sens them packing and any possibility of "court" removed. Not getting 'served' is another.

I wish you the very best, Angel Gee - and just remember...staying in your home for as long as you possibly can for FREE is the 'win'. You absolutely should NOT be paying ANY of the PITI expenses, in the case of a foreclosure - as you don't have to.

There are MANY WAYS you can easily do what I did, and string this out for 10 years - or more...depending. Couple things - 'short sales' are just ways of STEALING your home from you. You've got absolutely NOTHING to gain, your credit is ruined, already. (Not that any of us should care about that, anymore - anyway)

Loan Modifications are simply another opportunity for them to do the same and/or substitute fraudulent paperwork with "better".

I took my battle all the way up to the Supreme Court, which gave me the time needed to achieve my short-term goal and now feel so grateful that I got the equity out of my home (unlike many others with this last decade of market conditions) and I've moved on, let go - and feel so much less encumbered. I calculate that during the last year, since a shark came in with a "surprise attack" and got one by me... that if I were only compensated at $250 ph - I easily had $100,000 of my 'time' invested.

But, that was extraordinary - other than that...many years passed by with them apparently unable to contradict my responses.

I do hope that you've found some of this information helpful.

Just remember there are no "accident's" and Thy Will be Done, stay grateful!



Thank you so much for your information. I don't think there is anything that I haven't tried. Well besides filing whatever I can to buy time and pray for a miracle the only thing I see for Victory is the Galactics do an intercept and intercede on my behalf.

Just going to continue to stand in my power, being not fearful and move forward as those the Victory is already done in my favor.

FIGHTING TIL THE END, there is No QUIT in ME!! Thanks again for the Love!!

Humble Servant,
I Am Angel Gee

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Another in a Series of Foreclosures.  Where's that Darn RV?  7/31/17 Empty Re: Another in a Series of Foreclosures. Where's that Darn RV? 7/31/17

Post by roxy22222222 Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:17 pm

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