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 "Instructions for Becoming a Sovereign National and Response to AJ" by Reallucky1   7/31/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Instructions for Becoming a Sovereign National and Response to AJ" by Reallucky1 7/31/17

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 "Instructions for Becoming a Sovereign National and Response to AJ" by Reallucky1   7/31/17 Empty "Instructions for Becoming a Sovereign National and Response to AJ" by Reallucky1 7/31/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:30 pm

Here ya go!  LMAO

Hello Family

First I want to say I am not the expert, I read and study every single day and have watched all the tapes that give the instructions on the I-UV.com and Harvey Dent and I have followed UCC commercial law for many years. After reading the information off of the Federal Reserve Banks own websites the information and instructions will be given out more freely once we cross the finish line as the end is so close.

I put my name and email number on the bottom of Harvey Dents videos when he first started posting about the TDA accounts. But like most men he left a lot to be presumed, he did not go into detail and give people a visual and that is the missing link that I provided. You must learn about the UCC commercial laws and codes as I have done, and can use these situations and quote back a response that is a learned response, not something an email or blog post or video can give you.

You must first realize that you are taking full and complete responsibility for these accounts and the way the accounts are handled. You must treat everyone you speak with kindness and respect, they either have no idea about these accounts, or are following a carefully directed script which you will get them to have to go away from. These people that answer the phone, are not the ones that have caused the issues with your accounts being blocked or reversed or any problems that come up during the phone conversation. The approach I have been using is the lets work together approach, this will benefit them as well, and if you could just get some relief you would share the resolution to the situation with them as well. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you have taken lawful ownership of your own property held by the Federal Reserve Banks. The past is over, the only thing you can do now is work to make things better for yourself by following a few instructions.

After much consideration on the TreasuryDirect.gov accounts, I have taken control of the situation, but I did it on my terms, not the mountain of paperwork the Treasury has put out to be your guideline. I realized early on, this is part of the problem, redundant paperwork that has been done twenty times to prove your identity while you possess every document on the list of identity forms from the same government, what a joke this is, but I digress.

Steps to follow from the beginning

1. Gather all forms of identification, Birth Certificate (long form), Social Security Card, Drivers license or Passport. (Many do not possess the two forms of identification, so I have suggested to use a bank statement, cable bill that comes to your residence, or other utility bills or insurance payments that come to your home address that are in your name.)

2. On the computer pull up on the I-UV.com the copy of the blank Factualized Trust written by Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf. This document is 6 pages long and you must fill this document out very carefully as there are places where Heathers name is to remain intact on the document, as the UCC filing instrument she did for all Americans. Some people do not realize what Heather has done for each American she filled the UCC-1s for every one of us to break out of the control system. So that step has been taken for you already. There are many copies of blank trusts on the internet, if you do not like this version, I have seen three others that are similar. You do not have to use Heathers version, but it is easy to fill out and at the very end she gives you a place to change the footer, that was one part of the trust that had me confused. When I had completely finished, it came up with the prompt to change the footer details, so do not worry while you are filling it out. Some people have more names especially woman, so think about any name that you could have used when you are filling in the name section. This is the document where you are taking ownership of all funds and properties held in your names. Read the document before you print it. Then read it again to be sure it is correct and all spaces are filled in properly.

3. Go to an office mart or Walmart and purchase a red ink stamp pad and a purple pen to sign the wet ink signatures on the document, as well as some 24 weight paper, usually resume paper. Print the bond on this good paper, it is the Original Factualized Trust Document, and it needs to be professional, it represents your lawful ownership, so make sure you check it and read it several times for corrections. Do not sign the trust yet!!

4. Take the trust and your red ink pad and your purple pen to a copy mail and print center. I do not suggest trying the banks, as they do not want to be a part of these trusts, even though they will smile to your face, they have been given instructions to not notarize these documents. I paid $8 dollars to have my Trust notarized. To do the wet ink signature after the final document is printed on the bond paper, take out the red ink pad and stamp your thumbprint on the red ink and on the bottom of every page place a red ink stamp in front of the notary officiating the document. Once every page is stamped I went back while he was watching and signed over ever thumbprint on every page.

5. Make a minimum of two complete copies of this trust in colored ink. Make 4 copies of the first page of the Factualized Trust this is to mail to each creditor. Then I had the copy center take my identity documents and place them on a page or two and make 10 copies of these documents. I placed paperclips around the originals and a different color clip on the copies.

6. I wrote a letter to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis MN, the address is on the TreasuryDirect.gov site, but it is Treasury Retail Securities, Inc. P.O. Box 214, Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214.

7. I went to google and searched for Motu Proprio Letter from Pope Francis the document is called an Apostille Letter. and I made 10 copies of this page as well. Then I searched google for Federal Reserve Bank Services, and went to the ACH and Fedwire services pages where the rules and regulations for the ACH (Automated Clearing House) there is a regulation page that states the rules and you will see the words All ACH payments are Immediate, Final and Irrevocable. Print these 2 pages out as well and make 10 copies of these pages.

8. In the letter to the Federal Reserve Bank, I claimed all ownership of all property held in my name using my credentials and social security number and CUSIP numbers. I mentioned that I enclosed a copy of the Motu Proprio Apostille written by Pope Francis releasing all of us from the double billing and releasing these accounts that were held at the Federal Reserve Banks back to me the lawful owner. I told the Treasury that I included the rules and regulations off there own website about the payments from the ACH system being Immediate, Final and Irrevocable. I also included that these laws ensure that payments I authorize for my accounts (you must take and claim ownership anytime you refer to your accounts), tell them you do not consent to them using your accounts, and no one has the legal authority to stop payments on transactions that you initiate from your accounts. To please take an immediate action to correct the reversals or stopped payments that were started with the originator. I then mentioned that the damages for not following my payment instructions will not only be triple damages but that I would contact the secret service as well as any and all law enforcement agencies connected with illegal banking transactions. I made this letter professional, to the point and very nice. I included that I am sure it was an oversight and will be corrected immediately. Giving them a chance to remedy the situation of allowing the payment to go through the system.

9. Put the packages together a copy of the Factualized Trust, your identity print outs, copy of Pope Francis Motu Proprio Apostille, and the rules and regulations from the Federal Reserve Banks site. I mailed the Trust with the copies and the letter to the Treasury Retail Securities, Inc. in Minneapolis office, return receipt requested so I would know they received these documents.

10. I took the front page only of the 6 page Factualized Trust, the Motu Proprio Apostille, the rules off the ACH and Fedwire Services and a letter written with the same guidelines except addressed to each and every return you received from your creditors if you did ACH payments that were returned. Once you have the letters completed make copies of the letters mailed so you have a file that you have taken action to remedy the reversals and make sure the creditors that you tried to make payment, and have sent claim of ownership to the Treasury and to all creditors that had the payments reversed.

11. I did a simple Power of Attorney to claim that I have POA over the estate, meaning I am not the corporation, which makes it easier to deal with the situation, as you were considered a corporation or a chattle property, Removing yourself from the said corporation that you are not you are a person, but you can refer to your Trust as the legal defendant and it helps to remedy the situations that will come up.

12. I completed a few forms off of the Treasury Direct website, the ones that allow for Direct Deposit Sign Up Form Number 5396, and Request for Payment of Savings and Retirement Securities Form No 1522 which also needs to be notarized.

Keep a file with all your copies and documents so you will have them. I know when you read this is will seem overwhelming, but it is not really as hard as it seems. Yes it requires action, but this action that you are taking is the most important actions you can take to truly change your life. After a solid week of work and getting everything together and filled out properly, and mailed off, you have just taken responsibility for yourself and can begin to truly be free as your bills and payments are no longer an issue. You will have access to pay off all your debts and have taken lawful claim of your accounts. I have set up automatic payments on most of my bills, so I never have to worry about it, the system seems to like this option and I have had it working since early July I went and checked them today they are still working.

Just wanted to add that Heather Tucci Jarraf filing the UCC forms to release the bondage of the Federal Reserve Banks for ALL AMERICANS, was a huge bonus and helped get the bankruptcy of the USA, Inc. underway. Once she filed the master claim with all Americans, of course, the banks could not pay off the accounts and this is the start of bringing down the Federal Reserve Banks which is a huge part to true freedom which is what we each are claiming with the actions we take.

Hope this helps give a guideline to anyone that has a good understanding about the law and can stand up for your rights as the creditors and the banks will try to trip you up, this is the time to take responsibility for your self and your name. Remember they will try and send you another offer, even though your payment went through the first time. You tried to pay this creditor, and they could have the money, they know the laws and how to get this payment, they just are puppets like most of the government and the workers that read their scripts.

To AJ,

Your post was really great except for a few things first there are only three legal forms of law they are Criminal, Admiralty/Maritime (corporation or commerce) and Natural Law. The Law of the Air is the same as Aviation Law except it is usually considered Admiralty law for airplane and flight plans that can cross into International Law depending on the flight. This Aviation law is not considered a branch of the law as the other three because this goes mostly into the Admiralty Law/Maritime Law (for vessels). The DO NO HARM is Natural Law. Also, you are right fiat money is over, the Gold Standard is already announced and out since 2013. The Brics' Nations made sure as they would no longer accept fiat currency as payment for trade from our country. We no longer allow use of Fiat currency and have not for several years. So there is no mixing, the Brics' Nations made sure of this as they would no longer accept trade with the US using the Fiat money system, they demanded all payments secured in asset backed currency, which forced us to comply with the new Brics' Swift system under CIPS. Which is the new system that we will all be using. Great information!



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