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 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17

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 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 Empty "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:58 pm

To All in Dinarland -

This is a warning concerning the accessing of "your" TDA via PayPal or any other scheme.

The TDA is a bookkeeping / accounting device that is in existence in order to evaluate the currency strength and future taxing ability of a nation. Other countries call their accounts by different names, yet they all serve the same purpose - to allow for the calculation of international currency strength for extending credit. Think of it as your income when you get a loan. It shows your ability to pay.

The TDA is based on population and population age. When someone is born, they are assigned numbers and an anticipated economic fulfillment amount. This estimation is what the Fed or any Central Bank will use as future taxable income of the country. This "money" is an estimation of your earning potential; and, when lumped in with everyone else, shows the earning potential of the nation as a whole on which taxation can then be based. This tax base is the ability to service debt of the nation in question.

In this manner, the banks can then loan a country money with a promise to pay based on future tax earnings. Just like you do when you get a loan. Your job, with pay stubs, show a history of income and a projectable future income. This is the purpose of the TDA system, to give a basis for money loaned to the country by the Fed. The income estimated based on the TDA base gives the Fed an estimated ability to pay due to an estimated taxing ability on the TDA estimations.

The TDA System is a bookkeeping device only, for future tax revenue estimations in order to calculate credit worthiness of the country. No more, no less. The "money" in the accounts are not meant for accumulation and spending. This is why so many have gone nuts trying to calculate the interest in these accounts. THERE IS NO INTEREST ACCUMULATED TO CALCULATE. These accounts are an estimation of your income potential. The TDA actually DECREASES over time. The future income potential of a 10 year old is vastly greater than an 80 year old. This money is not real. Think of the ability to list an accounts receivable on your books as an asset. Did you sell something? Yes. Have you been paid for it yet? No. So why is an accounts receivable, which is still hanging out there where someone already has your product but hasn't yet paid for it, an asset? This is done so that the "money" owed can be accounted for, although it does not exist.

The TDA serves a similar function. The name on the account might as well be Smitthlixip, and the SSN any combination, as long as a real person is associated. It is as fictional money used as a bookkeeping device. It is NOT real money. It is NOT your money. It is NOT your account. iT IS not a real, liquid account. Common sense should tell you this - where is your bank book, and how much money have YOU put into it? The money really does not exist. It is a bookkeeping device. To access it is like spending the accounts receivable money in the above example as if it is already on deposit. That will land you in jail if you tried it in your business, as it would be a form of fraud on the bank.

When you troll Fed routing numbers until you click with your SSN on one of them in order to use such funds that, in all reality are non-existent much like the accounts receivable example, you are committing a bank fraud.

So when you do this, be prepared for a visit from people with guns on their hips. The government enforcement on this level is slow to act. They are not like uniformed police that respond right away with lights and sirens to a bank robbery. The are more like the FBI who come in, and after a sometimes lengthy investigation, eventually swoop down and scoop up the perp. Don't be the perp. Don't try to backdoor access bookkeeping ledgers to swipe cash you have nothing to do with, other than as placeholder to estimate future tax revenue the USA uses for loans from the Fed. If you do, you will have no where to hide.


Not in Jail in Seattle

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 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 Empty Re: "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:22 pm

It's rather difficult for someone to have a TDA account when they are born given the following restrictions in having one. A TDA account is for managing savings bonds, etc... online.


You only need these things to open an Individual TreasuryDirect account:

    A Taxpayer Identification Number

    (Social Security Number for an individual)

    A United States Address of Record

    A Checking or Savings Account

    You'll need to know your account and routing numbers.

    An E-mail Address

    (e.g., YourName@abc.com)

    A Web Browser That Supports 128-Bit Encryption

    This site is optimized for Internet Explorer.


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 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 Empty Re: "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17

Post by Purpleskyz on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:59 pm

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 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 2245507099 "A TDA Warning" by Not in Jail in Seattle 7/29/17 2245507099

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