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RTC Notes -   "WC Real Wack Call" by 5D Hero -  7/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RTC Notes - "WC Real Wack Call" by 5D Hero - 7/19/17

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RTC Notes -   "WC Real Wack Call" by 5D Hero -  7/19/17 Empty RTC Notes - "WC Real Wack Call" by 5D Hero - 7/19/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:10 pm

Good Evening Zimlandia!

I have a special report for you. A particular section of the WC Really Wacky Call caught my attention. I will provide some of my commentary and voice observations in BLUE

(I tried to get this as verbatim as possible)

Starting @ 1:40:17 Ending @ 1:44:25

Joseph Reyna:...the arrests need to come a little sooner than these people...I understand they're trying to save them all, they want them all to make a choice, and all be with us and that's wonderful, um my only concern is, and I've seen this every single time, I've come across the Kabbalah or other other[sic] works they say (unintelligible) do not give up until the very end, do not drop your guard, I guess that would be the best way to say it, do not drop your guard, I guess that would be the best way to say it, do not drop your guard until you know when you see them in the clouds coming, then you can drop your guard because it's over
(WC attempts to interrupt) and I wish I can bring really really good information because there's so much out there that is really good and I heard one from James Gilliland, it was on July 8th, it was on his show, he normally takes calls but he didn't take any calls, from the very outset he starts talking about the RV and he says this is incredible, the cabal is finished, they're done, there's so much happening right now, and he's telling the truth, he's absolutely right and so are you, there's so much good happening and we're so close, but we're also so close to this other thing that is is [sic] a possible danger, and they just keep pushing that little time window closer and closer to that event to save themselves the advantage I believe.

WC: Okay,
(exasperated) well (voice tiny).

Joseph: but you're right, and I encourage people to listen to James Gilliland, he's from ESETI, and it was July the 8th, and right away he started talking about the RV, and he has a tremendous amount of information, and he says you do need to understand there's the positive, there's the negative, and then there's evil and it's very real.

WC: Okay, there's a positive, and a negative, and they're giving more power to the word evil.

Joseph: No, there
is evil, but these...

WC: and there's good also.

Fisher: and then there's us
(sounds like Satan's son)

WC: good

Joseph: and then um, these things these people are worshiping with what they're doing, they identify them as demons, and they're feeding them energy, and these things are what I call evil, and they seem to be, uh, giving them a lot of perks and bennies somehow so these people enjoy doing these things to get these perks and bennies from them, and they've been doing it for 10,000 years.

WC: Thirteen

Joseph: So um, but no, Christ of course is Lord, and everything you know, He wins in the end.


Joseph: Yeah, He wins in the end...

WC: (still interrupting) You have no conversations have not went in that direction at all tonight!
(voice tense, sounds pissed, probably thinking that her handlers wont like this)

Joseph: No He wins!

WC: You should see the text's[sic] and emails I'm getting

Joseph: (louder now) HE WINS! It's just that

WC (interrupting):

Joseph: Do we win with a planet of 7 billion at the deadline or are we gonna have a lot less than that because some type of warlock runs amok?

WC: God is sovereign

Joseph: (unintelligible) God also allows free will

WC: but God is sovereign!


Well, I do appreciate you coming on tonight, I really do, and don't want you to leave with uh the taste in your mouth that I don't, I do, however, we passed all of that stuff you know? So we want to move on, we want to focus on what the word of God has to say about OUR VICTORY, and not what the cabal has to say about theirs because they don't have none.


Digest that as you will folks. By the way, Yosef comes on later and says that the TDA stuff is for those that ARE NOT CURRENCY HOLDERS.

5D Hero

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