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Mountain Goat 7/17/17

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Post by Mountain Goatee on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:33 pm

July 17, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
Post-ISIS-The long-term Government of Iraq has developed plans for economic reform and investment to 2030 through the Vision 2030 provided by the World Bank plan," he said, adding that Washington welcomes Kuwait's initiative to host a meeting to rebuild Iraq in the long term the beginning of next year, as the United States fully supports this initiative and applaud Iraq to work with the World Bank and the international Monetary Fund to stabilize the economic position.
Please, please - everyone should watch this presentation by the UN institute of peace (UNIP) if you really are concerned about where Iraq is going post-ISIS. 

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aHESghP2ZM

This presentation gives you a good idea what the Reconciliation process is all about how it must be applies. Unlike the notion of a GCR event suddenly triggered the Reconciliation is not an event to be triggered and then everyone is suddenly reconciled and holding hands singing Kumbaya. Again this notion of a sudden trigger and then all is well and away we go with the RV. I assure you this reconciliation is a long term process and will take decades to implement. It has nothing to do with triggering an RV. Get it?
So another topic to I am still hearing a lot of nonsense about some GCR trigger for the RV. Please put this nonsense to bed and let it rest. It is not real. It is all hype and a total misunderstanding of what the IMF and the Word Bank has said. We seem to key in on words from these organizations then bend them to mean what we want them to mean. Then innocent people, who rely on the “experts” in this intel community to tell them the truth, are misled by these lies. Yes – it becomes lies when you have been told over and over again it is misleading, not FACTUAL and to stop it, yet you still do not clarify it for your listeners. This GCR rumor stuff has spread so much that whenever you say something long enough it becomes truth. But in reality of this planet we live in it is not. So I don’t know just what planet these people live on.  
So in this regard to this mythical GCR, concept let me present to you an interview with the IMF managing director Christine LaGarde during the Economic Forum in 2014. Please, please everyone should listen VERY carefully to every word she says. You can see the plan, the obstacles and the forward direction of the kind of “reset” she is talking about.
This is solid proof of what I say and is FACTUAL and that there is no such thing as a GCR going to happen.

Here is the link of the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJWBMYsWYEc

I can write volumes on this topic but why? You can listen to this 15 minute interview and get much more than I can ever relay to you in my newsletters. Plus is comes directly from the IMF not some so called intel "guru".....
Please pay attention to what Christine LaGarde is saying and how we can relate this to what is happening in many of these underdeveloped countries that we are now seeing in the news everyday. (we can see what countries they are working on. Countries like Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia, South Korea (soon also North Korea), and Vietnam). She says the necessary reset is in 4 parts, one of them is to unleash the potential of these countries (meaning to bring to market their natural resources and to reorganize the entire structure of their entire economies and how they interface with the global markets). Have we not been witnessing this with these countries especially Vietnam and Zimbabwe? We are witnessing history in the making. 
Other countries she mentions in particular are Spain, Mexico, India and Iran.  Yes Iran...!!! 

Note:  not once in this interview does Christine talks about a “reset” of any currencies nor does she mention resetting any currency values (revaluation or devaluation) of these underdeveloped countries once potential is realized or any other countries to coincide. Thus Iraq is not a hinge pin for some GCR…lol…lol… This is the mistake and misconception everyone is having about this nonsense about some Global Currency Reset (GCR). Simply not real! I can not overemphasize this point enough.

​The GCR was conjured up to get you to buy into these other exotic currencies. Why? Because the ones selling these currencies are the ones conjuring up these GCR stories! Get it? If there are scams in this currency investment these are the people scamming you. These are the scammers. Many of you will leave reading this newsletter today still not convinced even after all the proof I am showing you. You are brainwashed and can not except reality.   
Could all these exotic currencies have any real significant increase in value in the future? Yes- of course it is possible, but only if these “reset” measures Christine talks about are implemented and work. The key is in instituting these measures to reset the economies. The currency revaluations happen only as  result. There is no magic to it.

Please stop this buying frenzy of these exotic currencies for these false expectations. If you do invest in these currencies, do it because you are patient and in it for the long haul and are willing to wait and sacrifice as a very long-term investment (like 10-20 years). So stop complaining the GCR is not happening because you bought into this notion of a GCR and you went out and purchased these currencies. Sorry! You were scammed plain and simple! It is NEVER going to happen. Get it! Read my proverbial lips – The GCR is not real! Get it?
What Christine is talking about are solutions to a “financial reset” (not currency reset) of the global economy. So there is no “secret” backdoor plan by the IMF that you have secretly been told about, by some intel “guru” where you are going to make millions overnight by buying these exotic currencies. Instead this UN “financial reset” plan is made very public, in the open as Christine talks about in her interview in 2014. She also made many other interviews and speeches in the past on this very same topic. She places a “financial” reset.
This reset includes four categories as follows:  
Reset #1: changes needed in the financial sector regulatory environment;
Reset #2: changes needed in the monetary policies of the Central Banks, such as the use of unconventional tools to monitor and manage their monetary policies i.e.  quantitative easing;
Reset #3: a mind set change on the expectations on the type of growth. Policy makers will have to find a balance between the fiscal growth consolidation and the growth friendly measures. In other words, I believe  she is saying sacrifices must be made that may limit the potential growth in the short term for long term will grow prosperity. She is saying for example: don’t expect a 25% yield on investment returns and be happy with 10%. This is a paradigm shift. Don’t pull out of the markets and keep shifting money around and think the markets are crashing just because you don’t meet these prior unrealistic expectations. This causes instability. Looking for a “job rich” growth (thus manufacturing as we see Trump’s goals) and not just money made on financial trading on wall street;
Reset #4: the Structural Reforms in advanced economies and emerging market economies. Reform the economies to unleash their potential, now operating on measures set below potential. Note she said both advanced economies and emerging markets have work to do and penitential for growth. Limit and eliminate corruption. We are witnessing this big time right now in Iraq and Vietnam. Also Zimbabwe is about to have a change in leadership with their current president Robert Mugabe taking ill as he is now 93. He is an ultra conservative in power since 1987 and is believed to be holding back the economic potential of his country. See link http://www.newsweek.com/zimbabwe-president-robert-mugabe-fan-donald-trumps-america-first-policy-558676 . 
Did you hear Christine say even one word about a massive scale of currencies all resetting all at once? No! Why? Because currencies revalue and devalue every day and so when these reset measures are implemented and the market place responds for each country, then the values may rise someday (and this all very, highly speculative).
I find it interesting how Christine talks about a plan for ACT (Arab Countries in Transition). This is essentially a plan for a “reset” of the middle east. They are working through the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) for their cooperative leadership.
Listen to what she has to say about this ACT plan. This plan is directly related to our Iraqi investment in the dinar. Can you connect the dots yet as to what is happening in the middle east. Can you see the transition they are trying to make in Iran. She comes out and says they can not and will not do it alone. The IMF needs cooperation. Christine even talks about a “reset” of Iran and how the IMF is going into Iran (it is now 2017 so this has taken place already since 2014) to review their economy under Article 4 of the UN charter as a member state. I talked about the lifting of the Iranian sanctions in the past and the results of this review will be either the determining factor or the further delay. The IMF wants disclosure on all financials and to put reforms in place to fight corruption and have audit trails. They need to know where all the money is going. Right now the findings we have read about in many articles, and the UN report was very favorable but still not fully complied with. Now we wait for the US Congress to see if they will vote to lift the sanctions.

Also Saudi Arabia (one of the past richest countries in the middle east) must also transition to this new concept of a middle eastern economy and get out of its isolationism. All these middle eastern countries must work together for political, financial and economic stability, fair trade and prosperity. Maybe this will lead to less terrorism and corruption?  Note Iraq is also a major player in these goals. It is the hinge pin of this entire transition concept. Can you see it? This is why the Iraqi economy must survive and be successful.
In the past I also talked about a future one middle eastern currency for the GCC. This too is coming as we see now the stage is being set slowly to make this happen someday. But first things first. This is many years in the future.
I want everyone to understand and to get the BIG picture of what is happening in the middle east. Once you understand this the “holdup” with the IQD RV is then understood and we can see, in fact, there is no holdup. Instead just a long term plan being executed only the plan shifts when obstacles come in the way. Nonetheless the plan will be completed.
It is not coincidence that in the 1990’s and then again in 2003 the US started all this movement in the middle east. This trend had to begin and the region has to be shaken up. It is not nice but the movement up to these timeframes was too slow. The US military was and is being used, as an army of the UN for this global governance policy. These two wars were the “spark” that officially began this UN ACT plan in aggressive actions forward for the middle east. I know it is hard to see the BIG picture sometimes when we get bogged down in the details such as the war with ISIS, the Syrian conflict, the Yemen bombings, etc.. etc.. But I assure you these are just events leading to an ultimate end result for the middle east. How long will it take? If you listen to the IMF and read their articles you can see targets and timeframes. They seem to work in 5 year increments.
Note: I am not advising anyone to go out and buy the Iranian Rial or any other currency. I am just trying to educate people. Many have so many of the same questions and ask them over and over again. Questions like - when will the RV happen? Or - Why we still wait for the RV?
Well….if you educate yourself you will have the answers too and thus will not have to ask or worry about so many questions. You will be at peace to know the BIG picture and that it is all going to work out just fine. We just have to wait for them to execute the next part of their plan.
Folks - Sorry for the shake-up to reality! Someone has to do it.
Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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Post by Mountain Goatee on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:33 pm

More news….
Today I bring you four (4) articles from the CBI. WE are usually lucky enough to get one article a month never mind 4 in a couple days. WOW!
So what did the CBI have to say?
If you can summarize the tone of the articles and draw conclusions (which is what we should be doing in a situation like this) we can see that the CBI (Ali Al-Alak) is trying to paint a rosy, optimistic picture in the areas of the economy that they have been responsible for. The reserves are up, the revenue is flowing on the positive side, they are keeping inflation under control, maintaining Iraqi’s foreign independence by controlling the dollar and stabilizing the currency, the bank seeks to balance the sale of the dollar and maintain it," noting that "the balance in foreign currency is sufficient as it was in previous years there is no margin and area of ​​speculation and achieve large profits, corruption is controlled. So this his second quarter 2017 state of the CBI address.

​It is all very good and moving in the direction of post ISIS and better than pre-war and pre-embargo. It is exactly what the IMF, World Bank, WTO and any other three letter organization needs to see happen. Folks it is all coming together almost like a miracle right in front of our eyes. Be patient, as “good things come to those who wait”.

Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
Bloomberg: U.S. Against Kurds Holding Referendum in September, Envoy Says
July 14, 2017
A referendum on independence in Iraq’s semi-autonomous and oil-rich Kurdish region should not take place in September as planned because it would be destabilizing at time when the fight against Islamic State isn’t yet won,the U.S. envoy to the coalition confronting the extremist group said. (They do not mean that Mosul is not yet fully liberated. What they mean is the battle with sleeper cells and these militias throughout Iraq still has to be addressed and it will take years to clear out Iraq. We can see more evidence of this in another article I present today about the situation in Kirkuk)
“Having a referendum on such a fast timeline, particularly in disputed areas, would be, we think, significantly destabilizing and we’ve made those views very clear,” said Brett McGurk, who spoke to Iraqi and Kurdish leaders about the issue in Baghdad last week. (What the US wants the KRG will do, as I told you many times already. So here you have it. The party is now off….lol…lol…the Mosul parades are now over and back to reality)
He said that Islamic State, which was driven out of Mosul this week, still occupies several areas in Iraq, and the Iraqi military and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters continue to be involved in operations against the group. “We do not think the referendum should happen in September,” McGurk said at a news conference in Washington on Thursday. (So there are still Security issues in Iraq, as we just read…..)
The Kurds announced last month that they plan to hold the plebiscite on Sept. 25, to be followed by another -- for a new parliament and president -- on Nov. 6. The dates were set during a meeting between President Massoud Barzani and local political parties.
Iraqi Kurds' referendum just a negotiating tactic, says official
Saturday 15 July 2017
A top Tehran-based official from Iraq's Kurdish government has said its planned independence referendum is really a negotiating tactic to pressure Baghdad into meeting promises on energy and power-sharing.
Nazem Dabbagh, who represents the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran, also said he feared that Iraqi forces would attack Kurdish positions now that the fight to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group (IS) was over.
But he was adamant that the Iraqi Kurds would prefer to remain part of Iraq, despite calling a referendum on independence for 25 September. "We are doing this holding the referendum to resolve our problems in Iraq.
"For now, we do not have the intention of separating," Dabbagh said in an interview with AFP at his office in the Iranian capital.

Central Bank: foreign currency reserves continues to increase
The central bank announced on Sunday that the foreign currency reserves in the case continues to increase from what it was in the past year. 
The central bank said in a brief statement received "Economy News", "The foreign currency reserves of the level ofcompetence in accordance with international standards and is currently more than what it was last year."
The general manager of financial operations at the Central Bank, Mahmoud Dagher, warned of a significant threat to the monetary reality is foreign assets that represent the original creation of the dinar assets and reserves
Central Bank confirms the "robustness" of the Iraqi reserves according to international indicators "reassuring"
Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
announced that the Central Bank of Iraq on Sunday, the availability of international indicators confirm the Iraqi sedate reserve, stressing that the foreign currency reserves standards "reassuring." 

He said the financial operations and debt management of the Central Bank , Mahmoud Dagher director in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that " the reserves of foreign currency for Iraq, according to different standards sufficiently high and reassuring." 

He Dagher, to "provide international indicators confirm the strength of gravity and reserves of Iraq."
The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Sunday (February 19, 2017), the size of the reserves of Iraq from the hard currency of $ 49 billion, at a time between 70% of the traded funds Chunky in homes, pointed to the bank was able to control inflation

The Central Bank of Iraq was established independently as a bank under a law issued on the sixth of March 2004, an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are sessions daily for buying and selling currencies.

Central Bank: Our control of the dollar price confirms our foreign independence
16-07-2017 02:42 PM
The Euphrates -
The central bank has maintained its foreign independence by controlling the dollar and stabilizing it at one level, the Central Bank's chief financial officer, Mahmoud Dagher, said on Sunday. 

Dagher said that 'the central bank maintained its external independence through its control of the dollar and stabilize it at one level', adding that 'the central bank's budget represents the balance of the monetary base, which has become domestic credit assets equal to or exceed foreign assets and this threatens the ability to lend additional '. 

"Dagher warned of the existence of a large risk to the monetary reality is the foreign assets that are the origin of the creation of assets and reserves of reserves," noting that 'local assets have become a great pressure should be stopped because the central organ is unable to continuity. 

"The solution is to reform the reality of the border crossings, which stopped the government to shine in its implementation, because the control of the border crossing means controlling the window of sale of currency and information and financing of imports," pointing out that 'the investment budget stopped three years ago to the inability of ministries to provide investment projects at the level of Feasibility study to take advantage of foreign loans because of lack of institutional controls in the country '.

Central Bank seeks to balance between two goals
The Governor of the Central Bank of the Bank's endeavor to achieve a balance between the sale of the dollar and maintain it, indicating that the balance away from the margin of speculation and achieve large profits.
Ali Al-Alak said that "the bank seeks to balance the sale of the dollar and maintain it," noting that "the balance in foreign currency is sufficient as it was in previous years there is no margin and area of ​​speculation and achieve large profits.
"Iraq is going through extraordinary circumstances because of the drop in oil prices significantly, which makes the central bank's policy to two options either to respond to the dollar to eliminate the margins and this will be at the expense of reducing the reserves of foreign currency or sell the sale and accept the margin of exchange rate rise, "The bank seeks to balance the two goals." (Keywords is NOT referring to an exchange rate rise as we are looking for in an RV. He simply is referring to the difference between sell and buy rates within 1180-1200 per dollar, still a sanctioned economy. He is NOT talking in any way about the RV here. So slow down and relax! But hearing so much good news from the CBI in just a couple days is amazing. Don’t you think? We need them to tell us what we want to hear. Education about the project to delete the zeros…still not yet.)
The Central Bank of Iraq was established as an independent bank under its law of 6 March 2004 as an independent body responsible for maintaining price stability and implementing monetary policy. It supervises 10 commercial banks, 26 private banks and 16 Islamic banks, as well as 19 foreign banks. 6 financial institutions and 31 financial transfer companies.

Iraq agrees with Iran to build 10 industrial cities
(I can not express my amazement on this news and how good it really is..WOW!!!!. It may seem trivial to many of you  but this has to be the best news we have heard in years. Get it…YEARS+++)
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iraq and Iran, signed on Sunday an agreement on cooperation between the ministries of the two countries industry to build 10 industrial cities "in Iraq." According to the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Iranian Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh.
The Iranian minister 's remarks came from Tehran, during the signing of the agreement for cooperation between the two ministries ceremony, and attended by Iraqi Minister of Industry Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese today. 

The Iranian minister, according to Iranian news agencies, that " the Republic of Iran has vast experience in the field of infrastructure and is ready to put this expertise at the disposal of the Iraqi side." 

He called for " the implementation of the agreement between Iran and the Central Bank of Iraq last year , it aims to promote cooperation between the two banks , including in the interest of the private sector in the two countries." 

He added that "Tehran is ready to help Iraq to take advantage of gas facilities for the oil instead of burning it , in addition to supplying factories and companies of the Iraqi petrochemical energy, referring to Iran 's capabilities in the field of electrical industries." (This is cooperation night fighting. Iran is finally coming around to the reality it is better to be friendly neighbors than terrorists. There is much more to gain with peace and cooperation. This is the STABILITY Iraq needs. This is all part of the equation when the CBI talks about needed SECURITY and STABILITY. You see…it is not all about just one event such as the liberation of Mosul area. Instead it is a general sense of peace and getting the economy rolling. It is impossible to define any one event or events that must occur. But I will say if this article does not “awe” and “wow” you I don’t know what will.)

For his part, Minister of Industry and Agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese, expressed "appreciation for Iran 's humanitarian aid provided by, referring to the Iraqi government 's plan to establish industrial cities in all provinces, including 5 industrial cities in Iran 's neighboring provinces, calling on Iranian companies to participate in the establishment of units Industrial productivity ".

Jaafari calls to open the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund in Baghdad
(This is only a proposal but still amazing news that Iraq would even consider having the IMF headquarters in Baghdad. Even more amazing would be if they decide to do it. Let’s wait and see what happens on this one. Another WOW article)
BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press: 
Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al - Jaafari, on Sunday, to open the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, in Baghdad, stressing that Iraq needs to help friendly countries in the reconstruction of the infrastructure of its cities.  

The Information Office of the Foreign Minister, in a statement received "Tomorrow 's Press," said al - Jaafari met in Baghdad, Minister of State for the Middle East and North British Africa, Alistair Burt, the meeting discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and London, and ways of boosting them to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples , in addition to the Iraqi victories achieved in the war against terrorist gangs Daesh touched. "

He praised al - Jaafari, according to the statement as "British support for Iraq , whether at the bilateral level, or at the international coalition level , " stressing " the need to continue to provide financial support, logistical, and training Iraqi forces, political support, and media." 
He added that " the victory achieved in Iraq is a victory for a humanitarian compound, and security, politician and diplomat," noting that " the victories achieved not only for Iraq but for the whole world, and we continue to look forward to more support, assistance, and to continue cooperation on the security side, the military , and intelligence; to prevent the spread of terrorism. " 

He stressed that "Iraq needs to help friendly countries in the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities, and benefit from the experiences of developed countries , " noting that "what happened in Iraq represents a turning point in the global war against terrorism , and that Iraq has provided a large number of martyrs and the wounded; to liberate its territory from the grip of terrorists Daesh, and defended himself, and the whole world. " 

He Jaafari "Iraq is looking forward to support Britain in the opening of the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund , the IMF in Baghdad, and a meeting of the Iraqi Business Council British during the coming period to increase trade and investment cooperation between Baghdad and London." 

For his part , said Alistair Burt, "We are very much proud of what has been achieved in Iraq of great victories against Daesh terrorist gangs , " and expressed "high valuation of Britain for the sacrifices made by Iraqis, and what happened is an historic achievement." 

He continued , "We continue to support Iraq even achieve security, stability and humanitarian support, reconstruction, construction, and we have a great desire to contribute to this," noting that "Daesh gangs targeting everyone, and he did not fight Iraq only, but fought Britain as well, and we look forward for further cooperation to dry up the sources of terrorism, and we will stand always to the side of Iraq. "
Iraq looks to support a British opening of the headquarters among the international criticism in Baghdad.
The governor of Kirkuk accuses the government of neglecting the liberation of Hawija and calls on Abadi to launch an urgent
Baghdad today:
The governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, called on Monday 7/17 for the launch of the Hawija district to free him from the control of the Daish organization.
"The support and occupation of the terrorists in areas south and west of Kirkuk pose a threat to all areas and cities of Hawija as well as the daily suffering of the civilians trapped," the governor said in a statement.

He called on the governor of Kirkuk, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces to "work to launch the plan to liberate Hawija and eliminate the gangs of terrorist advocates." (So I have said this before and I will say it again. Relax everyone as there is still work to be done to get rid of terrorists in Iraq. The gangs, militias and sleeper cells still prevail. Yes, the security situation is much better but there are still issues. The liberalization of Mosul was strategically important for many reasons and now the military and security forces have the training and experience they needed to move on to other areas of Iraq. They showed the world they can do it themselves. Folks this terrorism penetrated nearly 1/3 of Iraq. I find this interesting since Kirkuk is in one of the disputed areas, under Article 140 it should go to the KRG. Will this be a sticking point in the upcoming negotiations between the GOI and the KRG?)  
(I did not print the rest since was not relevant to us. You can and read it for yourself. Here is the link )
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
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Post by Scotchie on Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:51 am

Mtn Goat had said in the past that Sovereignty was important to Iraq.

There will bt no Sovereignty as long as Iran is in the country.

Therefore, no RV

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4 - Mountain Goat  7/17/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat 7/17/17

Post by Chaz on Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:01 am

Iraq is a melting pot of terrorist, insurgency, sectarianism, corruption at the highest level, plus ear in other countries on its borders, get away from this fantasy, love the truth, the RV is a lie conjured up by unscrupulous people that cares nothing about you ,this is the truth your looking for.
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